Ahmad Saleem – The Most Difficult Question in The Quran

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The use of Islam subhanaw taala in waking people up and creating events is discussed, including the importance of timing events and the need for a strong desire to avoid distraction. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith in Islam and address issues such as money laundering and money mis disposal. The segment also touches on the misunderstandings of the book of Allah and the use of argues to convince people to support Islam, as well as the history and success of Islam.
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Bismillah Nura, Nura?

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Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala wants to wake us out of our heedlessness

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right so sometimes you have your son for example you can call him Abdullah or whoever and you say I have not come here. Come here Abdullah come here I shall come here Sophia come here and sometimes you want to take them out of there that you call them once they don't listen you call them twice, third time, fourth time fifth time you like Yeah.

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Like come on man enough. Listen. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala sometimes recognizes that we are going to be Hitler heedless creature. We are in sun, our name embedded in it is the meaning of Nyssa and we forget

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right Miss Jana we forget. So Allah subhanaw taala uses different types of setup for us. So that this time of speech when ALLAH is talking to us is

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a Johann SUTA or a Birkin or people Yeah, are you levena manual or you who believe

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right so Allah is going to do is use to wake us up.

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Then sometimes Allah subhanaw taala wants us to use

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our intellect, Allah is eluding you towards something

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so he will ask you a question

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um Daraa gave out a book did you not see what your Rob did? You and I it's impossible for us to go in ever see what happened to us how it will feel you and I cannot but what Allah wants you to do is use your imagination along Tara that event imagine as if this thing or this event took place right now this very moment. Imagine this lambda Did you not see it? Close your eyes and imagine and try to see what happened?

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So Allah uses questions a form of waking us up.

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Now amongst all the questions that Allah subhanaw taala asks us

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this question is the most difficult question that Allah asks us in the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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that I will do be left ministry upon rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah amnio Nene levena Oh, Doc Shah whoa boom levy kidding.

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Why mine as Allah Amin help but while I am Guca levena on to keep

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one eye on going on get levena Oh, looky

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Baba Nordfeldt Bala.

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Football slot Punahou welcome, McAfee I'm in home fast on this is the most difficult question that Allah has asked in son. So I want you to understand this, this is the creator of this entire construct that you live in today. This is your Creator, my creator, you came in this world because of his permission, you will leave this earth with His permission, you cannot exit when you want you can enter when you want. He is the One who created this he is the one who sustains this earth and that creator of ours and of this construct in this world that you and I see is asking you this question.

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So I want you to to close your hearts and oh sorry, close your eyes and open your hearts and reflect that this is not a question. That's you and me are just asking one another Okinawa. What did you do? Did you do that? No. This is a question from the creator of this universe. And the most difficult question he asks.

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The question is ILM I love the word means has the time not come.

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Lm in Arabic language the meaning of it has the time not come yet Nene Lavina

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Anna a one means the entrance of time i e is there in is the time not yet arrived has the time not yet arrived? For the believers the ones who believe in Allah has the time not come the consequent question is Oh ALLAH what time time about what what are you trying to do me lead us to?

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Allah says Allah me Nene Latina Amanu en da SHA Kulu Lizzie Karela that their hearts they are filled with assure of Allah subhanaw taala from the

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dhikr of Allah from remembering Allah subhanaw taala from the thicker when you say the word Allah, does our heart do our hearts tremble out of this veneration for Allah subhanho Medina

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Allah in Hatfield just had the motto in our hearts, in our body, there is this this piece of flesh. He does not know what when it becomes rectified subtle, how to Jessa dokolo their entire body becomes rectified in the who? Ameerul bedden This is the the prince or the king of your body. It controls everything. In another narration Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, oh well lumen Manama your vow Rinda Yamanaka Yama, the first thing that will be lifted from the hearts of the people near the Dead day of the hour is sure

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the side of us to say a Salah to be doing who show Gan Nikka to cut them only Allah He dzifa When we pray without having any for showing our Salah as if you're presenting to Allah subhanaw taala a dead animal. Here you go Allah

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and a person who prays without social and he stands over in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala his furled his obligation, checkmark you have prayed for Allah is done.

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But if in that Salah we did not have any presence, or at least an effort for the presence, none of us can guarantee 100% prefer presence, but Allah subhanaw taala wants from you and me is that every time you deviate, you come back and force yourself to bring that presence. And if that presence doesn't exist, then that Salah goes all the way to the first sky

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and the Ask the angels what is the smell that we smell what is this and they say this is the Salafi the person who was distracted

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so then the angel is wrapped that Salah and Allah subhanaw taala says I don't have any Hajj I don't have any desire for this gift that was presented to me that was not worthy of me throw it back on the face of that person.

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So Allah is asking this question. I am yet Nene Lavina um, and who has the time not come for the people who believe we're all believers here and duck Shaku whom Lydia Karela that our hearts they become crucial the word crucial over here, Allah's could have used the word and you know that the hearts are filled with hope the hearts are filled with Jalil with gentle Allah did not use these words. The word wushu as we have mentioned from this member is

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a feeling that is natural that exists or it comes on to your heart.

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And that feeling is in this absolute realisation of hours, hour in significance in front of who do we stand

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that is why the mountains no one's gonna huddle Quran, Allah Jabba Linda, Idaho, Hershey and Mutasa mountains they understood the veracity of this Quran, this dhikr of Allah

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it's that mountain that you require lots of power today all machinery and, and dynamite to blow up to to clear your path. That same mountain would tremble out of the recognition of the greatness of the kalam of Allah when it had been revealed on the mountain. Well how am I the Hun in son and son we you know we said No, Allah gave it to us in the whole kind of Alumina hula, the issue is that we are the ones who transgress and we're ignorant about the value of this. So Allah says, Hola, me Nene. levena No, Doc sharp on OBOR home Levy kittila. The word levy Karela mentioned three things for us. Number one, levy Karela Quran

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so has the time not come for us for us to go and pick up the remember the remembrance of Allah the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala these Quran and these Messiah if you were to pick them up, you will find dust on them.

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We enter the masjid, we're distracted with our phones. We entered the Masjid. We're distracted with our worlds we come and we walk out check mark done. That's not what Allah wants from you and me.

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He's not in need of any of that from you and me. You want to come to the masjid for the sake of Allah.

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You and I come to the masjid so feel connected to the house of Allah.

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And the prime example of that is when we feel is when the Imam finishes a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. It's as if this machine is biting us. We all run from here.

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We don't feel that connection. Every single one of us. We feel like what's the next thing I can do? Because I've done my check mark.

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Allah doesn't want to check them.

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he's not in need of any checkmarks

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that worship is for you and me to remind ourselves and to center us that Allah is the center of everything that happens in my life.

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Every breath that you take,

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is a permission by Allah that you take it.

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Then Allah says after that, while mine is the second meaning of zikr is that when Allah is mentioned, in the gatherings, and the third meaning is when the word Allah is mentioned, how does your heart react when you hear the word Allah?

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How does it react? And if you want to feel that connection with it, then go and find the hike, trail alone, all by yourself most of time right before going live or Fudger. Take a hike trail and just say the word Allah, Allah and observe what Allah has created and connect with that word and the creation of Allah you won't connect in the constructs of these physical limitations. You have to go in nature and connect to see Allah's creation to see what Allah is capable of doing. And over there, your hearts are going to get connected. Then Allah says Allah me yet Nene Latina on one Tasha Luba home levy Karela where miners Allah Amina will help.

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And Allah is specifically talking about the Quran. Has this Quran not inspired your heart has this Quran not waking us up? When is that time going to come when we will be moved by this Quran?

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Omar Radi Allahu Allah and

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he was entering Bay till after this. Our last football was about by telemarketers in AFSA. He was entering as a victor. No fight. The Christian monks at that time they surrendered because they saw in their book the description of the person who will open the gates of faith and muck this he is going to be the king of the poor people.

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When the sahabi over there, he was there Ebola, you will and sorry, he looked at O'Meara, the Allahu Allah, his description, he said, Yeah, I mean,

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in a room, the people of Rome, Lusaka Offerton, they have like a, you know, the way they hold themselves to carry themselves as a way that they dress.

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So why don't we help you get acclimatized to their culture so you become presentable to them. When we get the keys of vital Marcus tomorrow. I'm gonna do Allahu Allah He turned to him. He said, Dan, come in, how did Kalam leave me alone.

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We are a nation

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as an Allah who built

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our honor comes from Quran. Our honor does not come by pleasing the society around us. Once we understand this,

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and then Oh my God, Allah, Allah says, and whenever we seek honor, whenever we seek this greatness, oh, we want to be free. We want to fit in into the colonizers land. And when we seek that honor to different ways, as Allah Allah, Allah is going to humiliate us.

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This is the Quran. And then Allah says that when is that time going to come that our hearts are filled with for sure woman has Ella middle health. This is a lot the word ill health necessitates that we are on the truth. The other is wrong. You can't have everyone right. And that is what is taught to our kids in schools. That is exactly what is taught and preached in our schools. Everyone is right. You're right. I am right. Everyone is right. What is right to you is right to you. And what is right to you is right to you. And what is right to me is right to me. And we're all right.

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And this parentless thought is causing so much confusion in our kids.

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I had a class of teenagers that I was doing around 46 of them and asked them this question. How many of you feel that it is not fair for somebody who believes in Allah to enter Hellfire if they die on other than Islam? Everybody was uncomfortable with that.

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And then that were kids who grew up in practicing Muslim families. Because what has been taught to our kids

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is I have the freedom to do what I want to do. You let them do whatever they want to do. They're also right we're also right. We're all right.

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And Allah is a goldmine as Allah Meenal Hawk I II, what's in the Quran is the Absolute Truth.

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Everything other than that is boggling. It's not

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acceptable by Allah.

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That is why in the last verses of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says, Why am I here to tell you slammy Deena if you choose a way of life other than Islam on the Day of Judgment, Vallejo by law, I mean,

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it will not be excepted from that person.

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No matter how much white washing you want to do to that no matter how much pleasing you want to do to the colonizers, we have a help we have the truth.

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And if you ever want to see who is more proud of that, listen to the Christian pastors and evangelicals. They'll tell you straight up, you don't believe in Jesus, you're going to * fire everyone is going to * fire everyone is is doomed to the Purgatory. As long as you take Jesus as your savior, everyone else is wrong.

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At least they have the audacity to say what's right and wrong.

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To ask Muslims, we have to become unapologetic to this what we hold is the ultimate truth. That does not mean I disrespect you. That does not mean I'm going to look down upon you. In my best interest is to make dua for you and to preach you and to tell you that this is the right thing come to us.

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But if you become pacifist and you say, oh, you know, you're alright, I'm alright. And we're all right. Then there is no doubt.

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Then Allah says,

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Well, I go, No, no, Allah is giving you and me a warning do not to be like the people of the previous books. Well, that's a coup. And I according to Ken Levine, who told Kitab him in Kabul, don't become like the people who the books were given to before you for thought I like him. I met their desires and long term hopes of long term planning 25 years I met a person the other day, 65 years old, he is so concerned about how much he has in his TFSA account.

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At age 65,

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brother, you got like three years left, right, statistically, you're not living long. Your concern should be what you have in the account with the book of Allah.

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So that's what Allah is saying, do not be like the people who the books who are given for Talati human Ahmed, what happened to them, they forgot preaching the deen, the biggest thing that happened to them dunya crept into their hearts. And there are long term visions of let us plan for this and let us do this and let us do that. And that's what they focused on. What do we do?

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From the child? The minute he's born, we're planning for the child's education. Father, I named him will Emmett Allah is saying, don't be like this. And what was the consequence of this Theca set Kulu boom. Because of that the hearts of the people before you, their hearts became hardened,

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non receptive to the message of God.

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That's what's happened to our hearts.

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We stand here and listen to the Quran, nothing happens.

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Nothing happens.

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All of us, including myself, our hearts have become hardened. Because we're focused on dunya.

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As one of my teachers, he said, If you remove the love of dunya from your heart, dunya is yours for taking because it's no longer in your heart and it's in your hands.

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Then Allah says Fatah Allah Allah himolla Ahmed focus at Punahou boom, Waka theobromine, whom Fassi own because dunya crept in their hearts they become from those who were the faceting many of them were those who were transgressed. The word facet poem comes from first up by Yasuko. First up if suku actually in the Arabic language refers to first up a Zara that when the bud when you see a flower bud, and when it breaks out the petals they forced themselves on break out and bloom that is what the Arabs called for Sokka Zara. It is referring to a person who was supposed to be contained about the body the boundaries of Allah.

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But constant struggle and love of dunya eventually he breaks those boundaries and crosses every single limit

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aren't we all following that path?

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Every single one of us needs to take an account.

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That is why Allah subhanaw taala says Well, turns out enough some damnit Lehighton

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the word enough soon means Let every soul each and every one of us what have you sent forward for your tomorrow?

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Your bank balance cars, houses

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your RRSPs

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What's What are you sending forward?

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That's the question Allah asks.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala

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sends us with a motivation.

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And the next IO, Allah says Allah I

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know for certainty that if your hearts have died, if there's no life left in them

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have this absolute certitude. And Allah you will

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win when we see the land that is barren. You see, no no no greenery whatsoever come three months down the road, Allah is the one that resuscitates this land back up or the bad amount. After the earth is completely dead, Allah brings it back to life.

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Or II he'll bring your hearts back to life. He's capable of doing that.

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Because the IANA hola como

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la la kontack They don't I have clearly mentioned to you these verses. So you think that Allah contact you don't you use Rachael and try to think about what we do in our lives. Apollo already had our start for Allah Hollywood a commonly cited Muslim infrastructure of.

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Malawi hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He was

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one of the most powerful stories that has mentioned that has been mentioned.

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In reference to this ayah is the story of a very famous Sufi scholar of our past for DailyBurn al Rahim Allah, he was an own person who would visit prostitutes, he would go out and do every single vise that you can think of. He was out there on target. He was a robber, every single vise that you can think of that person had in his life. One night, he promised

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a woman and said, Listen, I'm going to come and visit you to be able to fulfill my desires with you. And I will enter from the wall at the back. So people don't see me.

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So they live in a yard. He was going and he comes to the house of this woman

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fell out of algebra Ron, he climbed the wall. As he climbed, he heard

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somebody reciting the verses. I let me Nene Lavina Amano and Dasha, global home leader Karela has the time not come for the hearts of the believers to have a shoe from ALLAH. So he jumped off that wall. And he said, and I think

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the time has come, the time has come.

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And he walked away. And he ran away from that Korea from that village, and he found a small shack somewhere over there, as he was walking he finds the name of Allah subhanaw taala somebody had written on a parchment leather. Allah was written on it. And it was filled with dust and filth on the ground. So for the living out, picks it up. Well, kinda who did Herman he only had one Dirham in his pocket. That's the all the wealth that he had. Because he had given that money to that woman.

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So he takes that debt home and goes to an outdoor goes to a person who sells perfume.

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Often even have to gamble. Miskin hendak give me the best misc that you have. Best Musk that you have. He took that bought it for a Durham for another 500 car. He cleaned that leather parchment out thorough who he placed the aerator on it. And he went to the shack that he was hiding in and he found a crack on the wall for Waldau who he had an makan he placed it on top

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and he heard the voice of an angel

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and the angel said

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that you honored my name. You honored my name for lane. So Oba you do is Schmuck, Ill Toriyama I will honor your name until the day of judgment.

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So when he comes out and they see a reformed person, somebody asks him, what happened. How did you turn? What happened? What was your turning moment? He said, Yeah, philon I have never done a single Hazara single good deed in my life, except one good deed. When I saw the name of my Rob, being disgraced and people are walking over it, I honored the name of Allah.

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Once I honored the Name of Allah, my entire life changed.

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Let us walk away from here asking ourselves that do we have that level of iman to honor the name of Allah? When we hear the name of Allah being disgraced in our offices when somebody marks when they stumble phobia is rampant? Are we going to defend Allah? Because you never know that defense?

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For the sake of Allah and for his name might be the key that you and I need to enter Jannah a whole only had our stuff for Allah de Weligama recital must mean first of February now in order for him, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send salutations on Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, O Allah grant is the tofield to practice what we learn, or Allah grant us a Tofik to open our hearts and fill our hearts with the knower of Quran, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he grants us the knower of Quran in our hearts, and it becomes the criterions through which we make every decision in our lives. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he

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protects the Imam of every single person that is here and keeps us on the state of iman until the day of judgment. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala becomes pleased with us the day we meet him. And that becomes the best day of our lives and the highest state of Eman. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala always keeps us steadfast on our thoughts and keeps us from those people who are constantly increasing in connection with Allah. opodo Cody hada was still here Allah howdy welcome Marissa at the Muslim Ian first stuff they're all fighting a hula hula photo for him without the Masada

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