The Loss Of Trust

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hamdulillah Malala means that Allah southern border kind of era Muhammad Allah, Allah Siva said of the Sleeman Kathira my, my bad. So I'm going to have you here like to be interrupted when they speak.

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animal lives have interrupted when they talk or you're talking to someone touch you.

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Maybe someone has a very important question they want to ask while you're talking. Would that be okay with you?

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Let's see what happened with the Prophet saw seven an incident similar to that. How did number 1837

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One ever heard of the Allahu Anhu Burning Man never use Salah while he was still unfamiliar. So you had to feel calm.

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He said, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam once he was speaking to the group of people. He was speaking to us. He said, our Ira called verger Arabi for call matters.

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So then a bedwin came and asked the Prophet some of us I'm in the middle of his talk, while the professor was talking, he goes, matters. When is our going to be established?

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Like I said, he wasn't, he was not interested in what the Prophet says and was talking about. Because he had a question his mind, he thought that was more important, urgent. So interrupted, the Prophet SAW. So when it goes, matters, what is the day of judgment that you're talking about is gonna happen?

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Now, if that happens to you, what would you do?

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Would you smack that? The other one says, Wait for your turn, man. Right. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called firmado Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had this, the Messenger of Allah, he continued speaking. Like he didn't pay attention to the question. He did not pay attention to the question. He continued speaking. Remember, Bokhara mo Lautaro even actually made a whole chapter on this. It was called a verbal is this chapter, man. So ILA, and so it was edited. We had the nurse for 10 mahadi. Delta mudgeeraba said, a chapter on someone who's been asked what his speaking, continued his talk and until he finished and then he answered the question, like my broker, Rajiv

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Allah, he brings a whole chapter based on this and he made the whole principle based on that. So the Prophet said, I certainly did not answer the question for God about the counter because I was putting among themselves for God about the phone. Send me I'm gonna carry him icon. It seems that the Prophet said Allah said he heard what he asked. He didn't like it. So he pretended he didn't hear him.

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Well call about the bell. Let me Esma other the center? I don't think he had a question or nothing here. So people that said maybe he heard them I didn't like what he heard, say pretended he did not hear it. So you continue speaking. And others. They said no, he didn't hear him at all. Now the first question referring to something very important in our deen and at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, people wouldn't were discouraged from asking the Prophet saw some questions. Ask him question about matters did not happen out of fear or legislation might come afterwards and make things difficult or different for other for the

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people. So the prophets hasn't been fully forbade people ask him questions. Don't ask me questions until I initiate the answer to you or at least an issue that matter to you. So hey, maybe someone said that he didn't he didn't like what I hear. The other day said he did not hear him at all, had Aqaba. harita who call when the prophets Allah said and finished what he was talking what he was talking about. That's when he turned around and he goes in a silencer and if and where's that man who was asking about the hour earlier?

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So what do we learn from the surgeon Ma? The professor certainly did not ignore him.

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He didn't. But what did he do? He had a priority.

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He said things in the right order. I'm speaking with the people right now. I'll get your question. But let me finish this first.

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So that that actually teaches people lesson. During during a special conversation. For example, don't just interrupt questions, random question out of nowhere. Like some people they love to ask leading questions. Like they know the answer, but they're not asking for themselves. They're asking for other people to hear the answer.

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And that's not the proper way to do it either. So the man then the professor Simpson ins that answer was the man was asked about the hour Farhana Rasul Allah is that to me? Now I don't know if the man was shivering or not because the prophets doesn't didn't forget about him because what are you show me your face basically. So the man's is Han Allah salah, that's me. So Allah, so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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Either do you Atul Amana, from Teresa? Either do you until Amana for others? Now there are multiple generations for the Hadith. One of the generations of prophets that Assam said to him called mother that Allah like forget about the question what

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To prepare for it,

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like what is going to happen, that's not of your business will happen when it happens. Are you ready for it? That's what the purpose of ceremony was answered is answering him, meaning the prophets or sermons given given people what they need to know now what they want to know.

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And that's a very important lesson in teaching and educating people. Because nowadays, most of what we see online is giving people what they want to know what they want to hear. But now what they need to hear because we don't want to offend people anymore.

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We're in the culture of not offending people,

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no matter how truthful it is, so that's why everybody's just trying to be careful, politically correct when I talk to people, but here the Prophet sallallahu sallam was again given the answer based on what he needed. Now what he wants. He goes, what did you prepare for doesn't matter when this is going to start but you are you ready for it?

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Another narration which is one the one that we have over here, the prophet doesn't give him the answer directly, Paul, either Blue Yeti Amana font others. So when the practice of honoring the trust is lost, then wait for the hour to be established.

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Either do you Atilla Amana fontanarossa When the Amana is being lost among the people wait for the day of judgment to be established. Now, what's the meaning of this Amana over here? Because Amara can be translated as trust can be traced as leadership can be translated in different ways. But here what does the professor mean by that? He was asked after Cardozo Law, K for a da ta. How is it going to be lost among the people

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either was to the amarilla leave until the Risa when important matters being given an assigned to insignificant people, those who don't deserve it, then watch for the hour to be established.

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So what the professor Sam is doing here is explaining the concept or given the meaning of this concept by giving an example. That example does not it's not exclusive to it is not it's just an example of how the Amana is going to be lost. So the first study and they said I'm Anna over here, most of them they say actually, it means leadership. It means leadership referring to the iron solitariness out when Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you already know me, in Allah and in Elia milkman to Abdullah Manetti, Allah Allah, that Allah subhana wa Taala commands you that you render the Amana the trust to earlier which means those who are you owe to them and whenever they say that

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speaks about leadership, and Khilafah Alomar, Aqaba, judiciary major leadership's and so on. Does it also mean leadership in matters of dunya like for example, leadership within budget for example, leadership in matters of organizations, even if it was let's say being on a board, for instance, whatever that is, school board or anything like that, these are also a monad these are a monad because when people elect you or select you, they trust you that you are going to lead them and lead their organization to that which is most beneficial to the people and the purpose of that organization. And if you're not going to do that, then you have lost that Amana then you betray that

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And that's what the professor was speaking about in that concept here is that when the leadership is lost, then wait for the for the hour, I guess the manifestation of this hadith in our time is is Masha Allah has all over the place all over the place, whether it's leadership, political leadership, religious leadership, whatever leadership right now people that choose leaders based on what how famous they are, how many followers how cute, how handsome they are, how funny they are. That's what matters to people development style. So that's why many of these people have given the crowd what they want to hear. Now they want to hear so if this is the case is your ma how far away

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are we from from from the Day of Judgment

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hola hola. But I hope when this happens that I'm going from this world

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because we learned that if someone witness a day of judgment as it's established, what does that mean as Mr. Llamosa were the worst of the worst because good people they're going to be taken out before that happens similar paternalism Sarah, banana, wala Anna and a question Gemma?

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This example of the problems I mentioned over here, so meaning the definition of definition of one the size is going to be established.

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Yeah, the money I had speaks about a day of judgment that the establish of the hour and so on. Could that be the one that will be the most definitive for us to say that when they

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This happens. This is a winner when the size is going to be coming. We cannot, besides a hydrogel fit and how do you feel more clear? The hadith speaks about the last days and so on. We can't define them by a specific event in essence, because we don't know how wars is going to get in the future.

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Absolutely, but the issue of where I'm at right now we might let's be frank, for example, with all due respect, when George Bush Jr. was the President of the United States of America, I thought no stood no presidents gonna be any worse than this one. Then we blessed with Trump.

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Right and he might come back to anybody for so no matter how bad you think is gonna be Allahu Allah and what's gonna happen and Allah you never know the time is gonna come. You're gonna say Rahmatullah Trumpian just like we said Rahmatullah Trump was a good guy probably maybe. Allahu Allah um, how the future is going to look in the future the way we see the trend, how people are thinking facts has no meaning anymore. Science has no meaning to it anymore. Truth is absolutely completely irrelevant these days. It's a matter of feeling right now. If you This is right Hollis linear right? Now Amistad was

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unbelievable or whatever and today now

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the truth is that an Amana that you should be

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you should be standing for and this dunya Well, first of Allah monster Tato as much as you can, I mean amongst people who are different

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the majority are different than you.

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You speak the truth

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it's not

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true. I mean, the Prophet SAW said I mentioned one Hadith Naramata sad our deaf kudamon Medina comb,

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our Salah, the first thing that you're going to be losing from your deen a Salah people are going to stop praying the five daily prayers and the last will be a manner. So mana is coming and as one of those things that people started losing completely. So as long as we maintain the Huck among ourselves, we'll find Schelotto barcode for lack of a Takala master data as much as you can.

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Sir, again

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if someone says something to you, that makes you angry, is it okay to remain quiet? Is that what you say? They're better for you to say to stay quiet not as, as an MRO unless it's your wife.

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Everybody else is okay to be quiet about it. But if it's your spouse, you have to give an answer. But calculate that as your own rescan.

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I mean, of course, if someone has asked you a question that would rage you It's not the time maybe to give the right answer.

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Why because when you're when you're emotional, you're not going to make right that sound judgment. Even the Prophet SAW said if you give the verdict the call the layup the father who have been on call the judge should not rule when he's in a state of rage and anger because that will completely cloud his sound judgment. So same thing when someone reaches you and you get angry. Yeah, you need to be quiet but if it requires an answer from you, then you should actually stand for it and give an answer but calm down before we give an answer Wallah.

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That again

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is it wrong to be politically correct?

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Evidence it's okay to be that depends on the circumstances, but there's difference between any bullet being politically correct or being hypocritical.

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And being a liar. It's different. And here we are. We've been asked even the Son of the Prophet Salah Salem is in some circumstances, you don't give the direct answer to people atonia as it's called in Arabic language. So if you are required to do teria that's fine. If you can evade the answer to protect yourself in certain circumstances. That's okay. But standing for the hawk and the truth is bearer, Allah Tala. Part of the law of 100 a shadow law