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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the legality of hedging loans and mortgages while planning trips, and warns against people coming back to avoid disaster. They also mention that debt should not stop people from going to Hajj, as long as they have a payment plan in place. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and donate to the cause.
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Is it permissible for you to do hedge whilst you have loans, mortgages or people money?

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I want you to understand why this even discussion is there because hydrawise was this kind of indeed once in a lifetime arduous journey that would take absolute weeks and sometimes from other places, you know, months and, and it was dangerous and long, and there's a big chance people don't come back and whatever. And therefore, if you've got debts, and they're active, and you haven't told the people, then you're just gonna leave them hanging. And if you do that intentionally, that's a disaster. We know that is not something which is allowed to do. However, some debt that you are actually in control of you have every intention of paying, you've set up installment plans that's

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going on every day, whether you go on holiday, or here or there. They're the same rules apply. Just as you don't ask your the person to your money to dislike you don't ask them for permission to go to holidays of Pakistan, go to the parent or go to Dubai or go to Canada for three, four weeks. So why are you suddenly asking them permission for Hajj each or one of these trips is dangerous as the other and it's just crept in under the Hajj kind of game that suddenly if I've got that I can't go broke, you are obligated to go. Okay, if you've got a deck which is completely under control in installments, and is not something which is on top of you, because if it's really dominating your

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finances, then that means you don't even have enough money to be obligated to go to Hajj. But as should a person stop planning going to Hajj because, listen, it's not just a case of I'm only going to go Hajj if I have the money. Because if you are able to you don't not obligated, but if you're able to come across money to earn more to work more, even though you're not required to do so. But if you did, and you came across the money and you were paying money back, it might be a great option for you to go to home or unhappy because the purpose of life seldom said and had is

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that they actually want to know that they actually extinguished poverty and sins, meaning that you could actually be better for your finances, you'd bless your wealth actually by going to Hajj as opposed to losing out. So don't let that stop any of you. Of course, it's not permissible for you to be just willy nilly taking Islamic taking mortgages. Islamic mortgage is something different. We'll speak about that in a different video. But these conventional mortgages, we should be avoiding them You shouldn't have one of those anyway. But if you do, that should not stop you going to hedge it does not legally stop you from going to hedge. You have everything legally in place for it to

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continue by your payment plans. And that should then continue. But individuals that you might own

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a certain set of money, it is etiquette to tell them, let them know that I'm going and that if there is some kind of problem then you can get your money from my estate and my inheritance and blah blah blah. That's good advice. But debts in of themselves should not stop a person for going to Hajj. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.

Shaykh Abu Eesa discusses

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