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The speakers discuss the difficulties of understanding Islam, the importance of worship and rituals in achieving spirituality, and the importance of affirming one's worship and rituals in achieving success. They stress the need for people to remove dependents and affirm their worship in order to achieve success. The speakers also emphasize the importance of consistency and commitment to one's own actions and the need for love and loyalty among Muslims. They stress the importance of not isolate oneself from the Muslim community and not giving up on others, and emphasize the need for consistency and commitment to a message.

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Hello, and welcome to the Lucha Libre anime Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Allah is a fisherman, I promised that we're not going to start 930 until the end of the month. I think it's later I will start later, Inshallah, but I'm not getting through like maybe two or three or four verses tops, and I have at least so I have six, I think what is it, I have 12 up there. And that's after filtering, maybe like 25 that I wanted to talk about. So it's very hard. This is the hardest thing I've done like this, because I'm looking at it I get excited about, okay, you're talking about this, oh, don't talk about this. And I look at what do I take, and I don't know what

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they're talking about anymore. And it's very confusing for me. So I just start to read some of the I just did a random deletion, I just start to delete the randomly didn't even look at what I was deleting whatever it stays is good and Charlotte's all safe. But I hope that you're finding some benefit in it. My goal was to help you if you're, you know,

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reading along or maybe maybe help you connect to some of the verses are understand maybe what they're talking about a little bit. Because I do I do acknowledge that that's a problem for most for most people. And it's not just for people who don't understand Arabic. Honestly, even for those who fully understand Arabic, they still don't really comprehend what the it takes a while for you to understand what the bigger picture is, for the verses are and then actually, to have time to contemplate some of the verses specifically. Anyways, we're going to read the last page of Switzerland. Today I talked about that last week yesterday. And we're going to go through most of

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those are often shorter, its total are off in the in the continuum of the seven long ones I said about the word and the other seven long because each one of them is longer than just each one is more than it is right each and every one of them is excited from source landfill, which is exactly half a juicer is a kind of structure in the middle, I'll tell you why it's there and show it tomorrow. So the doctor tells you your job, your description explains to you the methodology you're going to use to achieve and share all your goal. So early on one talks about maintaining sustaining and protecting the faith from the different challenges internal and external. So within these talks

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about the values and principles that power, everything that Islam isn't so dramatic, that goes right to the, to the to the rulings into the practices, that's why he's 16 You are living a man who's one after the other, just talking about different rulings going to every detail. Story anom talks about your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala which is Iman and it talks about the belief piece, which is the first half of the surah and then talks about the practical piece with the second half of the Sunnah. And that's all it is. It's very, it's a very beautiful a sunnah by the way and describes Allah Subhan Allah Allah and yesterday I didn't get through half of what I wanted to get

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through, there's a lot of verses that describe Allah subhanho wa taala. And you won't find better descriptions of Allah subhanaw taala then these verses and Sortland I'm by far, so glad I've talks about a problem of of indifference, it talks about the problem of indifference within societies, and that indifference is the reason societies fall and if you want to actually succeed you have to succeed as as a society. In order for societies to succeed, you have to remove indifference. This is the this is the the theme of circle out of, we only succeed as an ummah, we don't succeed. As individuals, we don't understand. If we're going to prevail, we prevailed together, we don't do it

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alone, I can't I can't make it myself, we have to make it as a group. That's the only way and for in order for that to happen, you have to remove indifference you have to remove blood flow, which is people not knowing and not paying attention, not caring. And that requires a lot of raising awareness and a lot of decisiveness, a lot of work which is what a lot of basically talks about. And he does it very well by telling stories of a lot of different prophets and their efforts and their challenges and how they overcame that and the ones that didn't overcome what happened to the people who didn't get to overcome it. So that's kind of a sutra out of goes by in a nutshell. Let's start

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but first let's do it number 162 of swords as a farewell and then we'll move on to the what after show

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in our Salah T one oh Sookie Why am I here? Yeah, why mama T Lilla here up below me in and of Allah subhanaw taala there's a couple of verses in a row call call call say they say the status as in as in summaries of what exactly the sutra was about and what it is we're supposed to take from it. And a part of one of these verses is very powerful one couldn't say enough Salah to say that my my rituals or my worship are my acts of prayer. But in actuality when you Sookie in all of my rituals, everything that I do that is ritualistic in nature. So now it is my salah, and then this look is all my rituals. So hij, MCM and sadaqa. And all these are the so that's why it's talked about a bit more

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so to Bacara the video terminal so yeah, I mean also the Katyn I will also talk about as well in Surah 318 JANA men second when you give them ritual specific rituals meaning and that's important because in Islam, there's a little bit of a different differentiation between worship service and rituals. Rituals are specific sometimes we don't exactly understand all the details like I don't know why we it's 30 days specifically it has to be Ramadan and why we have to do hygenist specific time it's there's a place it's a ritual is what Allah subhanaw taala has asked us to do and in the form of worship and we just we do it we'll say

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My worship Salah T will also key my my rituals while I'm here and my process of living when my Marathi and my process of dying, so not hayati, mot which is my debt life and death no said my yeah meaning my process of living when my Martini my process of dying Lilla Euro bill Alameen is intended for the sake of Allah the Lord of all worlds.

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This is the Muslims.

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This is the slogan of a Muslim, this is your model. This is how you this is what you live by. This is what the verse before it put in any header on your body say my Lord has guided me. It all said All things stuck into a clear straight uncorruptible path. dienen are a religion pm and filled with values middle letter, Ibrahima hanifin. Walking the footsteps of Ibrahim, McCarthyism Hanifa in America and I mean and we should again never associated with Allah say in no solidarity, that my worship when it's okay. My rituals and my process of living and my process of dying is dedicated to Allah subhanaw taala the Lord of all worlds, the process of living in what you live for, what is it

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that you're alive to do? What are you doing while I'm at it? And what is it that you're going to end up dying doing? Because there's a process of life there's a process of death that comes to us we're, it's all happening at the same time. Both processes are dedicated for ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala which is the point of this verse, meaning everything about you and everything about me has to be dedicated to Allah that's our slogan as Muslims, everything about me, not just my salah, not just my nusach No, I'm here yet why am I managing my life and my death and everything that comes with it is dedicated to the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's how we understand life. We don't understand

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life any other way. And the beautiful thing is that Allah subhanaw taala when he says that he doesn't mean the reason he talked about the rituals at the beginning is because he said well in number here, yeah, well, my mighty bla bla bla mean, you'd be very confused. You think that you have to spend all of your days and all of your night, just worshiping but he puts them up front that those have specific times, and they have specific purposes, but there's much more to life than Salatin. usuki There's my yeah, there's, there's more to it. There's a process of life and death. And this is happening outside from Salah tea, and new zookeepers, aside from the worship and the

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rituals that is defines your life. And that is for the sake of Allah as well. So when you go on your study, you're doing it for the sake of Allah, when you work your job, you're doing it for the sake of Allah when you get married, when you have kids. And when you have friendships, and as you build relationships, whatever it is, you're doing, you do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, that just requires a little bit of rewiring. Just a little bit of rewiring. Hopefully, if we rewire it, then you can make sure that the next generation has it wired already, so they don't have to rewire anything later, and then we're good, then you can move on because this is how Allah subhanaw taala

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has designed us to live and this what the prophet Allah you saw, so I'm taught and that's why the first couple of generations have clarity. They knew exactly why they were around and what they're here to do, and you're stood they understood their worship and their rituals as as to aspects of their existence that were very clear, but then they understood life was much, much more broad than that in every aspect of it, you could still we're still required or expected to dedicate it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's not as hard as it seems. When you have the right intention and heart and when you know what it is that you're hoping to achieve. I'll stop at that because this

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is a full hour lecture for sure. So let's do it number 20 of sorts and off

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what suasana whom I shade on Who do you know Allahumma who and whom.

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So T Hema walk all walk all.

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Kuma boo Kuma on the shadow karate in

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Khun cany Oh, oh, takuna. Me no Holly Dean. This I pointing it out not the story is well known the story of Adam and bliss.

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Jana, and I attend I take the opinion that the agenda that we talked about in the story of Adam and Eve bliss was on earth, it was not somewhere else it wasn't somewhere in Heavens, because there's a lot of evidence that just kind of supports that. And it wasn't in the heaven that the the Muslims, or the movement or the believers are the ones who will be rewarded by Allah who will enter because no one enters that genuine leaves. And this is not an opinion that I just made up Yanni on the spot. This is an opinion of a lot of Muslim scholars historically, historically going back as far as the tabulating, but obviously the other opinion is valid, and it's acceptable, but I don't agree with

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it. I think that he's talking about something here on earth garden, where they were, they had all the sustenance that they needed, they didn't need to fight to survive, they didn't need to push them, it was all there for them. And Allah subhanaw taala gave them one command is don't don't do one thing is don't eat from this area from this tree or just don't don't touch it. And then shaytaan who was going to prove that because she was kicked out of gender already. So it makes it makes sense that he's still there. Like there's a lot of when you when you believe that gender is in the heavens, there's a lot of discrepancies and there's a lot of holes in the story that don't match up,

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makes much more sense that they're here at a place where Allah subhanaw taala had put them in, they're protected and they're safe. Obviously, the wilderness is not a safe place to live. So it really did was was what I'm interested in this area is how

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Did it mean what he used to actually get them to make the mistake because we think about if you're living in a place and everything is provided for you, and you're happy and you're and you're safe and you're not scared anymore and you have enough sustenance for yourself, why would you you know, out of all the different fruits that are there you wouldn't have a problem with just maybe leaving one out not eating it. But human curiosity first of all is one aspect and and anything that you're told not to do suddenly becomes more grueling manure and motorhome as they say you just want to do it, but it really is used a certain tactic he's told them the reason that you're allowed to eat this

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is because if you are to eat from it, you'll become mela Kane. Otaku nominal Khalid in either you become one of the angels or you become immortal.

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Angels as far as we know, as far as Adam knew, at the time, were also immortal, they didn't have death. The thing that bothered them it is to them and bothered his wife, how our mother and bothered every other human being to come from them until the Day of Judgment is the fact that we die. We don't like that piece. The whole story is very bearable. Like everything about life is bearable. We can deal with a lot of aspects of like no problem. But when you're telling me that you're going to die, I'm going to die. That besides I kind of I kind of object to that one can we not get we go you remove that. That's the that's the only constant that's the only that's the only guaranteed part of

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existence are going to die at the end. Item feared death. He didn't want to die. And neither did however, they had everything they needed. They didn't want to die. And because of that, it believes rondalla found his way in. He found the openings to Bliss, because he sees of us into who we are Rocco, whoever for the Luo Man Hey Sudha Tirana, whom they see of us that which we do not see of them, so he's able to figure out weaknesses. He keeps on probing he looks to see where are you soft? Where are you not clear? Where do you not have values that are that are bulletproof. It gives them poking to find something, he found an opening with Adam alayhis, Salam founder, Adam, Allah, he said

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I was a little bit too scared of death. I didn't want to die. He was scared of that of his own mortality. He wanted to be mortal. He liked them and he didn't die. He liked them. When that guy didn't have the option of being punished, there was all these aspects that he was scared of that he didn't want. So we came to Adam from that door. That's why you can eat from this because if you eat from this, you're immortal. So now either Malik Salam has even more reason to want to eat from this because he doesn't want to die.

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I understand that you're obviously again, if they were in the agenda and the heavens, the cornmeal hottie, it wouldn't make any sense because no one dies. And Jana Annie was like the whole story to understand it. And Jana and Evans, there's so many holes in the story that I can't entertain, I understand the opinions there. And I respect it. But I don't entertain it, I don't see it to be appropriate. I think there's too many holes in the story for it to be appropriate. But Antonia, you know, you're gonna die. So he believes is just selling him this idea that, you know, you'll become immortal. So he fell, he fell for it, I didn't matter. He said, I'm gonna miss fear of death. And I

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believe that he fell for it for the love who might be mortal meaning he alluded to them something that wasn't true. And he and he took them in a way. And when you think about it, look, all of the stories in the Quran, especially Adam stories symbolic, it's so symbolic inshallah next year, the series will be more focused on some of the stories in the Quran. They're very symbolic. I think people don't understand what what they're talking about at all. It has nothing to do with a fruit and an apple. And what it has to do with is the symbolism, of hope, of hope of thinking that the thing that you can't have, or the thing that's beyond you will grant you something that you will,

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you can't get in another way. It's the illusion that that thing that over there that I don't have right now, once I have it, I'll finally be happy, I'll finally be fulfilled, I won't be afraid anymore. Everything will be great. Everything amazing. We're very good at doing that. As human beings we sleep we're depressed or upset. Because there's one thing that we want, we don't have, we want it. And we feel that once I get it, everything will be perfect. Everything will be fixed my relationship with my wife, and my children and my parents and everything, everything will be fixed. I don't have to worry about anything else anymore. And completely untrue.

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That's completely not true. Here, you're giving it later on in life and you're just as miserable. You just move on to the next thing that you can't have or you don't have and you want that one. It's endless. Nobody wants immortality, you can't have that. You're going to die. Do what you want, you're going to die at the end.

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But he when he started, he started that he made that mistake where he was led to believe that that thing over there is going to give me what I want to take away my anxiety. I'm not going to die. I'm not gonna die. So I want it so he took it, he ate from it gave him nothing. Gave him nothing besides okay, go learn, go learn that what you have is way what you had here was way more than what you didn't. And maybe that lesson is what we're still learning today. The thing that you want that you don't have, you have way more than it way more than it's maybe it's not going to do much for you. And what it is that you need on the inside is the fulfillment that you're looking for. It doesn't

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come through something external doesn't come from something that you're told not to get. It comes from the on the inside what you're looking for exists inside of you just haven't learned to access it yet. That's all it is. As his reflex would be as a human being. He thought that what he wanted or what was going to help him was something external to him. So he put his hand on it. He took it and it didn't offer him anything. Let's move on to a

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Let's do 50 Why is the

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Jen and FE wide?

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Only in owning Kuhmo law, all who in law how Rana who's

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hearing these verses that are very difficult to talk about.

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Talk about what's going to happen on the day of judgment and specific communication that will occur between the people of Ghana and the people of Nara. Bala Yaga. Willa, there'll be a very, very short communication but it will occur. And this verse here points out what the people of Nod will call upon and say the people agenda money or the biller will call upon the people agenda when that was horrible nerdy us have an agenda T and a fee Lu Elena Minalima Can you can you pour some water down for us, give us some water we're we're dying of thirst. There's nothing to drink here. All that we drink just makes us more thirsty Oh, that we eat just makes us more hungry. It's all pain send us

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some of the water that you have just for a brief period of time that people have not I can see that people have genuine they speak to them. And this is documented in this verse and so with a lot of it is there and it serves a purpose of reverence for us it serves a purpose to to remind us of what could be we inshallah hope that it won't be a big drop that it won't be but it could be and the fact that it's still there the fact that it's a possibility to really serve as a as quite the motivation for us as human beings as Muslims. We should definitely be motivated by the fact that this is a possibility and available Elena Minalima send us down whatever water you don't need. Oh me ma Rosa,

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como la or anything, anything that you have up there? Anything we have nothing, give us anything at all. Follow in Allah, tell Rama, Huma I love curfew at least indeed Allah Allah has made them haram for the disbelievers.

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Those who are there, Allah subhanaw taala does not It's not that they can't be given it is that it's not that there's not enough to go around is the fact that they just don't have the permission. See, in dunya, you have the permission to eat whatever you want, eat whatever you want to put everyone saw their funny view, it's up to the date of partaking do what you want to do up for grabs. Your milk, Yam is not like that anymore. No milk. Yeah, well, you can't go with get what you want. Even if it's in front of you, you still you need permission to take things. And you need permission for things to actually be consumable. And you need the thing itself needs to have permission to actually

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offer you sustenance of any sort to offer you any form of pleasure or fulfillment there has to have permission, you will not damage the laws, the laws change. The laws that govern everything aren't the same anymore. And it's only those who learned that now, that will

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the only way for us to protect ourselves from what is coming is to make sure that we have clarity on what what the laws are going to look like later.

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Don't be so different. Everything is available. And if you're strong and smart, you can get what you want. And you can get what you're looking for. Almost the AMA is no, don't call they have the water and they can pour it down but they don't have permission. They can't do it. Or they don't want to they just can't they're not allowed to. This is a time where Allah subhanaw taala has this these people deliver punishment going to be punished. So all you can do when you read these verses is just say, I don't want to be there. I don't want to be there. So what am I going to do, depending on how, how well you will read these verses and how what degree of certainty you have in what you're

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reading, you will use them as motivation to make sure that you're not on the wrong side of this equation. You'll make sure that you're not the wrong person calling or they're not the wrong person speaking Jamelia that you're not on the on the initiating end of this conversation asking for something that you didn't have to you don't have to be in the position where you're asking for it but you're not permitted to be given it that's Allah subhanaw taala and the article called the Ramadan nor can we do the what is what is next?

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Let's do 76 Instead because we're running out of time. Okay.

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We're all learning or learning or stuck baru in the lazy man to be he can feel alone yesterday I wanted Don't look at me like I chose something wrong. That's the idea that I wanted. So in students in the story of Saudi Hadees Sudan is a very interesting conversation that occurs. The people who have strength, the people who have status, I thought number one that they're speaking to the common man, the common folk, they say, that Munna and Natalia Han moto salami. Rubby. Did you hear that sada has claiming prophecy? So the common folk, many of them had believed or thought it wouldn't be my Odyssey to be a minnow. Yeah, we believe in what the weaver

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stuff that is faith. So when they hear that this is their response, God Allah Dena Stockman, here's where here's where they are described as the arrogance. Immediately Allah subhanaw taala describing them as the disbelievers or the doesn't matter the people who had the strength. He describes them as the arrogance called Alladhina stek. baru in bIllahi min to be HCA, if you don't, we just believe in anything that you believe in.

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If believing in sada means that you and I are going to be the same, and in the same row in the same line standing together, we don't want it just by the mere fact that you believe in it, I don't want it anymore. This is Allah subhanaw taala, describing their arrogance, that they didn't listen to the argument. They weren't interested in the actual teachings of Saleh Ali Salam, just based on who's following Him, they decided no,

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this is a very important verse in the Surah. For us, you don't have to like all of the Muslims, you don't have to like them. You don't have to think that they all relate to you, you don't have to relate to all of them, it doesn't matter. That doesn't matter. You still have to love them. In terms of love who hired for them, you still have to act as if you are one family and work towards the wellness of everybody. It doesn't matter whether you whether you agree with them doesn't matter whether you are on the same wavelength, it doesn't matter whether whether you find yourself having a lot in common with them. That doesn't matter. No one cares.

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You're not allowed to look down. You're not allowed to condescend and you're not allowed to isolate yourself. It's easy to do that. Like it's easy to say, You know what, I'm a Muslim, but I'm not like these. No, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I understand. There's 2 billion of us what you think we're all going to be, obviously, there's going to be a lot of variation amongst 2 billion people who come from at least 15 different ethnicities, over 48 countries around the world, obviously, there's gonna be a lot of differences of opinion, differences in practice, obviously, we're not all going to have the exact same value and moral compass and value set. And it's not all we're not going to be the

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same. But that doesn't matter. You're not allowed to none of us are not allowed to distance myself. I say I'm a Muslim, and let them do come but no, I don't do that with a Muslim person. Like I'm Dina humiliating, that's not fair Muslim. And I say your I may not agree with you, I may have severe fundamental differences of opinion on certain issues. But we're still in one boat that's not so Cloud office talking about. So a lot of the time that we're in, we either succeed together, we don't we don't these people the moment they heard the common folk accepted the message, we don't want it, because we're not going to be associated with you. Because we're not going to be associated with

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you. Maybe the common folk, maybe their their hygiene levels weren't great. Maybe they had a lot of bad ethics because they came from very poor or bad or or low socio economic backgrounds. And the people who had the power didn't want to be associated with people like that, who had bad ethics, bad morals didn't behave properly.

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It doesn't matter. The moment you say La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah, you're part of a big family. Not a happy family. But it's a family. And we work together. And we've figured out how to get over our problems and we get we figured out how to get along, and we want to fight for one another and we will continue to stand in the same line encouraging one another to be better. The prophet Isaiah saucisson says haga Valley manomav. Luma is supposed to stand by your brother, whether he's an oppressor or oppressed. They said oppressed easy. How do we do this when they're an oppressor? He says that Allah Allah who said, I'm gonna do what I'm going to me, you hold him back

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from his oppression, you advise them, you hold them back from falling into oppression. This idea to me is very important, because it shows you the reflex, the reflex, and he says, quote of these disbelievers of these arrogant people, immediately, you will believe I don't believe but listen to that. No, I don't want to listen to it. Just but you're here. I don't want to be here. That people have conditioned the same thing. They came to the profile of us talk to us and they said the same thing. You don't want to be with us. As Muslims. We don't have that we don't have that option. Yes, we will just agree with each other we will there'll be a lot of discrepancy and differences of

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opinion. That doesn't mean anything. We continue to work with one another. We continue to support one another. Don't isolate yourself from the Muslim ummah, the moment you do that, you end up in a very, very dangerous place mentally and spiritually, it's just a matter of time before you drift off completely. Sometimes you'll be a part of an ummah where you're not proud of everything they're doing. Not proud of everything they're saying the way they behave doesn't Okay, okay, are you you understand the creed? You understand the practice the teaching the values, yes. Then you stick to it and you help improve what you got. There's no way around it. Okay, let's do it. Number

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102 102.

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women aged in early 30 hem Minnaar had one even

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extra home left SEO thing. This is one of my favorite verses of the whole

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Sora at the end of maybe five or six stories, he told the story of Noah, the story of who would have thought of showing him of loyalty goes to all these stories. And at the end of all these stories, he says subhanaw taala Well, now we're just gonna look very him in.

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When we're done Accela Excel formula, fascinate, we didn't find most of them to have a true covenant. We found most of them to be quick to be led astray, or to deviate.

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Philosophy. I was asked this question not too long ago, and it was a I, you know, I looked for questions that I haven't been asked before just for my own amusement. And this question I wasn't asked in the form I was asked it at the moment. And the question was, what is the biggest challenge you have, you know, for running places like this or performing data? And it was just kind of a little bit right in my face? I didn't, I didn't thought about it in that manner. There's a lot of challenge, what's the biggest one. And I didn't really put too much thought because, in my mind, even though I hadn't thought about it, I knew what it was. It's a lack of commitment. It's the lack

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of commitments 100%, all across the board, it's lack of commitments. I sit, and I've been sending massages, since I was maybe six years old. You see, as you see the fluctuation of people, someone comes for a couple of months for a year, then the then they disappear, you don't see them for for a long time, then it come back again. And then other people, they come and they go, so you see this flux of people coming in and leaving and people who are with you for a while not with you or later than with you again, again, them not with you later. So you see this fluctuation, this lack of commitment, this lack of consistency, that's not there, Allah, this is what he exactly what he's

00:26:34--> 00:26:54

saying in this area. Well, now was at 9:30am. And they just never stopped it. No, most of them couldn't stick to their covenants me would agree with them. And they would say, yes, we agree, we will, we're with you till the end, we're with this to the bitter end, we will commit to the bitter end, and they don't, they don't they get distracted, they get tired, they get busy.

00:26:55--> 00:27:26

They get a lot of things, a lot can happen. There's a million reasons why you don't have to be here tonight, just like there'll be a million reasons not to be here tomorrow. Just like there'll be a million reasons why you want to leave early or not comfortable or not continuing to commit yourself after Ramadan doesn't meet, there's actually there's an infinite number of reasons why you won't do it. And there's one reason to do it. There's one reason that trumps them all. There's one reason that will trump them all, because that's the covenant you gave when you said La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah, I am with you till the end to the bitter end. Regardless, to my bitter end to

00:27:26--> 00:28:02

yours, it makes no difference I'm here, I'll never stop, I'll never stop. This is what this is what we learn from him. I know you saw through some that consistency. And this is saying we found most of them not to be able to hold a covenant. We agree with them on something and then they would fall behind, they did not have the ability to see it through till the end, in which had no federal formula. First thing we found most fascinating, the word fiscal means to deviate. That's what it means really, we use it as a as a, there's a specific usage for the word these days that kind of describes more spending than deviation, but it actually means specify SOHCAHTOA. To mean and Noah is

00:28:02--> 00:28:44

when the when the plant breaks away, or deviates away from the from the seed, the breakaway going a different direction. So you're saying most people just go away, they break off, be the consistent aspect of be the constant within this team. Everyone else, if you want to see that, we see that with everyone else's variable, you will be the constant peace. You're always there. You're always there, you will always be there. For good or for bad, wealthy or poor, healthy or sick, happy or completely miserable. Awake or half asleep. You're there. Because you gave your word. That's why because you gave your authentic, let people do what they're going to do. Let people live their stories and have

00:28:44--> 00:29:16

their own and don't judge them. This is not this is not me telling you to start judging people who don't show up for stuff. No, no, everyone has their own story to live and you can't judge people based on what but I'm asking for you specifically, when you look at this, you listen to this area be the constant because in a world of variables, what else is there? You're that? You believe in this? You're good? You've accepted La Ilaha illa Allah Yes. Then stick to it till the end to the end. And that is what Allah subhanaw taala expects from us and that's what the Prophet alayhi wa sallam did. He would tell them they would come to him and he would tell them look, you don't understand your

00:29:16--> 00:29:53

speaking I'm not I don't I can't listen. Nothing you say means anything to me. I am doing this until either Allah grants his success or IDI stop negotiating. There's nothing to negotiate with. There's nothing this is it. I am I am with this. I'm on this until the end, whatever that looks like. And Allah will tell him, you may die. We'll talk about those verses later when we come to them. You may die you may not actually live I mean obviously see this through. He was never given guarantees out of his Salah to Samuel actually succeed. He didn't know he had examples of those who didn't many examples, not read the Quran. You had examples of prophets who were killed. Yeah. And Zachary Yeah.

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

And many prophets were murdered. So he didn't know what was gonna happen to him. All he knew is that he is constant

00:30:01--> 00:30:25

He's not changing. This is what he was taught and this is what he's going to do. And I think that has a lot of value for us as Muslims today. Because yes, the world is very the variables in the world are endless. There's like so many things happening all the time. You can't control them but what you can control is your commitment and your, your word. You gave your cup there's a covenant. This is odd. When you accepted Islam, you gave your you gave your word. Okay, let's do one more before it's time let's do it.

00:30:26--> 00:30:29

Let's do 155 Can someone do 155 for me?

00:30:32--> 00:30:42

Well, Musa FOMA who said there you know Julia Lamy call Tina for them. For that whole Roger fair to call it out below sheet.

00:30:45--> 00:30:46

Call. He

00:30:47--> 00:30:49

totally gonna be mad I

00:30:51--> 00:31:36

mean, in here, it'll fit in to Catalina will be hum and Tasha to Lulu Bihan Tasha water demon Tasha Tawana Yuna selfie learner or Hannah our four year old involves eating. I don't think I have enough time to actually explain this in detail. Here's what this story tells Mozart he said I chose people to go be in a place where they would meet Allah subhanho wa Taala similar to his so what they asked for is to see Allah subhanaw taala Jehovah they asked for something that Musa told them was not possible you cannot see God you can't feel your senses won't be able to reach him. But you may hear a voice that's coming from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in whatever sense he wants it to come to you from

00:31:36--> 00:31:55

jelajah law so they knew that so Moqtada Musa como Serena Raja limited to seven years of Bonita slightly. So they asked Allah to be seen if he wants to they wanted to see him. Raja for Allah subhanho wa Taala with one swift Blow had them all die. Instantaneously everyone.

00:31:56--> 00:31:57

And then he brought them back again.

00:31:58--> 00:32:36

So Musa turn to Allah and Yaniv asking for forgiveness Rob below shifter, a helicopter hoomin tabula E. If you wanted to destroy us as a nation, you could have done that anytime you want to really cool Nabi Mafalda. sufa Omen, don't hold us accountable to that which the people who are ignorant amongst us are doing those who don't have knowledge. The i The importance of it is that as much as we would hope that you're not going to be held accountable for what the ignorant, do, you still end up paying some of that constantly, you pay the dues. And that's why it's important to understand that we're part of an ummah, just isolating yourself won't save you it won't save you get it didn't say Musa

00:32:36--> 00:33:07

alayhis salam, he went most of the property goes and still most artists that have been subjected to what the people around him did, and it wasn't all of them, it was just a few so for her as you people who said things out of lack of a job, they said it to Allah subhanho wa Taala and I love it because the end of it and totally you know, this beautiful dua for the funeral and our Hamner you are you're the one that we depend upon, to grant us your forgiveness and grant us your compassion well into your own life at the end of the best one to grant us forgiveness. There's more to that than I want to talk about. I do want to take a moment.

00:33:09--> 00:33:43

A brother of ours, brother Ricardo, who has been for the last maybe couple of months now, the reason that this place are one of the main reason this place is still running and specifically when we opened the new the new space over there. He has been making himself extremely, extremely available on a daily basis. I cannot even begin to tell you how much help he has been showing us Malaria Screener, slash gorilla, those who do not drink people not take Allah subhanaw taala on behalf of the Wellness Center, and on behalf of the community that comes here, you do want to show you gratitude and think it's just like Allah here Baraka Luffy if you don't mind saying because often

00:33:43--> 00:33:52

will love Clayton and we hope in sha Allah subhanaw taala guide you in sha Allah and we continue to enjoy your help here with us, Monica Luffy myschool he's like in my life it could be anything. Thank you so much.

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A law