Does Islam Permit Donating Organs after Death- What Islam says about Atheists

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the definition of Islam and its implications for donating organs and digital printing. They stress the importance of affirming the presence of a person who requires an organ and not being aaterpase. The speakers also discuss the definition of a "tapertab" and suggest that some people may say there is equipment made in front of them, but will not tell anyone about it. They also mention a person who believes in the Big Bang and believes in the creation of the Big Bang, but do not suggest that science is eliminating the definition of atapertab.
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My name is Rama Krishnan. I'm a software engineer, I have two questions for you. The first is, what does Islam say about donating organs after death?

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Is it okay? Or is it prohibited? Second question is what does Islam say about atheists?

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That's it. The Buddha has two questions.

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And the non Muslim one, they asked me to no problem. The first question is, what does Islam say about donating organs? Second question is about atheists. As far as the first question is concerned, what does Islam say about donating organs? There is no direct verse in the Quran, or any say Hadith, we say whether organs can be donated or not, but the various conferences that are held in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, and various different parts of the world. And the scholars have come to common consensus that if three things are fulfilled, then organs can be donated. Number one, the person who requires an organ, but natural, it should be a major benefit to his health.

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He can receive organ as long as it's a major benefit, or saves his life. On number two, the person donating the organ after he donated the organ, it should not be a major loss to his health.

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For example, if I donate my heart, I will die. So I can't read my heart. But the doctors say that out of two kidneys present, a person can even survive with one kidney. So if my mother has a kidney failure, both the kidneys have failed, I can very well donate my one kidney to my mother, even she lives there and I live.

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But naturally, after a person dies, if he wants to donate any other organ that is permissible, but if he's alive, he should not donate any part of the body which will cause a major damage to his health or a loss of life. And the third criteria is, it should not be for money. No one should sell organ. If all these three conditions are fulfilled, then organ donation variable can be done. As far as the second question is concerned. What does Islam have to say about atheist?

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As far as I'm concerned, whenever I meet an atheist,

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are you an atheist with him?

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He said, No.

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Whenever I meet an atheist, the first thing I do is I congratulate the atheist.

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People may wonder, that why is our care congratula an atheist? The reason I'm an atheist is because most of the human beings, they usually do blind belief. He is a Hindu, father's Hindu, he is a Christian father is a Christian, many Muslims are Muslim, Toka father, Muslim. Now this atheist, he is thinking, he may be coming from a religious background. His father may be pious.

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But he does not believe that. How can they be a God who requires to eat a God who can die? A God who can lie? So the reason a congress atheist is because he has said, the first part of the Islamic Shahada, Islamic creed, La Ilaha, that there is no God, the only thing I have to do is Allah, but Allah, which I shall do, inshallah, so half my job is done to a non Muslim

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who believes in some other God, first have to prove to him that the God is worshiping is wrong.

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And after I prove to him that the God is worshiping is wrong, then I have to prove to him about the correct God, you're the atheist, half my job is done. He already agrees in the first part of the Islamic Shahada, Laila, there is no God, the only thing you have to do is Allah, which I shall do inshallah, the first question asked to the thesis

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what is the definition of God?

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If anyone says there is no God, to say there is no God, he should know the definition of God. If he does not know the definition of God, he cannot say there's no God. For example.

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If I say this is a pen,

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is a pen? No. It's the book to say this is not a pen. You should know the definition of pen.

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Some people say no, I know this is a book. So I can say it's not a pen. I said no.

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If you know the definition of pen, I will say is this a keytab? Who said no, it is not a kata, because no definition of Quetta to say it's not a keytab. You should know the definition of GitHub.

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Because GitHub and MOOC is the same.

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So to say it is not a pain, you have to know the definition of pain, you may or may not know the definition of a book, correct.

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Similarly, to say there is no God, you should know the definition of God. So now this person is a theist. He is believing, though, that God requires to eat, he can lie, he fights and he loses. He does not believe in a God. So I say when I don't believe in such a god.

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Laila, then that tells to him the correct answer.

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of God

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and the concept of God is mentioned for a class chapter 112 was the one before was actually discussed in the last day of the conference inshallah, that is on 20th of January.

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So, what he's doing, he is rejecting the false god.

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Then as the question to the test, that if suppose, there is equipment, which is bought in front of you, who no one in the world has ever seen, no one knows about it. And if asked a question that who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of their equipment,

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they will tell

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the first person who will test the mechanism of this equipment, who knows in the world is seen, it is the creator.

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Some may say the manufacturer, some may say the inventor, some will say the person who has made it maker, he may say, creator, maker, inventor, manufacturer, whatever we say it will be somewhat similar. Don't grapple with the words, what do you feel accepted? and asked him then repeat the lecture which I gave, which I don't intend revealing that

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how did the universe come into existence so he will tell about the Big Bang. Then I'll tell him that when we come to know, he will tell you in 1973 yesterday in science 30 years back 40 years back, I will say what you're talking about the big man you know, 20 years back is mentioned the Quran 14 years ago who could have mentioned it, he will say maybe it's a flock. Don't argue with him continue. What is the shape of the earth? He will tell you previously people's hearts flat, nominate spherical, when we come to know he will tell you 1577 when Sir Francis Drake sailed around the Earth

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men 300 years back 400 years back for 50 years back. The Quran mentions 14 years ago who could have mentioned it will say oh maybe your Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was intelligent man Don't argue continue. light of the moon is its own that reflected light. He will tell you previously we thought light of the moon was its own light. Recently we have come to know couple of 100 years back it is reflected light. It mentioned the Quran surah Furqan chapter 25 verse 61. ladder The moon is reflected 14 years back who could have mentioned it?

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Now we'll pause. Don't wait for the answer continue. In school I was taught that the sun was stationary. It did not rotate about xaxis pillar either mission the Quran as I know that for London School. But the Quran says the sun and the moon rotate, which we have come to recently in school. 25 years back, I was told the sun did not rotate. The Quran says 14 years back that the sun rotates with science I discovered today who would have mentioned that there will be a pause. Don't wait for the play continued. So all the scientific things I mentioned in my talk, after a scientific fact, asked him who could have mentioned it before.

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And finally, he will tell the Creator, the manufacturer, the inventor, the maker, this creator, this manufacturer, this producer, this inventor, we in Islam call of Allah.

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That is the reason today science is not eliminating God. Laila, it is eliminating models of God Illallah the force of Francis Bacon, a very famous philosopher. He said that little knowledge of science makes you an atheist, in depth knowledge of science makes you believe in God.

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So with the help of this lecture, Quran modern science you can prove the existence of God scientifically