Yasir Qadhi – Quranic Duas – Ramadan Khatirahs 2019 – Episode 06

Yasir Qadhi
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Hello Ricardo because of the fundraiser will have a short halt and only inshallah, today's hotter is just going to be a reminder about some of the main timings that we should be making. This is the month of June, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to make a specific timings today we'll mention five of them. Firstly, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that on every Friday and today is Friday, on every Friday, there is an hour that if anybody makes dua, Allah subhanho wa Taala will respond to that person. And our scholars have different when that hour is the majority say that it is between us and Muslim. So for today, it's already gone. But next

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Friday, between our southern motive is the most precious time to make dua during the week. So we should emphasize this time number two, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said beno Cooley, then in a comma, between every event and the farmer, there is time for that hour the Prophet system said that the duel between the man and the oma is not rejected or rarely rejected. So people come early to the masjid they sit down and they're waiting for the Salah. This is the ideal time to make throughout between the event and the farmer before the prayer starts. This is a very blessed time when you're in the masjid, you're waiting for the Salah. Don't just let the time go by Raise your

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hands up and make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. Time number three. In the Salah itself there are a number of opportunities where we are encouraged to make dua, and most prominent amongst them is in the sajida and before the Salaam and after the salon in the wholesaler, we can make the vicar disappear. But in particular while we are in such the and before we say that the slim and then after that the slim when we do our Vicar these are all blessitt timings, and of these the most blessed at time is in this such as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, caribou Maya coonan murabaha who was jailed for zero fee him in a DA for coming on a new stage of Allah come, the closest that

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anybody will ever be to his Lord is when he is in such that when you are in such depth, that is the closest you will be to Allah subhana wa Tada. Therefore, he said, increase your drop in your sajida For indeed the chances of acceptance are high during such as the so when we fall into such depth, then we increase our dua to Allah subhana wa tada we asked of this world and of the next world and we asked whatever we need from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is the position that I have in the position of my teachers and many classical scholars, that once we have done the of God in Arabic, after that one may make dua in any language in any sign up because what is restricted in Arabic is

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the Quran and the goddess Allah Subhana. Allah subhanaw taala been the Allahu Akbar that must be done in Arabic. Other than this, once you have said Subhana Allah does as much as you should, after that, you may make dua in any language for the needs of this world and then x even if it is in the form of sila, because our Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not say only make dua in Arabic da is done in any language and this one is not a part of Salah. Therefore, it will not matter what language it has done in so do I should be done in such depth and before that the slim and after that the slim these are all blessed timings time number four of making dua, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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three are the doors that are rarely rejected. And one of them he said a saw him either a thorough the one who's fasting at the time of his thought when he's about to break the fast these doors are never rejected. So these days, every single day, we have a gift given to us of a free to our time, every day when it's time for thought and we sit down that is a precious time. Do not waste it in idle chat. Do not waste it and talking about politics and Libra and Amoeba and whatnot. That is the most precious time of our day during these days of Ramadan. Right before the thought when we sit down It is time for liquor and time for do so make do hour before the thought before we eat the

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thought before the data is raised to our mouth the last few minutes if we can concentrate on a law rather than the plate of food in front of us if we can make dua to Allah our Profit System said three are the doors never rejected and one of them the saw him when he's about to break the fast and the fifth and final one for today. And of course there are many other timings but we're going to short haul toto today the fifth and final one of the most powerful two hours. Perhaps one of the most powerful of all is the duty of leaders to learn

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Other and that is why we're supposed to be making dua on later to Qatar, because the efficiency of that drop, the power of that drop cannot be replicated throughout the year. And that is why on later to the other, we are supposed to spend the whole night making dua to Allah and doing liquid and reading Quran because that Laila to cuddle drop is equivalent to the death of an entire lifetime 83 years of constant drama, we will get it instantaneously and that's why I should say Dr. sutala What do I should I make because she's making she's making throughout the whole night and so the process of torture one do our alemannic our phone to herbal alpha five one, but in reality any and every

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dollar should be made on layer two other because it is the Night of Decree and our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said nothing changes other other than do nothing changes other other than drop on that night we can change other through our door. And so we make dua to Allah to bless us with the good of this world and the next to give us good, long life good wealth, blessed and wealth to make sure that we live righteous lives our children are of those who practice Islam. That's the night of the data to the other. These are the five timings that I remind myself on all of us to constantly make dua May Allah subhana wa Allah accept our da in this month tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

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our halters will be about the future of Zika as well after Isha tomorrow and after tomorrow sorry after tomorrow we I will be here in the ship will also be here. If you have any questions about Zika inshallah we'll be able to answer them one on one after the throw away on Saturday and Sunday said on Monday

Shaykh Yasir talks about the best times recommended to make dua. They are as follows:

  • Every Friday, there is an hour when our dua is accepted between Asr and Maghrib.
  • Between every Azaan and Iqamah.
  • In the Salah itself such as in the Sajdah, before the Tasbeeh and after the Tasbeeh.
  • The time right before we break the fast.
  • The Dua of Laylatul Qadr.
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