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Santa Monica Monica la what Okay, what's your brother? Yeah, hey bro him with another daily tip Sierra de la we're doing a surah a day of juice ama, and the last juice of the orange juice number 30. And we're sold on number 83, which is a sort of elemental 15. It's a powerful surah. In the Quran, it has two main important messages. The first is about ethics, financial ethics, ethics in dealing with those who we meet, we may look down upon in society, those who we think are not as affluent as us or our same social status. What are the kinds of ethics that Islam calls do? The second is about understanding the realities of life and death, with an emphasis on the recording of

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our deeds and thinking about the accountability that we have with Allah Subhana home went to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says what you learn in Moodle 15, the surah begins with a warning, the very first statement will be to those who are multiple 15. And the multiple 15 are those who give less in measure and wait when someone has asked them for something. So you're about to sell something, and you should be giving 500 grams but you gave 450 and you're trying to make profit by cutting that corner and giving people less than what they deserve. And we'll talk 15 as well. It's not just about weighing things in terms of the physical, but it's also in the social, it's not giving people your

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best not giving people their rights, not giving people the words that they deserve the recommendation they deserve. It is being a person who is obstinate, obscure and unwilling to be a part of a healthy society.

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And livina that Allah Allah nursia cellphone Allah subhanaw taala says they are those who when they receive a measure for men demand full measure, they they are those who wouldn't accept that from other people. And if someone was to give you measure, you would want the full measure but they are willing to take it from others and keep it themselves way that caralluma was no homie of Sauron and when they, when they have to give measure themselves unto mankind, they give less than what is due. So kind of a lot. And therefore this is about understanding justice. It's not what you want. That's important, but it's also what other people are in need of and deserve and give give the full measure

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is an important concept or principle in Islam. You find it numerous solos was a noble cause possiamo stuffing, give your weighing and give what is done Bilkis loss in that which is the most accurate of measurement in that which is equitable. And just in the prophets. I seldom said Mandela chalets, I mean Nam and Hashanah, valleys. I mean, they're the one who cheats or the one who cheats us as well. Is can never be from our community can never be a true believer at Allah, Allah know that he can and don't do these people who cheat others do they not remember understand, think? yelverton Do they not reckon that they will be resurrected and be asked about what they have done? Leo Min aldine on a day

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of Grindr on a day that is very difficult. Yo man who moon NASA little bit I mean, it will be the day that mankind will stand before their Lord, to be questioned, oh boo lm in the Lord of all existence, not just humanity. And therefore this kind of says to you that if you deal with an animal unjustly with even though you know the environment and justly, you will be asked about it, we'll have to see to fill out don't cause corruption in the earth. It's a powerful statement of Allah kelab. In fact, Allah says Keller ne, and Nikita Fujairah lfcc gene, once again, you hear that word of Allah speaking about alpha john, those who are open, vulgar, plain, and public in their

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sinfulness and this word, we heard it in the sort of before it sort of into thought, and we heard it as a theme in all the other schools. One of the things that's important in each and every one of the sutras thus far in Jews ama, Allah has spoken about as keytab, the book of reckoning the book of account, the book of standing before a lot of the book of recumbents. And this is an overall theme in June, and you're going to stand before a law and those who will have the record with a loss of Hana want to add up, they will have a record that is preserved into gene, which is the lowest lowest heavily dog MSA gene. What do you know about the gene keytab boom, boom, it is a register and that

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it is scribed with their deeds, why you learn yo magazine in Macavity been how our treacherous on that day how difficult that day will be for those who have denied that they will stand before a lot and not understood the reality of it. Lavina you can people

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who are belied that they have judgment or now you can they will be liquid limited in a theme and none can deny it except those who are transgressors and beyond doubts and beliefs in the loss of hanno to Allah either to clearly he was a sign of these transgressors, these four jobs when the verses of a law are recited when that scripture is made known to them, too clearly he is on a call as to what he he says these are Tales of the angels. This is just it's not real. It's not something that I can live with. Keller In fact, may it Bell, Kron Allahu lwv Makana yuxi

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When, in fact it's their hearts that have been rusted over wrong, it's shielded from the truth. Their hearts have been so corrupt that it's veiled from the truth, because of the things that they have earned. They have done so many see at dealings with in sinful behavior that their heart no longer seeks purity and truth color in an anaerobic kameyama in your bone. In fact, these very same four jobs the same evildoers will also be veiled from their Lord on the Day of Judgment, one interpretation, they won't see a law on the Day of Judgment, and they won't be acknowledged by Allah on the Day of Judgment. You know, we do neoma even now that are in our behind now there are there

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will be days that our faces that are radiant because they look to their Lord, but that those who will have this sinful practice that their hearts are covered from truth, they will be unable to observe and to be with a lot. Thelma inhome la sala jehane these people will definitely enter into the Hellfire film audio quality will have that live he couldn't be here to cut the bone, it will be sent to them, this is what you denied and now you see it's reality color in Nikita and abroad Luffy a lien? On the other hand, those who are righteous This is their book, they will be in a lien the place of ascension, which is opposite to see gene which is the place of debasement and loneliness.

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Well, now they're all coming at you and what about what is this place of early Yun Kitab Omar calm it's a book that is registered and written via shadowclan mokara boon it's witnessed by those nearest to a law that they attest to this fact the angels will be your witnesses on the day of judgment in Aurora Athena in the righteous will be in kindness and happiness with a law that will mean delight in Paradise Island or aka Maroon looking to each other on thrones of happiness in Jenna, Daddy fulfilled will do him not rotten Him you will recognize a brightness in their face of delight. You scold them in law here they will consume from the drinks of pure sealed and nectar is

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in Jenna ki Tam who misc and and this nectar that the last of it will have this smell of musk and indescribable pour for you will be valued carefully at an FSA moeten episode. And let everyone strive for this let everyone race one another race themselves to get to the highest levels of gender. Museo hoomin tasneem i international we had Marylebone it's, it's it's that beautiful nectar that is mixed with tasneem it's something undescribable I in and it's a spring that wills up in Jenna, a drink for those who are born near to Allah and then levena eduroam on the other hand, a lot of transitions, the recompense of those who mock the believers in life. Those who used to make fun

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of the believers who are now in jedna in LA Vina Jomo Kenyatta, Latina ammonoids, harpoon, those who used to commit their crimes in the dunya used to laugh and mock and jeer at the believers way that Maduro will be hanging out of Amazonia. And when the believers would walk next to them, they would look at them and and and mark them and make fun of them and, and and and indicate to each other to just about them. Look at this guy, look at how she's dressed, look at how we act. Look how he doesn't have this. Look how he doesn't do that. Well, either, I won't call you. And when they see them in the hula Illa balloon, they would look at the believers and say, What are these people they

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don't know? Look at how they're living. They're not enjoying life, one that will cure him havoline Why does it bother them that the believers live their life in a conservative, polite and endearing manner to God, they weren't sent to be their watchers over them at fellowmen levena m and romanesco, fatty otaku and the tables will be turned on the Day of Judgment. On the day of gentlemen, the believers who saw the happiness and the joy of their delight in genda we'll look at the unbelievers who are now being punished by Allah. And they're the ones who are going to be amused and say we told you that you should have followed us to that which is good. Our aim borrowed while they sit on their

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thrones agenda. They will look at these people who used to mark them and who are now in Hellfire hell

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sell through rebel coo Pharaoh Mark can we have alone? Do they not now see that the unbelievers that the immoral that the wicked that those who had hatred in their heart that those who mock the believers for their belief? Now do they see that they had been paid back in full for their sinfulness in the punishment of Allah? May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the punishment of Hellfire lead us to a path of righteousness and piety and equity and kindness to humanity into others so that we can be servants of Allah through our service of others. lead us to the highest places of gender or law open our hearts to the truth. This has been your brother Abraham with

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another daily tip see you as a soul on a day of Jesus. And this was sort of Elmo top 15 May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to favor us with His blessing. This has been

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sort of number 83 was set Mr. Equal to law he was not a cat