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Mohammed similarly you also have to sell them the Sleeman Kathira some of my bad How many of you can stay right now for the quarter until certain failure

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how many bravehearts however understand this other vegetable shall have that right? Tonight until February fellas well obviously if we say that sounds generally kind of like a difficult task, isn't it right? Now let's see what happened at time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam similar incidents similar to that but let's see what happened there is Hadith number 1861 and IB Zed enamored of NAFTA brought the hola Ramada Carla Salah Vina Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Salat al Fajr. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he prayed Fudger with us in the masjid call and after that Seidel member, then he went on the member for Hatha burner he started speaking to us had heard about Allah

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until the whole time

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verger until the whole time

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Carla Vanessa for Salah, so it took a break. He prayed to her and then called the Messiah member went back again the number

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for hot about a hotter hotter Lhasa you continue to speak and until answer time

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and then he took a break and it came down at negative time when he prayed so after maghrib and then he clearly said he kept doing that until it was sunset. And that's when he came down servitor Allah wa salam ala call for Bhavana Maka and OMA hookah and he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam He informed us of everything that lay hidden in the past and what will happen in the future? For Allah Munna Fortuna. It said that the learned amongst us the most learned amongst us are those who preserved and memorize what he said. And Hadith raw Muslim. Now, this hadith might be a little bit controversial because we wait a minute, what about the what about what about breakfast? What about

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lunch, or dinner Gemma? What happened in it is that literally what the prophets what was mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet, he spoke from all that time for that length of the day. And then some anima they say maybe it wasn't the wintertime.

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When it said the winter time, what does that mean? was much shorter. It was in the summertime Ivus is going to be a very long time. But then it is not natural for the prophets of Allah so to speak that long. Because what we know from the prophets are what Allah said, Amara oto gem and Kalam, he was being given this collection of small words with big meetings about Allah ceremony. So this is kind of like some of the LMR they look into what does it mean exactly? Some of them they take it literally as it is that the professor's have literally, he actually spent all this time. Speaking of the Sahaba, Delta animada. And others they say it's not like he spoke all this time. But he engaged

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the Sahaba by giving them and talking about everything that happened in the past, and what could happen in the future. So what does mean exactly what happened in the past what what has happened in the future? So the reason why they say the prophets are semi detailed to the Sahaba delaughter Imam, a lot of the Akbar of the Gambia from the past what happened with the creation of Adam Alayhis Salam, for example, like many of the questions people have today, the Prophet says, I'm gonna give that that kind of like addressed to the community at the time. And then he spoke about the future in terms of the signs of the Day of Judgment, what's gonna happen to judgment, so he gave him the

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details, which is why Subhanallah nowadays, when you read into the books of Hadith, and you see the chapters on the signs of the Day of Judgment, like a vivid picture, a vivid picture from the prophets of Allah, Salah MK as if you looking at it, really, he described everything, how it's going to start, who's going to be the first person to die with the last person to die? What are the events in which sequence they're going to be happening? So he gave a lot of details. Okay, but then when we look at all these details, all you have in the books of Hadith, and you sit down to read them, they wouldn't take more than one hour to read them.

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So how come they stretch from fajr? All the way until another time, if you say from fajr until October, maybe that was speaking about the past. And maybe from dawn until ASA until Maghreb, he spoke about maybe the future, but still, that's more than one hour. So where all these news all these Akbar happen?

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Again, some of the Anima and that's what the most of the dilemma they say that it was an exaggeration of time, like the Sahaba Duran when they said like, he spoke from Toronto, vegetal durante la Santa Lucia. Like as if they're saying he told us everything.

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Not he sat with us and he taught us everything. Salawat Ally was LMRA. So what happened with all these, these Akbar and the news from the Sahaba Delano? Now, we know that not all the Sahaba were Allama not all the moral lemma. Not all of them were scholars.

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So not everybody was probably concerned with spreading that knowledge, many that they memorize for themselves and they benefit from it. And that, of course is their Eman and they lived with that. But other other other Sahaba had, like even ibis, even Omar Abdullah and even EBMs Oh Ruth and others. Other Sahaba had different tasks they would worry about some of them some Sahaba were more like Mohabbatein like Nacala they only kind of like carried the Hadith like Ebola, for example known to be one of the Hadith even, but in terms of fact, he's not close to someone like even abbotswood even even Amara ultra modern. So many of these narrations can be found scattered in books of Hadith

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narrated by different Sahaba de la Tirana, where there is from the same incident from that same same event. Allahu taala.

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Would that event even happen in one single day? Oh, there's just a prophet says Mr. Speaker. We also have on different occasions that the Sahaba said like he spoke with us after fajr he spoke to us after Lahore, he spoke out after answer. So basically like they said he spoke every time we meet with him salata last night, he will give us some of those news. So Allahu Allah, Allah. What happened in that day was the one single day that events or organizations from the Prophet SAW same happen, or just from the Sahaba saying, like, hey, the Prophet says spoke to us after fajr after door after us. Every time there's an occasion, the Professor Sam will talk to us about the past and

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uterus about the future. So those would like to learn more about this obviously you have to go back to books of Hadith. And in the chapters that speaks about but I'll help how the creation started. And also speak about the Gambia and speak about Yamaki Amanda alpha and the day of judgment Allah subhanaw taala uncurious with knowledgeable Allah made and give us the ability to believe in the Salah in our hearts, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to teach us that which is right and make it easy for us to follow it and that which is wrong and stay away from it Allah Tirana and of course you

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we know that the Companions Sahaba some of them like humans roll

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up a lot in our

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days to use some of the Israeli yards and explain some of

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the verses in the Quran.

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That doesn't simply get

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coded something from this.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he allowed the Sahaba the questions, the property allowed the Sahaba to use slightly, what we call today, Judeo Christian tradition, like story that was mentioned in the Bible, for example, mentioned the tradition of the Christian and the Jews. As a professor Sam says Claude will had the two antibodies rival a heritage, speak about the new story, the stories of Venezuelans, okay? There's no harm. So there, they have three positions on this actually divided into three categories. As admin cathedra hemella, mentioned him in his book, introduction of SFC.

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Some of these stories, we believe them 100%, because they were mentioned the Quran as well to search the story of UCLA salon, the story of El Cap and so on. The second we reject them completely. Because what we have in the quarantine is that, like, are the biller speaking ill of the quality of the characters of the Gambia, about new and the food and so on. So we reject all these narrations because we have in the Quran, what proves to us that the MBR are the best answers according the character. But then the argument isn't the neutral ones. NARRATION that does not necessarily have anything to confirm in the Quran or to deny, like, for example, what type of dog the people of the

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cave they had what kind of breed? So yeah, it was mentioned actually, in some of the Judeo Christian tradition, a specific breed of a specific accurate color. So do we believe that they will deny that it doesn't really matter? So you can say it, you can read that, but you don't have to confirm on the percent, nor you deny that so that's okay. So the question comes, well did the Sahaba and use that? I don't know the sahaba. Likely we must Oh, that you could even miss Oh, Devon amadablam Pass, they could actually benefit. Sorry. But there were others who did that after them? Like these are the tambourine who did so. But the Sahaba were very careful on coating Venice in unless they hear it

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from somebody. And they will say someone said so and so. So did the Prophet himself.

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Code any relations from Barry Israel from the Israeli yard? We don't know that he did. So what allow Sara MURRAY But he himself he said, kind of human can a couple of come he will tell us stories that those will be for you. This happened to them. This happened and this happened to them. So you mentioned stories, but we only believe that because the Prophet Salah Salem narrated the story stores, Allah

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so how to Columbia 100 A shadow learned stuff Luca CERAM Rahmatullah