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James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Oh Praise be to Allah subhana wa tada national Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhana wa tada we thank Allah subhanaw taala for granting us this pleasant Walk of Juma following the bliss of days of Hajj, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant the Judge hachimangu Hashem abroad mela, accept all the activity by that Allah granted, all the sins be forgiven, mullahs panthella gone, they all return home safely. My last panel data except from all of us as well, those acts of the Bible that we've done during these past few days, except those of quadband those are faster than any act of goodness Melaka make it count

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even in our scales. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabil Mohammed Salatu. Salam, to spice up your family into all his members of his oma and his community until the end of time. May Allah bless us. We have a student of Mohammed Al Salam in this life, and in his companionship in the meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we continue with the theme of Hajj. And last week, we're going through the steps of hygiene what the Jews will do, because as quickly Hodgins Vishnu, it started on on Friday, and by Wednesday, it was finished. And that's the long version if you actually you can actually finish it in five even earlier, we only

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spent two days in Mena. But of course, if any of us go and how'd you get into Of course, I mean, have the full full days in tashlich. So it's a very short you know, really in a few days of your life Allah subhana wa tada requires from us just once in our life, when you're able to afford it, that you may go throughout the anytime anyway, on holidays, whatever it might be. But one trip Allah says, This is for me, one Hajj one, zero for me five days of your life, six days of your life, it is purely exclusively for the sake of Allah. And if you do that, that he would is all your sins are forgiven. If you do that. It's accepted. You're getting to your place in Genesis, Pamela, how

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merciful Allah Subhana Allah is when He grants us these things and that's why at the end of the rituals of Hajj at the end of the rituals of fasting, we say that we don't say I did not work yet Allah I am great, no Allah you are great. What you have given me what you have given me is so much more than what I have done. My our efforts are small. You have Allah has given facilitated for this office oma, Allah has made it easy for this man to access Jenna to get closer to him. He's the Lord master of the worlds he has offered us opportunity and upon an opportunity to get closer to him. So we spoke last week about the Hajj and we said we'd like to link it back to the vehcile salaam, how

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he performed Hajj and we spoke with hadith of jabil how jabiru comes old man and he mentions we all went for nine years there was no Hajj last year and ivisa salaam announced he's going to perform hajj and all across Arabia, the Middle East, basically from many, many countries. The people came and we as far as I could see, they were just hedges. And we came with an IV salsa lamb. And he says, Can you when he becomes like nostalgic, and he says, Can you imagine that time now visa Salam was still with us. And the Quran was still being revealed what a great time Allah was still communicating with us and we will be with him performing hajj with the making off with him, and we

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follow these rituals to the tee. One thing that episode lamb did

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during his Hajj, he gave a sermon, a very, very powerful. So we have the sermons, the hood both of them recorded in the books have had eaten the books of history, and perhaps the most famous sermon, the most famous hookah that every son gave was the hookah he gave it out of which was on a Friday. So it was Friday, walked up Juma. arafa, had the first touch really of the only hedge of navitas alum with the bulk of the comedy, everyone who could make hedge wanted to be with him. And so he gave this powerful sermon to the oma to the whole basically the oma and also, if you study the syrup, you realize that navico salam was struggling for 23 years to bring about this religion for 23

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years fighting, you know, giving Dawa going through hardship, suffering, suffering, and now the political when Mecca is within Islam, and the whole of Arabia is within Islam and he stands before his Muslim community, he's oma, he makes this powerful sermon and Subhanallah he begins to mention the sermon because the ending of the Sun I jumped to the ending than a visa Salaam instance would bow in a very interesting phrase. He says that we should convey this hook but he tells us Ahava, give this goodbye to those who are not here. And may the one who years at the end may understand these words even better than the ones who hear it now, because so much of this football is relevant

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to us today. Maybe there's a Harvard difference.

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fully appreciate the things and maybe some highlighting, but it is so relevant to us today, we will go through inshallah, the main themes of this very short, very powerful. And the reason Salaam gave this quote, but as we said, it was the ninth of the hedger, the developer, the word time, it was a Friday was tomorrow time, the 20 of the hegira in the month of the ledger, and as I said, and Elisa Lam would pass away, only three months after that, like really three months after that, like you will see, Mahmoud is going to come in three months time of the Hajj, this women passed away, he passed away in the lobby, and Oh, well. And so exactly about three months after this point, the

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producer Salim gave a sermon, and he begins by saying, listen very carefully to me. Oh, my mama, because I don't know if I will see you like this again. So this is really a farewell sermon. So how about I didn't know it was the last. For many of them, they didn't notice the last time we're gonna see them. But this was the last time they got to hear him. He knew he had a feeling an inclination that I don't think I'm going to make it for another year. I had a mission, he achieved the mission. When the mission is complete, you must go back to the master. And so he had a feeling, I don't think I'm gonna get another time to do

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my job on this dunya is almost complete. And therefore he's telling the man listen very, very carefully. I'm going to tell you the most important things of life of death of this email, the most important things like for example, you know, my life most you know, parents for those of your parents have passed away Mullah Grantham General, for those for those who are parents who are alive, I love putting off put along them. But imagine, you know, you as a parent you on your deathbed, and you call your sons, your daughters to give them one last advice. What are you going to talk to them about, you know, talks about the small things, you're going to talk about the big things, I don't

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know how much time I have, I'm going to give you the five, six most important points, and that's when we'll be starting off. He says

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he greets the oma and he says listen, guys listen very carefully, for I don't know if I will see you again in the first place again, so listen very carefully. And he says, and the first thing that will be sort of number one, what if he asks the Sahaba What day is it today? And Sahaba even the news Friday, they said a lot of those bases they adapt in which month is it? And they said a lion is a sumos beast in what places this ms Allah and is also known as basal saddam. And so there'll be some circumcision on this day. This

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house basically what he's saying is, as you record you are in the state of Iran. Oh, geez. On Juma on arafa. On Hajj, in this month we fighting as long as you are so sacred and so pious and you have so much taqwa right now. He says, as you regard this place as sacred, he The first thing he begins, the first thing I mentioned, he says, Every life and every property is as sacred, as you will not commit a sin, as you will not do harm. Who comes to offer any harm?

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Or to do harm to go to those places and steal and harm no one would do that. Now. How do you do that? So this is just like you wouldn't do it here. When you go back home. When you in your businesses when you're dealing with your customers, when you're dealing with your boss, when you're dealing with your children every once in a life and the property is sacred is haraam. You're always have you will always avoid harming people. You can't harm them. Yes, of course, physically, the blood. The honor, the dignity, the feelings, and the property is her arm don't touch these things. Don't harm these things. Very first thing he put down. Don't hurt one another panel in this world

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that we live in, how many civil wars are happening? How much killing is happening? How many murders over what a call a few lands a few since vanilla? In one Hadith. The Hadith of the Prophet says it is bigger in the sight of Allah. It is more serious in the sight of Allah to kill a person than to destroy the Kaaba brick by brick. Now if someone were to demolish the Cowboys or this is a belief, this is like the worst of the worst. That is not there is a big sin of course a major sin, but it's a way more major sin to hurt someone to kill somebody. If you've taken life cheap. Life is cheap. You die for anything today. And yes, we sometimes think in our hunger I will not sitting here with

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people that have committed murder or those things. But remember harming someone whether it's a message on Facebook, whether it's a fitness someone behind the back, this is you killing somebody in some regards. Whether it is cheating someone out of the UK, whether you do a job when you need half complete, navy seals are saying it is worse to do those things than to even come to alpha in Iran and commit Sania don't do these things he began by that. I mean, he said with regards to property

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He says return the goods that are entrusted to you to the rightful owners if you have been given an Amana take care of that Amana if someone linked you money if you're doing business any all of you have we all have Amanda Amanda sometimes we think someone leaves me something that's my Amanda No, you have an agreement between yourself and your employer in your company that's an Amana. They pay you a salary and you need to give something in return for for that Amana, when you deal with your customers is an amount I sell you this thing. It's going to work it's going to last that's an Amana when you in nikka perhaps the biggest contract of your life is an Amana, between you and your wife,

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Amanda between you and your children. Allah the Prophet is also saying Allah has tested all of us as as custodians of certain things to take care of those things. Because I was gonna ask you and me about those things that afpm every single thing that Allah has been entrusted to us, Allah will ask you about that. And it's amazing. Nobody so Salaam did not begin with worship Allah. He did not begin with La ilaha illa Allah on this place of evader and the most important thing of the most important thing of hybridomas panel de la la la la la Coloma big one, Allah, Allah Allah, but he began with a concern that he's saying, don't just think being a Muslim and worshipping Allah is

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coming to the masjid five times a day and forcing the Ramadan during Hajj. That's one side of it. Yes. But perhaps more importantly in terms of how you spend your day, how you interact with the rest of creation, because you only spend maybe if you come to the masjid five times a day well hamdulillah you have those that caliber Allah grant is to be of that you find it only one hour in the day in the masjid even if you come five times a day for some of us only one hour in a week when the masjid but we are hours and hours at home and in the work. How do we worship Allah in that capacity? How do we use the road? our fellow pedestrians or fellow people in traffic behind Ilana

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Peterson began with this thing. And he says a very beautiful statement. Very simple hikma to live your life by very simple hikma he says and this is sort of a golden rule that they will say all religions or philosophies even even atheists you can live by this thing hurt nobody so that no one can hurt you meaning treat people the way you want to be treated. Say and speak the way you want people to speak about you how you want to be treated you treat people in that way and this was a live your life like that. Love your life like that.

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Then Then avviso salaam went on and he's not in the specific order.

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And then he

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he summarized again the deen in a very simple way. Use the deen is very vast so many hobbies so many dollars you can make you can make the old way to do it in the morning do it in the evening do often do it so many so many victories so many sooner Salas. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. How can I do all these things?

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Mondays Thursdays all these things fasting? How do I do all of this? But then Ibiza Salam again, summarize, remember, this is the most important things number one, he said respect people, respect their property, respect their dignity and respect their blood. The number two he says do these five things you want agenda? Listen carefully. Just do these five things properly. don't negotiate on that. Don't cut corners. When 100% Muslims I mean in terms of our perfect in terms of other other areas of Islam, but these five things need to be intact. Number one, worship Allah alone avoid chick don't go into gray areas. Go to this area this grammar this valley leave all of that alone. That's

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not important. Worship alone stand before Allah La sharika alone I was in difficulty in need. I turned to you Only you are I had no intercessor or link between you and me. When I needed something I raised my hands to you. Start with that. Perfect perform your Salah five times a day for us in the month of Ramadan. Give that sucker two and a half percent and perform the Hajj if you can afford to do so you do these five things and you're guaranteed Genevieve Linda,

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you're guaranteed entrance into Jana Singh oma don't neglect these five when a piece of Salaam went further and again, this is where the Riba became Haram. Now, I mentioned take a side note here.

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of the major major sins sins are of different types. The alternative CDs enable us to better adapt to us with Allah subhanaw taala. So how bad is music? For example, how sinful is looking at this thing as how long? How much gentlemen? Must I get? Miss Pamela one second of January is too much. Right? So don't even ask that question. You know, How bad is it? But yes, there are sins which are major and minor. There are sins which are big, very big, and those sins that are major. These are serious implications.

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No one who commits a major sin and his old list of major sins, the one who commits a major sin and does not get specific repentance Allah is not forgiven him. And it comes to on the deaf piano. He's a Muslim, but he has some major sin on his on his scale. When this requires either punishment, or luck and forgive. But the one who comes to Allah, Allah says in the Quran, in touch that he will come I don't know if you if you come to Allah as a believer, and you have no major sins on your scale, even if you have lots of minuses, Allah will says I get in to forgive you, all of them will be forgiven over my innocence. I will really go on the deaf gamma, but major sins is a problem. And

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why I speak about major sins, when I speak to the community, working people sort of organized people people that are your life in order in sha Allah, you look at the list of major sins, it is hope that you do not come back Of course, you do not commit sorcery, you not work with the common gene and these things. You do not murder kill one another. You avoid Zina, you finalize the opportunity you will not flee on the battlefield, do not take the property of an orphan. You will not accuse a chaste woman of Xena you will not take drugs and drink those things. Those are of the main reasons but one area which is dangerous of that major sins is Riba how many of us have bonds and loans. This

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is a major sin. In fact, in the category of major sins, Riba is above Zener above drugs above hamura most serious of the seven biggest major sins, Riba is on that list, Thing number three, and number four on that list, and this is the sin that many of us might fall into car loans and financing. And so then Elisa Lam did not speak about Xena on arafa he did not speak about comedy.

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He not speak about drugs and these things he spoke about the river of the sea don't kill one another on one another. perform your fuel solders your five pillars of Islam, he actually said and today is the day Allah has made the Riba haram from today until the end of time Riba is haram, what's the link? The link between harming someone and harming people in Dubai is very clear. Riba is a system of, of enslavement. Riba is designed for the strong to forever own and rule the weak river is a means of oppression. It is a tool of taking the heck of people so within a visa says it is haram for you to take the property of each other. When the next thing he speaks about this today, everybody's

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made haram and this is the first Riba I'm going to the first Libra that we will modify is the Riba of my uncle's the provinces uncle Abbas, Mashallah was a wealthy man and wealthy people would lend me money with interest. So he had somebody but he was the bank. So he says from today anyone who owes my uncle money, you Riba is wiped off you only owe him the capital, all the interest payments halus. I begin with myself and the reason I begin with my own family, they will be the first to give up Riba and for the rest of the oma. So the prophecies, Allah has forbidden you to take interest. Therefore, all interest obligation shall be henceforth wave and Allah has judged that there shall be

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no interest from this day forward, there will be no interest and the ayah it is commonly assumed the last Ayatollah revealed was Aloma. Medina come today I perfected the religion but not the last ayah that Allah is revealed. Because Allah also revealed the ayah was very close on this one Hajj speeded was revealed. Allah also revealed the ayat of Riba today rebuys Haram. So if it takes admonition don't waver interesting to Reba, this declaration of war with Allah subhana wa Tada. So take this vv seriously. And we know

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the system that we live in the world we live in is sort of economically is based on the river. I'm a finance guy. You almost cannot escape it. Very difficult to the alternatives or Candyland is building up and we have to do a lot of work. But do your best to avoid Riba if you are involved in an interest house bond, pick up the bank pick up the phone, phone, the Islamic bank, how can I convert to a Sharia compliant bond? Same with your car, whatever it might be, avoid these things, if you have investments, make sure I'm not taking any any Riba are these investment Sharia compliant avviso salam is mentioning this as he said, with those of the towards the end of time they will know

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this better than the people living me that this is the one sin that is perhaps the biggest risk for us. You know, inshallah living as you know, decent life, you're not involved in drugs and Zina and all these things, then this is the symbol that we might all fall into. So be really careful of this one. When the promise of circumcision, this is for the Sahaba. Most of us have more for them than for us is his own people. Beware of shaytaan for your religion,

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beware shaytaan shaytan is never going to stop. He will always persist in trying to mislead you from your religion. And he says that shaytan has lost hope for the Sahaba in particular, he has lost hope that you will must lead them into the

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Nixon's. He has now lost hope that he's going to make aboubaker macik. And he's lost hope that the Sahaba will fall into major sins. But even then, he says the prophecy says but BJP is going to try and mislead you in the small things. So yes, the one major sin and Avi Silla mentioned well to blood, Harmon killing people and Riba. But then he also said, for those of us who Alhamdulillah, avoid the major sins, be very careful. The minus ones, the minuses, be we have those minuses, that's behind the law. Those minuses, they are the ones that that might mislead you, how you speak how you interact. That is also love also continued. And I see it's not from the slides here. In fact, the

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biggest section, the biggest part of his sermon slides mistake, a very busy time for me to handle loss, I must have missed the slide. The longest section he actually spoke about was about the rights of women. Now in the month of August, which is women's month, I mean, very, I'm in big trouble now for not putting that slide in. Right? You must be updated before we send this out.

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But the biggest section and avviso seldom mentioned was regards to husbands and wives and treatment of women. If you look at this, if you look at the full sermon,

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he spent the longest time talking about this. And he said, Yes, and the but he addressed the main first panel.

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And this we should take this understand that when it's a two way street in terms of treating women well, teaching meanwell it's it's on equal footing is why should not be moral philosophy, less live together in kindness. But most of the time, it's at least to the main first, meaning Allah is going to ask us first about our obligations as husbands before the wife is asked about her obligation as a wife,

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coo and full circle, Molly coonara. Allah says to the mean, save yourselves and your family from Gen Nam. This is a big question on the exam for us as men if you're married, and you have kids, very, very big question. And that's when the difference is this and he says, Yes, it's true. Amen. You have rights over your women is they must obey you, and they must be honorable and loyal to you. But then he says, You have rights over them. And you have taken them meaning inika with a contract. So treat them well treat them kindly. Now, Visa didn't put a monetary amount how much his mother gave her in people ask what is my rights? Must I give her a medical aid? What allows the requirement of

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us treat her with kindness, what she will regard as kind treatment? What will make her happy, as difficult as that might be sometimes, but this is what the Sharia is seen, treat her with kindness. And when he says, Yes, she must be chaste and loyal.

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And if she does these things and evidences, then you have no qualms with her, then you have nothing to complain about. Then you have full you obligations to her swana law

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specific, you know, relationship he mentioned, yes, we know about the relationship between children and parents very important. We know about the relationship between

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the followers and the halifa, and all these things. But he didn't raise these things in that quote, but he raised specifically how you treat your women. Look at how you treat your women. Be very careful. He mentioned and he reminded you and me that this contract you've taken is perhaps the most important contract of your life. This obligation, you know, you have a contract of employment, it ends you know, at five o'clock, if you're lucky. Sometimes it goes to bed later in the evening. But your obligation of nikka It's a 24 hour contracts. Everything we say to each other as partners, and we do his part and even breach of that contract. we fulfill that contract malo Have mercy on us will

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have mercy on us. This is the biggest test for me, of my mother women, usually we think about it's the women out there, those beautiful attractive women, that's Fitness, Fitness, you know, a much bigger test is when our mothers, our daughters, we say women isn't just your wife, your wife, your how are they going to answer when Allah asks them? How did this guy teach you?

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How did he look off to you? How did he speak to you? Are we comfortable the women in our lives with your grandmother you do to your wife that they will answer in our favor in a court of a loss of 100 and FTM.

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And that's why he raises this and he says this, and we know that a lot. We as a country, specifically, have a bad record, you know, in a room. Women are not safe in our country. And most of the women that are killed sadly or harmed or abused by the main they know many times it's most you look at statistics. It's the one that does the harm. The victim knew the culprits. Many women live in fear. A lot of outside men have the her own husband.

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And even if it's not physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, and that's why nobody summarizes this at that place at all of all the things he could have mentioned. He didn't mention jihads panel and as serious as God is. He didn't mention which is aid

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cut your nails, slaughter camel, what madhhab he didn't mention these things he mentioned, look at how you treat your women. And he spoke to the men, and not really addressing the women, he says you mean folk, you have an amount and obligation. Even so long as she's chaste, you have no qualms against, you have nothing, you cannot withhold your side of the bargain only if she's promiscuous, only then you have something to say, Now, I will hold the country in otherwise vanilla. This is a requirement.

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That is also known, of course, then continued. And he spoke about the the oneness of humanity, and unity of all of mankind. Last sections of this robot, which we all know, where he began, first, the first bolt, a brotherhood between all of people, and in a very special brotherhood amongst the Muslims. He first said, all of mankind is from either all of you, brothers and sisters, every single one of us are brothers in humanity, meaning these an agreement is between us with a one human being is harmed, all of us should feel bad, whether it's one child that is hungry, whether they look like us, they don't look like us, we follow our religion, they don't follow our religion, this is your

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brother or sister in humanity, this is your child. So all of you come from Adam. And also he came from a society that is extremely racist, very, very racist society. And so he reminded him, and he is the one who has the highest lineage.

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And he is of all people, the one person that can feel proud of, you know, him himself and his lineage, his enemies of Solomon, he sees all of us are equal, all of you, and you all know this, you know, this, this phrase that he says, No Arab, as any superiority over and under, irrespective of what we see today in the world, we go to the Arab lands, to many of them, and you're treated. In fact, you're living there, unfortunately, they look at your passport, and depending on your nationality, that's the treatment you're going to get. Depending on the color, that's the treatment you're gonna get. It might even mean how much salary you get. If you have a certain country, this is

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the bracket for you. If you from a western country, you get automatically the higher bracket. So Allah This is like institutionalized racism, which goes against the essence of Islam 1400 years ago, this is mind boggling stuff you won't find in other parts of the world, people saying stuff like this 1400 years ago, only in the recent modern times, we see, we see people opening up to, you know, racism, and it's right, sadly, we're going back towards that with India, or China or Europe, you find the racism back on the rise. Now basically saying that all of us are equal. With the EU and everyone on it, it doesn't make a difference. No black person, a white person has superiority

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against another, the only thing that has stuck one thing we mentioned every, every Friday, in a Chroma come in the life, a car come. The only criteria of superiority is the man with the most taqwa the man or the woman or the most taqwa has value in the sight of Allah. Allah does not look at your color. He doesn't look at your bank account, or the car that you drive or the qualifications you have in your in your name, how strong you are, how big you are, how many kilos you weigh these things all of a sudden look at. He looks at the taqwa in your heart, the person with the most righteousness, and unrighteousness and abuses and good actions. And if you say I'm a man of taqwa,

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it's in my heart, you can't see it. If it was the you would see it in the way you speak in the way you treat other people. This is the only criteria of success in the sight of Allah. Only the man of taqwa the lady of taqwa has some kind of some kind of superiority and those people will be the most humble of all, they will not feel superior. So he built this brotherhood between and he specifically mentioned all of mankind, meaning even the non Muslims are united. We are all united as brothers and sisters in humanity. But then he made a very special kind of brotherhood between the believers are you are unique and distinct oma and he said that every Muslim is now not only we're not only united

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as fellow human beings, but we have a deep brotherhood that goes even beyond biology, that you every Muslim is a brother of another one. And you constitute one one family, that we are one in fact extinct. We are one body that whatever happens to a Muslim with us in China with Kashmir mala make it easy for our brothers and sisters, or in Palestine, in Yemen or in city or wherever it is. This is a family member of you and me that is harmed. This whole oma an affront to one of us and an injustice against one is against all of us. For example, if someone beats up your brother, your biological brother, and you standing the you will not sit back idly.

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You will get involved, and so to a very single person of the soma, when that happens naturally if you to if we truly had that level of human is required, we would feel it, it will do something about it. And so he mentioned this salsa lamb before we conclude he mentioned this, remember, your one must remember, as you stand here together, you look the same now in her arm, especially her arm, you cannot see who's the king and who's the slave. The last time you had slaves, viola standing next to the master, you couldn't see the difference because now you're all slaves. And he says, we take away all these immaterial things. And you come down to this is what it's all about. And you are united in

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the important stuff. Whether you are from this mother, that Mother, you have one

00:30:49--> 00:31:35

you have one deity, that you worship Allah, you have one Quran, you have one Rasul Allah, you are in the same place on alpha, there is no second opinion and when is alpha, everyone comes that same day. So all these minor things that you disagree about which these eat this day or that day, these are useless debates. These are insignificant debates. Do not get divided over small things. When you're not united on the big things. Do not break the unity of the oma over small things. We the big things are what counts your brothers that kalama whoever sees it, whether you agree with him disagree we would like you You don't like you whether you follow the same man who if he said the Kadima he is

00:31:35--> 00:32:23

your brother per the words of Allah and there are Susana, you cannot take him out of that Kadima. And based on that he you have a hack on human is a hack on you. And then obviously, Solomon said, Look, I don't know if I'll be with you again. I'm going to live this is my mission is done. But I leave behind after me two things. If you stick to them, you will never be a stray. It will be your light. in all times, I leave behind the book of Allah the Quran and the Sunnah. My example my teachings, so hold firmly to these things and never go astray, never deviate from those things. Whenever you are in doubt, whenever you whenever you're unsure, go back to Allah is reading the book

00:32:23--> 00:32:31

of Allah and back to the sooner the visa alum, and these things will always keep you on the straight path. I mean, he concluded me said,

00:32:33--> 00:32:33


00:32:34--> 00:32:48

one day, all of us will appear before Allah and we will have to account for our deeds will stand vanilla, the date in our calendar, that is guaranteed for all of us to answer to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:32:50--> 00:33:23

So, we we do not stray from the righteous path of the eye of God and when I leave, do not, do not go away from this which I told you spend my life teaching you showing you the co2 stocking you make to our everyday eating a certain stocking Allah Guide us to the straight path, the resources I've shown you the straight path, this path of success, stick to it, stay on it, because you will ultimately meet Allah and this is the Quran and Sunnah will keep you on that. It is also mentioned the law surah it was revealed

00:33:24--> 00:33:35

beginning to in the last surah This reveals of Allah subhanaw taala revealed bits and pieces of the Quran. But the lawsuit to be revealed completely from the beginning to the end is Elijah and a sort of lie well.

00:33:36--> 00:34:21

So this came down to the Hutch solace is often mentioned this football and alpha was done in the you know quadband was done in the Hydras over when a lot of Elijah and Osceola he went for that when the assistance of a lot comes and the victory when the victory is come or eaten. Nasir tahunanui Dini lead la Raja and you see the people into the deen of Allah into into Islam of Raja lots of groups when you see the deen growing and becoming strong, but sub behandelt because still fit in who can now begin making for sub mix vanilla was still fit and make a stop filler in Canada Weber fiddly Allah is a forgiving, Most Merciful. So when this surah came down the pseudo pseudo Nasir, the

00:34:21--> 00:34:33

pseudo of victory came down the Muslims were rejoicing. We were struggling all these years but now the victory and the people are going to enter the deen. Everyone is happy and rejoicing. Only abubaker is crying.

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

What kind of man cries when he is about the nosode of Allah. And so he understood what this means. A lot of studying the resource alum. You make it stiffer, and you make this be why mission is done. You're coming close to your end, that when you see the job being complete, now prepare yourself in the world that you're going to return to a law is for all of us, but the specific things that are essential

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Now that your time has come to an end to prepare yourself to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala This was one of them. What about us? So hamdulillah these words of advice as the resources, take this and convey this off to me, and let the one who at the end reaches it, even to the end of time, may this make more sense to them into a small loss. May Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to learn these things and inculcate them. Allah grant us to respect the sanctity of Allah, the sanctity of his child, his religion, the sanctity of life, of people of humanity, of property, but Allah grant us to take care of the things which are important and help us in the things that are small and guidance. Mulligan

00:35:39--> 00:36:20

judgment boo, boo, just a few announcements we say exactly for all those who have assisted in the liquid bond with us, I think. And then 41 chip was floated through the Smartsheet 111 a lot, a couple of likes it from all of you. And I'm hoping that that will be used as well for those. The meat that was not taken will be of course using our soup kitchen and you know, feeding schemes of hamdulillah like sipping the wood from from you. When an announcement Sunday, the first of September, in commemoration of the great leaders that helped to shape this community in Cape Town, Mr. rahimullah shalya buddy and all those great stories, certainly, you know, to one guru and many

00:36:20--> 00:36:58

of the people video, we have the mojarra March, the annual Mahara March, the Sunday the first of September, and we take the kids in, they walk around, take a tour of the blue cup and we also give out some goodies. So you bring your kids along, it's free of charge, you bring your kids and it's a good, good thing. So we we bring in the New Year commemorating this community what we have 300 plus years Moloch grant asleep to sleep and goodness and we relive our heritage 100 less please participate. Any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] we'll start our classes again inshallah, in September it is Oklahoma. So don't want a global Academy.