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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the evolution of Arabic language and the importance of commitment to achieve success in a business or life. It touches on the sentiment of Islam where emotions like fear and anxiety are natural and can be overcome. The segment also touches on the use of "hamma" and "hamma wa wa" to describe emotions and emotions in a woman. The segment concludes with a reference to "hamma wa wa" and a discussion of "hamma wa wa" being used to describe emotions. The segment also touches on the concept of "day job" and how it can be used to avoid drinking water. The transcript describes a woman who refuses to drink until she gets into her mother's milk and brings her mother onto her own property.
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order to be lying he may not show up on your Ragini Bismillah your Walkman you're walking him or us behind for

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me most of the law in Canada Tila tubidy be long

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batana will be later guna Minalima meanie and Sadhak Allahu Allah Liam. So Subhanallah the daily just gets more intriguing, riveting fascinating and mesmerizing. People concern themselves on family groups on social media about every twist, turn and development and milestone of a baby in the family, the toddler, the infant, etc. Well, this is the story that you need to keep your eyes close on in your ears close on. This is the development and the evolving process of a toddler who is to become one of the greatest prophets to inhabit the earth. Because a dinner Musa alayhis salam wa Salam is part of the oluwo Lasme Ambia which has been referenced in the Quran. Shara Isla co Mina de

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anima was sabe he knew her while loving our hyena a lake warmer was sign Abby Ibrahim one Musa worries and Timo day, the five prophets who are known from amongst the Oulu cambiar la hemos Salatu was Salam. So okay, the mother of Musa alayhis salam, no words can possibly encapsulate the emotions that are playing out internally in the heart, the mind of the mother of Musa alayhis salam. So she complied. She obliged, she responded, she executed, but anyone for a moment. She is a human, she is a mother, she is a mortal, she has emotions. And Islam recognizes this Islam recognizes this year.

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So Allah says in verse number 10, which is under discussion now, while US behalf who don't own me most Feriha a father and I'm mercy WA, and the heart of the mother of Musa alayhis salam just becomes restless, she's uneasy, and rightfully so one can just possibly imagine. So though she complied and obliged, but internally, there's so many emotions crossing her. Sometimes a young man probably has effect you Asian over a particular woman or vice versa. And you suddenly find yourself in close proximity you know, in a particular setting, and you restrain your gaze, and somebody says, Masha, Allah, you know, what a modest individual or what a modest sister, and absolutely the display

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of modesty externally and may Allah bless and reward each one of them. But internally what they emotions are internally what their emotions are, that is only known to Allah subhanho wa taala, a person is fasting in the month of Ramadan, and he is on a flight and somebody next to him opens up their meal. And of course, the aroma is there in and around that place. And he manages himself and he behaves himself, but internally that aroma and that scent, the emotions that it triggers in him that is only known to him himself. And this is of course, the spirit of a believer that he or she realized on Allah subhanho wa Taala that emotion is natural. The key thing is not to surrender and

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to succumb to that emotion, not to surrender to that emotion. So the emotion of the mother of Musa was so intense was so intense, and any person who's a parent or more so a mother can understand it. Listen to what Allah says in that lead to Booty Bay La ilaha illAllah. So let's get into some basic Arabic grammar in is not Nafeesa or Sharqiya. It is Maha five minute mythical, as mentioned by the scholars of the field, India is in the meaning of inner ha. And the essence is Maha zoo, a inner ha inner haka that inner hub Cara But Tara but she was literally on the verge of screaming out and divulging the info, and she seen the basket sale of her motherly sentiments her love for her child,

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and the fear and the panic and the anxiety gave for yet enough for super fluffy stunt dog. How would he breathe? How would he survive manually? OptiFLOW who's going to nurse my child who's going

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This is an unaccompanied minor, not in the case of any guardian are protected of course in the care of Allah subhanho wa taala. So that motherly sentiment internally was playing so strong, was playing so strong that Allah subhanho wa Taala convinced to us, probably my sister, you are enrolling your child at an Islamic seminary. And now you know what you're telling your child being strong, hold on, be firm and don't break down. But internally you teary more than him. You sobbing internally much more than him but you show in a brave front, because you know, you want your boy to grow up to be strong, to mature, to learn to be educated, to be empowered, etc. I'm just giving an analogy in that

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inner hug God that a thorough but little bit DB La ilaha illAllah. She was on the verge of divulging revealing unveiling, that basket has my child and that's my baby. But what prevented her and once safeguarded Lola or Roberto, Ana, Allah, Khalil Bing have had it not been that we strengthen her heart. So due to us giving her that divine strength that held her back. And from this, we learn that regardless of your resolute and your conviction, and how committed and how discipline you are, it is only Allah that can give you that absolute strength by virtue of which you can achieve it. And it is your your commitment is definitely definitely an important factor in the accomplishment of the goal,

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but until and unless you don't have no faith to be in Allah and strength from the Almighty, you cannot accomplish it. Lola Allah Bettina, so what's the point, human emotions will play out, you will have this year you forgiven someone and you've moved on. But internally, you're having this battle, right? Like I always say, people talk of IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, and that's a medical condition. But then we could take that acronym in a different way internal battle syndrome. Many people have in fact, each one of us have internal battle syndromes, you see someone and due to some previous feud. It triggers you It enrages you, but you know you've moved on, you've closed that

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chapter. But every time you see her or you see him or you see them, it triggers certain emotions, and you're going through this but you need to restrain yourself. So the emotion will play out the emotion will play out, as long as you don't practice on the Mokhtar, you don't succumb to that is fine. Musa alayhis salam is mum, this was her internal emotion. You've seen this boy or this girl for whom you have this crush and this fantasy and this infatuation. You almost want to just run in public and give a romantic embrace to him or her. It's so irresistible. But you know, Allah has said restrain yourself, behave yourself. carry yourself with dignity, the internal emotion that's natural

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that's outside your control. It's almost like feeling thirsty when you're fasting. You cannot suppress the urge of thirst. But yes, you can restrain yourself from succumbing to that urge by not drinking water, but you cannot say Well, I'm not going to feel thirsty. Now that's outside your control. Yes, you're going to manage yourself and you're not going to surrender to the urge of the thirst by drinking water or by obeying your thirst rather you're going to delay it till the sunsets and then of course you open your fast the harbor Varma who will pretend little Roco WhatsApp battle Andrew insha Allah they have a Vamo the thirst is now gone. What pretend little rope and the veins

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are drenched. You have consumed the food. You are setting ated you are hydrated, you are energized and the greatest thing Sebata leggero in sha Allah, the reward has been secured and recorded and Allah is pleased.

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So first number 10 a spa for the mozaffarian in Canada Tila tubidy behind Lola or batinah Allah tobyhanna little corner mini mini taglib live Zuko. So Allah subhanaw taala said meaning and not me not that is academic language. Yeah. So that she could be from amongst those that have absolute Yaqeen and conviction. Verse number 11. She does, however, put certain strategies in place and that's fine. That's fly fine. The adoption of the bead, LA Unified Tawakkol is not against the reliance of Allah. And this is so important. Sometimes we make statements and we said well, you don't have your pin on Allah. You don't have trust in Allah. And the action of that individual is

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against Oracle is not against Oracle. So you have the mother of Musa she obliged she followed through, but her motherly sentiments I just want to know, I wonder it concerns me walk our lead leave the tree. And she said to the sister of Musa she said to the sister of Musa in salary in the hunter of JELA Lane it is mentioned that the sister's name was Miriam Taylor is Maha Mariam working in a small house, I couldn't zoom does it mention in the footnotes of July lane with reference to Savi. Yet again, there's an amazing deduction the scholars make that

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reference in this discussion. Allah did not say what kya literally been tea that the mother of Musa said to her daughter, but rather Allah referenced it by saying, and she meaning the mother of Musa said to the sister of Musa so this is to show the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood, the strong relationship between siblings and I think we need to emphasize this as well. Sadly, on many instances, and in many family settings, there isn't that rapport, there isn't that connection, sometimes it is these two siblings that get along and those two siblings don't get along. Or if there is some degree of connection and rapport then it is to the extent that the parents are alive.

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And once the parents move on, unfortunately, you see that entire family crumble and fragment into bits and pieces. So the scholars pick up a point here as well. What ca let leave off the Allah referenced it by saying the sister of Musa not the daughter

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you know the Allah didn't say that the mother of Musa said to her daughter rather to the sister of Musa and I gave you her name according to the what the scholars have written for see here to see follow through downstream. So as the basket is floating, you walk on the side, a tabby re FRR who had Tata and Amin hombre has mentioned inshallah laid it to be very thorough follow him tagging him you know, look at him monitor him thorough, observe him to see him for bussola to be here and you know been, so she observed from a distance she observed from a distance mccannon buried in this is what he mentioned in July Lehmann McCann in Meridian. So from a distance in a very disguised and in

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a very camouflage the way she observed what whom lie yes rule, and they were unaware that this is the sister of Musa Nene, they were unaware that she was spying on him. So they were she was like the subtle silent discreet camera observing, monitoring, walking downstream, looking at the basket, just being silent and not making any expressions. Okay. So this little infant, this toddler, this adorable this luminous of face comes into the palace, and as we mentioned, each one has embraced him. But now the question is, you know what he needs to be nursed? He needs to be cycled, and he simply will not accept the milk of any wet nurse. And how can he possibly how can he possibly accept

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the milk of any wet nurse? When in verse number 12? Allah subhanahu wa taala says, What harm alumna La Mara waha Ramna, Isley Hill marhaba and divinely, we had made it such that

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Musa was not to drink the milk of any woman, Musa was not to drink the milk of any woman. And this was a privilege only for his biological mother for his biological mother. And every time I speak about this, I think about the honor and the privilege that Allah had given to Halima Saudi Arabi. Allahu Allah, that Allah had privileged to her to nurse and suckle the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Let's look at the text Allah Abul Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah, Tala batil Melaka tomorrow the total the total flow. So the Queen asiyah You know calls upon a wet nurse to come and give some milk to this little toddler, which I love that it developed well I can not triphala yet be

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key. But she comes she embraces the child but the child cries and the child is tearing and the child refuses to drink whatsoever till Melaka tomorrow the aura and now the Queen calls upon a another witness and each one hoping that the child will take to my milk and honor privilege. I'll get prominence. I'll get handsome returns reward

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Have what 30 Certain Warabi it and we're home in certain 3456? Well, I cannot reflect your baking you or your bar, but the child just refuses and the child would not drink. And how can the child probably how can the child everything because as I mentioned, verse number 12, Allah said we had divinely just restricted him, her Ramona, Elena Hill, Miranda, that he would simply not drink the milk of any woman. He died that day until the active law, they tried their level best, but to know luck. And again, this is the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala taking shape in each form, and in every regard. So remember, we told you, the sister of Musa alayhis salam, she's on the periphery, she is

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on the boundary, she is camouflaged, she's disguised. She's making back and forth, you know, visits to the palace. She's also expressing Oh, wow, that's such a beautiful child. So amazing. Oh, that's great. That's beautiful. And now she observes the panic, the concern, the anxiety. So verse number 12, we continue. She addresses the people that Pharaoh his wife, and the royal family. Hello, don't look for Marilla Haley by eating can I perhaps suggest to you people inform you people of a household? A family? Yet? Faloona hula comb, who will foster this child for you? Well, whom law who Nancy Hone, and they will be well wishes to the style.

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So they said okay, who are you referring to? And who is this family or this individual or this woman that would nurse and foster this child? So the sister who Sally Sam says I know of a woman. So she goes home and she brings her mother along she brings her mother along. So some of the witnesses are saying like you know what, we've tried all we've exhausted all nothing is going to work. While the other says Dr. Robin has a journal. You know, we've we've tried six, why not try one more? Anyway. Subhanallah when she comes the mother of Musa alayhis salam, and she embraces her child from Tanaka. Tanaka flew el Murata. We're up Bella Yara, who can know who can I mean her hola me. These words are

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just amazing. And she embraces her child, and she latches her child on. It's so emotional. Some narration say four days some narration say less. The child had not consumed any milk. Of course Allah kept him alive and safe and protected. There was historical narrations regarding the duration, till finally this unknown woman but we know it was the mother of Musa alayhis salam came in. And as she latched her child on, it was as though there was an agreement in place. And Musa was saying through his body language, like mama was waiting for you, it was only you that I was going to drink milk from when you see a mother nursing a child and I'm talking about my wife, or in fact, even in

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the wild when you see a mother giving birth to the foal or to the calf and immediately it attaches to the others. It's just so emotional. It just it's just so heartwarming, it just plays out nature in in a unique form. You scream out to recognize Allah and are often wonder moments of this nature. How does an atheist and an agnostic deal with it, because you can literally see, you know, what? The hand of nature in it and the quadrate and the power of the Almighty.

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And subhanAllah, Musa Ali salaam starts drinking the milk of his mum flowing from her chest, and the antibiotic medica to

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custody or tab of your own. Now as much as there was they were happy, there was also an element of concern. something doesn't look right. This child refused to drink everybody else's milk. Why did he accept the milk of this woman?

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Is it perhaps this is the mother? And is this the same child at whose hands I will lose my kingdom? So the mother Musa alayhis salam said Anna Imre, I don't tell you but to read the Yerba to Leben to look roughly in your Bologna, I'm a woman who have good milk and a good nature and you can try any child and attach the child to me and the child will drink Subhana Allah the mother of Musa is reunited with her child, the child is now attached. The child has been circled by the mother and the mother of Musa unknown to Pharaoh that this is the biological

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Mother says that I'm not going to be staying here in the palace. So Pharaoh then arranges and consents for her to go back what a draw I lay in her is gone, and he provides her a salary to circle his child but actually her child, and yes, the mother of Musa returns with her child Musa with the consent of Pharaoh, in the presence of Pharaoh to her house to nurse her own child. That indeed is the power of Allah

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