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Salam alaikum warahmatullah Berkut

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I'm the leader of belagavi and so Allah Who sondland Baraka, Anabaena, Muhammad Anwar, they also have to sell them to Steven Katina. To my my bad. This hadith is a very popular Hadith I'm sure we have heard that heard it before. And for me, it's Apalla no matter how many times I read this hadith or teach this hadith is one of those curious, really curious ahaadeeth In terms of its content, that should really keep you always aware of what you do and what you say. I think this is number 1851 In regards to the connection between your provision, and your DUA if you'd like to have your job being accepted, you're gonna have to worry about how you feed yourself to take care of yourself. How did

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number 1851 and Ebihara todella one or the color of color color Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Are you a nurse in Allaha even la Yakubu a lotta Yeva the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he started his address to the community to the people it says called Are you a nurse? Oh people speak into his community. So what Allah was wrong because are you Anna's oh people, Allah is the you lie Akbar, Allah EBA and he does not accept anything except that which is pure. So Allah has pure and accepts nothing but that which is pure. Now I know the word Tony was translated into pure but the translation is not really 100% accurate. Because time is beyond being pure. It's

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good. It's generally speaking is it's good. Everything about goodness is there. And Allah subhana wa Tada said, he he has added Kalamata you to him, everything that goes up to him Subhana wa Taala is the beautiful praise the beautiful word to him. Subhana wa Tada. And Allah azza wa jal spoke about that people have agenda. They want to enter agenda where he say God, even they're also in goodness, they're good and they don't goodness. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is good and except nothing but good.

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Nothing but good. Now, who defines that which is good? That's the question.

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Who defines that? And that's why the prophets RSM says called we're in Allah Amaral mini demand Maribel Mursaleen. And Allah has given His command and his orders to the believers like he did to her okay did so to to the messengers before. Like just like you've been asked, the messengers of Allah were instructed about certain duties. The believers are also given certain instructions as well to one instruction is referring to in regard to this context. Fall for God Allah Who terracotta Allah you are also to Kulu mentor you bet Minato Eva to Amarillo sada ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says in this area, God Yeah, you are awesome. All messengers, eat of the food of the good things and do good

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deeds, Eat of the good things and do good deeds. So when you eat it good when you do also do good. And he also said Subhana wa Tada Claude Walcott Allahu Taala yeah are you Alladhina am and who could open up the mantle you bet in Morocco, natto. And Allah instructors are believers by saying, Oh you who believe Kulu mentor you, Bertie Maharaja Conoco eat of the local things that we have provided for you.

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So these two ads are Prophet sallallahu Sallam is kind of like telling us look, Allah commands the messengers, to eat good and do good and they are the messengers.

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I mean, they're supposed to be the first few of course to be observing that and there is no need for them to be reminded that the messengers of God, but if the messengers have been reminded of their duty to Allah subhanho wa Taala by eating good and doing good, and he we as the followers should also be reminded with that, as Allah says, Yeah, you already know I'm going oh, you believe coolamon play by tomatoes have now come eat from the good thing that we have provided for you. Then the Prophet selasa mentioned something interesting here is now mentioning some of those things that blocks your DUA from being accepted. Like he's saying, Look, you better eat good. You better do good

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because if you don't listen to this example, and that's what he says that Allah salah, Khalsa, muda Rajan, YouTube Lucifer, Ash Bara, Yamada Hill, Osama your OB, then the prophets of Allah Saddam he elaborate and he mentioned of a person who travels long journey called you to suffer long long journey. Ash either Abba Ash has been disheveled. Like he's not what combed. His hair is long and dusty all over. What does that exactly mean? He's been under the road for all for a long, long time. He didn't have a time to rest. So he's exhausted. He's tired. He's kind of a disadvantage in his situation. You can imagine what does that exactly mean? Allah Subhana Allah protects you from you

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ever be in a situation like that?

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And some people are unfortunate

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as their lifestyle, they always be, you know, between errands, traveling for months into the other one just to kind of find something to they can survive off. But here's the profit of saying that someone in that condition, why would the profits are awesome give us such a very vivid description of this man.

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Because he's telling us look, If anyone deserves his there ought to be an answer, then accept it, we'll do it. This person,

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someone who's on the road, which means what he's lonely. He's in a strange land. He doesn't understand that if he could communicate with the people God knows if he's going to be safe or not. It could be taken advantage of it could be killed, whatever. Like this man's situation is dire that If anyone deserves a draw to be accepted, will be someone in the situation. But then he says Collier Who the hell is this man is raising his hands all the way up in the skies. What does that mean? His need is what is urgent and as serious the man is raising his hand all the way up in the summer in the skies. He's not like making dua like this are some some of us after Salah was just to kind of

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like make dua mumbling or die, you'll never know what you're saying and just move on. Now this man is serious. His need is urgent and it's serious. So he's making his dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. And then the professor says call Omar Tom who Haram is food is haram. Well, mashallah, who haram? His drink? is haram, woman vessel Haram is close. Or haram. What would be able haram nutrition altogether? is haram for an Eustacia Bula. How do you expect his dad to be accepted?

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And how do you think there's going to be accepted for someone who situation like this? It's Paola that that statement is very scary.

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Very, very scary.

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Because we living in a time unfortunately, that would come to the boundaries of Halal and Haram are very blurry.

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It's not just that, even when they're clear, some people they make justifications for themselves. We're living in America. You can't avoid you know the river. You can this you can that we have all these excuses. And we'll just throw them out there.

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And then we'll make dua we just like wondering, Allah doesn't listen to Allah is not accepting my dua. Did you check yourself?

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Are you checking your food or chicken your drink or chicken your clothes as you can your lifestyle? Is that something in accordance to Allah Subhana Allah has rules. If Allah has commanded the prophets to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they're believers after them, and he's telling you Look,

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if you if you eat well and do well, I will answer your call because there's another Hadith as a Muslim, in which the prophets of Allah said I mentioned someone and the exact same condition. He says God Rob, I shatta Akbar, lithium rain is Sri Sankara roba shatta Akbar sometimes he says you will find ash atta Akbar what does that mean? Someone who's the shovel dusty and dirty though Tim Ryan his clothes worth nothing and barely call mud foo on Bill awam math formula Baba is admin. When he knocks on people's doors they push him away. Why because

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not our not our time.

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Not our time, socioeconomic status issues whatever you know, they don't feel clean enough to come into their house. This is a description of this man. And then Professor Sam says call luxamart Hola Hola Bara. If this man he says I swear by Allah. Allah will answer him Allah subhana wa Tada. Anna will fulfill his request.

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Why? Because Allah subhanaw has read his status. So his clothes meant nothing being dusty and dirty means nothing really? What's the difference between this man and the first one is the insight.

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There Taqwa the second one has stopped what prevented him from consuming what is haram. But the first one just didn't care.

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Yes, he believed in Allah subhanho wa taala. That's what he was raising his hand with the DA is asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So he was actually raising his Mo Da asked Allah azza wa jal, but the difference between the first category and the second one, and the second one, ALLAH SubhanA wa, they will accept his die because He's righteous.

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But the first categories, unfortunately, is, is not. So this Hadith from the Prophet sallahu wa salam was a reminder to all of us, is a reminder to all of us, if you would like to be that person, have a very special connection with the loss of Hannah Montana, like a hotline,

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you have a problem, you just raise your GPA and Bismillah you got it done.

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You want to be that person, then you're going to be really, really careful about what you eat, what you drink, what you feed your family, what you put on. And I don't mean by that to be overzealous in regards to little things. But overall to try to observe a healthy lifestyle. When I say healthy I mean by that in terms of spirituality as well to as Muslims of Hamdulillah. We're not just reading

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about eating food and and you know walking in a distance just to stay healthy. In addition to that healthy lifestyle you also have to have the spiritual side of it as well too. So if you balance these two inshallah ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna to make us among those who are dua is accepted they are a Brahmin Wallah any questions

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so what is spiritual health was if you could say okay can we speak more about spiritual health look as humans we made of two components, earthly components and and heavily components. There's a component is that is the body and it needs to be because it was created from Earth needs to be nurtured from earthly components as well or ingredients such as food, drink and exercise and so on earthly if you sit in the masjid and keep making the art forever, you're not going to grow muscles. So you're gonna have to exercise physically. Now spiritually the other component of the human being is the Spirit the road and the road was brought from Heavens

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as high as abdominus Oh Deltona, Oregon, so because it's heavenly, you have to also nurture nurture that that soul from heavenly source and the only thing I would say that it is heavenly for us in this dunya is what the Quran the way from the last panel what are the prophets that of sunnah and therefore if you follow these examples, the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet so I said I'm I hope that gives you a soul and that kind of strength that he's looking for and that's what 100 The five daily prayers are just the opportunity to start with that kind of connection. add more to it inshallah soda would you do out with a contest be hands on? Wala Han Spanish along the hammock? I

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shouldn't esoteric, so I'm going to go with a lowercase

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by the way, inshallah on Wednesday we'll have our top seal class inshallah and tomorrow there is no class tomorrow. The first is postponed to the next week in sha Allah azza wa jal, but on Wednesday inshallah our seal class will continue on with resume on after the murder of a shallow terracotta