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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how subhanonic comments about the results of a trial are used to judge children, and how education is not a one-size-fits-all rule. The speaker encourages parents to use their own experiences to judge children and suggests that they apply the rules of life to their own experiences.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. So one of my kids was having a difficult time the other day, comprehending the idea that sometimes we can exert a lot of effort in something. But then the final result does not kind of like reflect or portray the amount of effort we put into this something. And it's very depressing and very disappointing. If you think about it, like I worked so hard, but the final result was not what I expected. And subhanAllah I keep telling them like, Allah subhanaw taala does not judge you based on the final result, rather, on your effort, the amount of work you put into something, right? Or else you wouldn't be fair, like someone who's like very, you

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know, tech savvy, or someone who's very science oriented, versus someone who's not right, they probably would get it, like in a minute, they, you know, they could do their work in half or a quarter of the time somebody else would, you know, they're not the same in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala not that one of them is going to get, you know, punished for not putting the same amount of effort if they don't need to, but just saying And subhanAllah you know, like a lot doesn't judge you based on the final result, rather than effort. And it made me think like, this is not a far idea from you know, if you look at the prophets, for example, Prophet Muhammad Salim Imagine if

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Prophet Nurhaliza Salam was judged based on the final result, not the effort, Satan and Mohali Salam called his people for 950 years. 950 years contemplate about that a little bit. All right, imagine your entire life multiplied by 10. If you look 200 years, 950 years, and at the end, a couple of people like maybe a couple that you could count on your hand, after 950 years calling them secretly calling them publicly calling them in groups, calling them individually, calling them night and day late and one a Hydra. And at the end, what was the result? If Allah subhanaw taala were to judge us based on the final result, we would say no Holly Sal MP today, right? And I say this to all of us,

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right? When you put effort into something, just do your best and then leave the rest of the last panel with Allah. And this also goes to educators, please, and parents who assume that education is one size, you know, that fits all it's not, it's not learn from saying there no Holly Salem using different different techniques. He called them in groups, he called them in individually, he called them at night, or in the morning. And then at night, he called them publicly he called them secretly, each kid has a different way of learning, right? Different techniques, maybe a child on their own to perform better, maybe in a group setting where they feel more motivated and encouraged.

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They'll work better, maybe in the morning, or maybe when they're more clear minded in the afternoon, something right? One thing or the other.

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Please, I urge all teachers, please. Education is not a one size fits all. Each child is different. And each child is gifted in their own way. Right. The fact that the child is not doing well in your class does not mean that this kid is not smart. Because smartness is not really based on this, but it's how you are emotionally and intellectually smart and understanding and comprehending things around you. And the fact that they're putting effort that should suffice for you to treat them equally like everybody else. I see this a lot. I have seen a lot of like, bashing on kids, because you're not doing well. You're not giving me that grade at the end. But how about the effort that

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they put, if Allah subhana wa Jalla himself, you know, judges us based on our effort, how can we judge little kids or one another, based on a result? Something to think about me Allah subhanaw taala guide us all, to be able to comprehend that and apply that not just with our kids but in general as a general rule, rule of life in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala judges you based on your effort, not the final result. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh