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everyone, so now Marnie, come what I'm going to lie here. Well, better careto Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Allah. So the lower earning, he was a happy woman. Well, welcome back to our Monday reminder. And in sha Allah tala, this is going to be an exciting week been in law as we start to release some promos within the law about what our Ramadan content is going to look like this year. I know that many of you have been asking about it, and hamdulillah but I mean, we're blessed to have that excitement. And honestly, we are blessed to be in this place of Siobhan and in the lead up to LA Milan, I pray that as you cross the 15, night mark of shot down,

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that you cleared your heart Bismillah of your grudges, or of anything that's in there that does not accommodate Allah subhanho wa Taala and the portal and the words of Allah that we plan to fill our heart with the son of the prophets, lysozyme and his practices, I pray that you've emptied all of that out now in sha Allah, and that you are getting ready for these blessing weeks that are ahead of us been in law. And of course, we know that you know, in the lead up to them alone, there's always you know, something that happens, they're always seeds of discord, the seeds of a plan that are planted. So be careful in your individual life and your family life and community life to make sure

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that you stay focused and shall and we'll have a lot of content over the next two weeks but not about Ramadan prep, we're also going to be finishing the first in sha Allah Allah, this part of the first we'll resume it after Ramadan. But we'll be finishing 40 episodes in Charlottetown next week, so we'll have it this Wednesday. And then next week, inshallah Tada. And then we will pause that for our online series with the nine Tyler. Now what I want to talk about tonight was actually a it's a beautiful narration that compares the validity and the virtue of perfect code of contemplation to the virtue of gamma live the virtue of praying at night, and how these concepts actually are married

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within the books of the setup within the narrations of the pious predecessors. And it starts with the narration from my own Abdullah Rahim Allah to Allah as they asked him, whether the or the Allahu taala and about a Buddha or the Allahu anhu. And I wanted to know what his best form of Eva was, what his best form of worship was. Nobody did that. Obviously, all the allow tele animal was one of the movies of the companions, one of the most knowledgeable of the companions and distinguished with his ibadah and admired by the tambourine admired by the next generation, for the example that he left behind in that regard. And of course, his wife, a mother that is similar is a scholar in her

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own right, that was sought out and asked many times and would often relay things on behalf of her husband. So I want to know Abdullah is asking a mother that what was his best everybody and particularly By the way, there are two narrations, you worry about it the other candidate, I thought, and in one narration of love, So which of the acts of worship was uploaded all the time, who were most or which of them were the best? So, what is his most virtuous and most distinctive form of worship? And what is his most frequent form of worship UK thought and she said that what distinguished him pilot attack guru, while at bar to remember contemplate Allah subhanaw taala at

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effect good and at bar to take into account to reflect and to take into account both of them are within the same domain of contemplation at effect guru will arity bar. And she goes on to say that I would do that all the time and who said to fake gurus are higher on Min theonomy Laila to remember Allah for an hour and particularly here to contemplate for an hour to contemplate for an hour is better than praying all night to contemplate for an hour is better than praying all night. This is also something by the way that has been narrated on behalf of Hassan mostly Rahim Allah to Allah He said to furusato Edelman, piani Laila, that to remember Allah I keep on saying to remember Allah

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because I'll talk about what difficulty means in this context, but to contemplate for an hour is better than an entire night of prayer. Now, what is to factor and how is it related to the amulet and what is clarity bar, this is another word that often does not get introduced. You hear the words to * code and you hear to dub books, which are contemplation and reflection or T ball, which is to consider to take into account something is a word that's often not used when we're talking about this blessitt practice. So let's first talk about the domain as a whole inshallah, tada, you know, clearing your head. If you go out in nature and you don't do anything, you don't say anything.

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you just look around and you just take it all in quiet everything then that in and of itself is a means of really opening up the pathways in your heart and in your thoughts so that you can remember allah subhanaw taala properly so that you can consider the greatness of allah and the greatness of your purpose in in you know living in accordance with what allah subhanaw taala has revealed and what comes next after this life the true meaning of this life and what comes in the hereafter and so on so forth you know that practice of taking time out is incredibly not just therapeutic but beneficial to your eman and it's usually just talked about in the capacity of how therapeutic it is

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and it is therapeutic to get time out to breathe fresh air but it's also extremely beneficial to your emaan beneficial to your faith and it's increasingly become difficult to do that because of the devices that we have now that don't allow us to ever disconnect and you have to disconnect from the world to connect with allah you know it sometimes you have to take those breaks so if you have your phone with you if you have your laptop with you wherever you are it is so hard to cut off everything for an hour to just remember allah subhanaw taala and to think about him and that's something that's very important here that the nature of contemplation here into *load is not one where you're just

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enjoying the outdoors but you're looking around and as you are enjoying the outdoors and you are looking at the signs of allah as they are so observable to you you're saying suppan allah subhana allah now you know have allah al hamdulillah right you are alternating between the various recitations of f god of remembrances that we learned from the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and deeply considering those things so to * good is to contemplate on the signs of a lot to contemplate on the verses of allah subhanaw taala and it should provoke a sense of remembrance so saying and hamdulillah saying subhana allah saying allah same la la la going between those various

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verses of praise those statements of praise and those statements of remembrance is a way of keeping you connected not just to the signs that are around you and contemplating them but also connecting you to their maker and your maker which is the ultimate goal of that to the buddha and of that effect right so that's where to faculty usually comes into play it is contemplating on the signs of allah subhanaw taala and connecting that to allah subhana wa tada remembering the last parameter as you contemplate those signs and the quality of your worship that comes after that is incredible right if you do that then the quality of your worship at night the quality of your five kilowatts

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the quality of your iba data as a whole is just going to increase substantially and there's also contemplating on the verses of allah subhanaw taala the ayat of allah subhanaw taala many scholars say that's where dub bode is distinguished which is another you know form of remembrance and introspection but particularly pondering upon the verses of allah reading the quran and and reading those verses of allah those signs of allah subhanaw taala while you are interacting with the signs of allah subhanaw taala outside and have you ever read quota and on the outside in nature right it's a beautiful thing so reflecting on the verses of allah looking around at the signs of allah subhanaw

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taala and connecting yourself to those things then some of the scholars say arity bob is a very unique type of reflection like when the last pantai says factor b roll yeah all episode to take into account of people have absorbed right people who are pure thoughts and people who are pure in their vision because of the purity of their thoughts they are in contemplation and they think clearly they have clarity of thought some of the scholars say eric t bar here is reflecting upon what happens to other than you and taking it into consideration in regards to yourself because when a lot so jeff talks about harrity bod he talks about previous nations he talks about other people and so when you

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see things happen with others past or present you take that into consideration for yourself or some of the scholar said arity bob is just generally taking yourself to account reflecting receiving things very personally as they're happening to seemingly other than you whether that's the environment or people around you receiving them personally right what does this mean for me what does this mean for me so again contemplating on the verses of allah contemplating on the signs of allah contemplating on yourself and how you can bring yourself closer to allah subhanaw taala and then taking it all into account whether it's happening to others or happening to the environment

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taking it all into account as to what this means for me so this is where you find the statement to affect kurosawa

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Hiram and piani data to contemplate for an hour is better than praying an entire night. This is also by the way, a very much so connected to what we've been talking about of purifying your thoughts. And fasting is directly tied to purifying your thoughts. And so as you're purifying your body and purifying your soul and purifying your thoughts throughout the day, then the quality of your BM, the quality of your total weight, the quality of your lt calf just is so much more because of your fasting during the day. And you know, just think about, you know, if, if, if you don't have and of course, some people are not able to fast, right, and the difference between being able to fast and

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being able to pray at night. And the connection of those two and not being able to fast for those that have an illness or are permanently unable to fast during the day, right. So there's a beautiful connection between the two, as well. And even Of course, those that are not able to fast due to health reasons, medical reasons, the amount of water and recitation that takes place during the day of Ramadan. And the contemplation they're in certainly increases the quality of the prayer in the day and especially at night. And I'll end with this and shot lots out of it because it is the merging of the two things and that is what even Ambassador longtown Homer said where he said to

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rockers that are of moderate length, okay, that are of moderate length. They're not super long because people are used to lengthy like guys, they're not super long, but they have in them to faculty, they have the quality of contemplation, heightened and the AMI Lila tin will call boosa is better than a night of prayer praying the entire night and the heart DISA and the heart is is is neglectful, the heart is absence, okay, forgetful. So if you are able to pray at night, and you are able to bring in the quality of thought and of course with Galileo, reciting a verse and pausing and doing your thinking about that verse remembering the line supplicating is something that we find

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from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice I'm especially in the night prayers, so to have shorter prayers, less recitation at night, but increase the quality of those prayers with more contemplation with more difficulty is better than a forgetful heart and absent heart and long prayers throughout the night. So with the whole quality and quantity discussion, that's something certainly to keep in mind. And it's all the time next week, I'll actually talk about how to read quota and the debate over quantity versus quality when it comes to porn and recitation because I know that's also a question that often comes up. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to remember him

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day and night that he protects us from our from being absent minded and being led astray in the process of being absent minded, that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be connected to him through good moments of reflection and recitation and then good moments of prayer and good works good deeds that connect us through him subhana wa tada inside of Ramadan and outside of Ramadan during the day and during the night fasting or not fasting, may Allah subhanaw taala always allow us to be connected to him May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to always be thinking of him. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to have the ultimate reward of meeting him while he is pleased with us

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subhanho wa Taala Allah Ameen. desikan low Hayden and Charlotte and I'll see you all Wednesday for the first and then of course there's so much that will be coming out in Shell over the next two weeks but the nine I hope that you will follow and stay connected to us throughout the month of Ramadan was sidama econ Ramadan