Rahul Asks, Why are Shia Muslims given Less Importance by Other Muslims?

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good evening sir my name is rahul ganker and i'm also student i just need to ask you in the islamic religion why the she has muslim people are given less importance compared to other muslims i have also heard one of my muslim friends that they are not even allowed to drink water from a shia family not even a water okay means i just need to ask

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it is also said that means in iraq there was a saddam hussein has done he has spread a chemical gas he has done a cruel ism on see as people ask me to hitler has done on jewish people in the war second world war so don't you think it's an injustice i also need to know that men's what exactly the she has people has done a mistake in the islamic religion before so men still suffering right now these days the the question that why she is considered inferior and what mistake they have done via saddam hussein kill them like hitler has killed germany with chemical weapons etc

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but the in islam that no shia sunni

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or shia sunni in islam

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or muslims in islam there is no shia sunni what quran says in surah limra and chapter three verse 103 was the same will be happening elijah may hold to the rope of allah strongly and be not divided we have to hold to the rope of allah the quran and the teaching of the prophet the say howdy if you hold to them then you are true muslim there is no shia sunni in islam and there's no sect in islam the quran says in surah nam chapter number six was the 159 oh prophet anyone who makes division who makes sex in there enough islam you have nothing to do with him allah will look after their father they have jasmine and our beloved prophet masala salam said that there will be 73 sects in muslim

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out of that only one will go to jannah the sabbath which one those who follow me and mesaba those who follow quran and the tendencies of the prophet

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so the quran says don't make sex a prophet said even though the quran says there will be some people will make sex how many 73

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the one who will be on the true part is one doesn't make sex

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so anyone who calls himself anything besides muslims the word is muslim muslim means a person who submitted the will to god what was the prophet or this year or the sunni what was he he was muslim and the answer i gave to the earlier sister of surah al imran chapter three or 64 days for kulu shadow vietnam muslim moon we bear witness that we are muslim if you want to judge whether the muslim is right or wrong what do you do you check with the quran let him call him tell mama decayed fulton a bola no problem you check it up if he's following the quran and authentic teachings of the prophet bukhari muslim authentic teaching he's a true muslim if he goes against the true teachings

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of the prophet the muslim and all the others say it and goes against the quran he's not a true muslim a true muslim is a person who follows the quran and authentic teachings of the prophet namaste allah salam so when you come to know let him call himself anything if he does not follow the quran and does not follow the teaching of the prophet he's not true muslim regarding the question saddam hussein

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saddam hussein oh then the question then the question

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saddam hussein saddam hussein killed

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i don't know whether

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the media says but whether it be saddam hussein whether it be hitler whether it be george bush anyone kills any innocent human being liversedge shia sunni even if it is nothing hindu innocent christian innocent jew it is a big crime

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that will be saddam hussein let it be george bush let it be hitler anyone who kills an innocent human being whether muslim or non muslim whether it be hindu whether invocation whether it be jew anyone kills any other innocent human being if he's done it it's a thing it is prohibited i'm not here to protect anyone let his name be anything dog bush hitler was done abdullah tom dick harry anyone if anyone kills an innocent human being it is private hope answer the question

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this will not believe in this she as soon as augury muslim sir i'm not saying that quran there's no shia sunni in the quran when so

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so so many men who tell them you ask them marry the word germans in the quran if you marry somebody mentioned in the quran sir it is a it's a my college is evans in bandra sir i'm studying oh these people are not following what you have to do ask them are they following the teachings of mama salas alum are they following the teachings of allah subhanaw taala

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Allah says in the Quran in surah anom chapter six, verse number 159.

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Anyone who makes six, division in Islam, we have nothing to do with him. Anyone who divide the religion of Islam, it is prohibited. So if you have to be a good Muslim, you have to hold to the rope of Allah. That is the Quran. So just by calling someone Abdullah who's done whatever it is, will not take you to Jana, but following the teachings of the Creator, Almighty God, and following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace, brother, I would like to ask your question on the question. So my father about Shia Sunni, I want to ask you why. So there's so many of my friends Oh, do you want to join Islam and they're not thinking what to take? So much knew the question. Yeah. So you

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want to come to Islam, and nothing new to do join me? Sir. No, no,

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sir, there are so many religions or davinson Islam there are so many sections of religion, there's no sex Islam. Islam, there is only one Muslim. Whoever told you did not tell you what Quran faith. I'm giving you a reference. So the person is told me she he was a Sunni. He told me that let him be Sunni led me She led me Bori anyone, tell him grannvale don't make

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that number fixated on it means this statement This is all absurd. He is not following Quran. Quran says today anom chapter six verse number 159 noted down the doctors Arkin, like said, Surinam chapter six verse number 159 that don't make sense. What you have to do is you have to submit your will to God. Now and you know, Brother, do you want to submit your will to God? Neither do you want to submit your will to God? So I respect Islam so I believe in Islam. No, fine. We respect Islam. Do you believe there's one God? Haha. Do you believe that one God? Yes, I believe in God. Do you believe idol worship is wrong? Uh huh. Do you believe that God has got no idols?

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God has no idea. Do you believe that?

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I don't know. So, do you believe in idol worship?

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Do you believe in idol worship? Yeah, idol worship is right or wrong? means to God? No. Do you believe that worshipping an idol is right or wrong? Yes, it is right or is it wrong? It's right. Doing agile worship. But that's against God does your way that says you should not worship anyone but one God.

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It mentioned in your chapter 32 was number three.

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Number four was number 19. Natha Saraswati, majesty of that God, there is no prathima there is no image. There is no photograph, there is no painting. There is no idea. There is no sculpture. There is no statue. I'm asking your question. When you're VEDA faith, God has got no image, no statue, no idol. Do you yet believe in Allah worship?

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Yes, Oliva that? Yes. I'm asking you. Are you following your VEDA? Yes. Are you following or not?

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following? So because I'm from that religion, sir. Correct. So I'm going to take somebody in that religion. So if you're brought up in that religion, I am asking you is it your duty to study

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on this subject, therefore I'm asking you brother, that in your scripture VEDA, you read

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chapter number 32 verse number three, cetera cetera Upanishad chapter number four was number 19. It says naturopathy masti. It's a Sanskrit quotation, which means Almighty God has got no prathima no image, no photograph, no painting, no sculpture, no idle, no statue. If your Scripture says Almighty God, I've got no idea. Then doing idol worship is right or wrong.

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Right or wrong? Such a big person to decide this that it's right or wrong? No, but if your scripture saying God has got no image, no photograph, no idol, no statue, then making a statue of God is right or wrong. So my my previous person wins, my poor boys has done this. So I cannot blame on them. So sorry, my poor read my previous, the gray on the Hindu some people have done this I cannot blame on the amorous the Hindu people I must do the question your scripture which is the most authentic scripture in your religion.

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You don't know

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what do you know, which is the highest scripture in your religion?

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yeah, if we see my videocassette similarities between Islam and Hinduism, and I request one of the volunteers to give him a DVD similarities between Islam and Hinduism, watch the DVD if you have carried you can meet me and inshallah referred out and then I would request you read that understand and find the two piece so and the last thing I just need to ask you that it means we have to not believe in this, that there are so many sections Islam that Sunni see as we should not live we should only believe in Quran right? Quran and authentic sayings of Prophet that said, any scholar says anything. Oren says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 59.

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be alone obey the messenger and continues and those who have been given the authority for command though they are charged with the faith that means you have to follow allah almighty god his messenger and those who are knowledgeable but the world does not stop there it says if they differ if the people of knowledge differ go back to online

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if someone tells you something you verify from the quran and authentic hadith whether it's right or wrong just because any scholar says anything it carries no weight in islam so the our thing is allah almighty god and the messenger if any scholar say something if it matches with quran and hadith you accept it if it is against khurana did you reject it so just my person saying he's a muslim you have to tell him pull her to banana comb produce your proof in condom source again but if you're truthful that the reason whenever i give answer i give you references from the quran and say he did what i'm saying or doctors or can i save is zero in islam it carries no value

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what i say in islam is zero nil what quran says what almighty god says what our beloved prophet nama salah salaam says that is it so what i'm giving i'm giving references person who does not know i'm giving references my answer is based on these teachings of the quran these verses man says based on this teaching of the prophet abraham numbers once etc to give proof to what they say god is wait what i say carries no weight hope that answers the question