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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the distraction of humanity's existence from God's actions and the distraction from human existence from his actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith and the Day of Recompense, as well as a film about gratitude towards the creator. The distraction from God's actions is highlighted as a way of deduction, while the distraction from human existence from his actions is also discussed as a way of deduction. The speakers emphasize the need for gratitude towards the creator and a new film about gratitude towards the creator.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Abraham with another daily Tafseer. We're doing a sudo a day. And we're in Surah number 82, which is sort of fell into thought sort of fell into thought, of course, as you know, we're doing the seed of Jews admin, sort of the limitada is very similar to the sudo. that precedes it, which is sort of the deck we have. And it has a lot of very, very similar themes. There are two main issues that are addressed and brought to the forefront of disorder. The first main theme is that there is an accountability of humanity towards their maker, a law, that you cannot just enjoy the life that you live, and have the blessing that

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God has provided and not be accountable for how you've lived your life, and how you've related to other people and other things, animate and inanimate in it. Number two, is that there is a life after death. And although this life has been set for us and made beautiful for us, and there is finery in it and happiness in it, it should not consume us and lead us past looking into the next light to know that there will be an end to this life, whether it's at your death or on the Day of Judgment. Either seminar on Fatah, there will come a time where that the heavens will be cleft a thunder opened and ripped apart with Coca Cola kibble into thought, and the stars will dim and fall

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and be scattered. What they'll be how to food jello, and the oceans in the water shall surge forward until explode forward, what the Buddha failed to end when the graves shall uncover and reveal what has been in them. And there'll be turned upside down and and the reality will come to existence that the one that you thought was dead, in fact is alive and the one who's alive is about to die. I Lee methanethiol method demo. It's at that moment that every soul will know what it has sent forward waiting for it in anticipation of its return to a law both of good and evil. It's at that moment it's going to matter to you the niceties you

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exchanged with others that Ill statements you've had with others that injustice that you dealt with others and it's something that you will put forward and you're going to see what it is that you have saved for the next life yeah you're insane Allah speaks directly to you or mankind he doesn't refer to yeah you're

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yeah you're Latina Amman Are you believe how Why is this important any surah in the Quran that has Oh ye who believe it's a sort of that was revealed in the later stages of the life of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with the two exceptions of Sol Sol Bukhara and Elliot Emraan so yeah, you will insan all mankind Oh human being Allah is referring to us as those who are building faith Malhotra capital because Kadeem, oh, man, what has made you so careless about your Lord? And who has always been generous to you, who has always been kind to you and clothing you and feeding you and healing you? What has made you so distracted from from Allah? Is it because he's generous to you?

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Would you prefer that every time you did something wrong, that you were immediately punished by God? This is in the way of a law This is in the way of the Almighty, the all powerful, the old, gentle man. Maverick, why have you become so careless about your Lord? Why have you distracted yourself? And let the halaqa if it's a work of bad luck, haven't you paid attention that it is He Who created you fashion you in a perfect structure and gave you your new proportion? Isn't he a loss of Hannah to Allah, who has allowed you to mature and to become to this place that you are in life? He is soldati Masha, Allah, Kevin, don't you know in whatever way he wished to create you, he could have

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been Don't you know, he's the one who puts you together in the shape and giving you the life you have and the challenges you have and the comforts that you have kelab

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know, rather than to camdeboo nobody know you would rather deny the Day of Judgment, you would rather deny that you're going to be accountable to him. You would rather blind yourself to the reality that you're going to be questioned about how you live, you just want to take and take and take from Al Karim the most generous Allah subhana wa tada and you want nothing to offer. You don't want to be accountable for the Nam of the blessing that Allah has given you when alikoum novoline In fact, you even forget that you have been given and sent upon you protectors, the angels who watch over you have been in charge of you and are appointed to local look over you and to record your

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deeds on equal Mahaffey, lien kurama and Kathy bean, they are noble honorable scribes writing down your deeds Yalla Mona Mata alone, there witness and know of all that you do have what you say and what you see and what you hear and what your body performs even that in a sinful evil wrathful vengeful intentions of your heart, all of it is recorded in the laboratory, if you name it. Nevertheless, those who are abroad, those who seek to practice a piety of heart and action will be those who want to be from those who are righteous, bitter, pious.

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Yes, they will be in delights of Paradise Luffy name, they will find that the way they live their life will lead them to a place of happiness what Indian food job, invariably the other side of it, that those who are full job, wicked, sinful, internally and externally vile in their conduct refugia him that they will find that they will be in a blazing hot harshness of difficulty. Your Sloane Ohio Medina, it will be their punishment that they will taste and remain in it until as as a punishment for the Day of Recompense. When my home Anna Bella he been and none of those four jobs, none of those sinners, none of those wicked people will be absent from it, they won't be able to pull

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themselves away from it. And women at the rocketman Yo, Modine, have you thought? And do you know, the reality of that Day of Recompense of that day of question of that day of hardship? Do you know what is set forth for you on that day, filming that documentary on with Dean? In fact, if you think about it again and again and again, will you ever come to a cognitive understanding of the reality and the importance of that day for a company? Have you thought about what you will bring forward that day, yo, mela Team Liquid enough, soon enough cinci it is on that day, when no soul will be able to have power to do anything for itself or others. And that decision on that day when m Yo man

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even lilla the decision on the day is solely and wholly and completely with a lot. It's a powerful into the soul. It's a powerful end to those two chapters at the query limitada which are twin souls in their message. You're accountable for the blessings that Allah has sent you accountable for the blessings that Allah has sent you three important steps, your accountability, it's not just because you haven't been given a lot of raw capital because getting Why are you careless about your Lord who's been generous to you? And therefore it's a powerful sort of that brought to attention the people of courage, the importance of them, recognizing that everything that you've been blessed with

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is not something that should just be thankless. You have to be thankful. Check it on the army thankful to the name of Allah. Allahu Medina shut Karina out of the line. I mean, a lot of money I

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mean, I mean, a thought a grammatical error, but I mean, oh, lawmakers from the believers who are reading to you by that leave of your mercy. Oh, Merciful One. subhana wa Tada. This was your brother. Yeah, hello Brahim. With a daily Tafseer I have seen a day of sold out and in fifth are sold on number 82. What said Mr. Lee come to LA he or about a cat.

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