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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam and how it is a duty for every Muslim to convey the message of Islam. They explain that there are various ways to ask non Muslims about Islam, including asking them questions and answering them. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be aware of the 20 common questions faced by non Muslims regarding Islam, including their reasons for asking them.
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It is the duty of every Muslim to convey the message of Islam. To those who are not aware of it.

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It's compulsory for every Muslim to do da

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da means an invitation, a call to the non Muslims. It is the duty of every Muslim that he invites non Muslims towards Islam.

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There are various different methodologies

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as well as strategies used by Muslims. As far as Tao is concerned.

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The most common strategy is

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whenever a Muslim meets a non Muslim,

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he speaks 100 good things about Islam.

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Even if that non Muslim agrees with all the 100 good things, that the person has spoken about Islam, yet that non Muslim will have few negative points behind the mind. He may say yes, I agree about all these 100 good things about Islam but

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you're the same Muslim? Who's a terrorist? Ah, you're the same Muslim was a fundamentalist Are you are the same people who spread religion with the sword? You are the people who subjugated the woman. Ah, you are the Muslims who marry more than one woman.

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The few negative points at the back of his mind will prevent him from accepting the beauty of Islam. That's the reason whenever I meet a non Muslim,

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I asked him upfront. What do you feel is wrong with Islam? With your limited knowledge? whether right or wrong? What do you feel is wrong with Islam, and I make him comfortable that you can criticize Islam. If you want to take Islam and make him comfortable and ask him what does he feel is wrong with any of Islam. And after he's made comfortable, he poses about three or four questions about Islam.

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And in the past couple of decades, that have been in the field of Dawa.

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I have realized that there are about 20 most common questions which the non Muslims have regarding Islam.

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When the non Muslim poses three or four questions about Islam, invariably, these three or four questions fall amongst the 20 most common questions

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if all the Muslims know that apply to these 20 common questions posed by the non Muslims with reason, logic and science, with the quotation from Quran and Hadith and the condition of the Scripture, the non Muslim, even if he cannot make the non Muslim accept Islam, at least he can neutralize the animosity that is there in the minds of the non Muslims at least he can neutralize the negative feeling that the person has regarding Islam.

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That's the reason it's very important that we Muslims are aware

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about these 20 common questions.

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