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Alhamdulillah Heuer Casa wa salam to Island Mustafa where either the he was so ready he won many that we had de la yo Mila, how about

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if I were to take a pen

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and give it to a child, or give it to an adult?

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Or to anyone? and ask them? What is the purpose of this pen?

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Why was it created?

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And whether a child or an adult, whether male or female, whether young or old, they will give me an answer.

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And although their choices of words will be individual, and their own choice,

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yet the overall gist of the answers will be relatively similar.

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They will all say things along the lines of the purpose of a pen is to write or document or record.

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And although the choice of words might be different, but it will be very clear very quickly, that they have a clear idea of the purpose of the pen.

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They know why it was created.

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And in the same way, if you were to ask them, What is the purpose of clothing? Why was that created? And again, whether male or female, young or old, they will give answers. And again, the choices of words will be individual, but the overall gist of the answers will be similar, almost the same. And it will be around the purpose of clothing is to shield you from the elements to protect you from the rays of sunshine, to cover you to beautify you, and irrespective of who you ask, the answers will be relatively similar.

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It shows that mankind know the purpose of these things. They know why a pen was created, they know why clothing was created, they know why a cow was created, and so on. They know these things.

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So why is it that when I ask, what is the purpose of your creation?

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Why were you created, that mankind seem to be baffled for an answer.

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And there is a huge variety of responses from those who believe that life has no purpose that we were created by some weird fluke of nature, we are here by chance accidentally

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and others whose purpose of life is get rich, make money. So they spend precious moments of life, night and day and time sacrifice friends and families just to amass wealth, and for others that does have a grand time

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pub and club and party

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and amidst them a whole spectrum of other answers, it becomes very clear very quickly that mankind do not know the purpose of their creation, they do not know the reason for their existence. Why? Why will you create it?

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he object as simple as a pen has a purpose. No one created it because they had nothing else to do

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clothing, someone manufactured for a purpose.

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Everything around you has a purpose, you know its purpose. So machine as sophisticated as this as the human body. How can that not have a purpose?

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coincidentally, you are wired to function best when you have purpose.

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There's enough data, adequate research to show that those who live lives of purpose live better lives. They live longer lives they live happier.

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Your lives, they have better relationships. And it is as though you are designed to find your purpose. And the great sadness, you don't know your purpose.

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Because a machine as sophisticated as this couldn't be around without purpose.

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And it is it is a marvel of design and engineering. Just forget about just forget about the rest, just look at the human eye. It is a phenomenon by itself.

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You see a camera, in essence,

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at the outside, a pupil dilates automatically without your command to adjust to the amount of light that comes in. So when it's dark, the pupils dilate. When there's more light, they restrict automatic by themselves. And as soon as light passes the pupil, you have a living lens, which again adjusts by itself to ensure that that optimizes the intake of the rays that come in. So I watched the person here, or I watched the person there. And instantaneously I have focused, there's no lag time between this and that. That's design. And then

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colors, you know from the three mind primary colors, your eyes takes that and mixes it to a million different combinations. And that is why you look around and see the glamour in beauty of life in full color, and not in the 1960s or 1970s. But since the creation of man you had color vision, that is sophistication of design, and then the lens should have just seen a 2d image. So you have been given two eyes,

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two inches or so apart, to give you perspective, and as the data comes in, you have a processor that synthesizes analyze, this creates a 3d image in full color, to give you a rich, crisp experience of life that is surfaced, that's not an accident, that is sophistication. And just look at the safety mechanisms designed to protect this on

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the outside inside your eye, but that's at the surface, you have a film of tears liquid,

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especially designed with disinfectants to neutralize any danger. If it goes inside, and then automatically washes down.

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There is design and outside of the particles are any bigger, that might damage your eye, the eyelids come down automatically as it senses danger coming it shuts to protect the eye. And if the objects a little bigger than that you've been given skeletal structure here designed to protect the eye. That is why when you get punched in the eye, you get a black guy but not necessarily a blind eye. You know why? Cuz the design. So this is just just looking at your AI. So machine is sophisticated at this wasn't created for nothing.

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So why were you created? What is the purpose of your creation? Why do you exist? And the answer the owns is in the question.

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The answer is in the question.

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To know that you were created.

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You were created. You didn't come here off your own accord. You who sit today in a place of relative success, basking in the glory of your achievements. You are say 35 years old. Where were you 36 years ago? You're 35 Now where were you 36 years ago? which form the Jew signed to come here. Which plane Did you ride to come here you can hear off no accord of your own someone sent you here someone blonde someone created and

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No Do you the part of your own accord? Like you trying very hard not to depart. You've created hospitals and furbished it with technology and it's created in me no put in the individual who have individuals have spent, they hold dear life trying to try to keep you here a bit longer yet when the time is up

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and someone summons you younger old, you go through the hospital that was designed to keep you you go. So you can have low a code of your own. You leave no accord of your own, does it? Don't you realize? Don't you realize that someone sent you and someone summons you? And whether you're young or old ritual, or male or female? Forget about that. Kings and monarchs get summon, then kings and monarchs leave. Like if it was based on power and authority, what power is dragging him out of this world?

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You have to concede that there is a sovereign who summon sovereigns, there is a king, a creator that created a creator that sent a creator that summons. And when you realize that there is a creator, and then you realize that that creator out of his wisdom and majesty, unkindness created, sophisticated machine as this, and then furbish the world, everything around you to help your success and to help your life and to help you grow and to help you flourish. You can't but grow a sense of appreciation, and a sense of awe and majesty for that creation for that creator. And that the Owens, that the Owens is the first step towards your mission, to recognize that you have a

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creator, and then realize the favors that that creator has done upon you. And that way, grow a heart filled with love, and all and reverence and obedience and glory for that creator. Well, levena Amma knew I should do, Bella, and those who believe they great sleep, love is the creator. And when our heart

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is filled with all when love of its creator, as He is worthy of that love, then out of your love, His wish becomes your command. His plan becomes your plan. You live a life aligned to the purpose that he created you for and that is the purpose of your creation. That's why you were sent here to find your law. Love your load, he prays in glory to on you know to your Lord, or insured to worship your Lord allowed mobilizer says one hi luck to Jin. Now we'll insert Illa Leah boo Dune and we have not created the jinn, the unseen creation nor humankind except for the exclusive purpose of the worship of the one mighty creator. And why do you worship so that your heart gets linked to its

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master so that your heart becomes a lot conscious so that you're perpetually in love of the Creator? perpetual remembrance of the Creator, perpetual obedience of the Creator.

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This is the purpose of your creation, where you make your life

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in line

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aligned in obedience to the wishes and dictates of the one creator that you have found in worship.

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And that is for humankind in general. That is

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why we're here. And if you succeed and that do once

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every cell in your body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head will synchronize and align to the greater purpose of the creation. In that you will find peace and solace, joy and comfort, happiness and prosperity. And the absence of that you're out of alignment. You're, you're swimming upstream, you're not meeting your purpose, then a lot of Budweiser sighs, woman out of and Vickery for in the humare shirt and Blanca. We're not sure who you met Tiana, whoever leaves and forsakes my guidance, my remembrance the path that I have chosen for them, then for him will be a narrow, restricted, confined confounded life. And that is in this life, filled with difficulty,

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hardship, lack of clarity, pain and suffering. And in the Day of Judgment, he will be resurrected blind, so he will rise up and say, Robbie Lima Harsha rotini among waka Kondo basura all Lord, why did you resurrect me blind? And I could one see. So a lot of Bulla Isaiah says Cavalli

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to nap fantasy to hat work at early kaleo matanza. Thus our signs were brought to you, guidance presented to you Islam shown to you, you chose to forsake it you chose to discard it, you chose to disregard it, you forgot about it work I barely kellyo matanza and this today we forsake you, we discard you we this regard you we forget about you, a lot of Buddha Iser saved me and knew from that.

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One last point

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for you who has been blessed with guidance, cause because it is a blessing of a lot of Walesa, for you who have seen the light.

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It is important, necessary, required that you don't hold the light. You don't monopolize the light. The light wasn't sent just for you.

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The light was sent to show the way to the 1000s that are around you to help them live better lives, to help them have clarity to help them have guidance to help them to their Lord. And that is your obligation and mission. So do one's a lot of bull Isaiah says oduro illa sebelah Robic bill Hekmati. Well Marie bottle has an app called to the path of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful teaching. So cold the ones

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you're near and dear and those you care about, share the light of guidance with them because Allah knows they need it. Allah knows they suffer without it. Allah knows they're struggling, although they, although they don't know what.

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And it will be selfish of me and knew not to share this beautiful message that a lot of bull as the Creator of the heavens and the earth has sent and as a reward for you, as a reward for you the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea and even the ants on rocks, pray for the one that teaches mankind goodness become of those whom heaven and earth pray for and heaven and earth salute become of those who show light and guidance to others. My a lot of polarizer bless you Allah honor you Allah exalt to Allah protect you. Keep your brother in your da Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh