Youssra Kamel Kandil – Imagine if Allah swt is the One who suffices you!

Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of satisfied with the actions of Allah's followers, citing examples such as the Facebook post about a woman giving a message to her mother, the title of the first woman in the world to receive a message from Facebook, and the Facebook post about a woman giving a message to her husband. The speaker emphasizes the importance of contemplate and act on the situation, as satisfied with one's actions does not suffice others' needs.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu So today my mom as every day hamdulillah she sent me one of her WhatsApp forwarded messages. I'm sure you all know those that everybody forwards to everybody. But today's specifically had this part of an AI. That was just so beautiful and I'm sure you read it many times just like myself. And what the IRS says it's a part of an A were a last panel to Hannah's talking to senior Muhammad Ali Salam, and he's telling him what Passaic fie qumola Passaic became a lot, basically meaning Well, I don't think I could really do justice if I tried to translate it but I'll try my best. Basically it was pinata Hala, Sterling Xena Muhammad, what Allah subhanaw taala is

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going to suffice you or protect you is going to do the, you know the cafe area or the Rena right Allah subhanho wa Taala is sufficient. And I'm thinking to myself, imagine Allah subhanaw taala selling you, I, the Creator of the heavens and the earth will suffice you.

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I mean, what else can we want more than that?

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A las Pano 200 The one surprising you last panel Dallas's is so many times in the Quran, or kufr Billahi were killer And sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala is one to rely on will cover below you will you want to see her? And sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala as an ally and as the one who grants you victory, at least Allah will be caffeinate daddy, isn't Allah subhanaw taala like, it's enough to suffice his worshipers will also wanted to have us telling you this. It's such a beautiful, I don't know how to like translate it maybe when I see an English it doesn't give the same meaning as Arabic. But it's such a beautiful and it's such a calming feeling. It gives you the

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security that Allah subhanaw taala himself is the one who's going to suffice you write such a beautiful meaning. Now, if you're down, if you're depressed, if you're oppressed, I mean, I don't mean to like make them rhyme but whether either or, or if you're feeling lonely. Or if you have a lot of people around you and you still feel alone. Think to yourself, at least Allah will be caffeinated daddy, isn't Allah subhanaw taala enough for us? Isn't it sufficient for us? Such a beautiful meaning. And I am trying to say this because Ramadan insha Allah Allah says in what less than 10 days, and a lot of us we kind of like try to finish the one Hikmah and to HeartMath. And I

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don't know how many Hartman's and that's all beautiful, the job of reciting the Quran. But what's more important is to contemplate and digest and think, how does this relate to me? How can I better myself when I read to this, you know, when you hear something about heaven, ask Allah subhanaw taala to be part of that lose people or about help seek refuge from that. Ask yourself and kind of basically like, apply every single as as you're going as much as possible to yourself. That's how the Sahaba was they don't have some like they expose themselves to each area, seeing do I fall in this category? Or do I not fall in this category? Allah protect me from this. Ramadan is coming and

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try to take the areas to heart, contemplate and act upon in every little aspect of your life. And every dealing in everything, the Qur'an, how does this relate to me? And again, if you're feeling that emptiness or that loneliness, ask Allah subhanaw taala to what to suffice your physical needs to suffice your emotional needs to suffice you in every way. And remember how Allah is asking you, Elise Allah, Be careful in identity Subhana Kyara Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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