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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video featuring a Jana Manoli Rahim Allah's Jana Manoli. The video discusses the reward Jana Manoli received for his accomplishments, including a tree in receipt of a reward for his accomplishments. The video also describes the characteristics of Jana's trees and their weight, including the weight of the tree's branches and water.
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Salam Alaikum on Talavera

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from the larval anime so Allah who sang baraka and Avena Muhammad, while early also happier Salam with the Stimmen cathedra my bad so if you get up so far we are the Saudi Handbook of forgiveness or seeking forgiveness. The reward that ALLAH SubhanA wa das prepared for the believers in Jana Manoli Rahim Allah Tala Calderon, ABC agent Kadri Radi Allahu Anhu and in the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and alcohol in the field. Jannetty la Jara shujaa. written here Cyril rakibul Jawad Ramadan Morrow, Surya, me at a Senate in Morocco, DEF CON LA,

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the Messenger of Allah Allah Sam says over here, in this hadith, that there is a tree in paradise and Jana, there is so huge that if a rider of a swift horse has to cover its distance from one end to another, in 100 years, he will not be able to do so.

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can now visualize tries to think how huge that tree is and how the branches are actually spreading out. Can you think of the size of that tree? There is no way right? I mean, how about the earth? You might need actually multiple Earth to hold a tree like this.

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But that's put things in perspective, this is the quality of the rewarding agenda. So that is that is a specialty The Professor Sam says in fifth Gen natira shujaa. So there is a one tree that is very unique and special. Jana which three is that that's a that's a must have enough among the villa. What kind of tree is that?

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But we know for sure that it's a huge tree. So what's the point? And what is the significance of mentioned the size of this tree? What do you guys think? What would provide for the people in general

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shade Exactly. In one of the things that we require whenever you relax and you never you sit in a let's say a resort, whatever that you sit in and write what do you what do you desire to be even though you want to be outdoors, but at the same time you don't want to be scorched by the sun in the shade. So imagine your outdoor then in Jannah but you still need to be under the shade of the tree. I want when there is a shade what does that shade provide for you as well?

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When the wind blows what kind of wind comes beautiful breeze right beautiful, nice cool breeze. So it gives you all this kind of reward just by the by the mere mention of a tree of course not to mention the fruits that's going to be carrying and all the stuff on since Palmer so just an example of the trees of agenda are all the trees of agenda the same

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not necessarily because he was a professor cemetery shujaa which was a kind of tree. So not necessarily some of the unique qualities of the trees of a Jana is that they come in different course style and types as Allah's describing proto Roman,

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by the different gods will Jana, he said that Madame Mactan so the trees are actually kind of the branches are linking together creating a certain shade. Also the water of man, they're spreading out all over the place. So the branch is not connected but spreading out actually. Also last pan says about the tree the fruit that these trees will be carrying Kotova dhania that the vines or the grapes and the fruit are Danny which means that in the in the reach of, of the people of agenda to the extent that the Hadith that you don't even need to call for the fruit to come actually, you don't even need to go and pick the fruit from the tree. Just by desiring that fruit, Allah subhanaw

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taala would make this food coming Iran come into your hand basically, it comes to your hand. So these trees are you could say like alive. They move and all by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala how would that look like? It's still it's part of elemental right? We don't even know. And remember whatever we say about agenda, nothing is really from

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an agenda from what we studied away except for what the names and the titles, how we look like Allahu Taala May Allah make us among the people who will Jana and those are witnesses three Iijima Wallah any question.

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