Youssra Kamel Kandil – Looking To Restore What You Have Lost

Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The importance of learning about religion and Islam is emphasized, as children in non- Muslim countries may be intimidated by media and may not understand certain names. The "appian" in Allah's name is a means to restore life and healing, as it is the fruit of his restoration. The use of the "appian" is related to the "ref:30ing the origin" of Allah's actions, including his creation and rebuilding. The "ref:30ing the origin" can lead to healing, and "ref:30ing the origin" is the fruit of his restoration.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I hope everybody is doing well insha Allah and you're keeping warm in this freezing weather. So I want to share something with you this past fall and how to layer up I was very blessed and I started out. And to be honest with you, I was very, very intimidated because it was very like hard, it's dry, it's a heavy, it's heavy material, and I'm worried about like spiritual stuff, I want something, you know, Hadith that I'll listen to will change my heart will change me, you know, stuff like that. But anyway, I was like, you know, two o'clock Allah, let me just do it and get over and done with it. So the reason why I'm saying this is

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because, or why I decided to do this, our Sheikh was telling us, like, you know, growing up in a non Muslim country, you know, our kids are exposed to so much more and you could be teaching them about religion assignment, this and that. And then they ended up going to college, and they take this whole classroom about creationism, or evolution, or whatever it is, and they could come back and tell you all you know, it makes sense to me. And you should be able as a parent to sit down with them, discuss with them, not just yell like, Oh, stop for now, this is haram. No, you should be able to, like, you know, address what they're thinking in a civilized way. And convince them right, with

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proof from the Quran and the Sunnah, and so on, so forth, right? Because times have changed, and they do not grow the same way that we grew up. So that's the first reason why you should study Aikido unless you're growing up in a Muslim country where there are haters like 100%. And to hear that, then it's not something they're going to be really exposed to. The other reason why I think everybody should study our pizza, or at least this part of our pizza is the 99 names of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, again, as I was telling you, I went into this, like, you know, I know it's hard, it's dry, I'm not going to be moved in any way. I'm just going to memorize this, learn it,

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understand it and be done with it. But Subhan Allah, we memorize the 90 names of Allah subhanaw taala. We chant them with our kids, so they can memorize them, we hear them a million times, but we don't really sit and think and understand the meaning behind them. When you understand the meanings of Allah, the names of Allah subhanaw taala will lie he will lie, it will change the way you look at everything when you know that Allah subhanaw taala is a Razak when you know Allah subhanaw taala said were killed, the one you can rely on, he's the sustainer the one you rely on, and Mateen the one you can rely on in Kochi and giving, or you know, kabisa in giving material relying on and hasip

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all these names are a medicine to your heart, you will come up like with the concept of like, don't worry and just be happy basically, will lie and I'm not saying this just to be funny, but it's really when you have that understanding of Allah subhanaw taala these are all his qualities, subhanaw taala and his attributes, what am I worrying about? And why should I be even worrying? I should have hot butter call on him subhanaw taala right. Now, names usually are the names of Allah subhanaw taala, they sometimes come in groups, they come in complementary opposites. And sometimes they come in pairs to complement each other as well. And I want to share with you one name that I

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never ever, ever, ever thought about in that way. I heard it a million times I've repeated a million times with my kids. But I never understood that this is what it meant. And I'm going to share with you the two names that come together. And it talks about are the capabilities of Allah subhanaw taala his creation and move the worldwide the originator, the what the restore the originator is when he creates something for the first time like who said to Adam Alayhis Salam, right creation for the first time and why Eid? Which is the one I love that name and I'm sure you're gonna love that name as well. Once you understand what it means is the restore as in what and Satan no hallelujah

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Salam, you ordered him to go on the ship or the boat with what pairs of everything the believers were following him seeds and whatnot. And then what happens? Total flooding of the earth, no form of creation except what Satan and 100 people were with him and then Allah subhanaw taala does what he restores life on earth and he restores creation, right? He has seen enough to come down and start what planting the seeds and the animals and whatnot and life is recreated again. And proof of that is that you're listening to me and I'm talking to you right now. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala is the Restore. Now. How does that relate to us in our daily lives?

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If you lost a job, if you lost wealth, if you lost love in your marriage, if you kids have grown up and you've lost that beautiful relationship with them, you've lost a child. Allah subhanho wa Taala is a more I need, it gives you hope, or give those who have lost that a law can restore back to you what you have lost. So you know you violate his Salem. He lost his wealth, his health, his children, his friends, everybody everything. And then Allah subhanaw taala did what he restored everything again. In medallic Allah Allah He is here Allah is capable, it's easy for Allah. If Allah created me and you he cannot restore back to us what he was, you know

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What we lost? Think about it, you just have to have that you're clean in your heart you have to have the trust and faith in Allah subhanaw taala. Right? Allah subhanaw taala is capable of bringing back into your life what we're seeking from you, if there's good in it, right? Sometimes things are taken from us as a test and sometimes because it's not good for us and we just don't see it right? Raise your hands tonight and call on Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, more idea more idea, Allah your restore resource such and such to me. And if that certain things doesn't come back, believe we will live with the DUA Allah will heal that pain of what or feel that feeling of emptiness of whatever it is

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that you lost. A launch Allah will give you like Howard or Tao weed, right? Allah will re kind of like re compensate you in another way, or restore to what was lost. Okay have hotkey to work with the last panel to Allah and really understand the naming what Allah is and why he can bring back what was taken, right. And please, please, if you do have a chance or the time to study the names of Allah, even if you take one name a month, I'm not going to tell you every week if you can take one name and just read about it in detail. Well Allah you will be so much more happier in your life. And you'll look at things so differently and so much more calmer and just a healing a healing for your

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heart. So in sha Allah try to take that initiative and start looking at the names of Allah subhanaw taala. And may you see the beauty of those names in your daily life in sha Allah. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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