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generosity. How about the Night of Power? How about little kids even more free? How about the ones who can't fast? Look lost hundreds Allah says in the Hadith, he who breaks someone's fast is freed from hellfire. Man Photography saw him when can I come? Subhanallah Do you feel His love? Your eyes tear out of love for him out of desire to meet with him Subhana Allah. Let's go on to the third reward, supplication or DA is accepted. This is the month for making dua, the month in which your supplication will be accepted. The Prophet SAW Selim said, and for the fasting person is a prayer at the time of breaking his fast that is never denied. The Prophet SAW Selim said that do you believe

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the Prophet salallahu Salam never denied led to rot Dawa to learn torah and that's why the verse in the Quran say that says what he does I like it Dr. NIFA in your colleague Wuji without a die either Dan polyester G booty Well, you know be La la la la mujer Shizune and when My servants ask the concerning me, I'm in the close to them. Listen, I listened to the prayer of every supplicant when he called it on me. This verse came right after the verses that we're talking about Ramadan. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm gonna put a value on the CME comm equity radical, Allah Levine amicably come to the end. Oh, you who believe fasting has been prescribed to you, as it was prescribed to those

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before you. This verse about the diet came right after why because Ramadan is a month in which prayer or dua is accepted, supplication is accepted. Okay? What's our fourth reward? A treasure of good deeds can zoom in Al Hasan, it's the Prophet SAW, Selim says, whoever draws nearer to Allah subhanaw taala by performing any of the optional good deeds in this month, shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time. So two records of similar or equivalent to the prayer, and then he goes on saying, and whoever performs an obligatory deed and this month shall receive the reward of performing 70 of the majority at any other time. So imagine every

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obligatory deed is multiplied by 70. And the deed is 10. Allah has an adventure I'm sorry.

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What is this? Isn't it enough that Allah subhanaw taala already raised our sins No. And take deeds take multiply deeds, Ramadan guys is like a sale. It's a sale and good deeds a clearance grab as much as you can grab while you can. While you're still here. You don't know if you're going to be here next year or not. Nobody will lie. Nobody knows when it's going to end for them. Grab while you can you're here you're lighter in Ramadan, take as much good deeds as you can. Allah subhanaw taala has given you one is equivalent to 10 and your normal dot multiplied by 70. Well know how you die if you and your shirt. Let's take an example. So the five prayers and what's kind of Attalus is a good

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is multiplied by 10. So the five prayers multiplied by 10 and since we Ramadan, we multiplied by 70. That's 3500 deeds for one prayer.

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Who ever does that? Who like you buy something for $1 you get something that's worth $1 But here you pray one prayer, you get 3500 deeds. What is this generosity? Do you see Allah Spano Thomas Love to us Subhan Allah

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and know something these rewards are not the rewards for fasting now. These rewards are for your deeds during Ramadan. So how about their word for fasting? What is the reward for fasting? Do you know this hadith that says no servant fast today in the sake of Allah except that ALLAH moves the Hellfire 70 years further away from his face. Bow Allahu another annual agenda. Sabina Khalifa 70 years away from your face. Real fast thing imagine one day One day are free of fasting equivalent to 70 Falls are yours further away from hellfire and how much are we need for that to be saved from hellfire. Another Hadith no one fast in a day in the sake of Allah subhanaw taala except that ALLAH

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moves how far away from him 100 years, the Sierra Tamiya time he moves away Hellfire 100 years away from you. A third Hadith no one fasted in the sake of Allah except that ALLAH distance between him and hellfire, like you just in between the heavens and the earth came about Venus, somehow it will art and you see the difference in the reward is compatible with the degree of sincerity. Is that all that the water fasting? No, that's not all the rewards for fasting. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Hadith could see, every action of the son of Adam is given manifold reward. Each good deed receiving 10 times it's like up to 700 times a lot the Most High said except for fasting for it's for me, and

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I will reward for it.

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So to start off with the reward of fasting is more than 700 times. So what is exactly the reward of fasting? Allah subhanaw taala never told us why. This is the price

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Do you have to know everything? Let there be a surprise. So when you enter heaven, Allah subhanaw taala can surprise you. You know, just like in the Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim says, There is a gate in paradise that is called a Yan. On the Day of Resurrection, it will say, where are those who fasted Aina saw the moon, when the last one has passed through the gate, it will be locked, and no one except them will pass through it.

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Did you notice what the Hadith said? It said, in paradise, it's a gate. It didn't say for Paradise as a gate. This means that this is a gate inside heaven, not a main entrance to heaven. People have already entered heaven, then those who fast will be called upon them. Were the people who really fasted I never saw a moon and you would call and say oh me Allah, I fasted if I said no Madonna of 2011. I really fasted. And they will be entered through this gate into another place and heaven specifically for them. But how come all of the people who haven't fasted, right? No, we're talking about the ones who really fasted? Remember how we said, every part of me is fasting. And also note

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the name of the door says what Rooyen which means to quench one's thirst. So how come How come it's called that when everybody who already entered heaven, drank from the prophesies someone has had a drink which after which they'll never get thirsty again? Sure, button layers more una vida evident. You see the quenching here is not from the thirst of water only No. But to quench the eye that lowered its gaze while fasting from all sins with wonderful scenes they've never seen before. Nothing seemed like that No, not even the ones in Heaven, to quench their hearts with people's love, whom they loved on Earth and worship together Ramadan. And despite all that, we still don't know

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what the exact road for fasting is. What are you going to reward us with Allah subhanaw taala sit and dream. And even after you do that, we still won't be able to picture Oscar Natalia is prepared for us rewards.

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Now we move on to the fifth reward letter contract, the night of power is better than 1000 month. So one night is equal to a lifetime. Right? Why? Because one night is equivalent to how many years what I mean, the 1000 month is equivalent to how many years 84 years. That's how much probably most of us live. Some of us won't even live that much. And some of us might live a couple more years, you know? So one night

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1000 A month 84 years. One action of frustration sujood in this night is equal to 84 years of frustrating to Allah subhanaw taala. One tear drop in this night is as if you've been crying for at four years continuously from fearing Allah subhanaw taala. giving charity in this night is like giving that same amount of money you gave for 84 years, making supplication praying, worshiping at four years 1000 month. The Prophet SAW Selim says only those who are lost in misery and are deprived from Allah's mercy are the ones who are deprived from this light.

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You're a letter Jahannam in the marine era from this night, don't deprive us from this nightmare alone. Let's move on to the sixth reward. The best one of us Hello Tallis happiness with his worshipers for the last pelota Allah Baghdadi Allah subhanaw taala says in the Hadith, all my angels Yama lickety look at my worshiper on guru Illa Huberty. He left his food, his drink and his desire for me. The Qatar Qatar army you wish Robbie wish what a human ugly, all my angels. I make you bear witness that I have forgiven my servants, Jamelia equity, which hidcote an ecological circularity.

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Yeah Allah do you believe and few of the beautiful Allah subhanaw taala been pleased with us Subhan Allah, such a beautiful theme?

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The Prophet SAW Selim says,

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Allah gives his believing person worshipers in Ramadan five things. So other than the rewards there's five things that was for metallic is the first thing people

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first thing if it's the first night of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala looks at them with an eye of mercy. And he who looks up who is looked upon with an eye of Mercy can never be punished by him. If Allah subhanaw taala looks tonight at you that I have mercy, He will never punish you. The second thing, Allah subhanaw taala orders the angels to make us the Father or asked for forgiveness for his fasting worshipers. The angels are making so far for you right now. The third thing, the smell of a fasting person's breath is better than the smell of musk to Allah subhanaw taala The fourth thing Allah subhanaw taala gives the orders and heavens and tells it Oh my heavens adore yourself and

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prepare yourself. Groups of my worshipers are about to leave the rest of this life to come to you. The fifth thing on the last night are from Madonna Allah subhanaw taala looks down onto his worshipers once more with an eye of mercy and forgives them. So men said oh prophet of Allah. Is this the award of the night of power? The prasada SLM said no, this is a different reward. So he said, What is this then Oh prophet of Allah. He said this is on the law.

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Last night when every working person has finished his work and Allah subhanaw taala pays them their wages and Allah subhanaw taala is the best of rewarding

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Do you love him try to benefit from every minute believe me will lie time passes by so quickly and you're going to look back at author Madonna she lived and you'll find maybe there were five or six that you actually focused on. Life is full of troubles one year you'll be sick and another you'll be overloaded with work and another you have family problems and your mother your wife has a problem or your son gets ill and one Ramadan will pass after the other. If you find yourself focusing on Ramadan, hold onto it with all your mind don't see there's a lot of muddled stuff to come you never know. It might never come again once for you once more please. And there are people who keep

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delaying until Allah subhanaw taala delays them or leaves them behind saying go I don't want you any any more.

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Mandela Coleman you're the Hala funa Hatha Johanna from Allah. Please I beg you hold on to hold on too tight. We don't want to be from those who almost have dialysis I don't want you anymore. You have live from Allah. That's such a big thing you don't want to be from those people. I'll tell you something else. The person has said them said benefit from five before five benefits from your health before you get sick. Extended. A couple of other benefits from your use before you get old. Extend a miniature bed a couple of hammock benefit from your spare time before you get occupied with work. If then walk the four hour Kubla Hamelech benefits from your life before your death. If 10am

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hired a couple of memetic benefits from your wealth before your poverty poverty, extend him.

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Wealth, your wealth Mariela Cabrera cobbled words cobbler *

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I beg you, if you have the spirit time take this year take advantage of it and don't say I still have next year. Please take benefit from it the Prophet SAW Selim says Allah in another big comfy am is a regular never had an alcohol radula when Allah subhanaw taala lessons you not have tolerated Allah meaning what if you feel you're praying and suddenly you feel Allah subhanaw taala has opened upon you is giving you this feeling that you are focused that you are there that you really feel everything, grabbed onto it and live it Live the moment and say I'm going to take benefit of it. Tara doula had enough it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala grabbed onto it. The Prophet SAW Selim

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says I Telkom Ramadan, Chateau Baraka, Ramadan has come upon upon you, you actually come along fee for unity love Rama, Allah subhanaw taala sense mercy upon you, where you have to earn Kataya and he takes away your sins. When we waste together for you dry and supplication is accepted in it. We are four feet rugged, and your deeds are elevated. Where you where he becomes ill Malayaka and almost 100 Johanna brags about you to the angels saying look, look at my worshippers look what they're doing. While you're under Subhan Allah Subhan Allah to Allah, Allah to have to confer higher he looks at how you run towards doing good things. For other law human and physical higher on show

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Allah subhanaw taala the best of you for in a checking. Shaka human Halima Ramatuelle Rahmatullah Ramadan. For inner chakra human hurry Murata. lofi Ramadan, I'm sorry. The one who is miserable is the one who is deprived from Allah subhanaw taala Hannah's mercy and

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does it do you feel that Subhana Allah subhanaw taala is telling you, all of this is going on? Show me the best of you.

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Let's do something why don't we put a motor for ourselves in Ramadan? Also just some models and write them down and text them to your friends and ask them what do you think of this model? Like Prophet Moses peace be upon him small reset? What agility like cannot be retardo I am coming to Allah as fast as I can see can be pleased with me. Or how about Prophet Ibrahim's model?

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What color in either one era before 18 I am going to I'm coming to Allah subhanaw taala so you may guide me, or how about this model? I