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Santa Monica Monica from LA who will work out we'll just give our brothers and sisters who may not have yet joined the program that class to log on and sign on in sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make it a source of blessing for all of us Allahumma amin

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if you're logging on let us know where you're logging on from I'm always interested to know my shot luck was following along in these blessing days of Ramadan and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah accepts it from all of us. I love them I mean, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah grants us sufficiency and happiness and how you is blessed the days of Ramadan a lot of them I mean, so let us know where you're watching from a lot of Africa and do share it with your family and friends and loved ones we pray that Allah subhanaw taala grants us his Russia in these last five or six nights of the blessing month of Ramadan July we got our

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UK people signing in already Allah He radically homeo sister later ceremony come and lots of kind of metallic Brent is higher and except from all of us a lot of them I mean, a few from London Mashallah My dear brother Matt have Viva La costumes pizza in the house all the way from kewdale inshallah we'll look for a special delivery after Ramadan in sha Allah Allahu Vedic Dino fecal mail Mashallah My dear brother yes and Matthew, Matt Nelson from the Heron a lucky be safe and inshallah we get to see you and Sister rini Sunni, sister muslin, always good to see you a lot of evatik people happy that Allah

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inshallah will just give another minute for other people to sign in and May Allah subhanaw taala make our gathering a gathering of peace and Rama Allahumma amin mean

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in chat love this is going to be the eighth session for our discussion and study of social turmoil. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepted from us in this blessed month of Ramadan and we'll extend into after Ramadan probably for one or two other weeks we might take a week off for eat inshallah, we'll give you a little bit of a break and then we'll rejoin in sha Allah to add. Alright, it looks like Alhamdulillah we have a good number of people and inshallah you've shared it with your family and friends. Let's begin our discussion Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Milena v Avada. Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh at Mr. Slim Allahumma salli wa sallam was it

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whatever it is that you you know have even known whenever you know Mohammed Impaler welline masala Solomon's it was Eric. Allah say he didn't want to be you know Mohammed fitteam Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala rasulillah de filma Italia mean a llama eliminare Madhya Hindi Amina or an Elohim with a kidnap middlemen are seen a lot more has opened up Hello with the whole era but I mean a lot of Medina Illa a co author and was stuffing with no knowledge now public if you had a mobile okay I mean a lot more dynamic Norfolk it later telecard de la ilaha illa in terms of Hanukkah in the terminal volume in a lot in Nicaragua wouldn't allow for a lot of money in the car for winter.

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For that for I know, a lot of money. Nick I for one came when he went to good Africa. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us all, a lot of them. I mean, the last time we ended our discussion with the 67 capture of the total MOOC, we arrived at a number 21 and hamdulillah. We're more than two thirds of the way through the 30 is Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah says, Allah He initially thought you know what gene and men have a levy Oh, Zuko come in and deca will support the lead up to 104.

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We ended our discussion by reciting this idea and speaking a little bit about it, and I thought it would be important to kind of continue with that discussion. So we spoke about the importance of understanding that all risk is sorts back to a lot. We defined risk as everything that human beings put value on. And I want you to understand that the resources are the number one driving force of all economic systems of the world. So if you think about everything that human beings value is intrinsic to something that is placed for them on this earth in one way or another. Whether it's raw resources, natural resources, renewable or unwritten, renewable resources, it's the oil beneath the

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ground, it's the metals beneath the ground. And so things that we manufacture things from so although we are those who have invented computers had we not had the the copper to run the circuitry, the gold to add value to it, the lithium and and to make the batteries that are placed with it.

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We would not be able to produce the technology that you and I enjoy today. So we have time think of ourselves as human beings as the greatest innovators and the one who have done everything out of nothing. But the reality is that everything that we have been given is the things that we add value to are things that are not made by us from nothing. They are made from us manufactured from a bias designed by us from things that are placed for us as a result from our and in fact, there's a school in Nebraska called Sudoku Hadid. I pray inshallah, that we get to study it together. It's an amazing Sula. One of the I can sort of tell Heidi there's a loss of habitat, he says is that he brought down

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iron to you from the sky. Now, this perplex the early people of knowledge, the College of Tafseer, because you and I, we know that iron and iron ore comes out of the ground. But that's not true. The vast majority of the iron up until a very recent era in human history was iron that was collected from the surface of the earth. And it was deposited from meteorites that obstruct the earth, and Subhanallah, all of the Stone Age tools, all of the tools were went from the iron, a copper agent to the Iron Age, all of the tools that the Iron Age that human beings use, up until the time of the prophets I seldom were not mined for but they were iron that were found as resources that were

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extracted by human beings that its original origin was from the sky. And therefore I want you to think the Koran in a more in depth way that when Allah says what is spoken this summer, it's not just the promise of yours, no eurosla is in the rain. So that rain that this ends that causes the agricultural systems of the world to maintain the balance and food security that you and I appreciate. That is from a luck that I want you to understand that the rain that descends from the heavens upon us as part of a cycle, it's not something that just came out of nothing. It's something that was a part of the earth evaporated transfer rated went back into a form of a guy cycled back

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into a liquid and can become deposited as an iron as a as ice as a as a solid. And therefore, admin has a levy Yato Zuko come in, who would be the one who will provide for you this risk? Had it not been from Allah, who was the one who created this world? let him tell them, whether incel talmon halaqa, similar to their hold on Allah, if you were to ask even those idolaters that your time on Mohammed Salalah a Solomon asked him who created the heavens in the earth, they wouldn't say themselves, they wouldn't take the graven image that they're worshipping, they wouldn't say it's this idol, or even the spirit that inhabited all of the initial human beings always assumed that

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there was the Supreme Being, and even though they would become clouded and they would take other beings that lead them to a law, as they said, they would say 911 Mojave buena de la la junta we worship these idols because the spirit that enhance it will carry our prayers to the God of God, the real God's will to be loved. And that kind of mentality is a corruption of the essence of tawheed. If you were to ask a Hindu practitioner today, and we know that Hindus, they believe in many manifestations and many deities, 300, and n plus deities, but if you were to ask them, they say, No, no, no, we're monotheists. All of these deities are manifestations of the one true God because in

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essence, the reality of the human experience was to have a fifth law and inclination that there is one because if there is more than one, then you get the mythological stories of, you know, Zeus fighting with

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Neptune and all of these different kind of human generated stories that are driven from satanic influences. May Allah Subhana Allah protect this, and let the Yasuko come in M Sakura Scott, if he was to withhold Is there anyone who would come towards a loss of Hana to either come back in an argument with a law, seek from Allah subhanho wa Taala something other than what has been produced that lead you here to win win for what you find is a law says that you will see those who turn away are proud. They're either proud with a limited knowledge that they assume as complete some of the source of product that you find within atheists today is we know we understand things science has

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led us to a place that other people are unable to experience lead up to when there's a sense of pride and a sense of haughtiness, and it comes

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causes them to be dumb, dumb, deaf and blind to elements that their soul can hear the truth even if their mind is unwilling to accept it because of the consequences of what it will impose upon them a level of morality that they are able to escape from. Because if you are your own God, if you are your own determinant of morality, if you just assume that whatever society says then it's okay for everyone. And that that should be the norm. Then you find within yourself this capacity to go into an arrogant state of pride, where you flee from the truth and turn headlong and proud from it. But therefore, is from a lot and from our risk is our Eman. There we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to

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guide there for us more faith in our heart to give us more intention to have greater worship in him somehow never went to Allah, that we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to strengthen our faith and make us people who lead each other to a path of righteousness and purity in the next aim number 22 FMA dmg mckibbon Allah what he had

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made me cheese we,

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me and cheese so we

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are all

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clean. Then Allah says then is not the one who walks fallen on his face.

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Can it be assumed that they would be better guided than the one who walks fully erect fully tall on a straight path? can you compare the one whose head is down pushed in the sand pushed in the dirt unwilling to look around them unwilling to study and to see other things open themselves to other experience already has been a closed heart is the one who walks fallen on his face, meaning subjugated to their inner desires subjugated to what they want to this earth, that their whole concern is what, what is beneath their feet, we have this euphemism in the English language, we say, you know, you've got to look up, you got to look past, don't just keep your eyes under where your

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feet is, you got to look out of the earth. And a lot says that there are those 111 out there are those who take hold of the earth, they don't want to move. This is too precious for me. I've attained what I've attained and that's it. I don't want to lose any of it. I'm not going to give charity I'm not going to help the league. That's it. I don't want to go against the status quo. Because where I am now that's as good as it's gonna get for they can't see past this worldly material lowly life and the word dounia is lowly. FM m she is the one who walks notice Allah subhanaw taala says walks

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and all of us we walk a path. The loss of Hannah with Allah says, when I had that car, it was stuck even this is my path, but who who follow this path walk this path. All of the imagery in our languages Muslims goes along the the concept of we are travelers and going through a path a journey of knowledge, a journey of experience and a journey towards Allah, the loss of Allah to Allah inspired to the Prophet, I tell him to say to us, this is lm says, config dunya kaneka. Very well, I have been living this life as if you're a stranger to the community you're in, you're visiting a new city, you don't know exactly where you are. I've been severe. You're on a journey to your true final

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destination and halen, the final place that you seek to have your true contentment and rest. We said last week that Allah subhanho wa Taala inspires the prompts I tell him to tell us to give us the description of this worldly life that it is seasonal movement, it's like a prison for a believer way agenda to be captured. And it is the totality of Paradise and unfettered spoiled paradise for one who rebelled against God and doesn't want limits. I'm gonna do what I want when I want it how I wanted. FM AM, she is the one who's walking that path, the one who refuses to take the steps of shaitan when I tell you hope, what a time because if there is another path you can walk, so you want

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to walk the path of man, not the path of the shape on the path of Allah who he sent to us are in a VSI salon to lead us along it and do similar stuff in Serato living and I'm telling the path of those whom you favor before us. I'm walking on the path of Jesus. I'm walking on the path of Moosa. I'm walking on the path of Noah, of Abraham, of Isaac of his Marine, that's our path. That's the path of God that we see. To lead us it's not a new path for us. It is a path of surrendering our will to the betterment of mankind through us admission to the dictates and the morality.

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imposed upon us by Allah through the service and worship of the Almighty. Subhana Allah to Allah FM am she is the one who walks. Now there's two types of people. There's always these two types of conditions. There's the one who does it right and the one who doesn't, the one who wants it and who doesn't really want it, the one who's willing to persevere and the one who gives up the one who wants to walk the path and the one who just wants to enjoy whatever is there. And that's it. I'm not gonna journey further. This is it and that's it. FM amc movie bed, is he the one who falls down, face down, and they all they look for is down that is beneath their feet? And that, can they be of

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greater guidance? Can they know more about what's happening around them and distinct from them?

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Mm hmm. She or the one who walks so we can upright and erect notice this word erect, a loss of habitat. You know, these certain images that a lot extends for us, you and I are as human beings we're referred to as special, meaning hairless ones with some of us are more hairy than others have had a lot, but hairless ones, meaning we're mammals that aren't covered with fur. And that's a very unique description. There's only two descriptions in the photo. For Benny Adam, the children of Adam, we are eating sand, which is our psychological state of forgetfulness. And our physical state is special. We're the skin, the ones, the furless ones, because that's very unique that sets us

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apart from all of the other creation, which means that there were other creations who walked, who spoke who had language, but weren't like Adam, they weren't as complete as Adam was, who was allegedly calm and whose complete creation in the form of man that Allah subhanho wa Taala created with the intent for him to be it's a very nuanced description that Allah gives for the children of Adam and of them so we can fully erect upright that your head is high, you're looking at, you're able to look around you, you're not sniffing you're you're a person that you are fully erect, fully immersed, I last thought it must have been upon the straight path, Allahu Akbar. The word Sirat mean

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straight, must have been mean straight. And it's a form of Tokyo, that a lot uses as a form of eloquence in the Arabic language to show you that you're not just straightening direction, but you're straightening purpose. It's not just your straight emotion, you're straight in everything that relates to the movement towards me. And therefore there are two types of groups. There is one who ignores the signs that they see and they put their head down, they turn away from it. Out of the eye, Tina turned away from our signs

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from an owl and the creepy nella, whom he turned off, and when he turns away, then their life is the one that is full of misery because they can't deal with the difficulties in arrive, have to self medicate and liquor themselves up and intoxicate themselves just to get through the day. Why? Because out of the angry it life is too much to bear if I don't have something that heals my heart, other than my own thoughts that I have something greater to believe in, that there is something greater than the day that I've experienced today. So the first type of person is the one who willfully intentionally sees the signs but ignores it puts their head down out of persistent

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arrogance, as we heard in the previous ayah, ungrateful and complete in their disbelief in a lot. The second is one who looks up reflects and believes and chooses a path of righteousness and good. And therefore this verse teaches us to be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the material of this dunya but more importantly for the spiritual that we seek from it. The loss of kind of a dialect gives us many examples in the Koran.

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He where he speaks to us about those who follow a path away from God, and those who follow our path of truth and Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us to be from those who follow a path of righteousness, not a path of sinfulness. Allah Subhana Allah says in Salatin them, women, they say,

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the one who brings sins into their life into their being continues headlong in it. How could that we do who whom thing now, they will be the ones whose faces will be brought down and as a result will experience the torment of Hellfire, how to donate 11 or come to them alone? Are you not recompense for that you are brought into the world into your own inequity of sin?

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assura Levine Alamo as well young woman can we do? I mean do you laugh at him he loves him. Not just Is there a Seraph monster theme but there is a Sirat jakeem Allah mentions it and sort of falls off that the path of jack

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haenam May Allah subhanho wa Taala take us off that path and lead us to the path of an AVI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they asked the prophet Isaiah, found in Bukhari and Muslim it's definitely the Robert I sent him said on the Day of Judgment, there will be three, there will be those who will be made to walk on their face, instead of on their feet. They will be prone on their face and they said, O Messenger of Allah, how can someone walk in his face, the prophesied, Salim said, the one who gave them the ability to walk on their feet will give them the ability to walk on their face, meaning that they will be upside down, they made what was right side up upside down in

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the dounia, that they inverted instead of the worship of beloved worship themselves on the Day of Judgment, it will have its consequence. And that had these commentators when they comment on the different Hadith, the prophets, I seldom said on the Day of Judgment, mankind had these really mattered to me, they will be of one of three types, those who are carried, those who walk on their own feet and those who are pushed down on the face, those who are submitted on their face in humiliation, and the group who are carried, of course, I laminotomy nor carried upon pulpits of light are those who are answering the call of God entering the path of truth, they are a set of

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food, they are those who are foremost in the relationship with a lot. The second group who carry themselves and walk into their own world and into their own doing and their own being, are those who are moderate in their faith have done good but also obscene, and they seek the mercy of Allah. They're upright but they are not complete, they are not carried with their good deeds. The third are those who have integrity between them and Allah who are worthy of being halted and stopped at every station until they answer for what they have done. I lost the kind of data it says in verse number 23 for one lady Akuma Allah como some our others thought oh well, either. For the

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touch rune say he is a loss of Hannah Montana, the one who is originated you created you

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and made for you, your hearing your sight and your heart. How little things you give some handle on this such a profound idea. We're going to begin it this week and continue it next week. It is He alone who Allah who has brought us into this world and has created it and share it means brought from nothing originated from nothing Benny Adam, or mankind have created you and it's not because you came from a Salalah or a lineage before Adam alayhis salaam in club he has a unique creation of a law that is a representation of the earth in its in its uniqueness amongst all of the Celestial Cosmos that is created by Allah so Allah subhana wa tada uses the word and shall not Kala Kaku and

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Jakob created you meaning brought you from where you would not have come had it not been for his order and instruction. Were gonna die from it is he alone Allah Who created for you made for you a seminar? Well absorbed either. So can a lot modern science today is now aware that a child of fetus hears before it sees and is able to have an intuition and a conscious awareness while it's in its mother's womb. And of course, as Muslims, one of the issues that we take great offenses is the unfettered abortion, we have very important legal principles that are set at a balance where we see that life is protected. Because even as a child within the growing room of its mother, as it grows,

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it has developed hearing, then sight and an awareness of heart a consciousness, modern science and modern philosophers of the ancient world as well. They assume that the five senses are the totality of gaining knowledge. How do you experience knowledge? Well, you see it, you hear it, you taste it, you smell it, you touch it. It's an awareness. The five senses are what give us acquaintance, and allow us to experience knowledge through observable means. But what they do and what they forget, of course, is the part that you can talk about a sixth sense, but it's not seen as something that is science. It's considered pseudoscience. But for us as Muslims, Allah joins it with the two greatest

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elements of verification, I heard and I saw, but there's something also in fact, more important is that I understood, even I understood what I saw and what I heard, and the intuition of heart, the bossier of the heart is more important for us as believers than simply

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The sight and the sound and the law tells us in the plan in their head attachment upside. It's not that their eyes are unable to experience sight and the light doesn't reflecting to their eyes and they can understand what they see when backing Tamiflu will let you do but in fact, it is the heart that are deemed unable to perceive unable to see reality for what it is in the way it is. Through the creation of Allah Subhan. Allah Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us great instruction about how to keep our hearts pure, how to make our hearts healthy, that we can see with our hearts, what we can't see with our eyes or hear with our ears, that there is something called

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fear rasa. And the fear of the believer that divine into it intuition is found with Muslims and non Muslims, there's this gut feeling that some people described but for us as Muslims, you can hone it, you can become more acquainted with a law which gives a greater acquaintance with what surrounds you, and what is made clear for you to in America, so now who really said and he got me into the Quran, Allah tells us that this oral iron was sent to the prophets of Allah, it was seldom that it's made easy on the tongue easy to be learned easy to be memorized, and that they may be remembering and remindful. And mindful as a consequence of it, the essence for us is to reflect reflection is

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not just what we see. But it is to reflect. It's that third organ of the body, not the hearing and the sight alone. But it's that heart and the proverbial heart, which to us, is the center of knowledge. And I want you to know that science has now documented that the heart begins to be before the brain has even formed. The heart of a fetus begins to be, its independent in its control. It's not the brain that controls your heart when you were still growing. Now, there's automatic mechanisms that are found. But I want you to know that there is an independent place for your heart that modern science is coming to understand that we were all very much ignorant of, and that the

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brain definitely stores information. But it is not the only center of cognition, perception and trueness of knowledge. And that's why human beings of all languages of the world, they talk about the emotions of the heart, they say, you know, they speak about a closed heart and a dark heart and a light heart, a light hearted comment they speak about, you know that the heart is very much able to understand that I have a pain in my heart, even though it's a physical emotional that is greater than the physical that may be experienced. We'll continue with this next week and chat live while we speak about the different states of heart, the heart that is connected to a law where the soul

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resides. And then what is the distinction between the roar and the next and how it relates to the heart and relates to this Blitzer Torah, because this surah is the one that protects us from the punishment of the grave. The reason is, we begin to gain a cognition and an understanding of the realities of this life and the next we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala opens to us doors of good in these last 10 nights of Ramadan. Before I depart and leave I do wish to remind you that if you do go and visit my Facebook page, I have an online campaign that I you know donated to my own account my own

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from my own wealth and from my own family's charity and saw the cause that cat as well as South Africa that I believe is worthy of fulfillment. It is to raise inshallah for orphans of the necessary care for their education, their health care their their welfare, their shelter their food for the span of the year, if you're able to partake in that I asked you in Charlotte to do so you'll find links in law in the comment section. And I pray the loss of Hannah Montana in this 25th night at night of the 25th of the month of Ramadan. For some it's the 24th It doesn't matter which field it is you're in the last 10 nights and only Allah knows where you are and where and when you are in

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these 10 nights we pray the loss of Hannah to Allah rentals is part in a long way in the Kappa winter for a love meeting Nick Apple wouldn't even care even for Apple I know a lot of maintenance Apple wouldn't have him do that for Falco, I know a lot more suddenly will tell him what to do about it. Let's say you didn't even know whenever you know Salalah or you don't go to sleep tonight. This is a night of prayer vigilance to head Jude

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and lectures in Charlotte. I'm going to be online for at least the next two hours. I have another program with Salaam media out of South Africa.

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Followed by the tuxedo suit and Muslim men once again on my Facebook page you can join in for those two inshallah and afterwards there are other programs that you can attend before phetchabun after 10:30pm which at 330 London time 10:30am New York time is where I will do the daily drive that some of you have become accustomed to joining me in we do this daily do I hoping that we are anchored in the each of the 10 nights in the month of Ramadan? Perhaps one of them will be the one that grants us what we seek from a loss of Hannah with either or suddenly level mausoleum was it Rebecca let's say the name Mohammed sobre la he was Selma Sarah Molly Kumar. Natoma