How does Allah deal with the tyranny of nations

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personnel sejahtera Marlena Maria de la la medulla La MaMa yodeling Fela heard yella, WA Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika hashanah Muhammad Abdul Rasulo. Yeah yo Alladhina I'm gonna talk Allah haka Ducati. Vannatta mattina Illa. One two Muslim moon. Yeah, you Anessa Taqwa. Kumala the Halacha coming up sua Bacala coming huzzah Jehovah Minh Houma Raja and cathedral Manisa What toquilla hala data set are gonna be what are haram in Allah and Allah kumara Teva? Yeah you already know I'm going to talk Allah wa Kulu. Covenants said either use the LA Kumala Kuma fella come the Rubicon WOMMA Yota Allah wa rasuluh *a defesa Fosun rd Lima and America Allah and Nasser Al Quran

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Quran Allah He Tabata Katana, well, Kira al hadI had you Muhammad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon and Maureen was just added to our column and so it's in beta, or Colombia and Allah Allah wa Kula donated for Northam mama bada about Allah, my dear brothers and sisters. How does Allah subhanho wa Taala deal with the tyranny of nations? How does Allah subhana wa to deal with the tyranny of these oppressors? As we have seen it around the world? We've seen that in the Quran, in the history of mankind, and just most recently here in Gaza right now and in Philistine. How does Allah subhana wa Taala deal with the tyranny of these nations, brothers and sisters, when we see

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that oppression is becoming overwhelming, the night darkens. And you could hear, you could hear it in your sleep, sometimes those agonies and the cries of the oppressed under the feet of the oppressor.

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And the process is getting tight. It's becoming more arrogant with the enablers that around them. And no one is stopping them or holding them accountable for what they're doing. So they become even actually worse every day.

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And that's for the case of the oppressed Lumsden, may Allah Subhan make it easy for them. They feel that the Lord the Lord has abandoned them. And that's why when they start looking up to the skies, looking up to heavens, because they've seen it in history, they've seen it also in the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. How when things get so bad, when the oppressors when these tyrants, they start enjoying their tyranny without responsibility, then there will be divine intervention hemans will intervene.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that many times in the Quran, brothers and sisters, it's a legitimate question. People they asked to this is, what is that victory of Allah Subhana Allah He promised, you know, at least what is that divine intervention to hold these oppressors, these tyrants accountable, when they do whatever they want to do no one stopping them. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah Amuro Kabbalah can come to him, haven't been seen how many society we have destroyed from before them, you know, karoun COVID Maccha now hopefully, we gave them that we established them on earth like we made them strong we made them societies we they help them build

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civilizations. Like Allah says like, compare yourself to those who are before you. He says even we made the map can now fill out demand on the macula comm. What you in your time, didn't even don't even have. They were stronger than you. They're bigger than you. They're mightier than you still. Allah subhanaw says we have given them from everything.

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We've given them rivers, and we have sent the rain abundance upon them. And then Allah sponsors conference now for Alekna hombre de Nubian. We destroy them because of their sins and their wrongdoing. So no matter how strong or mighty they are, Allah subhanaw taala says that, Allah's way of dealing with the tyrants and oppressors is always the same, that they will come. But the question that we keep asking ourselves when it's gonna happen, Allah subhanaw knows well, he has appointed that time, but we don't know what he says Subhana wa Tala Tala will come and cut it in Alekna. How many society how many Town, Big civilization that we have destroyed from before. For Jaha, sunnah

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Bharat and Mahara.

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But yeah, Botswana battered Oh, hookah Elune. Our our promise came to them the promise of destruction when they were asleep during the night or the midday, like Allah subhana wa Dawn is the one who chooses for himself when this will happen. We've seen that Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. What and that's our ethics as Muslims, we know that you need to hold yourself accountable, whether as an individual, whether you're being a boss at work, or even a family person, you're going to be held accountable for what you do. Your tyranny, also is going to be held accountable for not just on a nation's level, but on the visual level as well too. So we've seen that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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holds people accountable for that. We've seen that ALLAH SubhanA sin warnings, and he says warnings after warnings for them to find guidance to stop their oppression. We've seen that Allah subhanho wa Taala when nothing works for them, he will intervene, divine intervention will come in to protect them. We've seen that but when this is going to come, now that's when Allah subhanaw taala kept the promise for himself.

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Allah azza wa jal

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will keep the promise of Hana Motala for himself. We don't know when, but we know for sure it is coming and will happen. Allah azza wa jal told us the stories of the nations from before. Then what's the mood? Well imagine frown. All these nations that we read about in the Quran when Allah destroyed them with many, many things for what? So we could reflect and see that when Allah subhanaw taala is promised come comes in many, many different ways like what Allah says for kulana heaven evident. We've taken each of these tyrants because of their sins or their wrongdoings. How come? Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Hausa some ALLAH SubhanA destroy them with rocks, Allah azza wa jal

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Palma no matter how to say her, some with a with a loud cry, and they were finished when they were done, woman who must not be held up and some the earth swallowed them completely woman human Agrippina and some they were completely drowned.

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So ALLAH SubhanA says, look, look, all these are the mighty powers of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is how it is with the tyrants subhanho wa taala. So we've seen it with that in the history. And even today archaeology of improving these things. Look at know Hala is Salam, the flood, they're overwhelmed the earth, because of the tyranny of the people of know how they said, I'm done that time. Brothers and sisters, people now saying, okay, so this massive destruction, why is that happening today?

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The arrogance we see right now with a person who's in an occupation in Philistine is unbelievable.

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The product, no one can say anything to them. The leader comes boldly, you know, on TV, and he was ever either who dares even to speak or say anything about that. So if you want to keep your position, keep your mouth shut.

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What kind of humiliation is that is happening around the world and everyone's just kind of like complying with that. That's a great 30.

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And that Subhanallah, for me is an indicator that the end is near. Because Allah subhanaw promise will be fulfilled, whether they like it or not, but when we don't know

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for that massive destruction that people were expecting, just to give you an idea here, Allah subhanho wa taala, after the Musa alayhis salam, when Musa came I just thought was salam and utter destruction around Allah subhanho wa Taala remove that Miss massive destruction that could ever happen on earth.

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There was a time before Musa alayhis salam, when Allah azza wa jal he destroys nations because of specific excesses of committed and specific nations in particular, and Allah subhanaw taala, but moussaka, Welaka tena Musa kita we have given most of the scriptures the book member the Mahalalel Quran, after we have destroyed the nations from before him called Al Quran Allah before Basa guidance right now. Lin NASA Huda. So this is a guidance for the people guidance for them so they can see through what I am and mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala some orlimar they say the reason why Allah subhanaw taala stopped that because there was a time coming closer and closer to the time

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of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam O Allah, who would become the messenger of the entire for the entire world. And he was in as Rahmatullah. Let me know Mr. Santa Clara Rahmatullah Minh, will be sent as a mercy to the world and part of that mercy, such a destructor that massive love is not going to happen. But Allah Subhana Allah chose to punish other nations and people in other ways. brothers and sister, one of the examples was for our, for Allah, Allah describes me says, Allah, Allah, and he became a tyrant. He was rising so high in his journey and his arrogance on Earth to what extent he used to say he used to say to the people of Egypt says con la Salim will cumbersome.

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Why are they the inheritor to the mentality? Like what else dude, it is a proof like I am, I'm the master of this land. I control everything. He says. And I said he will commercial Egypt at the time was the greatest nations of the ancient world. Everybody was Marvels about the beauty and that amazing civilization that was happening there in Egypt. So the frown, feeling himself so independent, he trained himself to be God. And he was told he told them look good, I own this, all of this is mine. This rivers flow underneath my feet, by my command that he's claiming basically. And then he said to the people call, Maori coma Allama Ara, what are the cumulus tabula rasa?

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Listen, he said, Look, whatever I see is good for you. And you should follow me. And I'm the one who guide you to that which is right and that's exactly what we'll hear from the process today. And from this tyrant, coming to dictate to the world what needs to be done in order for this feast the World Peace happens.

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They think that they own the narrative and they have already mastered all that skill. And Allah subhana wa Tada is from behind the Quran. did the same thing. Allah azza wa jal highlighted the bathroom and that's the irony of Gemma surround was against very strongly the Israelites and now it's the it's completely the opposite. Here Allah describing for our own what did he do to the people of Bani Israel? Call us up we have now monster hanging Assam he used to call and slaughter them

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Children, their babies, their children. 7000 children being killed so far has said your man even more.

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God was the heinous sound and you captured their women.

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How many women were taken hostages in the prisons of the occupiers, with no charges, with no charges for years, and no one cared.

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All of this, to break their spirit, the spirit of the nation and the people that they represent. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that not just because what the only thing that they've rounded, that's the least that he did, but just to show us to what level when he reached that level, Allah destroyed him.

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Allah destroyed him.

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When the oppressors is that level, when those tyrants did that level of humiliating the whole nation and the world to that level, claiming themselves a better than anybody else, and then Allah Subhan Allah Himself, Allah subhanho wa Taala will visit his as promised to be fulfilled Akula COLA that was tough for Allah Allah Diwali welcome. Well, the sun was a bit of a stir through in order for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o Bara canopy and I'm hammered and while early or CIBJO seldom at the Sleeman Kathira my my bad brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala says kind of a typical Cora a Haluk, Nahum llama the llama wa Jannetty Maliki Merida. These are the societies that the nations that we will destroy them he says he says we destroy them before we can to destroy models will come forward. What's your Anneli Malik in Merida? And their destruction was already set on an appointment. We don't know it.

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We just don't know it. But we know when to when when tyranny reach that level, Allah subhanaw taala will intervene. The prophets Allah says in the Hadith call in Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala he keeps given the volume a chance after chance though presser chance after chance, maybe to reflect to repent to reverse. Hatha indica hola Mifflin but if they don't, it says called they will have no escape after that. And then he decided that I Akula he Tabata Kota Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Raha Voluma, in Lima shaded in the translation, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, but we but when he sees them, he does not let them escape, as he says Hannah waters such as the crushing

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grip of your Lord when he sees it the societies in terms of wrongdoing. Indeed, his grip is terribly painful and severe. One time Sahaba came to the Prophet Salah Salem when they were in Mecca,

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and the Prophet saw some was resting in the shed will cover

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and when they saw the Prophet Salas and rested when everybody's suffering there, they came to the Prophet Carlotta, Salah, Yasser Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah testin Solana should you make dua for us and ask Allah for victory, which was many people doing today and keep doing it. But the time was right, Allah's power to bring it in. So the Prophet says they sat up and they said, Look, those were before you suffer even more than this.

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They were cut to pieces because of their faith and their Deen their Eman. They took the flesh over their bones because of their faith and they never renounced their faith and their email. He says I promises I swear to you, Allah subhana wa Taala will bring that peace. He says that peace in the Arabian peninsula will happen. And Allah subhanaw will make this religion prevail until we see the weakest and see that the most vulnerable he mentioned even the lady will travel alone from the most treacherous area and the Reverend Peninsula alone feeling nobody but Allah subhanho wa Taala and the wolf that might actually pray over her sheep. Well, I cannot come to stand alone, but you're hasty

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When it comes to time, it's irrelevant. Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why we sometimes we rush things but Allah knows best my job and your job is to make sure I'm doing the right thing for the oppressed. And during the same thing as well to to remove that oppression and hold this oppressor Antara accountable that is my duty. And that's my duty to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the least if you could do anything else, then the DUA because never ever underestimate the value and the power of the DA Allahumma aluminum and Fana one fan of Mr. Olympia Anna in the UK until Ellinwood halkyn Allahumma and fusina Taqwa was actually entitlements until you I'm Allah. Allahu Masuda. Juana Terra

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Bella Alameen la masala masala fina with one of us as a tiara but Isla me, Allah my father and they have declared Rahmani Raheem McClung erotica Bill Alameen, Allah Mafalda and Amira al Amin, therefore good mole Bella and whom Yara Manuel Rahim, Allah homophone behave declare a banner, Taka shahada home wash Ramallah homage al haram word. Abraham was salam from Jamia and Yara Bella Alameen Kulu kolyada. Welcome salah.