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AI: Summary © The ongoing conflict between Islam and Muslims, including Omar campaigns in Dallas, Texas, and the Dallas Center, is causing deadly violence and negative consequences for the American community. The conflict between Israeli and Jewish communities is causing deadly violence and negative consequences for the American community. The speakers discuss the history of the attack on Jerusalem and the loss of the city of Jerusalem, as well as the importance of being a good stewards of the world and protecting people's identities. They criticize the media's portrayal of the situation and the importance of helping people. The pandemic's impact on Muslims is discussed, as well as the use of social media to express one's views.
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He's saying give them *. And he says, I need you to find me at Jewish families. And then you had a Omar Suleiman stepping up and telling him to go to *, that we're willing to volunteer to move to Jerusalem so we can reestablish the Jewish presence in the city to see someone like Omar Suleiman the stuff that's left out of your history book when Palestine is free, people like him are going to be ashamed that they did this guy right here in

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Dallas, in our country. I'm not talking to you right now. You're a sellout. We're trying to build our Dallas center here. Islam is violent, my

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brothers and sisters this is exactly why we need the Dean center because we have over 300 million Americans who know nothing about Islam like this guy.

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The Dallas center in our country from Surah nine is the most violent chapter of the Quran, the dissenter will be a source of light, a mega data center and educational center, helping our brothers and sisters in humanity. truly understand Islam and Muslims and brothers and sisters. Remember the great rewards of just guiding one person humanity to the truth is better than everything in this dunya so getting on all the rewards and blessings. Click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you.

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As salaam alaikum greens of peace, welcome to the show. I'm your host scribe, if you haven't already hit that notification bell woke up this morning. And you saw that there was a state of war. And we wanted to go ahead and shed some light on more of the context of the relationship between Islam, Muslims and Jews. And with me here is share use of how are you la Monica Hamza, look at yourself. Good, good. hamdulillah it's good to see you. You too.

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We had very interesting, some very interesting developments as again, disclaimer is very sad. Anytime you know, innocent life is taken. Human life is precious life and we'd like nothing more than to a peace with all of our neighbors. What do you think about that? Of course, that's that's an Islamic concept.

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community cohesion, living together coexistence, living side by side, helping one another in that which we have common ground on is definitely these are all Islamic values that we uphold and live for. And stand by in the midst of all this you have Jordan Peterson Peterson, who the last time when we met, actually, we were actually praising Jordan Peterson, you remember? And now he actually tweeted, and we'll go through some of these tweets. He's saying give him * he's talking. Enough is enough. And we're not going to get into some details specifics here. But just generally, some generals here that we'll be discussing, so and then you had Omar Suleiman stepping up and telling

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him to go to *. So it was I didn't know he had a minute he is nice to him. I'm quite surprised. And yeah, it's it's, I mean, let me get through. So we got our brother, Sheikh Omar so a month stepping up and telling Jordan Peterson to go to * Subhan Allah. And then you have and these are all under the tweets on the there, Daniel step said and he says How does it feel he's talking to Jordan Peterson to be a cheap prostitute. He's talking to to Jordan Peterson. You have Samir Khan owned she says own you have Amir Colin, I had him recently on the program. He's telling Jordan Peterson and you can see a lot of Muslims actually respected Jordan Peterson. Right. And you were

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wondering whether right for the right reasons. Yeah. And then he says, When I watched Jordan Peterson being played on daily wire by little bed and an arrow, I thought he would be intelligent enough to figure out that he was being played, but I guess the benzos the money has done their damage. And you got Robert Carter, saying yeah, that's it. Peter said earn your new paycheck. You little holies called wow. Oh, so it hasn't been taken down?

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That's allowed on Twitter. Yeah. So your thoughts when you when you see this? Obviously there's it's a declaration of war right now. There's with Israel, we've seen operations and whatnot. But now it's a I guess it's, you know, this, this, this, this nonsense, this, this oppression that's been happening to the Palestinian people for decades. Now, if not more, is something that obviously is is

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an it's very sad to see that the American people have not woken up to this yet. hamdulillah by the by the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the means of social media, YouTube and these, you know,

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smartphones, and so on and so forth. I think a lot of people have somewhat more access, definitely more than than before, because before you'd only get the standard narrative that you're going to get from that part of the world regarding us to what's happened in between the Israeli Palestinian conflict as they'd like to put it on.

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But in reality, it's not the Israeli, Israeli Palestinian conflict. It's the oppression, the injustice, the ongoing injustice is that keep perpetuating against the Palestinian people. I mean, this is literally an apart hide that's existed in China transpired in the 21st century in 2023. This is happening, where people are not allowed, right to even access to basic necessities. And the average American I think, is simply not aware as to what is going on, in what has been taken place. In that part of the world. A lot of people think, Oh, it's just these crazy, nutcase, Palestinians who have absolutely nothing to do than to roam the streets and to cause havoc and to cause damage.

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Right to the to the Jewish people. That's not what's happening over there. I want to get your reaction to this. And this is what probably got a lot of a lot of people upset with Jordan Peterson if he's trying to really be a man of peace or someone promoting peace doesn't seem like it. Why wouldn't he try to, you know, this is self evident. It's something that you you you look at, I've had Miko Pillard. He's written a book the general sun, I don't know if you got a chance to see that he's an Israeli Jew. He's someone who's putting his neck on the line coming out and speaking against these in justices that are happening when Palestine is free, people like him are going to be ashamed

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that they did this. He's gonna be embarrassed that he did this famous rabbi who lived in Jerusalem, he was one of the anti Zionist rabbis, like Rabbi Weiss that you interviewed. And he was interviewed by a student of his and the student said to him if

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if you were in charge, today will be the first thing that you would do.

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And this rabbi said, the first thing I would do is I would ask the Palestinians to come back.

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And the student says, Why What are you talking about the terrorists they want to kill us? And the rabbi's name is Rabbi Omraam Rabbi Imran Blau and the rabbi said, Who told you that? Who told you that the Arabs were going to kill us? We had great relations with the Muslims in the Arabs back in the day, you know, his family lived in Hebron and his whole family lived in Jerusalem that always had you know, Jewish minorities. He said we had great relations, we share the same values we share the similar culture you know, we all treat each other with respect there was only only when the Zionists came

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the beginning of the 20th century that the terrorism began that the violence began and it was initiated not by the Palestinians not by the Arabs and the Muslims by the Zionists you know open air prism basic you know, on one side you got people full running water electricity all deal imagine you now you're on the other side and only for a fraction of the time maybe two 5% of the time you get that running water you get dirty water you get electricity 24/7 on one side cross the street on the other side of the fence you got it for only you know a fraction of the time maybe one few hours a week or something so basic you know, human life is not being kids are being

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thrown in jail you got babies being killed you got this is this is daylon These are people credible people got Rabbi Weiss I've had him on the show power solid has the right to be free i read his own acceptable

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acceptable what he's doing so it's not the thing is is not like a Jew Muslim thing. And that's why I wanted you to react to this this next one this is a university professor, it's wanting us talking about this history. We're going to show here because that's the greater scheme of things Jordan Peterson is this he can he could actually do some good he can call people to really you know, come into the past present and try to do some good with that platform instead of you know what's he saying? Just go go go get them indiscriminate we know what happens when you haven't discriminate killing bombing of civilians or can't get out like Sure. I want to make this very clear our stance

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is the Prophet Muhammad stance that you know, I'm putting this hadith on the wall do not kill any child woman elderly you know the practice of treachery in operating tree this is like the commandments award this is pretty straight you know, killing one innocent child not combat and as you kill the world, so this is our stat this is you know, we love nothing more than peace, but just giving the greater context of things here, let's get into this video and get your your take on this so people can see the history of how Muslims have really been towards Jewish people. This is not a Muslim jurist, this is this is when you have the Zinus who are taking jars the good differentiation

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Yeah, okay, so the context here we'll just play a clip is now Muslims came and conquered Jerusalem, Ahmad, head of state, he conquers now and they had done you know, all sorts of, you know, treachery and whatnot. Now his chances to take revenge, right, but he didn't and he did the same thing problem Mohammed did when he came in 10,000. Strong to Mecca, and he ended up showing mercy spread the peace spread the food, he's found example problem habit. After that Saladino UV would do the same

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I think we're making a short concise people go check this history out. You don't get to learn this using school. This professors teaching this history in school. Now he's getting to the point where Omar Rhodiola Hein, he's saying like where the Jews and watch what happens next. And at that point, the Caliph says, I want to see the Temple Mount.

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Insofar as this goes, why,

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and how it goes because it's Holi its Holi everybody's holy the Christians, it's holy to Jews, it's holy to Muslims, and so forth. Yes, guys. Now, we haven't been treating it as holy that anybody

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and I'm I'm Nakata, because what do you mean? And so Sephora says, so after we tore down the Second Temple of Solomon, when we conquered Palestine,

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we turned the temple mount into a garbage jump to punish the Jews.

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And so, how it goes, What do you mean? And so far as goes, yeah, we've been there's like 500 years of refuse on that thing. It's just the garbage dump.

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And he'll show me they walk up to the Temple Mount, in the * of can't believe what he's looking at. He falls on his knees, and he begins clearing the garbage by His hands. His army sees their leader on his knees clearing garbage and they run up and they start clearing the garbage themselves.

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And they clear the garbage off the Temple Mount.

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Calif goes, Okay.

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I want to meet some of the Jews living in Jerusalem. And so funniest goes, there are no Jews in Jerusalem.

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And the half goes, What do you mean, there's no Jews in Jerusalem, the city is holy to the Jews. How can there be no Jews? And he says, well as Christians, we pretty much murder them every chance we get we really hate Jews. In fact, in the war, we just did it against the Persians, the Jews sided with the Persians. And so we murdered 20,000 Jews in Jerusalem, and completely purged the city of its remaining Jewish population.

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And Omar Milka Tom goes, No, this is wrong, you can't do this.

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And so he turns to a convert to Islam, a Jewish convert to Islam. And he says, I need you to find me at Jewish families that were willing to volunteer to move to Jerusalem so we can reestablish a Jewish presence in the city. And that's how the Muslims conquered Jerusalem. And that's the stuff that's left out of your history book. Isn't that crazy? Because isn't that an amazing story? That's the stuff that's left out of your history. If we would have just talked about it's one thing, but now you have an academic this a perfect we know this history, right? But this is the stuff they're leaving out of the history books, intentionally. So why would if if Muslims hated Jews? Why would

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they want to? Oh, my God, he's repopulate. There's no, no. I mean, do they understand that? This is like no Jews in Jerusalem, they're gone. They've been being killed, you know, the Christians are killing them. And he's like, where are they at? He's showing you looking for the Temple Mount. It's covered what would garbage how many hundreds of years so he restores it. And then he basically gets 80 families to repopulate Jerusalem. Look at the respect he's even showing. Do look at that. Yeah. So are they your enemy? Because of that? No, I think we, as you mentioned earlier, I think there's the bench marker. I think the differentiating factor is are we talking about Zionists? Zionists

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here? Or? Or are we speaking of Jews and Christians? I think there's there's a big I mean, you have many Jews, Jewish, right, just so I'm not accused of being an anti Semite, because today, if you criticize, just by criticizing, not Judaism, but you know, Zionism and what the state of Israel is doing, you're immediately deemed an anti Semite. Right? It's as if there's absolutely no room for legitimate criticism, that's just but uh, you know, pollyannish that's just Pollyanna Street, daydream and you cannot criticize what they're doing. Right? There is no room for that. Absolutely. zip, zilch, nada, not a scintilla, right, unfortunately. And this what makes you know things you

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know, it exacerbates the matter even more. So the problem is not necessarily having an issue with them because they're Christian or because they're Jews. We have many even during the the the even during the high time or the golden age of Islam. You had. It's not like it's a fantasy, community cohesion and coexistence. It's not a fantasy people talk about it like it's a fantasy, as though it never existed in history before. You had Muslims living next to Christians. Christians love it and living next to Jews, Jews living next to Muslims and certain Jews actually occupied certain you know,

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certain positions even in the Islamic government, right? So it's not our beef here is not necessarily with Oh, because they're Jews are because they're Christians. I mean, we as Muslims were obviously allowed to marry Jewish women, men are allowed to marry Christian women. So if the beef was necessarily without Jews or Christians, then Muslim men would not be allowed to marry Jewish women or Christian women, but the beef is not necessarily there. Yeah, you know, you make you make me think of something else here. I think we, as Americans, I think we really have to move beyond this idea. I mean, at first, I think it was we can we could get away with being gullible, naive,

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unaware and ignorant of what is taking place in the world. But I think today, with the proliferation of social media, smartphones, and the access to the internet, I don't think we can get away with the idea that, Oh, the world has a problem with us simply because of our freedoms and liberties. This is utter, this is just asinine. I think the world has when you when you commit atrocity after atrocity to a people, when we have a bad track record here, although I'm kind of shifting, shifting gears here a bit. We're talking about Zionist now I'm talking about what we're as Americans here, what we're doing across the globe in the world, we have to kind of look at ourselves and see well. Have

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we been good stewards around the world? Yes, we're helping the poor, we're helping the needy, but I think we've done we've we've been the cause of a lot of carnage in the world. And I think it is time for us as Americans to own up and to speak to that and acknowledge perhaps maybe why some parts of the world have a problem with us. And it's not because of our you know, liberties or freedoms. Maybe it's because what we've done to them over the decades.

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What do you what do you think is the reasoning for you have someone like Omar Suleiman, who's telling Jordan Peterson to go to *? He's got more he's pretty worked up. I'm, I'm Why would he? I mean, what would there's what's the context Now you would think like I am, I am elated to see someone like Omar Suleiman

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a couple of your Haney Salahuddin Orajel. Bismillah, Masha, Allah. Yeah, Annie. Good move. Good move, that we're moving beyond the whole compassionate talk about love and mercy. I think that's good. We got a lot of compassion, love, and so we follow the mercy of the Prophet and mercy, but we don't again, we don't want to overdo it. Where we become the pushovers. Yeah. So kudos to Dr. Omotoso. Amen. Yes, absolutely. And then you have over here, they're pretty much a lot of people saying the same thing. So if Jordan Peterson is sincere, and he's reading somebody's comments, and he's like, there's gotta be something there like, you know, everyone from the comments here pretty

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much saying they've all bought he's pretty much bought he's so he pretty much sold his soul. You know, what, what's what's, I don't know where to begin when it comes with Jordan Peterson because when he when he is the man is a mountain of knowledge, a very knowledgeable person and a very smart and intelligent person. No one can take that away from him. And this is not me saying, hey, let's bring him to our next conference. Please. This is not what I'm getting at here. But I've noticed when he starts speaking about issues out of his domain, he really starts to speak nonsense, man at Mintaka lemma. Comacchio camellia Kowloon can Manteca lemma theory defended here tabula hijab,

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whomsoever speaks outside of his own field of expertise will come with very wild, ludicrous and bizarre ideas. And unfortunately, this is what's happening with him. So a bit of humility on his part, Jonnie Salahuddin, it's a disgrace for a man of that stature in that men of popularity really, to utter nonsense like this. Rabbi was disappointed you had you had I've had Rabbi Shapiro on the program, and other Jews. The incompatibility between Judaism and Zionism many Jews believe wrongly, that Zionism is either part of Judaism or is compatible with Judaism, or is even the main part of Judaism. All of those are actually false. Zionism was created to negate Judaism. Zionism was created

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to replace Judaism. The differences between Zionism and Judaism are vast, the vast and profound the propaganda that designers have turned out for the past 100 years, have confused and conflated Zionism and Judaism such that when the average person walks down the street, he thinks that the State of Israel is the Jewish state. He thinks that Zionism is Judaism. And he doesn't know the difference. This group of Jews here are students of the students of the late sokola, Rabbi royal Teitelbaum, who was the greatest disseminator of the clarity regarding the difference between Judaism and Zionism. Mikos friend of mine, I consider he's

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He's someone out there who's speaking the truth. And I would really recommend people who want to know the truth, to go look into some of their work. We believe that the IDF is the most moral army in the world.

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The Israeli media is playing this shameful role of collaborating with occupation, the government, the army to secret services don't want you to tell. And the consumers, the readers in the viewers don't want to hear and don't want to know. And they someone will ask what happened here? How come the D society is living in this denial? I try to whistling the darkness. I don't see it as any influence on the country, you see that? Everything goes to the opposite direction. So what's the point? I remember I asked my father the same question. And one day he said, Well, I don't want them to be able to say that they didn't know. Yeah. And they cannot say they didn't know. I mean, these

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are Norman Norman Finkelstein. Okay. I mean, what a man Yeah. Do you know who that is? Yes, yes. Yeah. May Allah guide him to Islam he is Volkl he does not? He does not he does not know the art of sugarcoating. Swinomish Allah May Allah guide him to Islam right I mean, no, I mean, imagine if we were chanting you know if you if you see something like this this is not what God conscious people people who are you know, people no Muslim should be chanting death to Moses or you know, even in Islam you have don't curse their gods. What does Allah say? Are they what at the civilian government during the life of Allah Allah? Show this clip real quick?

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What do you think when you see that? I mean, again, I don't I don't. I have follicle. It really, really comes off as being Satanic and diabolical. I mean, it's not enough that you're oppressing the people but you're finding joy and taking pleasure in doing so. We don't have our way of life. submission to the Creator, not the creation doesn't teach us to hate certain group of people because they're a certain group of people. You have many Jews who actually even accepted Islam live peacefully even if they don't accept that, you know, there isn't their life and property everything they have. They have certain rights in Islam that now can not even be transgressed, you know, their

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right to worship their right to you know, live their lives according to the church, even the churches, even the church dogs we as Muslims do not have the right to desecrate those areas or to vilify those those places because Islam does consider although although they're not it's not a mission, but Islam still consider though that we still consider those places to be sacred places. They are not to be touched, when I had Rabbi Weiss on and Miko villa, and many of them confirm this that even before the Zionist Zionist is more people are atheists, they really don't even have much sure just as as more of a atheist, you know, more in line with the Bowsher with people like this.

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But I mean, you have good people like this, like Miko, Pillet, and the rabbi and they come out and you talk about even the chief rabbi at the time because people don't know that the Christians are also being oppressed there even Christians. I was gonna mention that. Yes, they are. So what was happening there is that before this occupation, you had Christians, Muslims and Jews, they were all together living in peace before 1948 They were living they were living there. There were Jews there. There were Muslims and Christians. They're all living side by side and they got along just fine. Yeah, they watch each other's kids. Right. There was like, there was actual peace. Yeah. And the

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chief rabbi at that time was saying, No, this is not do not do this. They were like, I remember doing this interview with the rabbi. Right. And Rabbi Shapiro, he holds one of the greatest conferences, biggest conferences to have, like, I don't know 1000s 1000s of rabbis coming together, right, who are really against this whole this whole movement that's you know, causing this chaos. You know, Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran in surah Al Imran just it's just so we're not painting everybody with the same brush. I think I think these two verses are very relevant. In one verse, Allah Spano without us as a woman, Al Kitab him and that man who became a body you d like women, how

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many women how many men who BD now I didn't like you at the lake Illa madam Talia, HIPAA EMA.

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So, in of middle at the burial here, it's of the People of the Book that if you entrust them with a huge amount of wealth, they will readily and happily give it right back to you. But some of them if you entrust them with just one dinar meaning a very medical meager amount, they will not give it back to you until you stay running after them. Right so clearly here. The Quran is not painting the Jews or the Christians with one brush. They're saying that they're not the same in Saudi Arabia and Iran the same surah Allah says Lisa Mina al Kitab. They are not the same of the People of the Book.

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Yeah, right. And again, we don't approve, you know, it's very clear like opened up with their Hadith even the Quran you know

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human life is precious life. We talked about this before many of the you know the many of the things that Islam espouses and whatnot. Let me get into this next next tweet here this is from our brothers Zhi Shan smile the Janome. He says the US government doesn't have money to solve the plight of its citizens, but it has plenty of to support the occupation and impress or oppression of Palestinians, then we wonder why it's so messed up there. Here are 8 billion reasons why now you just have here. US President Biden approves emergency military aid package to Israel $8 billion.

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And we have people laying on the ground outside of hotels in the middle of downtown intense in many populated cities, Metropolis cities, big cities here in America. You're You're telling me our own citizens here, and I speak here as an American, you're telling me that they are not more deserving of that money.

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You have people laying in tents, people after the pandemic, losing their homes, families being destroyed, because of the economic stress that that you know, took a toll on them. But we have money just to send off left and right. Yeah, this this is going to anger a lot of people we the taxpayers. Yeah. And I wanted to really push that point home that again, this is not something that is

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where Muslims are just hate Jews. You know, you have this professor here. Why would just for the thinking person, why would this professor here? Jewish professor David Weinstein, I brought this up many times because it's so profound intolerable. He and his JCS essay in a Jewish Chronicle slum saved the jury How's Islam gonna save you if it hates you? You know, if it's Muslims are called to terrorize to hate you to you know, when when Muslims are saving you, and this is in essence to you know, the time when they were being persecuted. Albania, Turkey, Bosnia, you have they were running and being from flood for persecution. In France. The Muslims at that time were putting their lives

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on life to save the Jewish people. They were forging documents for them. You know about that? What are your thoughts on that? Well, that's because Islam teaches us to stand up for our principles.

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Right? Another verse that comes to mind is where Allah says lay in Hakim Allah Who on the lead in LMU party LUCAM for Dean, while I'm Johanna Joker, Mindy recomendable, Raha moto Paseo por la him in the LA Habermas zipline, Allah basically in the Quran says that Allah does not

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keep you from being good to those who did not fight you for your religion or drive you out of your homes. These are the two conditions right? So being good, extending the helping hand, right? Being just towards them. This is this is a religious obligation, even to the atheist, you might have some atheists who are watching this like when when you see someone who is in need of help, although even if they're an atheist, they don't believe in God right? I as a Muslim, it is still my duty and obligation to help help them if I can give an extend to help enhance Islam clearly condemns I've just repeated it so many times, certainly of non combatants, innocent men, women and children. This

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is very clear. What could Jordan Peterson if you were going to have a message for him he obviously had maybe still have some who are not aware of but now more people are going to be aware of

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his stance and you know, towards this whole thing. What do you think he could be doing differently if you because you admire someone whose work I did also, but the direction he's going and many people are saying he just bought now and he's really not done on the line of truth. What would you say you can he can do differently? Jordan Peterson if he if he listens to this, when Palestine is free, people like him are going to be ashamed that they did this. He's gonna be embarrassed that he did this. I think he's been extremely biased. I think he's been he's looking at things from from one side. And of course, there are always two sides to a story. But I don't think he has had enough time

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to kind of dig thoroughly, in seriously intelligently as to what in the world is taking place on the other side. And him being who he is, owes it to himself expediently and urgently to take a look as to what's happening on the other side, and then you feel free, and you're welcome to tweet whatever it is that you feel, but don't base your judgment off of this one skewed, one sided, skewed nonsense. Do your research study the same way you've done your studies for everything else? diligently in theory

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really scrutinize what has taken place

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in that part of the world before tweeting this and I don't think anybody would have heart anybody who is a well wisher for anybody to look at the oppression that's happening. I mean just people being treated worse than animals. I mean, it's an it's the present day apartheid. People get upset if you mistreated an animal. Yeah, let alone a human being, you know, I mean, what is human rights? What is Human Rights Watch? Where are they? And all this? Yeah, many of many have condemned, but, you know, the global elites and people the movers and shakers they're silent to these oppressions that are happening and I think good hearted Americans and others out there. I often recommended the

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book of MIKO Pillard. Some of his his because he's in early July, his father was the original signer of the Declaration of Independence for Israel. So he is really somebody has put his neck on the line and look at some of these other people like Robert Robert Weiss, Sapiro. And look what they're saying, Jewish sure, when is Jewish or Israeli and see the other side of the coin? Why are they coming out and speaking on behalf of the oppressed because they are oppressed and there are people who don't like to see oppression. So with that said, thank you very much for helping us to cover this briefly and was like, we we wish that truth and peace and all the good prevails? Because we

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really want to live in peace with our neighbors and the rest of mankind. We indeed we do. Yes. And we started with peace we'll have more peace, peace be with you a solid article on how to lower the Kappa Kamala, thank you guys for tuning in. Don't forget to go ahead and if you'd like to see more learn more about Islam and Muslims. I'll give you a free copy of the Quran visit the deen Get your free copy there and don't miss any future episodes by subscribing. hit that notification bell and we'll see you next time until then. Peace be with us. Salaam aleikum. I have no doubt that lives in LA Italia. It will be a successful project in sha Allah. I've had the blessing of knowing

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brother Eddie since he started the deen show and he's one of the most sincere and most dedicated people to the data with that I have ever met. So please do support. The dean center does that Kamala who hate on

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