Got Involved in an Argument Here’s What to Do #Shorts

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The speaker discusses how a person in a corporate environment can use mirroring to get in agreement with their statement. They suggest that mirroring can be used to control and address problems that may arise from a student's statement.

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If you're talking to someone in lecture in a corporate environment, here's like 10 employees, and one of them is basically picking a fight with you, you pick a fight back with the person, but you need to get in rapport to move the conversation direction that you want. So as soon as the person who's basically like, I don't agree with what you're saying, blah, blah, blah, you're like, immediately this is the person that you get in rapport with. So it might be that the way that they're sitting down, you might grab a chair, and just immediately mirror exactly what they're doing. And then start speed up the way that they're speeding up and then slow down, and they'll slow

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down with you, right? But you use that mirror with the person who's even an example of a lot of younger children, right? Children or high school kids or whatever it is. The one that's acting up and causing problems, obviously has broken rapport with everybody else. The teacher might need to mirror how that student is standing, how they're breathing and how they're speaking, and then they'll get in rapport with them, even though the other kids might not be like that. And then they can get control of the situation.