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AI: Summary © The Tober is a promotional introduction for the upcoming dunk, with a candidate named reminded of her experiences and importance of showing respect. The importance of trust in Islam is emphasized, along with the use of the symbol "the nuts" in Islam culture. The segment also touches on the upcoming competition for the dunk, including topics like brotherhood, hesitation, and registration. The speakers emphasize the importance of not accruing to the wrongful hesitation of others and encourage attendees to register.
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Similar to Rudolf Steiner so that's like the handlebar cattle.

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So we are with solid and fan today from beige actually paid 177 If you're following for the most half from page 177 To Page 201, source and fan and app two, verse 93, from solid Atolla I may not be able to do so at the Tober maybe just a brief

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intro but Charlotte to at least talk about what the confesseth and fat talks mostly about the Battle of balance. So he thought unfair talks about the bundle of battle would it be a bulky sola on my dinosaur

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I don't understand our own area only see people who are either and it wouldn't be met at this event because it's so what'll happen in Medina. So this is why it's a madness for us, not a Mickey solar. So it's sort of in fact, is a mandate solar, which means the bounds of the booty suppose of war and fell. Suppose a war is also called soulful jihad? Because it talks a lot about it. You kind of talked about Peter, it has 75 875 verses. And it is

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it is actually

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not in terms of its revelation number 88 In terms of the how it was ascended or how it was descended number 88. Right after so, in fact, you have the demand sorted,

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Pham came, right applesauce Imran, and it has 13 reasons as to why it was really solid. In fact, it is considered to be from the metallic as it is only 75 verses. So it is from the metallic, we have similar what we haven't seen and when you have some empathy and then you have the last category which is remove facade. Right? And then it starts with yes or no when

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they ask you Oh Mohamed about the spoils of war. So what kind of what kind of introduction is this is gonna account for pull it up for what is it?

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It's something new that we that is yadda yadda. Yadda, is what you call here is just around a candidate and fact they asked about the NFL, put it inside within their own hospital.

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It's not so like there is no I'm sorry. So no. Sisters sister phase out there. There's a mic review. So if the sisters know the answer, please give us the answer.

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By come set up. Does anybody not have the sisters? What kind of introduction is?

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Is it an either? No, it's not neither is it?

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Not is not the Hashi is it.

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No, it's not so I guess I don't have

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any it's not is it? How about

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some news they ask you about so I keep my truck information.

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It's a news Yes. No. Can they tell you so the Prophet Muhammad, you know, Allah is telling them the Nocturnum but the news about is it really kind of poignant and funny. They'll also be asked about the spoils of war, tell them to dispose of all go to Allah and His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then here's a check. Beautiful job in the very beginning of the surah Allah subhana wa jal, it says with he gives a description to the believers he says in nama remote Menon Adelina either has okay or one would you like food Oh, boom, we're eager to lead him to the EMR now who

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would go for the arena up mono sauna,

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People who are the owner, you can move on to more

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loving dollar jets on dollar being we're not allowed to carry in the middle of the believers, who are the believers so nice describing to us for the believers, he says, in the middle of winter that

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when they will provide as mentioned whether the rules and regulations of Allah, Allah mentioned, their hearts would tremble. They would shake the whole field of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will either put it to use that's when chemo and when the as I've been revealed, but when you read or listen to, and do you feel something, you don't feel nothing.

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If you feel nothing, with all due respect, maybe you need to sort of Janessa upon yourself, because maybe your heart is dead. But if you feel something that means this is the son of the man that's alive, while you're there to get him to say that from email, why is all of the data will corrode and they put their trust on Allah azza wa jal than the European ones so that those who establish the prayer, Allah never says in the Quran, pray whenever it is so that Allah says

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stablish I can select where you want to say that it's all about the establishing of the prayer, if they want to select that when the mother's afternoon for your coin, and those who give charity with whatever Allah blesses them when Buddha eco will middle the health path. Truly, truly, these are the true believers. This is one journal. And then Allah subhanaw taala describes the debate about the blending of butter, the Battle of water as the Sahaba they were not ready. You know when they came out for the battle, the battle initially the plan was to come after the caravan of Sofia, but then Allah subhanho wa Taala plans otherwise it's such a very beautiful if you want to know mostly about

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the death of the soul, and fell Allah subhanaw taala says verse number five gamma astrological book I'm here ready to help you are in a minute and want me know that Daddy will get you home, they don't want to come out they don't want to fight you will only 1303 14 and they applied to about 1000 So 313 versus one versus 1000 There was no equilibrium yet it is not about the quantity quantity. It's about the the quality that 313 defeated that 1000 were manager under Home long bushel yield pool overcome Allah subhanaw taala says, Woman nurse

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must have come from whom victory come from Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah azza wa jal describes that beauty of the old love put them to sleep is USG commonly known as

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a summer EMA and Allah as they were all tired, but they get they went to sleep and even the guards they want to see the rest and they were ready for that battle and what gave them most of Hannibal was

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and then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the importance of obeying Allah and His Prophet verse number 20 Yeah your brothers and sisters when you hear this error or when you hit any spots with

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all your who believe Who is Allah addressing here the message is to whom just the hybrid is to have are gone. So when you hit yeah

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the believers who are believers

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I can give you stuff

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somebody else is okay.

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was talking to us is the message is for you and

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I'll put your own law how long it was when I saw that more or less.

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To test my own all the Allah and His Prophet obey Allah and His Prophet. And then Eliza says yeah, you're letting, especially when you're there,

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your vehicle or you believe, answer the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah azza wa jal was to make a call, answer the call of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And then Allah so just isn't here. Another beautiful another beautiful gem, verse number 27. Yeah, Johan leadin. And all the Hornung hola hola.

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oh you believe

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ALLAH SubhanA wa says or you believe is tg bully you Alladhina amanu that whole Allah Allah Rasool Are you please do not deceive Allah and the Prophet did not cheat. Don't deceive Allah the Prophet don't cheat and don't abuse the trust which Allah azza wa jal has entrusted you with what are Kapono? Eminescu como en tu Kalamoon Do not waste the trust do not abuse the trust and what is the MLA here Amanda is not something merely that I give you to keep for you as an MLM Amanda the entire deal is

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the summer what are the what do you bet we have to trust that this VBAT the heavens and earth with this America so the AMA is not necessarily something I give you to keep for you for some time you know like money or whatnot a man that the deal is your responsibility is Emma the role that you play at work is everything to your business and your home is this mystery this

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upon our shoulders, your children or your spouse's mmm, what at the whole analytical mantle was kind of what that says. And then Allah has also another beautiful German

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tourist numbers for this week. Well, American hola hola.

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Jeffy him? Well, America and Allahu Allahu Yes. And Allah was not to punish them but was given you know, he's talking to the to the Sahara, and Allah was not to punish them as long as Prophet Muhammad is with them, but their Prophet Muhammad is gone, then what's going to happen that Allah is when he tells them why America and Allah Who was the one who went home, your stuff your own and Allah was not to punish them as long as they make you still fall. This is for you and Prophet Mohammed is not with us. So Allah say Allah was not to punish them as long as Prophet Muhammad is with them. So that that blessing that Prophet Mohammed now is God. So what do we have you and I have

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is still for as long as we make you suffer Allah subhanaw taala was not to punish that

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To punch us subhanho wa taala. And last but not least the surah ends with

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in alluding about the importance of brotherhood in Islam and

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also of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala What a beautiful, amazing beautiful Surah Surah In fact, so the Toba which he will cover as well today up to verse number 93. I will leave it until tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah, may Allah bless you may Allah reward you. We have the

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three competitions that we talked about yesterday, we have the forms are ready, everything is ready. We wouldn't have shot a low time to inform you as to how you can register for the dunk competition and for the

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national competition and for the names of Allah subhana wa Tada while the philosophy comes up from Allah, please show some respect to those brothers outside who are working so hard in the in the in the cold, you know, trying to help out with the parking and stuff. It's a very nice thing if you were to tell them on the way out. Thank you is that Kamala Harris? May Allah bless you. Please please. So that might take off later.