Should a woman cover her feet during the Prayer

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The speaker discusses the issue of covering one's feet during prayer, stating that it only takes a few seconds to wear socks and that the woman must repeat her prayer while her foot is covered. The speaker also mentions that the first matter in Islam is a solid, and that anyone who refuses to pray with her foot uncovered will face problems. The speaker concludes that anyone who refuses to pray with her foot will face problems, but the Sefa opinion is cover until the Sun Earth is the first thing to be addressed.

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does a woman have to cover her foot when she prays or not? We all know this matter. It's always comes up from time to time. Yeah, my brothers and sisters in Islam or, more specifically my Sisters in Islam, listen and pay attention to what I'll say about this matter. And I'll say it once and I won't repeat it.

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Yeah, any NGO Mhor, the majority of olema say that the entire body of a woman must be covered when she prays except her face and hands. So that means the majority opinion is that the foot must be covered. That's number one. Number two, a channel to get serious

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Mahabali Molokhia madhhab amalickiah, the melachim of hub and a share fairy math hub, two giants of Islam, two big mother heavy in Islam. They said their opinion is that if a woman prayed with her foot uncovered,

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then her prayer is invalid.

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amalickiah said that if she is still within the time of solid, she must repeat her prayer while her foot is covered.

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Well Imam Shafi also said the same thing.

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Yanni, what I want to say now is and I'm not here to debate the matter of Allah here. I'm not here to debate the matter. I know there are opinions in where it is fine, and no problems a woman can pray with her foot uncovered, and that it does not invalidate her prayer. And her prayer is correct. But I'm going to see this. We all know that the first matter that is questioned on the Day of Judgment is a solid.

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Since you know it's the first matter questioned, and that the safest opinion is to cover your foot. It only takes two three seconds to wear socks. Then why? Why do you keep asking this question and avoiding this matter? Put your socks on and pray with peace. Right. I just wanted to mention this as a side point, if we know that the solid is the first thing that is questioned on the Day of Judgment, it just go and pray correctly and just avoid the difference of opinion. Even though we respect the difference of opinion, hmm. And if and if a woman that is listening to me now has studied a Sharia and her teacher has taught her that it is fine. And it's permissible to pray

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without the foot being covered. And if that's what you learn, and your prayer is correct, and it's not invalid. I respect that. No problems continue if this is what you believe continue to issue. I'm just saying the safer opinion on Huawei. The Sefa opinion is cover since the Sun earth is the first thing that is questioned and until that two great imams in Islam mentioned that the prayer is invalid

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if the foot is uncovered, block one