Zakir Naik – Do you Agree with Bhagwad Geeta which says God will Appear in Every Age to Destroy Evil

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of evidence for a fishy proof in a handbook on the internet, and how it was written and recited by the brother who acted asatch bin Laden. The speaker also talks about the brother's stance on Islam and how he believes that the world is being led by the glory of the glory of the Lord.
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Salam Alaikum I'm Muhammad Abdul Rahman Abdullah. So we are still on this 11 symptom what I want to say something on this detail, he told that

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I was told that there is something fishy in the proof. That's why they didn't prove, put the proof. I got this fish on the net. There is site to the iron Iron in dotnet. That had been banned, actually. But I got one page in that, that there was two pictures displayed on that. One was the actor who acted as Osama bin Laden in the film displayed to all another world, Osama bin Laden, and the title was any fool with two eyes can see easily that these two persons are not same. That is the proof. Well, America put it before that. Well, the thing My question is that I'm working in HL, we are given a handbook, which contains do's and don'ts. On the top page of the handbook was written

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Bhagwad Gita show a part of the Bhagavad Gita show and recite the whole trope, like yada yada he thermosphere granted Houthi, Partha, a bit Damodara Mercia that man, I'm too damn, but it Tirana shad Hoonah Benatia to scritta Dharma some topknot tire some home yoga Yogi

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they especially mentioned it that but it Tran is gonna be inertia to the scooter if you had to. If you have to protect the tooth or the God you have to remove the bad there's no other way

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okay after that I even did that last the stroke is that Donaldson's topknot person whom you get you get it means that my heart joke may somehow one catch me heard you've met somebody Oh, but but our belief is our Hindus brothers belief is that my hair joke may artha, who I want Mr. Ducky knight to explain this are these brief alpha we are having is correct or not. Thank you.

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Our request again, from the audience and the volunteers. We prefer questions from non muslims so that let's clarify their misconception and then come to the Muslims, they may be attending several programs as such, I normally prefer giving a challenge to the non Muslim they may not be having this challenge regularly to ask any question on Islam. The reason I suppose the question before that he made a comment that there was a fish on the net. And he thought that one proof was authentic and origin Osama bin Laden was false. Again, this fish could also be fishy.

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So I'm not only one sided and that proof you got is correct. Even that could be cooked up by somebody who's enemy of America. So I don't believe on that fish also. So they have to be neutral, I cannot be biased and start judging saying Oh brother, you are right. You know, the proof they gave that also could have been cooked up that for we have Intel guy you know teleca

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Delgado, audio casters and video cassettes. So all this is a gimmick of media. See, I'm a man of the media. We know if you want we can change very easy to change something on the media very easy. I can make you say what you have not said also, that's a field. So it's very easy. So let's keep the media aside. Again that also I don't agree what is right or wrong Allah Allah, there's no proof at all. Coming to your question, what the Brotherhood or the flow from Bhagavad Gita chapter number four, while the brother quoted he didn't give the quotation, it somehow was chapter number four, that whenever there's unharmed, there's untruth, there is violence, that anarchy in the world, Almighty

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God, he comes and he takes the form

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of all that, and he sees to it that this whatever anarchy, whatever tribal, whatever chaos is in the world, he comes to finish that thing by taking the form of autonomy.

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Is it right do we agree? The difference would we say of Muslims, or Muslims say that Almighty God He sends His Messenger whenever people deviate from the throat? He keeps on sending messenger that Allah says in the Quran in surah, Rod, chapter number 13, verse number seven, what we call the common heart and to every nation have we sent a messenger a guide, Allah says in the Quran in surah fateha, chapter 25, verse 24. Well, Eman, Matheny, Hola Hola, Fionna Z, there is not a niche or a tribe to whom we have not sent a phone or a guide. What we say that Almighty God send messengers,

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like Adam, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all. All of them are messengers of Almighty God. They indeed believe in the Almighty God. He takes forms, we say messengers, they say Almighty God takes forms. That's the difference. The differences they say Almighty God comes down himself in taking form which we disagree with. Keshari disagrees. Islam disagrees. What we agree is somewhat similar, though it's a different chalk and cheese, but what we say Almighty God sends messengers, the the chosen people of Almighty God, to guide the people to the truth. And the last and final messenger that came on the face of the earth was Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and Allah sent

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several revelations

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several revelation by name for I mentioned if

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Do you have something like the Old Testament something like the New Testament

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we Muslims say this is the Last Testament the Last Testament of Almighty God

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