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One of the most beautiful feelings one can experience is the feeling of success. When you exert effort and you work hard, and then you see the fruit of this effort, in your success in your victory. It's such a beautiful feeling and the happiness that feels one's heart, even if you succeed in something small and it's important that we strive and try to succeed in this dunya right. But in the akhira, Allah subhanho wa Taala describes success by saying about the Allahu Anhu Mwaura do and delicate FileZilla Halim, Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with him Subhana wa Taala and that is the real success, the real victory. And imagine how happy we feel here when we succeed

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in something regards to the dunya imagine what kind of happiness and what kind of feelings we would have when we succeed in the akhira that is the true success succeed in the dunya but make sure that you're also working towards succeeding in the akhira as well about the Allahu Anhu what to do and