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The importance of the "month of Hajj" in Islam is highlighted, as it is the last pillar of the five pillars of Islam. It is crucial to pay off debt and build oneself and be mindful of others' needs to avoid causing harm. The importance of forgiveness and fulfilling God's dreams is also emphasized. The importance of pelting in a pelting act is discussed, and it is encouraged to write down bad habits to avoid embarrassment and fulfill God's dreams.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Heba, Allah, Allah He was happy he urged me and my brothers and sisters, these are the days of Hajj, the month of hajj commence immediately after the month of Ramadan, shall well we'll get there, we'll Hijjah These are the months known as the month of hajj. We have had the contingent of a judge from Zimbabwe who left just a few days ago. We ask Allah Almighty to make it easy for them and to accept it from them. You need to know that Allah has made Hajj compulsory upon you and I only if you are able and capable to undertake the journey.

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So if you look at Islam, we always say there are five pillars of Islam. One of the greatest ways of connecting with Allah is to uphold the five pillars of Islam. And one of the pillars the last pillar is known as Hajj. Why is it the last pillar? It is for two reasons. One is that it's only once a lifetime, you don't have to do it more than once. You only have to do it once in your life. Once you've done it once in your life, it should have allowed you to arrive at a level of connection with Allah, that will change your life forever. Secondly, it is only if you can afford the journey in every way, and you are physically able and you have the permission from the rulers or the authority

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on land to go there. So that means is the TA Allah says,

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while in Heerlen see his journey by ng man is Tata li e sebelah. Allah has prescribed upon us all for Allah upon us is the pilgrimage of the house for those who are able to undertake the journey. That's the meaning of it. So you owe it to Allah and I owe it to Allah. When do I go as soon as I can afford it, and Allah has given me the wealth and the capacity, the ability, and nowadays we call it the visa. So you apply for it, sometimes you don't get it you are not sinful for as long as you tried. Similarly, if you cannot afford it, it's not compulsory on you what is the meaning of affording you afford the airfare you afford the accommodation and the food while you are there, some

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of the expenses while you are there for the five days and a little bit before a little bit after the transport, and while you are out all the obligations you have need to be fulfilled.

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If you have a debt of 5 million US dollars, for example, and you are paying every month, for as long as the monthly installments for the time, you are not going to be there or taken care of Hajj is still far off on you, even though you're in debt, because that is known as a prolonged debt. But if you owe someone money now, and it's not prolonged, they are chasing you for it, then you obviously cannot afford it because you need to pay the debt first. So those are the two types of debts. One is a long term debt. When there is a long term debt, you only need to look at the time you're going to be out. And while you're like rental, for example, for your property while you are out, you make

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arrangements for that your electricity, your water, your school fees for children, whatever else it may be for as long as while you're out, it's going to be taken care of you have to go for Hajj. Similarly, you don't delay say Nevermind, I can afford it. But I'm still too young. No, Allah Almighty has decided and dictated he is the one

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who decides when you are going to go for Hajj. That's it. You can afford it. You're able you're capable, and so on, you need to go when the next possible Hajj in Indonesia and I was there two weeks back. It takes years before your name actually comes up on the list. You apply sometimes 20 years later, your name comes up in some countries, 15 years, five years nowadays in South Africa as well. It takes a few years at times before your name comes. We are fortunate in Zimbabwe, the numbers are still pretty small. If you decide to go during the month of HUD you can still go for Hajj, may Allah Almighty make it easy for us. So we're fortunate in that regard.

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Now, sometimes people come up to you and say Listen, I need you to help me with some charity because I want to go for Hajj. That is wrong. In Islam, it is not permissible to give someone zakat in order to go for Hajj. It's like giving someone zakat to pay zakat. The guy says Listen, I don't have to pay zakat, but I want to pay the cat so give me some zakat so that I can pay this card it doesn't make sense. The same applies if you want to go for Hajj, how do you go with your own money or

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Someone can send you no problem. Someone can sponsor the trip, no problem for as long as it's not from zakat. Zakat is for the basic needs of the people need the people who have the food problems, the water problems, drinking clothing, accommodation, medicine, etc, sometimes even education and so on. So, to give someone zakat to go for Hajj is a mistake. May Allah Almighty protect us all. But when we make the journey, remember, you need to build yourself you need to, like they say Psych Yourself, I'm going for Hajj. This is a lifetime's journey. One one opportunity. As I leave, I am making sure that I have made peace with Allah and I'm going to make peace with the rest of the

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people. As many as I can you seek forgiveness from people. I'm going for what? They are not obliged to forgive you. You might go to someone please forgive me. I'm going for hundreds I'm not going to forgive you. It's okay. That's his right it was your problem. Why did you wronged him in the first place? Right? It doesn't mean I'm going for Hajj everything will be wiped out. No. If you have wronged a fellow human, it's not wiped out. So this is something interesting that you need to know. When you have done wrong to someone backbiting, slander, etc. It's a very dangerous crime because Allah forgives everything except the rights of a fellow human being which he leaves for that human

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being. When you go to them listen and going for Hajj, forgive me. They may say okay, no problem, you are forgiven, everything is clear. But they may say I haven't forgiven you, you've got to bear that in mind. May Allah make it easy. So as you go for Hajj, make sure you've made everything in order. You have saved yourself. Like I said, I'm going for this journey. And I'm not going there with any intention besides to fulfill what Allah has promised. Why is it a pillar of Islam a pillar? Because Allah loved the way Ibrahim alayhi salam adopted his instruction without asking a question. Allah invites you to pray five times a day. Hi yah, la Salah Come to Prayer who is saying that? It's

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Allah. It's the instruction of Allah. Allah is saying, Come to Prayer. When Allah instructs you, if it was Ibrahim alayhi salam before the instruction is even over. He's already beginning to fulfill it. What about us? Would you like to be a friend of Allah will answer the instruction of Allah when he instructs you adopted when he has asked you and so on. So Allah Almighty has written this for us. He says, You will go because I love Ibrahim alayhis salam so much go to the house he built, you will do things you might not understand. But I know this is an act of worship. I want to do it for me and me alone. We go love bake Allah Humala bake I'm at your service. Oh Allah, I met your service lab.

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bakerella. Cherie Calacatta, bake, I met your service, Oh Allah, there is none. In association of partnership with you. Oh Allah in Alhamdulillah named Metallica, one monk. Indeed All praise belongs to you all kingdom and all boons and gifts belong to you. An entire kingdom belongs to you, you own everything.

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Luxury kalloch. You have no partners. Oh Allah, you are alone. I'm here for who for you? Do you understand the instruction? You ask someone? Why do you go around the Kaaba seven times, they will tell you we don't know. It's just the instruction of Allah. That's the correct answer. It's the instruction of Allah, I'm doing it for Allah. I don't worship the box. I respect the box in the sense that I respect the fact that it is the house of Allah, but I don't rent the worship for it.

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I'm going around exactly as Allah tells us. And if you take a look at the orbits, and you take a look at all the various planets and the galaxies, as they were to say, all of them move in a similar anti clockwise manner. Subhanallah what is the connection? I don't know. I don't even know if there is one. But all I know, it's just intriguing to note that may Allah Almighty grant us goodness. Now I arrive in Saudi Arabia, for example. And as I come, I need to take with me a bag of patience because Allah tests you. It's not going to be easy. There are millions of others, you need to dress the way everyone else dressed.

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You need to wear these two pieces of cloth with simples footwear and nothing on your head. We're talking of the males here. The man next to you could be a king and the guy on the other side could have been someone who does who can't even afford anything. What do you do? No distinguishing. It should remind you of the day you're going to go in your grave and the day that you will be resurrected. You're all equal. You're all the same Subhanallah and what is what is everyone saying all of them dressed in the same way supposed to be at a similar place similar time saying the same things Oh Allah, we declare worship of yours and you alone Subhanallah the Hajj, may Allah make it

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easy for us to go there. So as you enter there are three types of HUD you need to know. The first is called a fraud if fraud means you will just go into Saudi Arabia

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to Makkah in order to make the Hajj alone with no ombre ombre is the minor pilgrimage and Hajj is the major pilgrimage. So if you're only making the major pilgrimage, it's quite simple. You go in you do what is known as powerful kudu, which is a tavas. And you would actually go to Mina on the eighth of the ledger to Arafa on the ninth of the ledger to miss Delhi for the ninth of the night, and to Mina again, the 10th 11th and 12th. That's as simple as Hodges. What we're going to do there I will mention in a few moments, but if you want to do another type of Hajj, I want to go there I want to make the minor pilgrimage and the major pilgrimage as well. I want to do hombre and I want

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to do Hajj.

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In that case, there are two options you have one is you can combine the two it's known as Quran to join the two What have I joined the Amara and then the Hajj. So I go in I do my tawaf, I do my Saturday, etc. And then I continue on the day of Hajj, the eighth I go to Mina and so and I continue further and complete as I said earlier, the ninth is for Arafah and the ninth in the evening is almost daily for the 10th is for Mina again and so on. What have I done two things, the ombre and the Hajj together. And I can choose to do what majority of the scholars say is the best one. It is the ombre and then I come out of a haram I come out of the condition of sacredness where I'm not

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allowed to cut my hair I cannot cover my head for example for the males, I cannot wear clothing beyond what I have the two pieces of cloth I cannot apply perfume and so on I come out of that condition and I wait for the days of Hajj. So for example, the people from this part of the world who already went there now there is still a while before Hajj, what will they do, they will do the minor pilgrimage now as soon as they arrive in Minar or sorry in Makkah, and they will come out of a haram and they will wait for the eighth of the ledger.

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On the eighth of the ledger they will wear their haram from Maccha and they will now engage in the Hajj alone. So they did their ombre they came out of a haram and now they will do the Hajj in one journey. The fact that you've had the opportunity to do both in one journey you Oh Allah Almighty what is known as hottie you need to sacrifice an animal Subhan Allah Allah gave you the chance to do two in one journey and you came out of your a haram mashallah Baraka So, these in the nutshell are the types of Hajj remember there are three, you either do Hajj alone with no umbra, you either do hajj and umrah in one journey together known as Quran or you either do Hajj and come out sorry Umrah

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and come out of a haram and then do the Hajj which is known as tomato tomahto means you have enjoyed the time between the Umbra and the Hajj in your plain clothes without the condition of the Haram in Makkah, then what would happen when it comes to the eighth of the hijab, all the judge will done the two pieces of cloth one once again, besides those who are doing Koran and fraud because they would already be in a haram. In fact, if you're doing a fraud, you can actually go straight to Mina. You would not be sinful to go straight to minimum. But if you have done tomato on the eighth, you put on your haram in Makkah and you go to Mina, why do I go to Mina? Well, Allah Almighty instructs you.

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That's the true answer. Allah has asked you to go there. He knows what he wants from you. You reflect over your life, you engage in the praise of Allah, you worship Allah, you do the remembrance of Allah in terms of dilla to the Quran, recitation of the Quran and the vicar and so on. But more importantly your condition Think about who you are what you've been doing all along. What is it that you want to change in your life? You're a Muslim, you're supposed to replug with Allah reconnect with Allah, what is it that you have in mind in order to change your entire life? You spent that day and that night in Mina The following morning, you ended up going to Arafa which is the most

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important day of Hajj. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says had Giraffa the Hajj itself is actually the Arafah if you have not been to Arafat, there is no charge for you. No matter how ill or sick you are. You need to go to Africa. If you haven't been there, no hutch, your heart is not done. So the following day, get up in the morning fulfill your Salat al Fajr and then you proceed to Arafa when you get to Arafa you spend the day again in the remembrance of Allah Ibadah crying to Allah making your DUA your supplications realizing how insignificant you are Oh man today on earth I can smell you that you're rich man because I can smell either the road

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or one of the names boss or whatever else it may be I can smell it. I know a this guy's got some money because I can smell the road. I remember when I lived in Saudi Arabia some time back. The biggest used to follow certain people you wonder why? But there was a sense if this man

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and can afford this st. He must be having at least one rial to give us. So when it comes to Hajj, notice you're not allowed to put perfume because it will distinguish you. You can't because if it were people would have said a smell this I can stand ahead of you, you know, it can't be you have to be the same. If you want to use an antiperspirant because you think you're swept might give off an odor, you may use something that is not scented, and it's healthy to do so. But when you get to Arafa, it gives you an opportunity to think how you are equal to everyone else the same. You're going to be facing Allah all these people are crying about their own needs, no matter who you are or

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where you're from, or what your condition is, you have needs that only Allah will be able to fulfill. So Allah wants you to do that. And subhanAllah once the Day of Arafah reaches the afternoon, it becomes the climax of the Hajj, Yom woof, it's actually called Wolkoff Bhairava you are now crying to Allah you are now really begging for forgiveness asking Allah to change your life. And once the sunsets before you read Marguerite Minh Asia, you leave Arafa all together in droves and where do you go to most deliver in Arafa there just a few tenths makeshift in was deliver there is almost nothing. You're lucky if you have a small little place otherwise you sleep the canopies

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the sky. You got to rest in out of a sorry it was deliver you sleep in the evening

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and you get up early. You collect some pebbles, you fulfill your salata Saba, and you proceed to where you proceed to Mina in order to pelt shaytan. What is the significance of this pelting? The significance is that at the time of Ibrahim alayhi salam, when Allah instructed him to do something, which was to sacrifice his son shaytan came to him on three occasions and he pelted Chapin

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so Allah wants you to pelt because when Allah instructs you in your life to do something, the same shaytan comes to you to tell you don't do it. So you need to pelt him in order to ensure that from within, I am fighting the devil. That's what it is. So more importantly than picking a big stone and a rock which is actually wrong. You got to pick a small pebble, it is what comes out from within you that is of importance, my jealousy, my hatred, my ill feeling my laziness to adopt Salat al Fajr. And whatever other else it may or the instruction it may be, all of that comes out. First pebble, second pebble, third pebble, fourth pebble, seven pebbles, and then you sacrifice an animal for the

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sake of Allah and shave your head. And what happens you come out of the Haram, you go to Makkah, you do what is known as Tau Alpha zero, which is absolutely important for the Hajj. Like I said, if you asked me why I have no answer, it's the instruction of Allah, you're a Muslim, submit to Allah. Allah told you to do it, do it, you will reap the wider benefits from it at some point and inshallah almost immediately

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thereafter, you go back to Mina for the next two nights and you pet your pet, all three shayateen. You come back, you can do your powerful Veda and you're ready to go home. That is Hutch in a nutshell. That is huge. In a nutshell, Mashallah. All of this, there are millions of people, the planning of it, the execution of it, the encouragement of it, the facilitation of it, everyone gets a full reward of the hearts of the people who are there. The only difference is in that case, the heart is fulfilled. And in this case, it's only a reward of the heart you still need to fulfill yours.

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That's the difference. So may Allah make it easy for us. My brothers and sisters, I want to say one last point, the idea of the Hajj is for us to change our lives and reconnect with Allah. Whenever you go for something major like Hajj, ask yourself How has my life changed? Did I stop the lies, the falsehood, the swearing, the bad mouthing, the cheating, the deceiving? Whatever else it may be if I have good news, it's an accepted hedge. If I haven't, why did you waste your time? Okay, the follow up might be fulfilled but you did not achieve a broader benefit from it. So seek the forgiveness of Allah and Allah will open your doors well Allah Allah knows he will bait money Stata, Isla Isabela,

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that verse declaring the compulsion of Hajj is not a small verse.

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And Allah Almighty wants us to leave our bad habits in that same place where we pelted the devil. Imagine you're going to be throwing at least 42 to 49, stones and pebbles. And if you're going to remove 49 Bad habits of yours, I'm sure that's enough, right? You can't even write 49 Bad habits. If I told you today, write down 49 of your bad habits. You might write 710 and you'll get tired, but you need to work on it. You need to become a better person. And that's the idea. Do you know in West Africa and in other countries of the world, when a person comes from Hajj, their title changes forever.

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What are they known as El Hajj, el Hajj. Why to continuously remind you Hey, you made Hajj you're not supposed to do this. You made Hajj you're not supposed to do that you may have had you may have had you're on another level al Hajj Al had they call each other al Hajj why because you did hajj it was in our cultures as well up to not so long ago Haji saw Haji so we have now removed it. We call each other by the first name in fact we we chop it no how's it man? That's what that's how we talk to each other. Sorry, his name is Muhammad by the way. But to be honest with you, that's how we talk to each other.

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You know what? To remember that you made Hajj is something very important. May Allah Almighty bless all of us. Grant us ease and goodness. And like I say, may he take us for Hajj. May He make it easy for us to go at the moment. We have it easy going in our country you want to go for Hajj you can go for the next one. In other countries they don't have it that easy and who knows how long it's going to last? Well Allah He I tell you it's so difficult. People are crying. 510 15 years later, my name has not yet come up Allahu Akbar. May Allah make it easy for us all. ukwu Lokali ha That was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad