Islam Rejects Violence – Part 2

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So I want all of you to recognize that this country has great ideals. These ideals are rooted in Islamic ideals. And toleration is an Islamic gift to the west. And this can be historically proven because the first Edict of toleration was the Edict of Buddha, and it was done under the guarantee of the Ottoman Empire by a Unitarian Transylvanian Prince. We also have evidence clear evidence that john Locke, one of the greatest political theorists in western history, was influenced by Edward poco, who just happened to be the professor of Islamic and Arabic studies at Cambridge University. He convinced john Locke to abandon his trinitarianism and embrace unitarianism to embrace the unity

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of God. And so we must see that Islam has given too much, and tonight is about giving. The Muslims have given too much to civilization, for them to be accused or abused by those people that wish nothing but harm for this country. That is what they want. And I will end on this note, that I sincerely believe, until the Palestinian issue is recognized as the festering sore on the body of this planet, until the United States of America rises up to her responsibility in addressing a grave crime against a people for over 50 years, who have been suffering in humiliation in abject poverty.

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at the hands of the current government that could be called nothing less but a fascist government, nothing less but a fascist government.

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That Palestine is the issue. And while I hold no energy in my heart for Jewish people, I hold no entity in my heart for the children of profits for the children of Jacob because I know that their father would only wish them well, and I wish what their father wishes for them. But I call on the Jewish people of this country, to rise up and condemn the oppression that they see with their own eyes. We as Muslims must abandon tribalism, we must abandon tribalism, we must reject the concept of collective guilt, we must reject the concept of Benny Islam. I did not join a tribe, I joined what I believe is a religion of truth. And wherever that religion tells me to stand, I will stand with it,

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whether it's with the Muslims or against them. We cannot fall victim to tribal mentalities. We have to reject in our hearts, vengeance, revenge for the sake of pride, we have to reject this in our hearts and begin to read the Quran, as it was clearly intended by the author who we believe is the Lord of the worlds when he said, in the Koran again and again, woman I found

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out a lot.

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To me while I am

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on the submarine, that yes, you can indeed redress wrongs as you choose. But if you show patience, if you're forbearing that is better to you, if you forgive, that is better to you. And I was with the parents of Rachel Corrie, who lost their beautiful daughter in Palestine, run over and crushed by a caterpillar, a Caterpillar Tractor built in the United States of America and given us aid to Israel, and used as a weapon of destruction against a Palestinian pharmacist who had nothing to do with any violence against the state of Israel, but was being punished for collective guilt, which is a crime against every legal system on this planet. The idea that one holds the sense of another is

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alien to the Abrahamic tradition, the Koran says, and it's reiterated in the Bible in its Old and New Testament forms letters. to Israel O'Hara. No so bears the burden of another soul, the sins of those Palestinians who are having their trees uprooted, who are having their houses destroyed, has nothing to do with anything other than gross injustice. And we reject it. Just as we reject innocent Jews that are killed in the name of Islam. I reject it. I want to stand by the truth. That's where I want to be. I want to stand by the truth. And I want all of you to stand by the

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And look into your hearts a stuffed

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token nest. Take a photo from your own heart. Even if people give you photo, you ask your own heart what our profit solar lighting system would do, would he kill children, we only have 500 Hadees that are absolutely of the status of the Quran. And one of them says now pseudo lies a lot is sort of manifested in nissa. t when the prophet of God forbade the killing of women and children. The prophet of God forbade the killing of women and children, the prophet of God forbade the killing of women and children. We cannot see his name vilified. We will not allow his religion to be vilified for crimes that have nothing to do with his religion. And we should say, like he said, when he, even

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when he killed those prisoners unjustly Allahumma anybody me mother, Allah, honey, I am innocent of what Carly did. I am innocent of what Holly did. This is what he cried. And this is what we must cry. Islam is innocent of what's being done in its name. We reject it in the same way that the Christians now reject the gross intolerance, the crusades, the children's crusades, and every other pre modern crime that was done in the name of Christianity, the modern Christians reject it. And we do must reject what is being done in the name of our religion, really, with one voice and our own Ummah have immense burden. And I believe that our own Ummah have failed to address this critical

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issue. And I want them to address it, because it must be seen for the crime that it is, it has to be seen for the crime that it is.

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And I want to say,

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Daniel pipes,

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put a test out on the internet, how to determine whether somebody is a good Muslim or a bad Muslim.

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And I took that test and I failed.

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And I want to say to all of you, I hope you fail that test too.

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And I hope that you don't want to be a good Muslim in the eyes of Daniel pipes. And for anybody here who's representing him, I have I wish all the best for that man. I hope he's guided I hope he looks into his heart, and really reassesses what he's been doing. But I really want to say that I want to be a good Muslim in the eyes of God. And being a good Muslim in the eyes of God often means being condemned in the eyes of people. And so don't be ashamed. Jesus Christ told his followers, you will be persecuted in my name. Jesus Christ told his followers, the people of the world will hate you, and they will persecute you, because people of truth are often hated and despised by people of

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falsehood. So do not be afraid of being hated and despise. May God strengthen this organization may strengthen our organizations, may you go back to your communities with a renewed spirit to strive even harder. And I would say,

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Ramadan, when he has refused, or not refuse when his visa is revoked, it's time to change administration's.

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And I want to say,

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if the republicans are closer to the truth, I'm with them. If the democrats are closer to the truth, I'm with them. But in this case, anything but bush

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because this country has to send a message. This country has to send a message to the rest of the world that the last four years were a mistake.

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was a mistake. Abu Ghraib does not represent the good people of the United States. And I'll go Hooray, goes right to the top. And just like Truman said the buck stops here.