Zakir Naik – If Everything Belongs to God then Why is there So Much Killing

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A customer is asking a professor about the differences between the Spanish and the Portuguese religion, as they believe that everything is God. The professor explains that the Spanish religion is different from the Portuguese one, as it is a Christian religion, while the Portuguese one is a Muslim one. The customer is confused by the guidance of the Quran and wonders if people are following the right way.
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I have a very simple question.

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Professor de Ray,

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Allah studied any religion? I don't believe in any religion.

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I have, my simple question is, do you believe that there are different religions and there have to be different religions? Because in your lecture you said that the Allah God Almighty, created all the people in the world, men and women, and he purposely divided them into different religions, different visions, etc, etc, so that they should not fight with each other, but they should understand each other. Will you kindly explain to me the purpose of the Crusades?

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And will you kindly kindly explain to me your statement that the difference between Hinduism and the Islam religion, you said that it is Hinduism? And it is Islam religion? You never said that Hinduism is a religion.

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The difference which you stated, between Hinduism and Islam religion was that Hindus believe that everything is God.

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While Muslims believe that everything is God's, if everything is God's, why there is so much of killing, either in India or in any other part of the whole world, even in the Muslim countries also? Thank you very much, because very good question.

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And he said that, I said, my talk, that the Almighty God has created them in me from a single pair, male and female, and I've divided into different religions. Brother never said Almighty God divided the people of different religions, it will be recorded, and there was a different religion, I said in two different nations and tribes,

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races in colors, not religion. Allah says only one religion, Almighty God never divided the people of different religions. There's only one religion in the different nations and colors and variation in languages, so that you may recognize each other. So, let me know because this person you come from this particular race from this region, not religion, region, it is not religion. So your statement of religion or other things assign different languages, different colors, different nations,

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so that they may recognize each other, not that they should fight amongst each other. You said that I never mentioned that Hinduism or religion.

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I can disagree with you. I said religion is a belief in Almighty Koran Oxford Dictionary, to understand Hinduism. To understand the religion of Hinduism, you have to understand the concept of God. To understand the religion of Judaism, you have to understand the concept of God and Judaism. To understand religion of Christianity, you have to understand the concept of God and Christianity. To understand the religion of Islam, you have to understand the concept of God. And that's what I said,

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regarding differences Who has created not Almighty God, Allah clearly failed in Suriname, chapter six was 159. Anyone who breaks the religion intersects, Allah has nothing to do with him. You cannot divide the religion, anyone who divides is in the wrong. You asked me why are people killing each other? Yet they have lost them.

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Suppose as a teacher, you tell the people don't copy.

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And that the copy, who's to blame the teacher or the student, the student, your Almighty God has given a free will to the human beings, that you can do what you want. I've given you guidance, the last and final guidance.

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The last and final revelation is the Glorious Quran, the do's and don'ts as mentioned you and Allah says, and I mentioned my talking for a minute that chapter five, verse 32, if anyone kills a human being, whether it be Muslim or non Muslim, whether it be Hindu, Christian, see anyone unless it be for murder, or for spreading mischief in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of human race. If he says no human being, that saves all of humanity. So God Almighty doesn't like people killing each other. But if human beings don't want to follow who's to blame the human beings, so this world, the Quran says in Surah mulk, Chapter 16, verse number two, that this world, Allah has

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created death and life to test which of you is good Indeed, Allah has created death and life to test which of you is good Indeed, Allah doesn't interfere if he wants, he can. The Quran says if Allah wanted, he could have made all the people believe. But then where's the test? If the teacher wants he can easily pass all those 20 respectively the field teacher can but that will be passed in the free will of the student if the undergoing a test and if someone doesn't give a right answer.

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Yet the teacher passes then a person who has studied hard will object that is blocked so much for the examination, this person is copying and is cheating you right wrong and then you pass him for next batch. If the people realize that teacher passes everyone irrespective whether you're right or wrong answer, then everyone will stop studying, then you may get a degree or medical degree, but that doctor when he passes his medical, when it comes out, he will not cure the people he will kill the people. So therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala has given the guidelines in the glorious corner, do not kill do not harm other love people love your neighbor all that matter. But if people don't do

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that means they are not following the Quran. Let it be anyone. Let it be anyone, whether it be America, whether it be Pakistan, whether it be any country in the world, people may say see just by calling yourself a Muslim name of the law, arcade or Muhammad during a ticket agenda. Does by saying that you are a Muslim doesn't make you a Muslim? Muslim is not a label that okay, if I say a Muslim Muslim, Muslim means a person who submits his will to Allah subhanaw taala just by calling a person Zakir Abdullah mamma Shakur, these people, if they act, if they submit devil to Allah, then they're Muslims by calling them for Muslims. As the Quran says there are some people who are lip service

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Muslim. So people are killing they are not following the guidance of the Quran if they follow the guidance of the Quran. Peace will prevail throughout the world of damselfish.

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