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Biography Youssra Kamel Kandil

Youssra Kamel Kandil
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Youssra Kamel Kandil is a motivational speaker whose goal has been to bring focus back to the Quran and Sunnah. One of her objectives is to reconnect the hearts back to the spirit and light of Islam. Youssra’s unique approach of using real life examples resulted in her online success. She has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old, around the world with her postings.

The majority of her childhood was spent in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and afterwards, she moved to Egypt. There, she worked with world renowned preacher, Dr. Amr Khaled. Under his tutelage, she took part in the weekly Islamic show, “Parables of the Quran,” broadcast worldwide, geared toward supporting the young generation of Muslims around the world.

After moving to the United States, she continued her studies while teaching Quranic studies and Islamic history to children at a prominent Islamic school. Concurrently, she ran religious classes, fundraisers and matrimonial events around the United States. She has completed the Uwaylim Scholarship track with Sh. Shadee El Masry, and is currently working on hifz.

Sister Youssra believes that quality Islamic education at young age will lead to building strong and influential Muslim leaders. She is currently contributing to this by serving as a board member member of Legacy International Online High School. Sister Youssra ensures her continued and consistent efforts in serving her local communities by serving as the head of the social services department at Cornerstone Counseling based in New Jersey.

Sister Youssra believes it is everyone’s duty to convey even the littlest bit of knowledge and that’s what drives her to continue filming inspirational videos and give lectures around the world, in hopes of fulfilling what our beloved Prophet Muhammad(s) stated, “Convey from me even if it’s one verse.”

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