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I said I'm Monica Monica la vaca to it's your brother your hair Brahim with another daily Tafseer surah a day Alhamdulillah, we're doing the Tafseer of Judah. And we're at surah number 84 of the Quran of Jews Amma. This sort of of course is revealed in Mecca as we said them, and that the majority of the sodas in juice ama, are revealed in Mecca, mocha Roman, the early stages of the life of the prophets, I send them there are four main themes that are identified in this sort of four main important points. First is that this worldly life is transient. It has stages and there's movements in it and you before you're born into your life and then into growing up and then becoming

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an adult, and then you transition into older age that there's always transitions. Number two is that the soul gives us a vivid description of the hour, the day of judgment, the hour of judgment, number three about the accountability of our deeds good and bad, and that we will be asked about it and that they are pre known by Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not that a lot answers about something that he is not already privy to. Number four and finally, is about the rewards and the punishments at the time of in life at the time of death and into an after our physical life in this dunya has come to an end, Allah subhanaw taala says either summer on Shabbat, when the heaven has been split open. Now

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we're seeing once again the theme of the Shem suka. We're not in a seminar on peltola, either seminar on Shabbat, all of these have the same illusion that what we see and what we believe is always going to be there The sun will always rise the moon is always going to be there everything has a cycle. Everything is it is there for a reason at a time that is going to come to an end at some point in time when the command of a law is given. Whatever the anatomy or be have a hope that it will listen and and obey to its Lord when he says it must do something to split apart and to depart. What either out of the mood that and when you notice this earth that you're upon it will be

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stretched forward and what is what is finite, it will be made different to what you see today, while you have what the harlot and what is in the depths of the earth will come out the deeds that people have hidden the the treasures that Allah has set for us everything will come out of the earth everything will be known about it and it will become empty. Whatever the nuclear on behalf will help God and it will also listen to its Lord it must obey as with the heavens as with the earth. Both of them have no I have nothing but obligation to Allah. Yeah, you're insane. all mankind in Mecca the whole era because the hunter moon, clean all mankind, you will eventually surely definitely return

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to your Lord with your deeds of actions good and bad. And what it is will you return to Him with what kind of deeds are you returning to Allah with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say to the prophets, I send them HTML shipped for in Mecca setor maltier Mohammed even if you live as long as you want, you're eventually going to return to Allah you're eventually going to die. And that's the best of humanity Mohammed, so I sell them in that Hadith is by Imam Abu Dawood for mmm and ot Aki Dabba Hobi Amina, so Allah says so on the day of your return, the one who receives his hand in his right in his book in his right hand meaning that further from us Abuja mean that people

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who chose the right course of action who didn't choose deviants indeed, they will get their rebook from that right for that right course of action. For so far you have several has 70 and zero, they will have an easy reckoning, they won't be interrogated and question too much in depth. The prophets I seldom said in the authentic hadith narrated by the mammal body will remain Muslim Menaka shall he said Rosie the one who is interrogated by a law shall be punished if our last stops you

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walk away from in the home so don't stop them ask them I will this this this and this you're going to be punished by Allah because you won't be able to escape. So you're seeking the mercy of a law that that mmm in order to get a bogey because hopefully your house of war his habit you want an easy reckoning with a lot? Why unclonable illa Allah masala as soon as your interrogation your your debate, your questioning with a law you will return to your family to your loved ones with joy. What amendment Oh to kitahara ohare on the other hand, the one who will take his book from behind his back, meaning that they're too ashamed to receive it face to face. It's going to be from behind them

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they can't even face a loss of Hannah Montana that their books from behind their backs their their hands will be bent behind them in in, in, in, in humility in in humbleness and humiliation for Sophia derosa Wallah they will say they will curse their own self and invoke destruction I wish I I wish I was dead I wish I didn't come back I wish I wasn't the question I wish I became nothing Why else Lhasa Allah and they shall enter the burning Blaze. May Allah protect us era

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in the hold on that and then you're that person that mindset who surprised on the Day of Judgment who gets their book with from behind?

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They're back that person in their mind one and liahona they thought they would never come back to us and be questioned. They thought they would never be asked to be questioned by us, Bella in Roberto Kennedy, he will see you. In fact, of course, yes, you'll be questioned. Verily your Lord his Lord, their Lord was always witnessing them, always bossier of them, seeing them knowing them and following them up, fella Oklahoma was shut up, and beautiful, beautiful statements. So I swear by the afterglow, of the sunsets of Hawaii, you know, when the sky is like that? maroon and red and purple in Vanilla Sky after sunset. I swear by the afterglow of the sunset, when lately well now

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what's up and the night and whatever gathers in forces of darkness, well, comedy that that's up and the moon when it is at its fullest, and its most beautiful, let our kupuna tabaka and tada, you are going to ascend and certainly traveled from stage to stage in this life and into the hereafter. There will be a building of your life, like the alternations of the day, there will be alterations of your life, days of happiness, days of sorrow, days of health, days of illness, days of wealth, days of poverty and prosperity and, and difficulty and austerity family home, let me know, let me know. So what's the matter with them that they don't believe? Now this is the third time I was

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asking question. In the first quarter in Salta taquile. Allah says, a net of a boon Where are you going? in solid? in an infobar? Allah Subhana Allah says America Raka Arabic and Karim What made you so shocked about your Lord, the Most Generous What made you so careless about years old? here Allah says For now, let him let me know what is the matter with them that they will not choose not to believe? Why are they so resistant? were either 40 Allie mancora Angela is June May Allah make us of them. And when the whole and is recited, they do not fall into frustration. This is one of the verses in this chapter, where when you recite it, you make sudo to Allah voluntarily. The sudo does

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not have to be done, but it should be done. It is a student of the Prophet Mohammed so I sell them but if it's inconvenient as it is for me right now, I will delay it till later. And if you don't do it later, it is forgivable. There is no sin for it. Barely living in a capital you can be born. In fact, those who disbelieve deny the prophets I send them deny the Quran. Well, Allahu Allah will be now your own. And Allah knows best what they have gathered, and what they have understood of the truth, what they know of right from wrong what they know of doing good from bad, and Allah is the one who knows what's in their heart at the time of the commission of the sins. He's the only one who

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is going to judge the other shooter whom you either have an idea or warn them of a significant punishment on that day, if they continue to choose a path other than truth in levena. Amen. Well, I'm no sleight of hand except those who believe in work righteous deeds, and therefore a law presumes that those who are believing and work righteous deeds will at times do sinful wrong, sinful deeds. May Allah protect us from our own inequity and sins against ourselves and others along them I mean, illa levina Mundo except those who believe except those who did wrong and they have belief in Allah, except those who believe in do righteous deeds, let them add your own, or you know, mamnoon

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for them will be the reward that will never come to an end on the Day of Judgment. May Allah make us of the May Allah May Allah save us from the sinfulness of our own soul and lead us to the clarity and the happiness of fulfilling our relationship and our deeds with a loss of Hannah to Allah. May Allah make us better than others assume of US alone. I mean, this was your brother Yeah, Ibrahim with another daily Tafseer with the tipsy of soul of Ellen ship Hawk, which is Surah number 84. It is a sort of a day that I've seen a juicy I'm not gonna sell MRT Kumara to LA he or cat