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Imam Al Bukhari

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Are we live in a shade on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar early he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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How y'all doing?

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operation to Allah subhana wa tada was brought us to the 27th night of Ramadan. And we said that any of these last 10 nights, and in particularly odd nights could be led to color. But there are many narrations that have mentioned the 27th of all the nights, it appears the 27th night has the biggest probability of being later to Potter. And we know the power and the greatness of little brother, some Allah subhana wa Tada, except from a sidebar that the two hours that we made an opportunity to make to ask Panama last year, I remember we concluded with a beautiful narration of beautiful Hadith about the people of Jenna. And I want us to once again when we make do out tonight, we'll make do

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out for the rest of the month of Ramadan, to remember that, that on the day of Juma in general. So Alhamdulillah will intergender there'll be a Saturday by 2pm happens on a Friday. And then after kiama and the difficulties of kmm Allah save us from that none of us will go via Jana will all intergender and when you intergender Alhamdulillah you see the joys and the pleasure and the beauty of it, and there'll be a huge feast that day, and you will enjoy for the rest of the week, whatever your heart could not imagine. And then everything will be paid for the Friday coming. And we said these a Friday in general and these Juma in Genesis panela, who's going to give the hook button if

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it's tomorrow, and we say there's no football. But everybody, all the people, even those at the lowest point in Jannah will be called up to the highest point in general in the valley beneath the arch of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the MBL will be standing on pillars of light, and the Shahada will be standing on mountains of Musk, and for the rest of us we will be sitting and will feel no empathy to anyone else. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will address us how have you found Jenna? any complaints? Anything that you would like to change? Anything more I can give you? And also yeah Allah we have found it perfect. There's nothing more that we could want at a lower continuing saying

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what about things that you didn't think of? What about this? Don't you want this? And we'll say yes. How about that? And how about this, and will continue to say our love is nothing more that we could want than Allah will say I'll give you something that no creation has ever received before this and the greatest pleasure and Allah will remove the hijab between us and him and we will see Allah subhanho wa Taala the eyes and then you forget everything of gentlemen, all the pleasures, the whole aims, everything will be forgotten. And you will see Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what we may do if we Allah, let us sit at that valley like we sit here tonight. Allah

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does get the load out go to jahannam without having any punishment before we get the last one. Forgive us and save us and take us away from the pile punishment of gentlemen, and believe it provinces today we'll talk about the power of the law. If you believe in it, if you believe it with sincerity insha Allah you will get it. So hamdulillah we spoke about a number of our heroes and make the other law grants to Clayton Baraka and they covered we can still speak about them because they save the time and time again and we'll talk about a man some of these heroes many of these heroes you might not have heard about first time hearing about them and say spawn allow amazing, but this

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man all of us has heard and all of us owe a debt to this man. Every single one of us if we ask how did you there be solar make solar? You open the crown? You won't find it? wind? What what's the next thing you're going to say? Go to go to Hades go to Buhari. What did the Hadith of the Buddha Buhari, we talk about Emmanuel Buhari insha. Allah when I spoke about the Abu hanifa I said that this game, the students of knowledge like to play they said which superhero? Which of the allameh would you bring back to life if you could, and it comes down between these two men Abu hanifa Imam Buhari usually these are the two, the two superstars that you end up with, you know, it's like, would we

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normally sing match Superman with the Hulk who's stronger, lower them? So this is the same war of these two men would you bring back and the superstars behind the law? As I said in the, during this lecture series, that these heroes didn't have superpowers, but we're lucky this man I think he had superpowers. Allah gave him a superpower. And we'll see why. In a moment Buhari, the Imam of Hadith Imam of the Sunnah, who has produced the greatest book after the Quran. And he didn't write this book, people think he wrote the book of Hadith. Isn't that right? His book, it's a collection of the life of Nabeel Salaam, the scenes of Nagisa Salaam, he preserved it and collected it. His name's Abu

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Abdullah, and the dispute with he had a son Abdullah, all this was given to him as a cornea just so that he could follow the sooner because let me say it's the most beautiful and loved name but Allah is Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. So they gave him the cornea, Abu Abdullah as if they had a son called Abdullah. His name is Mohammed. Even Ismail in even Ibrahim SubhanAllah. Even his name follows the sooner and when he was named by himself.

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parents. They named him Mohamed because they hope that he would love them, and he would love the sooner and this is the man who recorded and collected the sooner. He's great. his grandfather's father was a Medusa, a fire worshipper who embraced Islam. And so he's a third fourth generation Muslim. He comes from way bahara. And we said Mahara is in which country was Pakistan? Was Pakistan, the Land Beyond the river? The so he lives from Panama. Again, how many of these heroes were not Arab, or from lands outside of Saudi Arabia or Syria, or Egypt, the places we think is the center of Islam, this greatest scholar Abu hanifa, and Imam Bukhari, not from the Arabs. He was a Persian man

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from Chora son from bahara, Uzbekistan today, and he was born 194 of the hegira. So very long time, 200 years often of Esau seldom. But we spoke about Imam Ahmed and Mr. Malik, at the science of Hadith was the long before party. This isn't the first book of Hadith, it was just the perfection of Hadith. And he's countered that he meets some a doubletap, you're no Tabby, which means he might appear at the last end of those three blessing generations. And I said he's the Imam of Hadith. And he's written or he has compiled and collected the greatest book of Hadith on Earth, the most authentic book and the truest book after the Quran. His father is married, was not a scholar, but

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spent time learning by Imam by Imam Malik. So he's farther into Medina and spent a few months learning how to you from his from Mr. Malik, and he was a merchant by trade. And he one thing we know about his father, he said, he could account for every cent that he owns and he knows there's no doubt everything that he has his hand on. And when his father passed away, when even Buhari was either not born yet or just not even one years old, and how often is this the case? Imam Shafi his father passed away before he was basically born in Hamburg, Imam Bukhari all these men are raised by single women, Allahu Akbar, all these men are raised, and they are what they will because of the

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mothers. So he was and he has an older brother I met so I remember her as an older brother I met and his father passed away. Then when he was he was born with a very, very weak eyesight. And when it became two or three years old, he became completely blind, spinal completely blind, and doctors said, there's nothing we can do for him, he will always be blind, and his mother continued to make dua to Allah restore his eyesight for years who would make dua Yeah, Allah let my son see again, and his mother must have been an extremely pious woman, because it's narrated that she had a dream of nubby Ibrahim that said that Allah has restored the sight of your son. And Allah has why not be able

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to he might not be Mohamed el salam, because some of the some of the reasons because like his lineage nebby Ibrahim may do all that Allah blesses him with a sunny smile, and Allah blesses that he is married with a offspring which would be Mohammed so seldom. So just as Allah accepted and Ebrahimi and gave this great offspring, his mother is making dua for him for Imam Buhari, and his site came back. And he came back better then normal site, because you'll find later on in his life, people will ask him, where do you have time to write books, and to read things, and he would say I would read and write at night, by moonlight, he could see even in the dock, his eyesight became

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stronger than normal. So when he was about seven years old, so after 34 years, maybe of being blind, his eyesight comes back. And some modern scientists, there's a study that has been done that if you become blind, other senses of your body become strong. And these doctors hear that not that not the hideous and it's me. And there was a test that in 2007, to see that blind people have a stronger memory, then people who are not blind, Eye Blind people have a stronger memory because the brain has to compensate. So in those three, four years, something happened to his brain, because he once he started to see he had the super memory, where he just could not forget things. So he memorized the

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Quran within a year or two, before the age of 10. He was half of the Quran. And he took a liking his mother use what wealth her husband had left in terms of inheritance to teach him and there were many dreams that people had about Imam Bahati. And he also had this dream of Nagisa Salaam walking, and he is putting his foot in the footsteps of an abyssal Salaam. He had this dream, and other people had this dream about him. So from day one, once he started to be able to see he was in the classes of learning memorize Quran, and he took a liking to the science of Hadith. And as I said before the science of Hadith. I want to just give an example of the science of Hadith.

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This is the Hadith in Bukhari was the longest chain of narrators. If we go to the next slide,

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this is the actual Heidi This is the actual words. The prophet SAW Salaam got up from asleep with a flushed face and he said, none has the right to be worshipped La ilaha illallah wa to the Arabs from the great evil that is nearly approaching

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limb today, I guess has been made in the wall of a judge and a judge like this. And he made an IV Susana made like the size of a coin. Important. It's not the Hadeeth the next slide before is important. So this is the word of Lebanese asylum, but before Buhari heard this, they were nine people between him and a visa Salaam. And these the list of the names is similar in that ated from his brother on the authority of a man who raised from Mohammed even at a be a Teague from even she had from other weapons away from Zainab been Abby Salama on the authority of ohm Habiba, the wife of Nagisa Salam on the authority of Xena jash, another wife and a piece of Salah. Now if I close the

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slide, and I asked you to go back with those names, how many of those names Can you remember? How many of those names none of us know Buhari at this ability when you'd hear this and we'll see your statistics. So many times, you would hear the narration the chain of narrators and he would know them and come with to his memory. And they would say he would remember it like you remember our head. This is people couldn't believe it. And we'll see why. So he memorized Quran at the age and then he started to take a liking to Hadith because he started to memorize quickly before he was 11, you already memorized 7000 Hadith. 7000 Hadith is the size of his body. He's Bukhari, 7000 Hadeeth

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already before he became a Caliph, you memorize 7000, and he was sitting in the class, and he came from a place of Bara, Uzbekistan, the scholars were not in Uzbekistan, then the big scholars were in Baghdad. And in Medina, this is outside of the center of learning. But he learned from his local Lama. And this is actually the way for you to become a student of knowledge, you take from your local minima to the maximum and then you move on. So now he went from chef to chef in Uzbekistan, and he was learning Hadith. And listen beautiful stories about him as a student. One story is that he was with a bunch of friends. And these friends also grew up to be headed scholars, but because

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they came at the same time next to a big star, they he's like outshines all the other stars. Right, this is the thing that the last panel they did. So they friends would see him sitting. And at some point Buhari just stopped writing. He just said this, like no point in writing, because he would do the Hadeeth. And he would do the chain, and he would memorize it as but you know, as they were, the teacher was reporting it. So the friends it's panela, you've come to learn knowledge mother is sending you this, you know, paying fees, and you're wasting your time you just going from class to class sitting there, you're not even taking notes. And they used to tease him. And for one month,

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they were teasing him. So then he told these two friends come, I want you to take your notes out. And I will tell you word for word what you wrote for the past month. And that compiled in that month over 15,000 Hadith. And he went word for word on this day. This is the first Hadees this one narrated from auto related from this from that from that who said XYZ, then how do you number two? And they said they found mistakes in their notes and not in his memory. So then he asked, am I really wasting my time. And this is buhari, his teachers began to notice that this man wasn't an ordinary man, that this boy was not going to be someone normal that he had a special ability. One of

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the teachers of Buhari was a very nervous she had his whole life he was nervous. And they would say Why are you so nervous? And he said spatola I'm so scared to narrate the Hadith. That would be that'd be a mistake in it. And you people write it down and memorize it, and I'm held accountable. And then when he had mahadi in his class, and he was only 12 years old, he felt calm, because he says whenever there's something wrong to say,

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you just you know that was a mistake, you made a mistake, they just check the notes again. And they would check in the body was right. So they already realized in bahara, the allama and the scholars of Bukhara realize that this boy was going to become something very, very special that he was memorizing Hadith at the rate that no one else could compete. No one could compete. He was memorizing like a sponge absorbing. We sent him a hammered when he was 20 years old. They gave him the title of a half within How do you memorize 30,000 Hadith now you have before Buhari was mukalla he had 70,000 Hadith memorized. Before he was McAuliffe before he was 16 or so. He had memorized

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70,000 Hadith. And then he exhausted all the scholars of Mahara and Uzbekistan and it couldn't. He had learned everything he's teaches they would argue with one another. And they will say Wait, wait, wait with gulbahar you just tell the chef, what's the tidy. This is how they would argue and they would debate one of the chefs that was so nervous. One of his colleagues comes to his office and he's smiling. And he says well Allahu you just missed a boy that memorize over 70,000 Heidi and this other colleague have he said impossible. I don't believe it. He said just go look for him ask him for Buhari. And he found the boy and he said you claim to memorize 70,000 and he said I texted him

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the whole day. And he said tell us like you know you when you when you know these Hadees and as I said, it's not about just knowing the words. It's not just about knowing maybe someone said that visually, actions are judged by intentions. It's knowing which people narrated it and the Hadith can be narrated from several

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chains. Maybe Abu Bakar heard the idea and he told his son who told his son and so on and say nama heard the Hadith and told his son, he all these chains chains Buhari memorize them and he would know this one goes with that one, they don't link up. So now at the age of 16, he meant he learned from the scholars of Uzbekistan. I mean his, his mother decided to go on Hajj. So him and his mother and his brother went on Hajj. And I said the center of learning was in hijas, in Mecca and Medina and in Baghdad or Iraq. These are the two areas where the scholars of Hadith were, and it's great because we know when we studied the different scholars, initially Hadith was known in Medina, Imam Malik, he

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was the master when you um Shafi lift to Iraq. And if the center shifted to Iraq, the name of Achmed also learned it. So now the center was shared, these great scholars moved knowledge around the world. So Buhari now comes for Hajj at the age of 16, and they perform hajj and he tells his mother by permission, can you go back to you know, can you leave me here in the harem with not much wealth with not much of income, he stays in Makkah, and now he moves between Mecca and Medina. And he moves all over the Middle East. And he's, you know, one of these, you know, by this point in time, you really memorize so many books that we spoke about on the live and mobarak A Tabby, he writes a lot

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about softening the heart and thinking of kiama so Buhari, loved reading his books and you memorize that he also memorize the books of a scholar called workI I'll give a prize to anyone who knows why work here is famous. He's famous for a poem.

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shackled to NLP?

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No, no, no, that's not that poet. Mr. Schaeffer. He writes this poem work here is the teacher from Sheffield. And waqia also had a great memory, he would dictate hours of classes from memory. So even Shafi wrote a poem he was a poet shackled to a lower key, I complained to a Kia super heavily about the weakness of my head. So what key system sheffey don't commit sin, because sin, that that knowledge is the light of Allah and sin and the light do not go together in the heart. So the books of work here, Buhari memorize these books, he read it so many times that he memorized the books of our key and even mobarak. So by the time he comes to the harem, already people are highly impressed

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with this person is going around Makkah and Medina. And then he gets to travel to different countries to learn Hadith and he would sit in the circles of learning and the fame of Buhari that there is this guy that's memorize 1000s and 1000s of IDs, and you can teach them and he knows it. And he but it wasn't all easy. Like any student of knowledge, he went through difficulty, they knew that he never missed class. And when they would see him not in class, his colleagues would go and check on him. Once they went to him and he opened the like, you know, he'd be on the door and he said, I'm out of money I to sell my clothes for food. So they linked him some clothing. So this is

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the difficulty he went to to collect and compile Hadith. By the age of 18. He wrote two books already. By the age of 18. He authored two books panelizer at the age of 18. Have we read even a single book and he did these two books while he stayed in Medina. And he said, I wrote these two books next to the cover of Nebuchadnezzar Salah at night, using moonlight only, right? He didn't use a candle, anything you could see. And he wrote these two books, the first book was on the first book was on the narrator's so that remember that chef that came to him and said, Hey, did you memorize 70,000? Hadith? So he said, Yes. But not only that, Chef, I memorize 70,000 I know the chain of

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narrators. And I can tell you each one's date of birth, and the date they died, where they lived, did they meet one another and when they traveled, and that is the shift is that him and he knew it. So he decided, look, let me just write a book about this to help people. So he wrote a book on each man. What does the law say about the man share for you? Where was he born? When did he die? Why is this important? Because if we say that chef, Mufti mink heard the Hadith from young chef, we know it's impossible, because they never meet one another. It's important to know when the one died and lived and where they lived. Because had they not met, this breaks the chain. So he wrote a book on

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this before 18. And he also wrote a book about the Sahaba the virtues and the fatawa. Because he heard many things about this when things were going bad people were insulting Sahaba so he wrote this before the age of 18. And other scholars big shifts of the harem, said can I just borrow your book, please? And I can edit your notes, please.

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So he says about himself to seek knowledge. I traveled to Egypt and Syria twice, four times. I went to Basra and spent six years in Mecca and Medina and I left Kufa and Baghdad and so many occasions accompanied by mahad defeat and all the scholars of these areas he learned from all of them, Egypt city about that. And remember, his mind is like a like a USB goes in it stays. So he's compiling

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All this information we said before 20 had authored a number of books and he had well over 1000 teachers that he memorized from.

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At that time, we said the greatest scholar in Hadith was Mr. Medina Hamburg, in Baghdad. And but Buhari you'd find not many Hadith written by, narrated from he did not learn much, Mohammed Mohammed why Mohammed was in jail. He wasn't allowed to teach remember that he was forbidden from teaching. So we said the story of Mohammed remember when he when Mohammed went to the harem, and he finally mcsheffrey he had with him a friend. That friend was his heart Even though he became the teacher of the Mohammed, and he's the big teach of Buhari, Mohammed's friend, but when Ahmed was released, and he listened to a few Hadith, he learned a bit from him, Ahmed, Imam Ahmed said about Buhari before

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he was 20. I've never seen a student for horizont equal to this man. I've met the great chefs of Persia, but this 18 year old is the base of all of them. And that was when Buhari was still a student, imagining him to meet him 10 years later. So he's amazing memory, people could not believe it's real, and I'm sure some of you believe is impossible. You cannot memorize. Some would say half a million Hadith with this change of narrator's impossible. So people with this theme, the scholars of that time said impossible can be through the people of Baja datastream. So he came to Baghdad, he saw in his 20s 10 scholars of Hadith say we're going to taste this guy. And they say we each going

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to give you 10 Hadith. So there's 10 of us. We each can give you 10 Heidi's with a chain of narrators. And you tell us what you think. And they chose easy Heidi Heidi so this is done publicly. So people heard this Hadeeth were quite common in MLM Albania, the basis of you are those who teach the Quran the Quran and teach it. The basis of you is the one was basically his family, these common Hadith, they narrate it, but they jumble up the chain of narrators. And they didn't allow it. They didn't say that I did. And then he responded. They said we all want to do it one by one. So each one said the tin Hadith incorrectly, one by one, and he heard it just once all 100 Hadith. And he said

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that's what the Hadith that sort of Hadith all 100 of those are not Hadith. The people said these are simple ideas. We all know who is this guy? So is it okay, let me explain to you. How do you number one, you said this chain and he gave the wrong chain that they gave he heard it once. And he gave all the names. And he said this person couldn't have seen from that one. The correct chain is that he did it for all 100 howdy he heard it once memorize back there on chain and gave him the correct chain. So that people have that said we are we are fine. When the people have in the people of of a different city in a support. Yesterday we spoke about it that city with a total of skill,

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even the cats and the dogs that city. So hiding when he came to New support. The people also say we don't believe this guy. They would say tell us every howdy that's all the men that studied under NSW Malik and all the Hadith that they narrated and you like that this is from memory. Cole didn't say I'll come back tomorrow, cold and he said every person that heard from the Sahaba anissina Malik, I'll tell you, they would say tell us every Narrator And the Hadith he gave who lived in Syria and he would give all the narrator's monologue. This is the kind he was analyzes it. He stopped it I think because his mind just absorbed everything Allah had given him this amazing superpower. And he

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became very, very famous as his personal life and he stuck with and he's a man. We said you don't get to this level purely on brilliance. There must have been acceptance and well life is through the door of his mother. A lot of this is because of his mother so she must have been like a well he she made to our throat Becky's sight and gave him this great, great power. May Allah subhanaw taala bless our parents, may Allah subhana wa tada grant our parents only make good to us for us. That's fine a lot of sometimes we get frustrated with our kids and then we say you'll never amount to anything you just useless use it. Don't do that we sit Imam soo they said when he was naughty, his

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mother would say you're such a naughty boy. Allah will make you the amount of the harm. And now is the amount of the heart of

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the interview. You can check it on Google. You can check this interview and he says the awesome how you remember the harem? He said my mother would make up for me every time I was naughty mela McHugh, the mom is such a naughty boy. And I say Mahara writes, Allah. So I will do as parents of Allah subhanho wa Taala make it to be good to us. And may our kids be the fullness of our eyes and may we be the coolness of the eyes and if they have passed away my law granting blessing and Murphy era in the cupboard, as for his taqwa, he made a point to learn to finish the Quran at least a third every day beside him. Every single day he would do this. He would go around the world to click Hadith.

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Remember, he's learning Hadith left, right and center. And many of them obviously most of them are not authentic and mistakes and he would compile them and collect them. And people would ask him is this person's is this narrator reliable? So we heard a hadith from Mohammed, is it Mohammed waste? Is this acceptable? Then instead of saying no, you know is excellent.

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It is bad. He will say we rather leave him aside because he was so scared to be accused of Heba onamia. Once she had to say his father was a hadith scholar and he said, You know, he felt so bad he was crying. You can't accept from my father because he's hated this week. He's memorized these memorization is weak, but there's a hadith scholars had to do that, so that we get authentic information. He would make istikhara Salah for every Hadith that you would put in his book he would make to Raka Allah is this hadith authentic, I put in the book, you you guide me, you will travel along, you will hear there's a chef in some country who memorize some Hadith. So he would go there.

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Let me hear if the chef has anything new. Now why did he do this? For what what did he get? no one paid him to do this. He did it for the sake so that we can have the life of Ibiza salon preserved his words. He didn't get a single cent of royalty for his book. He went across the oma trying to collect this hadith for our sake of his personal character,

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beautiful stories of his personal character, that

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once he was on a ship, and he had 1000 dinars with him, and it's like a huge fortress like 100,000 Rand, and someone was there was someone on the ship that found out and you're speaking to him, and he basically said to me, I've got this money, and he said, Can I see your bag and you got to see the coins. So then this person went around and said, My 1000 dinars in a bag like this was stolen. And we should check everyone's cabin to find it. Right, this thief, so Buhari, he understood what's going to happen, they're going to check his cabinet and find it. So he took that 1000 dinars, and he threw it overboard.

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So obviously, they didn't find it on the boat. And the thief asked to hire this person said, Why, Where did you hide the money? We couldn't find it. So he said, I throw it overboard. And he said, Well, why did you do that? Is it's quite a lot. I've spent my life collecting Hadeeth. And I have tried to keep my reputation so pristine, that if I say that this hadith is correct, no one is going to question me. If I'm accused of lying of cheating, the entire my life's work is lost. It's not worth 1000 dinars. The amazing thing is that a man who lived up to 62 years old, no one can say he lied. No one can say he cheated. No one can say he was rude or he was arrogant to anything for him

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to have given his stamp of approval. We will trust mahadi. Why? How because of his character, because he's spent his entire life without anybody being able to point the finger at him. That's what makes this man this man great.

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His reputation as we said spirit, and some of the books that he wrote, as the science of Maine, all about not criticizing and he really disliked doing it, but he had to explain why Heidi's are weak, why we can't accept from this underwriter. The rulings of sahaabah rw fraud is one of the books that still survived. So in his book, we'll talk about his books I Buhari that we all come to know. There's another book that we still have a book on manners and etiquette here so he brings not only the most authentic hadith, he brings in other Hadith all about etiquette and manners. In this book, this is the actual name of the book that we all know, a Jamia al Muslim Asahi, Allah pasar mean Omar

00:28:10--> 00:28:29

rasulillah salam was when he was when he was soon and he was a yummy he, the abridged collection of this is the title of the actual book, right? The bridge collection of sound, Hades, with chains of narration, going back all the way to the prophet SAW Selim regarding matters to the Prophet, his practice and his times, this is like so we called sorry.

00:28:31--> 00:29:14

What is this book really, as we said, his man has basically in his memory collected almost half a million Howdy. And those hobbies or alleged hobbies have different grades. So you have like, you know, you have rating agencies now, they will grade 100 cife, triple A, we accept this as authentic meaning now vehcile salam definitely said this Hadith, then you have a hadith Jade, or Hassan, it's okay, it's acceptable, it's 80% correct. 80% chance that we succeeded, then you get dye if it's weak dye have done mo do fabricated. They had to know all these things which are fabricated or not. So he took only those which have the triple A height highest rating, those ones who said I'm going to put

00:29:14--> 00:29:49

into this book of sorry. So he memorized like half a million, but he only took the 7000 he felt most comfortable with he put it in the end it's called it's the abridged because he did not put every single authentic idea in there. But he put only Hadith pertaining to every chapter. So he opened his book, his book onsala on zaca how to make solar how to make we do he put the most authentic authentic hadith in the on each chapter. That's why it's also called a Jeremy a, a like an encyclopedia. Why? Because it covers every single aspect that you need as a Muslim. This is what he did, and he gave to the oma.

00:29:51--> 00:30:00

He comes back to Uzbekistan now. Like Can you imagine? You have a shift like this was in Saudi as an Egypt stabbing South African shift for example. And he's a

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

Learning and everyone knows him but he's the most famous Hadith scholar in the world. And now he comes back to Cape Town.

00:30:06--> 00:30:41

Obviously, it's like huge the superstars coming back. But when he came back to his Pakistan, people, when he opened up his his Hadid school, all the other Hadeeth schools closed down. And one of his best students, he's number one student is a Muslim, a Muslim learn from him, I'm tearing me the lead from him. I'm behind him, I'm gonna say learn from him. I'm behind it, all the six books of Hadith four of them revolves around him. But this created some jealousy and envy and imitate. Some of the people were unhappy with him. And it's amazing that, you know, I was speaking to a colleague of mine today. And I said, when you were a student, your people love you a lot. But when you start studying

00:30:41--> 00:31:17

with a soft spot with you, when you come back, they're not so accommodating with you. And Buhari felt this when he came back to his Pakistan. And the governor at that time also said, Buhari, I want you to give my kids a private tuition. So he said, I don't do that. If they want to come they come to class. So you see, like, give them a separate class. So you said no, this knowledge is not restricted. And he got a nice Amanda hated confrontation. He didn't like confrontation, if I had to characterize his personality is like a machine very shy, is not someone out there giving big speeches and big bands. He's just giving you the Hadith. And that's it. So when things became

00:31:17--> 00:31:55

controversial for him, after Ramadan, the day it will fit that he made to our he said I will love the earth beside despite his ganja and its whiteness has become narrow and troubling for me. So take me back to you if this is better for me. And he made the deal and he passed away on the day of April 5, at the age of 62. Just a few days before he was 63. He passed away but he left behind his legacy that till today. And you know, people ask, and I had this discussion people say you basically do what the non Muslims, the Jews, the Christians do. You've taken the words of a scholar, and you've made it like the dean. This is not the words of Buhari. It's the words of NaVi so solemn, this is a

00:31:55--> 00:32:34

scholarly work. And if you disagree with him, and many scholars, they checked his work. He's got the chain of narrators, they if you don't agree a hadith should be in there. That's correct. We will take it out 1500 years later, 1400 years later, one single Hadith has been found to be weak and taken out of his book. So the exercise he did has stood the test of time. And we said that when Imam Malik wrote his book that was the most authentic book on Earth. When Imam Bukhari came, it was the most authentic book and until now, it's still the most authentic book on earth after the Quran. So what a great scholar and what a great personality. He came from, as I said, a humble beginning.

00:32:34--> 00:32:41

Anyone can have that through piety and da mela going on that we also find in our midst people like that. I mean,

00:32:42--> 00:33:03

now moving on to our quiz. We said last week, last night within the last quiz obeys in charge, he said, Now he wants to have another two nights of quizzes. And then on Monday, we'll do the prize giving so another chance as for the answers of last night's questions. Now visa Korea was blessed with a son, who was a Navy SEAL A man was priest was was the son of which prophet?

00:33:04--> 00:33:45

Nobody would. And when we said everyone got this, right, number three, all of them all those ambia are the sons of vino and Abbey. Ibrahim, then asked for the new questions. Which of the discussed Heroes is known as the man who stopped piano and our babies making it difficult, right. So which of the heroes we discussed is called the man who stopped piano and if you want to know who that person is, if you didn't hear the lecture, you can get it from the office or you can go onto our website. So there was a there was a person we spoke about, and you'll see to stop him. Okay. Number two, which of the discussed Heroes is famous for inventing using water? using water to make a clock use

00:33:45--> 00:34:04

water to create a clock? Right? Is it how it is me? I'll just sorry, a blue color Gilani or even hayyan which of the scientists created a clock using water? Number three, which of the discus Heroes is known as the father of modern day chemistry? Who basically invented chemistry, even a an even on Haytham or Jerry or even Bihari?

00:34:06--> 00:34:15

Even gibraltarian. Okay, all right. inshallah, we will continue with our little program after this. And then we would also like to say thank you to our hosts.

00:34:16--> 00:34:56

I know you guys late, but I want to just our profiles in sha Allah with lidice Allah and Ramadan isn't done, but we'd like to give our father a token of appreciation and to our bills. It's difficult. I heard this I saw my either my wife sent this to me as a means of a hidden message. She sent me this picture with this girl. She's so happy. I'm married to a halfway through a shift in our mind, it's we're going to send a McDarrah wave together and my reality is you can imagine if thought alone, like that's the real of marrying a chef and the shift is in the students shame families at home. So we know for those who fall they all our families and to to memorize and lead us in Salah is

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

a great, great challenge and as for bills as well. So we'd like to say thank you

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

does Allah Allah continue to reward you and to grant you Hayden Baraka and we hope that you'll always be part of us. So inshallah we like to give the tallip would like to take over and show tokens of gratitude inshallah from us

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at the end

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of class