Embracing Resilience #04 The Mother of Moses

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The story of the mother of Prophet Musa is one of the greatest testimonies to indeed with hardship comes EADS

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in Nirmala. Three usara as Pharaoh brutally murdered all the sons born to Benny Islam yield the mother of say that Musa figured for her son's life, commanded by Allah, she set Satan the Musa into the Nile River, not knowing where or what will become of this basket with her newborn son in it. What Oh, hyena Mimosa anaerobe weary for either 50 ila he for lop he will Yun wala to hoffy one Tassone in Raju, la ki Jai luminol, mousseline

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and we inspire to the mother of Musa nurse him. But when you fear for him, cast him into the river, and do not fear and do not grieve. Indeed, we will return him to you, and we'll make him one of the messengers.

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Imagine the pain of this Mother's hearts, placing your newborn son in a basket and setting him off into the waters. We'll also have to add on me most of the law in Ghana that little teddy bear, Lola carrabelle, Pune Isla Colombia, it's gonna mean meaning and the heart of Moses, his mother ate so much that she almost gave away his identity. How do we not reassured her heart in order for her to have faith in a loss promise? Allah subhanaw taala wills for the baby to land in the palace of fairland Subhan Allah. This is the very place Prophet Moses mother was trying to keep him away from but Allah surely the best of planners there that Alan's wife said to ESEA takes in Prophet Musa and

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adults him raising him as her own son Subhan Allah once again, the very person frown feared the most was raised in his own palace. Allah's generosity extends to prevent Prophet Musa from accepting milk from any other woman. until Prophet Musa sister recommends Prophet Moses his very own mother to be the wet nurse. Well hot run Nayeli him model behind mill cobbled for call as hell don't look Amala Lee baiting yak Faloona hula con, will whom LA who now say Ron,

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and we had caused him to refuse all the wet nurses at first. So his sister suggested, Shall I direct you to a family who will bring him up for you, and take good care of him.

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The heart of Prophet Musa as mother is soothed and put at ease as she's reunited with her baby, knowing that he is now saved from the brutal killings of fit our own.

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We too often face circumstances in our life that make us feel stranded with little or no control over the situations at hand. Through the story of Prophet Musa his mother, were reminded that when we do not know the plan, we undoubtedly need to trust the planner, the greatest of all planners, and with the better, he will mold our trials and resilience into beautiful outcomes. We are reminded that your Lord has not forsaken you.

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Why mail what Dad got a book a woman of color, trust in your Lord and trust in his way? Know that with hardship comes ease, they come together, not one after the other.

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Please continue to join us and support us for Madison's embracing resilience series, where we will delve into stories of the trials and tribulations mentioned in the Quran. And through them builds a better understanding of how what we can do when we find ourselves faced with our own trials and tribulations.