Islam Only Requires You To Do What You Can

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Is it okay for me to pick and choose what we want to do in Islam and leave the rest?! This clip answers that question and covers some important principles related to ability.

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minute misty dim Naboo Sharif, in English in English in English.

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the province of lotto Selim says

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my amatsu can be fat to men who must attach them. And what I have commanded you to do, then do have it what you are able to do that this does not mean that the believer picks and chooses what he wants to do from Islam.

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Allah Subhana Allah says no crime for example.

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doctrine which has this similar meaning to this Hadith, Fear Allah have Taqwa of Allah to the best of your ability.

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And Eliza del says that you can leave alone Epson Ilsa, Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear this again does that mean that we just pick and choose what we want to do for it from Islam and so for example, selected fish it is a little bit difficult

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because I like to stay up at night.

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So Danny, I do what I came from this man

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I have a good heart

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good to my neighbor.

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I'm good to people.

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So as a result, I feel a lot to the best of my ability and function is really not in my ability and you should panela this, this again, if it wasn't something that

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any a person experienced himself listening to other people say these types of things, that it wouldn't be something that I would mention, but unfortunately this is the the understanding that some people have this is not what this means. This means that you do everything that is in your ability

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to fulfill the commands of Allah and His messenger is selected was sent and that what you

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in actuality you're not able to do then you are excused from this is a car either in the religion

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as an email remember NASA said he have it Allah mentioned in his

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poetry on collider for clear legal Maxim's he says well, Lisa, when he when he lectured me, while I Mohamoud my theory. So there is no wedgie, except with ability.

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And there is nothing that is haram when there is a dire necessity. And now explain that now. So that it'll sum up what we just covered. Right?

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Here, we worship a lot to the best of our ability. So we are commanded to do what in prayer, we are commanded to stand in the prayer.

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If a person cannot stand up into prayer, or it causes him abnormal difficulty, then he is allowed to sit down, you see the chair here? That's because somebody was sitting down into prayer, is he allowed to sit down in prayer, if he doesn't have the ability to stand, then he can sit down into prayer time, what if somebody can't even sit down into prayer,

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then he can lay down and he can lay down on his side.

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And this is explicitly mentioned the Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says suddenly call Amen. Pray standing, fill them just to clear the garden. And if you don't have the ability, then sitting down with them testicle to find that a gym. And if you don't have the ability then on your side.

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We are also in Islam.

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And we should revive this Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And when I say soon, I'm not talking about soon as in it's not obligatory, isn't it's not? No, it's the summit of the prophets. I send them and it is obligatory that we command the good and we forbid the evil. I'm rubbing my roof.

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But what did the promise I sent him say about that?

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I mean, come on camera. Value high here. We'll be here

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forever from amongst you see something that is evil, then let him change it with his hand.

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For him yesterday, and if he doesn't have the ability, then with his tongue, and he says something?

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Well, let me call V and if he doesn't have the ability then in his heart, yeah, and he shouldn't like what he's seen. He should feel some kind of way it's hard to move.

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With that he can

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help I put him in and that is the weakest of faith. So we have this again. We have this leveling off and he that is that a person starts

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By doing what Allah Subhana Allah commanded, and if he doesn't have the ability to do it all, then he does what he can do.

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And there is another principle in Islam that is directly related to this hadith.

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And for those of you who know a little Arabic You should try to memorize it. And may pseudo law la Yes, Koto, Mysore, la escoto, Bill Massoud,

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that which is easy

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is not

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because of that, which is difficult, five hours cleaner, because it sounds a little weird. Meaning

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that if, for example,

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a person has the ability to stand up for some of the prayer.

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Okay, because we know, for example, you might know somebody, he can stand up without a problem. But once he sits down, he can't stand back up. Right?

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He can't start the prayer sitting down, he has to start the prayer standing up, because he can't do that that part of that part there is made sure that's easy for him to do that he has the ability to do that. But once he goes down into sub you, he's not going to be able to stand back up No problem, he remains sitting for the rest of the slot. So that we just made sure for him to do that which is easy for him to do, cannot be abandoned. Just because he doesn't have the ability to do the rest.

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Okay. So what he can do partially he does.

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And he has to do the rest to the best of his ability. And these are principles in Islam, that we should understand

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because they go into every aspect of our religion.