The Demonization of Muslims in India

Yasir Qadhi


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This isn't some random mob. This isn't some people on the streets doing something. No. This is the government making a message sending a message to all the Muslim community you dare speak out against us. You dare defend the honor of Your Prophet you dare speak out against the BJP, we will destroy your house. I will do it officially right in front of your eyes. Wallahi brothers and sisters, this young sister 22 year old young lady, she has more guts and courage than so many other men, including ourselves. We ask Allah's forgiveness, the courage that she had to take on this vicious and vile government and to continue doing what she is doing in the space of all of this persecution.

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Honestly, it puts me and she'll put many of us to shame we seek Allah's refuge. The point though, brothers and sisters, is that this type of tactic is literally straight out of genocide textbook. I keep on saying this over and over again, study history, learn from history. How did the Nazis do what they did? They didn't just start killing 6 million people or 10 million people overnight. It didn't happen overnight. No, it was a program that took them 15 years. It took them more than a decade systematic demonization constantly harassing a minority in the Nazi Germany case it was the Jewish people of Germany. The first thing they did is they made a barrier between the Jewish people

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in the broader society. They said you people are foreign. You people are occupiers you people are destroying our country. And that rhetoric continued for more than a decade. BJP has done this for much more than a decade. They have demonized us as Muslims. They've demonized our religion. And now they are demonizing our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam For how long are we going to remain silent? Even the honor of our Prophet system is being literally made fun of in public on air, how long can we remain silent at this? And so now they are doing this? And then if there is any response, the next tactic of the Nazis was what after the rhetoric now you pass legislation. Jewish

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shops have a special mark on them. Jewish houses have a special mark. Some of them were demolished Jewish people were socially boycotted, ostracized, don't buy and sell from them. This is already happening in the BJP, India, and literally just like Nazi Germany, where the courts are going to back it up. The courts are going to support this Yes, it is legal for us to discriminate against Jewish people. Now we are seeing the BJP come under this road as well. If we do not stop the BJP if we do not get involved now, the next step after this is nothing but genocide. They have already bought the courts and they already have the BJP official backing the High Court the Supreme Courts

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of the province are now getting involved. How long are we going to wait? Now you will say what can I do? And I respond? That's a very good question. I am not a political analyst. I don't know the best tactics. I've said this all the time. But one thing I can do public awareness

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