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This one question I have you told me we heard about that the Vedas say that don't make any images of the God. Yeah. Whoever worships anything which has been created, throws himself in darkness, right. The difference between Bhagwan and Allah is that Allah says that if you worship anyone apart from me, I will punish you, forever and ever. And I will not spay you of this sin. But nowhere in Hinduism's books, would you see that the Guan is saying, if you worship anything apart from me, you will be put in Nuuk, which is the Hindi word for hell forever and ever. Now what? why I'm saying that to you is the concept of God in Islam, Christianity and Judaism is the same in which he feels

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bad if anyone worships anything else apart from him, but the concept of the other side of the religions which is Hinduism, Buddhism on both sides the concept of God there i think is more the God of those religions is more large hearted because he doesn't say to you, that I'm going to put you in hell if you don't worship Me, although, although I understand that it is wrong to worship idols, it is wrong to worship created things, but I do feel that because that I somehow feel that you know, kulula has allowed some allow me a little bit um, you know, basically God, there is nothing like him, right? So why in the Quran, or the Bible or the Jews, scripture, we are at producing a human

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feeling to God, that let us say, My Father gives me everything, he gives me all the money, and I give that money to the poor people right? Now, one day if I forget my father, yeah, so my father, we feel bad. But this is a human nature. God is more large hearted than that. Even if I don't worship him, he should have no problems, you know, he should not put me to hell because that's egoistic. egoism is a part of human nature, not of God is what I feel according to my understanding, rather a hole in the old friend of mine, Mashallah, whenever I come to Dubai, no question answer session goes without him ask me a question. The following is, in many years, when I gave in 2005, and a game last

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year, and yesterday night, we had a good session for a couple of hours, and didn't mention his name. He's all Mashallah. And we pray that Allah guide him in sha Allah, May Allah give. And he asked very good questions. always difficult questions. Very good questions. I like it. It's a challenge for me. He asked me a new question. I like challenges. And all that. Good question. This is my last question. Sir. Why don't my last last question before you accept Islam? One of my last questions before you accept Islam clarify this. It just struck me actually. He told me he will not accept Islam in public. So I don't no problem. Let

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me on this. I clarified you. And I won't ask you to accept Islam in public. We have done that yesterday. So Islam is a glorious religion, and it's given me a lot of fees and I can say many good things about it. But please clarify and you told us clarify. You told me you spend more time studying Islam, then what you spend time and getting your degree of engineering? It is right that's right and I enjoyed more. Therefore enjoy a question also.

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asked a very good question. Very attacking very tricky, difficult question, that he understands that all the religions, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, say there's no God, except one God. Don't make images don't make ideas. But Islam goes a step further. He will forgive any other sin, accept the sin of sharing. Surah Nisa chapter four, verse 48, three, chapter four, verse 116. But in Hinduism, nowhere does it say that if you do she'll,

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Allah will not forgive you.

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Before I ask you a question about large heartedness. Nowhere does the Quran say that if you commit a murder, Allah will not forgive you.

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Nowhere does the Quran say that if you commit murder, Allah will not forgive you. Does it mean that I will go and commit murder? Rather than repeat again? Sorry, nowhere does the Quran say that if you commit murder, though it is the second largest sin in Islam in the major things. Number two is committing murder of an innocent human being Yes, after she is murder. Though the Hunan says in Surah Maya chapter five verse 32, that if anyone kills an innocent human being, unless it be for murder, of locating corruption in the land, it is as if kill all of humanity. But nowhere does the Quran say that if you commit murder, Allah will not forgive you

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I will never forgive you. Does it mean that I will go and commit murder? No. Yeah. Enough, same me. When the Vedas don't mention that if you don't do she'll, Allah will not forgive you. You should not do

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I understand I understand your understanding person I come to the library afterwards. I haven't answered the full question. I'm only on for the first part of your first question. I'll come to you afterwards. Yeah.

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But I like you know, cutting down the questions, so that you understand better or if you understand the other people also to understand who your intelligent person you know that Mashallah engineer done from UK. Now, if I told me yesterday, now coming to your part of lightheartedness, that in Islam, if you don't do this, I'll punish you.

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That is a human nature, that if the Father gives money to the Son, son giving charity tomorrow the son doesn't ask about the Father. So Father feels bad, it's human nature agree with you. God is far superior. I agree with you. So why does God feel bad? Yeah, very good question. When it is in question, inshallah, you will get convinced. I won't ask you to accept Islam in public, that we're done the rest today. Yes. The Quran says, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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does not require you, you require him. Now coming to the question, now I'm making your question more easy. By we have to say Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. Allah ask you to say Allah Akbar, Allah is the Greatest tomorrow if you don't sell is the greatest. Do you think Allah will become less? No, no, yeah, whether you see or not Allah, Allah is the Greatest, irrespective whether you say or not, it will make no difference, not even out our differences all into the greatest he will remain, irrespective, as you say or not. Why does he ask you to say that is the question. The question is a last one out, Allah knows the human psychology.

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For example, your mother has a heart attack.

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And now you have all of a very famous heart specialist in the world.

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If you know a famous, he will give you some advice for your mother, another person who's unknown. He comes and gives you advice. Whose advice Will you follow?

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repeat again, sorry, if your mother has a heart attack? Yeah. They're the person who you know, is the most famous heart specialist in the world. I will follow the advice of the specialist. Why? Because you know, in number one, he's most famous. So the reason Allah asks you to praise Him is not for his benefit is for your benefit. Because the moment you praise Allah, you will follow in advice. By following his advice, the love will not benefit you will benefit Yes, by the doctor giving advice to you. He will not benefit you as you may give him fee so that will benefit you aren't giving any fish to Allah.

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So Allah doesn't benefit anything. But the moment you present, it is human. When you say Allah is the most wise, Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the most merciful, most wise, he is another follow most good is our follow him most merciful and follow Him. So you'd see all these places not to benefit him to benefit yourself. Agreed. So when you worship Him, it does not benefit him. It benefits you. Yeah. When you follow the advice of the doctor, it will benefit if you give him fees. Yes. You don't give any fish to Allah. Yes, it benefits you. Yes. So same way, Ally's large hearted by punishing you. Do you think he will benefit? No. by punishing he becomes the

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raffle? Yeah, yeah. Let me complete Mansur Sure.

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Yeah, by punishing you, He will not benefit but he's giving you a fear. Why? If you have alcohol, He will punish you. If you have drugs, he'll punish you. Whether you have drugs, what difference does it make to him? Now, if he says, okay, don't have drugs, but if you have drugs, I will not punish you, then will you have drugs or not?

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If I give an examination, right? No, I won't have if I if I'm convinced is wrong for me. I won't have

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fear of the hell, the fear of the Hellfire to be put in my mind. to avert me. God convinces people in different ways. Some people with reason and logic, you're a logical person are convinced in logic. Some people want fear. Some people want punishment. Some people want reward. There are three four types of ways which our last piece, you get convinced with logic. You're like me? Yeah, you're like me? Yes. Some people. They are not convinced either. Logic, logic logic. Ha, I'll get I'll do it. I can punishment. Strv. So in such reality

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is the fear. Is it reality? Yes, I'll tell you. I'll tell you. I'll tell you. The reality is that the Hellfire is there and the punishment is there. Let me complete the answer. Yeah, will you allow me to complete the answer? Oh, yes, please. Let me come. I'll give you a chance. I'll give you a chance to say that you're convinced

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But before I complete man say interjecting Yes, after I complete I'll give you a chance and ask you now there the teacher taking an examination too much for

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convinced. Now, there are some people the teacher says okay now in the examination those who read correctly will get plus point will pass. Those who don't read correctly will fail. Now when the teacher is telling hundreds of things in difficult for everyone to remember, but if they want to remember you write if you write correct I'll pass you if you write wrong I fail you. So now the student starts memorizing he starts like you pass to engineering Are you afraid of failing? Yes, if you wouldn't have to do to fail some teachers said no problem even if you write wrong I will give you part of degree will you study? No. Ah

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you understand Boyle's law? You understand economically, you understand chemistry, but to remember you have to stay awake. You have to slow teacher said no problem you understood. You right in the examination right or wrong. Two plus two, three, I will pass you will you study?

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Well, it depends. I won't buy probably someone who is more sensitive.

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If the teacher says no, your aim is to get the degree Yeah, once you understand if you fail, if you fail, you won't get the degree so you're Almighty God speaks logically. Some people logical it doesn't make a difference by the Hellfire if you're having this day. Other people do it you get a reward. Like when you speak to your child sometimes you speak logically. Sometimes you say you know I give you a chocolate? Yes. Sometimes a cola hamana Yeah, yeah, I'm here one flap. Yeah. So this is what God knows the psychology of the human being is a creator. Sometime logic sometime reasoning sometime rewards sometime punishment, but once he says he has to follow he can't lie.

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Once he says you have to follow so he's trying to convince you suppose your son Yeah, yeah. I know we're not married and we're not married. inshallah, one day when you get married, and if your son Yes, and yes, an angel will marry a Muslim inshallah. Yes.

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So your son married our son. Yeah, five years old. He moves to jump from 10 flow. He said my son don't jump. I want to jump.

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You know, he will die. No problem. I want to jump. One slide. We'll give him right or wrong. You tell him I slap you Yes. Yet if he wants to jump you slap him. Father is cruel to be kind is your intention to hurt him? No, your intention to hurt them later so that you prevent from the bigger? Yes. So your if he says no, no, I'm only acting. Maybe first time he will take I'll punish you and you don't punish him. But if you want to jump, you will not wait till he jumps you will get a mandate slap. The same way God here. He tells you this is good. This is bad. This is reward. This is punishment. And once he says something he's honest.

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In Islam, God is the most kind. He wants the human being to improve the other God. Okay, no problem even even right wrong. I'll pass you. What kind of a teacher is this? Suppose tomorrow, there is a student studying with you. He has long answers useless. You stay awake in the night. This person plays hooky. enjoys, right everything wrong. And the teacher says both good first class First, we'll be happy with the teacher. know why. You're a very unkind person. very cruel, and not a good human being. I am wrong. Because you believe in justice. So besides God being kind and merciful, he's also just imagine someone raped your sister rapes your mother, God said no problem. And forgive on the

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day of that been born to tell God.

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That's okay. I'm talking about God being egoistic on his own.

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Nobody seems to shake then I will put you in Hellfire forever and ever. I'm not saying that he should not punish wrong deeds, but he's putting on his own self. That if you associate it partners with me, along with worshiping me, if you wish if someone else even then I will not forgive you. That's the right thing that

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if the doctor says if suppose the hospital says your mother says this is a good thing. have only this medicine, nothing else. Someone else says, Okay, I have this medicine also. So that heart specialist tells you if you mix it with something as a mother will die. So will you listen to somebody else or not?

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Will you listen or not? are specialists saying don't have anything else except this arbitrate? Keep it below your tongue. Yes, I another doctor come near I'm a very good doctor. You don't know him also, listen to heart specialist,

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heart specialist specialist, but God is a big heart specialist. So heart specialists you want to follow. You don't want to follow your creative spirit in your heart.

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Hey, wait, wait, wait, let me complete. Yes.

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Let me complete. Yes, yes, yes. So you being logical, when you want to follow the heart specialist, when the heart question is tell you don't listen to anyone else because they are told you the total truth that heart specialist can be wrong because he's a human being. Almighty God when he says, do not worship anyone else besides me, he knows that if you think somebody else is also the greatest, and if you follow and follow something wrong, it will harm you.

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God does not want to see to it that his creation, the hum, he is going out of the way to give you an ultimate warning. Other things maybe I will forgive. That is one type of murder is one type of sin very wrong, second largest. But one, if you worship somebody else, you can do anything. You can start murdering, you can start diving drug you can start raping, to dangerous.

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This is a guidance, it is complete.

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Because He is the Creator, he knows no one else is the creator, not someone else tries to behave like a creator. When God knows no one else can create you. It is very dangerous that there is any faith that following advice, worshiping anyone obeying anyone, as the creator, not obey normally, normally and obey a father no problem will be a mother no problem going against the commandments of Almighty God. What I'm trying to find out is that the right God who is saying that if you associated partners with me, I will never forgive this sin you are taking it's a catch 22 I am questioning whether a God who things like that is that the correct God correct God you are saying you're saying

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he is the correct God? And he knows why why I've checked up with science. This Quran passes the test, when I put science to into scripture that fails, when I put science to Bible it fails. So even if I agree with you, with my earlier question, maybe this is ambiguous fine. 80% is proof to be 100% correct. 20% is ambiguous inshallah logically even this will be right, if I have to put that away. But the other way, if a doctor's argument would be 100% of it is proved that it is correct. If 20% ambiguous is tell you one thing, brother, your mind hasn't reached that level. My mind hasn't reached that level. The science hasn't reached that level, maybe 100 years afterward, 1000 years

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after they will be proved and a person correct. We are limited. The problem is in you and me not in the Quran. Similarly, but a person who is very powerful. A person who has a heart specialist, he knows this stuff very well. He'll be sure do this nothing is a person who is not sure. Oh god, this medicine also had that medicine also. So person is cocksure of himself like the crate Almighty God, He will give this commandment now his cock. Sure. You are not cocksure about him. That is the creator? Yeah, one sec. I'm sure you will follow. Am COC show that this is a word of Almighty God. You aren't? Yes. So once the research gets complete, yes. You know very well that the other

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scriptures don't pass the test. Yes, I challenge you to get any scripture that you know of which even close to the Quran. This is the strongest scripture that did that question. So when you know,

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I can't ask you to accept because you know, we spoke yesterday. Whatever, you know, it is the thing. Then the ego is in you. Not an almighty God. The ego.

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Ego I pray, all the ones I have, this is the strongest I pray to Almighty God. You know, because I love you. Yes, I love you too. I love you that Verizon I pray to Almighty God to give you that you don't have to proclaim. You asked me yesterday, you have to proclaim as I know you have to proclaim. So I think that you are a person who submitted a will to God and may God guide you and made you get a good submitting Muslim life partner. Thank you. Thank you.