Amr Khaled – The Followers #3 Al Muthana Ibn Haretha

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So help them they really divided the army into three groups, and we stand up Niharika and the leader in the middle. I think he even had some authority leading the right side, and he didn't really leading the left side. Do you see valid and invalid manners, he put him in the lead in the middle 10,000 warriors and the conquest of Persia start sixth grade battles, and they conquer lumber and they conquer babbling and and and until they reach out here, the second capital of Persia, and they enter it and they even had the Moto E weeps. So within they asked him, why do you why do you why do you cry? He replied, Because the day I embraced Islam, I was hesitant, and the Prophet peace be upon

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him told me Do you know when hater Oh, howdy? I replied, Yes, I do. And the prophets I send them said, By Allah or Heidi and Hiro will be conquered, and you will be in its army. And today I conquered here, truthful, are you oh prophet of Allah. So Dr. Rasool Allah, and will send a cry even more and said, Oh, my God, you cry because you believed and I cried, because I didn't listen to him.

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The Muslims won the battle, and they approached Watts and Madera and we're going to conquer the entire Persian lands in Iraq. But suddenly, Abu Bakr Siddiq misses this great hero, who is now in his early 60s. So he sends him a message message saying, Come to El Medina immediately Muthana I need to see you. You want six battles Calm down, and you will tend to come to me. So the first time he goes to the Medina, and he entered upon Abu Bakr Siddiq, and he tells him over buck, do you think the Messenger of Allah is pleased with me? Or doesn't Rasul Allah we are dunya Abu Bakr. Omar, My God is the prophet dear to you like this? Do you wish to do something, something you'd be proud to

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meet him with? Do you wish to go and Medina and stand in front of his house and tell him I have supported you or messenger for Allah? I have kept my promise on Messenger of Allah made his peace and blessings be upon him. Subhanallah so sobukwe thanked him and him with an adult him. Let me go to his grave. Can you imagine? Can you imagine how he felt like he goes and stands in front of his grave? Forgive me, oh prophet of Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim says not once does a person sent His peace and blessings and greetings to me. unless Allah subhanaw taala gives me back life just to answer him back as his back is grinning. Say Sal, Allahu allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have

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lost pantallas peace and blessings be upon you also Allah and try to picture that he's actually answering you back. But I wonder Is He pleased with you as he's answering you back? Or did you let him down? What have you done?

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Now Abu Bakr Siddiq dies, a number of new hot tub comes and he tells Caledonian, Walid lever masala and Persia and go quickly to greater Syria known as Bloody Shem because the Romans have started to attack them. And there is a very important point here, and that is the Muslims don't just go attack any of these people. The Quran says find the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed Allah does not like transgressors. What quality roofie Sevilla Alladhina Yokozuna, wala Tata do in Allahu Allah, you have been martyred in this is a rule, it's a golden rule do not transgress

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and withstand the force when they fought and highly, dimly worried went to great Syria to fight only when they attacked. So now in within this left by himself in Persia, but kind of didn't really talk with him a third of the army when he left. So now we're within this strength is much weaker. So aravis, the leader of Persia purchase, versus army puts together 20,000 warriors to conquer and within his army. So within them Niharika found that he had to fight an army of 20,000. What is he going to do? Is he just going to go and war with them with this little army? Or what is he going to say just let me do what's right without thinking or is he going to calculate it first with paper and

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pen and wait like he did before? Of course, he does. He sends a letter to him in a hot tub, asking for aid, they are 20,000 so sent him so he sent him aid by a man called to a BB eight episodes. And he did the same thing again a by beta you will be the leader and then within the works under your supervision. So about Abeyta went and he was a follower to he never saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he wanted to really do something for Islam he had that same enthusiasm in him about Veda is a bit irrational though, he just wants to speed up and jump right into things out of his enthusiasm for Islam and out of wanting to do what's right. But how it weighing what things are

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right, you know, like what's first what's should I do this or not? So he went as the leader and then within his assistant, and they were about to start a battle called just or the bridge, they the Muslims were on the bank of the river and the Persians on the other bank and a bridge in between them. So I was the Persian army leader said, either we cross to you or you cross to us, and within the totobobo above ADA do not cross do not cross. If we cross our own we will get separated and we will be defeated. Let them cry.

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to us and we will conquer them. But our VEDA was hasty.

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And he said, Let's attack and speak to Allah's victory or martyrdom, and within the said, not like that. And he said, No, we should not cross the bridge. But unfortunately the Muslims started to cross the bridge and it was a bloodbath. And a Barbadian Mossad died a martyr. And then within the found the best solution was to withdraw. A very tough bath, that battle is just, and it was the only battle the Muslims were defeated in, in the Persian Congress. And then within there was the assistant here, so misunderstood up at the head of the bridge and started to call the Muslims back, a very brave act, if any of the Persians had heard him, they would have just killed him. And he

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started calling the bridge the bridge, come back, come back, turn back, cross the bridge, and I will protect your backs. Imagine he and 100 knights stood at the head of the bridge fighting protecting the entire army until it withdrew back to the other bank again. And the last one who crossed the bridge was who and within, but someone threw a spear and it landed right into his shoulder. Can you imagine? How old is he now? 65 years old? SubhanAllah. What do you think of his health? Great health, right? A warrior, a striver and because of Allah will lie I feel for the health of those who smoke. What a shame on such lost health and stuff like that. What a shame on women's health and what

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they wasted on mind you, his wife, with with him in every single battle will lie we're going to be questioned about our health. We'll be questioned about everything. 65 years old, and in great health measure. They crossed the bridge and they told him rest now. So he told his wife Selma, how can I meet the Messenger of Allah without reaching in midair and how I can die until I conquer midair and know by Allah, I will walk with my army till I reach them at the end. So again, he sent to him revenue hottub we have lost a lot of our warriors send me eight so we can complete the Persian conquest. And please send it fast. Why did he ask for it to be fast? He feels he's going to die. His

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injury won't stop bleeding. He wants to finish what he started. He wants to tell the Prophet peace be upon him. I told you I won't let you in Persia. But here I did. Oh, Prophet of Allah. Does anybody do that? Do any of you do that? SubhanAllah. So the eighth arrived, but this time I'm out of the hot tub did something really nice. He sent sad and of course, one of the 10 who are given the glad tidings that they're going to have an Molossia anniversary with Jana. But he told him sad, the leader as an Mithuna and you will assist him. Finally, finally, Muhammad Abdul Hotstar believed in Mutanda Saddam nervy workers arrived, but it was too late. And was then there was in his final

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minutes. He told him I am unable to lead I'm bleeding, lead sad, and I'll follow you. And it's a false kind of Johannes telling him, don't be a leader in this life. And get your award and Heaven will lie. Sincerity is beautiful. You don't have to be number one, be number two or number three, so Well, who cares? What is this life anyway? And subhanAllah when our marine finally got gave him his leadership, almost $100 ticket away from him. So he would take pure rewards. So they might no you know, there might be not even the tiniest bit of love for leadership in his love in his heart, even if it was this tiny to get fully rewarded in heaven. Wow. So they start their battle with the

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Persians let's conquer Medan. He couldn't compete. He died on March 3. He died at the gates of Ramadan. And he said if I bury, if I die, I'm sorry. Bury me here. His wife son Merced. But why here at the gates of the Madera and he said at the gates of the medallion. Maybe that will intercede for me? Lala dedication Valley. So I can tell him I reached with the Muslims to the gates have been murdered in a real man, a great man and within the died, but his wife took a great stand after him. And Sam married her later in life. And when South felt sick on the day of conquerable qadisiya, she got really angry and told him I wish and with a newer life, he was a hero later and was on the kind

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of high end, she really pushed him who the conqueror of qadisiya, the man who was promised heaven sad didn't have your cars telling him if and within your life, he wouldn't said he was sick Subhanallah

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I finished today's lecture.

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Do you love it within an hour? Do you know what you should have learned from him now? Let's talk together what we benefit from today's lecture. First thing right down. Never be late to doing good. And don't be late to do good in Ramadan. Don't be late or you might regret and weep for the rest of your life philosophy. The second thing, always weigh things out first think but also see where the right is. And don't forget to be moved by emotion with that as well. It would be great if you could acquire all three together in your personality, thinking, being with what's right, and move by emotions. It needs training, calculating things, but calculating isn't everything. Seeing where why

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this is important too. And so our emotions, try to balance or balance all three. You can do it. The third thing is manners. When they asked the Prophet What do you call to? He said Manners, manners, Muslims, I beg you on the earth

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Your Muslim can bear it from all sides. The fourth thing, if you make a major sinner mistake, make up for it do something great. He wouldn't aid him against Persia. Then he conquered Persia just for him. Subhanallah Be a man. The fifth thing, take care of your health and use it in what's right. And the sixth thing and final thing, find yourself a role, even if no one asked anything of you. He looked at the map, what do the Muslims like or need? That's where I should be or do see what people need around you and do it don't wait to be told what to do.

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I am done here. And I want to ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us and be pleased with us be pleased with you when me and when he blesses this Ramadan and make you forgive us our sins and grant us repentance. And I'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah with a new character and we have lost hello to Alice peace and blessings be upon Salam aleikum?

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