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Alhamdulillah hermeto want to stand up here want to start Pharaoh who want to study when I would like to Ireland and Julian fusina woman cicr Marina in omega de la la, la la,

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la de la la la la la la la la sharika y shadow Anna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu Rahmatullah alameen. Wa could mean one more 110 is the key in order to Nevada Jamali, in a narrow Mojave local, wasabi pseudo wasabi here

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alpha for low mid z hygrometers, eights and ibnr no matter what as soon as he he what he said at him. Also the lahoma was in LA while he was happy with Allah Jimmy Minister nebby suniti work def BFF de la Medina vachel si como FCB taco Lloyd Allah, vain homea tequila Allahumma Raja will resume

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operations due to Allah alone, and then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Trillium, Allah subhanho wa Taala guides and can mislead and Humala leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship, save Allah alone. And then Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it will is both his servant and His Messenger.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith narrated by to me, even though said Daddy,

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but he said so Allahu Allahu wa sallam, I do not see how

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he said it three times. At Dina naziha. This religion is sincerity is no see how? Goodness Nemanja rasulillah we said to whom the Messenger of Allah. He said following the law when he kitabi he, when he when he I met a Muslim he and I met him, he said it is to Allah and to his books, and to his book, and to his messenger and to the leaders of the Muslims and to their masses. And this hadith is considered

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one of the greatest legacies, most succinct legacies of our profits. Phil Allahu alayhi wa sallam that he was given joah and kelim the ability to impart great meaning with few words. This Hanif is technically two words, a dean and naziha the religion is nothing how, what is the word Nazi? How, what does it mean? Now, so how are Nazi how linguistically this word traces back to the beekeeper, who would take honey from the hive of the beam. And you know, when honey is extracted from the hive of the beam, it is full of locks, and other impurities and other things that exist in it. And so the beekeeper takes the honey out of the hive, and he begins to sift it, in order to remove the pure

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honey out from all the other impurities and wax that might be in the original raw honey that came out of the hive. And so this is what they would call the nausea. This is what they would call the Nasir, the one who is taking and sifting the honey and making it pure. And so the meanings of naziha is to be pure and clean and wholesome, and without bringing or adding impurity or negativity or anything wrong into what you are presenting. And so most translations translated this Howdy, Edina. naziha, the religion is not see how the religion is. The religion is pure or the religion is sorry, sincere, or the Religion is advice, because nausea means advice as well. But the reality is the term

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is far more comprehensive, and is far more comprehensive about what this what this idea actually means. Just as the loss is making the honey transparence. The one who is giving naziha needs to be transparent and genuine and sincere in the fact that they are only seeking benefits and goodness for other people. They're only seeking benefits and purity and their interactions with others, whether those interactions are with a lot with his books are with the masses of the Muslims. And so it is from what is necessary of someone to be a Nazi, or to truly give no see how is that they are not.

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They're not hypocritical, that they are not seeing something and hiding something that there's no ulterior motive or agenda, but rather they're being transparent and pure and way and the way that they're treating and interacting with other people. And we see that the profits when they gave

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Message Prophet Muhammad as Sam said, obelisco company Salah to be one.

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He said, I am conveying to you the message, the message of your Lord wants to come. And I am giving you this pure sincere advice to you in the lack of nausea from me and I am coming to you as a Nazi, as someone who is bringing sincere, pure advice to you and our profits from the law and you send them on his final sermon, when he asked the believers held that date have I conveyed the message to you have upheld my entrustment they said, Listen to the prophets on the lower end, he will send them to an account balance one also, we will bear witness that you have been lucky to have conveyed the message when I saw and you have been a nasef you have been a pure sincere genuine person in your

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advice that you have given us and in the message that you have given us. And so a dean and they'll see her the most important part of our religion is this concept of naziha does is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and hydrographer Hajj is on offer there is no Hydra though out of that. And there's other elements to Hajj other than autofac but out of so central so important there cannot be a hedge without it. And so this religion is no see how the most central animal central aspects of our religion is the concept of no see huh? Who is this? No see how to the prophets on the lower audio send them says they lead to a loss of handle data first and foremost, having sincerity and

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purity in our worship of Allah subhanaw taala the essence of our worship of Allah xojo is sincere to him not involving or invoking. We're including anyone in our worship towards Allah subhanho wa Taala the entirety of our sacrifice and our worship is to Allah subhanho wa Taala but in order to know Suki Why am I a woman Mattila law, school I mean, indeed my prayer and my sacrifice and my living and my dying, all of it belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you will have the nominal and Hulu facility facility katha Oh, you will believe enter into Islam completely enter into it purely completely. This is unless he had to believe in Allah subhanaw taala

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without reservations. And you'll see how have naziha is that we believe in Allah with certainty with the opinion of no see how is that we trust Allah subhanaw taala completely telecoil of nothing, how is that we are content with a decree of Allah subhanaw taala and have real contentment in this and to know that we are constantly in need of a lot of zoologia and he says when he kitabi he and towards his book, and we that means that we approach the book of Allah subhanaw taala with love, with sincerity, with purity, with our belief in a loss of paneled Island in his book, that we want to absorb this book into our daily lives in the greatest ability that we are capable of doing. So a

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Latina Latina woman Kitab it's known as our De La Nina be those from the book has been given to them, and they recite it with its true recital, meaning they recited as it deserves to be recited, they'll see how to the book of Allah subhanaw taala means that we love to recite his book, that we take the time to read it and to recite it and to understand it, they'll see how to the book of Allah azza wa jal means that we think and ponder over its meanings and reflect over what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed to us. And then we activate its instructions, and then we defend his book, and we preach it and we protect it from those who try to correct it through misinterpretation. This is all

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out of our naziha to the book of Allah subhanaw taala What do you know Salim and to His Messenger, what does it mean to have no see how to the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal, it means that we believe in Him as being the Messenger of Allah, and being the most perfect human being to have walked this earth. And we believe that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the perfect role model that we love him. So Allahu Allah, you send them now You mean Hakuna? He mean, what did He what? Why did he one nasty? Marian, the Prophet says none of you have believed until I am more beloved to you, than your children, and your parents, and all of the people put together. And so they'll see have the

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Messenger of Allah that we love him. We want to know his Syrah. We want to know what he said what he did, how he lived his life. We want to purely emulate Him and follow Him. And then we defend his honor some Allahu Allah set him against incorrect claims, and we defend his honor with passion and love in a way that is correct and legitimate. What's our zero rule? What's the rule? Allah says that you honor Him, and that you respect him?

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And he says, what the Muslim mean, and to the Imams of the Muslims, and the primary intent of this term of the profits of the lower instead of them is not necessarily the Imam of the masjid. But he means the Imams of the Muslims meaning their political leaders, that we have no say hi to those who are in

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political power amongst the Muslims. And it means that you are supportive of what they do that is beneficial and that you redirect them to truth and justice when they go beyond the bounds of what is correct. And the reality is nothing corrupts more than power. On the profits of the law, dimensions many ahaadeeth in this regard, it took a blab have some fun for instance, the prophets Allah Islam says fear the doors of the sum fun of the political authorities. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the Khun satac saloon, Allah Mara was una de Matteo makishima. He said, Indeed, you will compete you will strive for imara for

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power, and authority, and it will be an adenoma, it will be regret on the Day of Judgment. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says something very powerful. For an animal model, there is a subtle fathima. He said, so how blessing is the witch nurse, the one who is feeding the baby. And how cursed is an Fatima Fatima is the young baby that is feeding from her mother still feeding from the breast of her mother. So he says how blessed is the mother that is giving the milk. But how cursed is the baby that is drinking the milk. But the Prophet is saying this analogy in relation to politics and political power. Because he's saying how bless it is the person who has leadership who

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has power, and is like the mother who is feeding, using that power to help other people using that power to benefit others as the mother is benefiting her child. And he says how cursed is the leader who takes power and authority. And he is like the baby that is just drinking. The baby doesn't give you anything when they're young and a newborn. They don't give you anything they're taking, that they become the leaders who are taking from the people and drinking up the resources of others. And so the prophets of the Lord warns us about the accesses of power. And he says inamoto jihads, kennametal Hampton under some point in Jaya, he says the greatest form of Jannah is to speak truth

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in the face of a tyrannical ruler. And this is something to show us this is part of our NLC, how, to the rulers of the Muslims, to speak the truth to them. And also to support them when they do that which is correct and right. And secondarily, mostly how to aim it's in muslimeen can mean the scholars the primary meaning is the political leaders, but it can mean the scholars, and they'll see how to the scholars of Islam is to respect them, and to respect their authority and their scholarship in general. Now, I'm not speaking about a specific scholar, but the generality of Islamic scholarship that you have respect for Islamic scholarship, you have respect for their

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knowledge and their and the information that they have gained. And it's not respect. For instance, it is not let's see how to the scholars of Islam. If a person says, Well, I have my own opinion about this matter. Who are you and what have you studied for you to have your own opinion.

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The opinion needs to be derived from true scholarship, the understanding of the Sahaba and the Center for the scholars and their principles. They're ill suited. And to learn this, you have to spend years in scholarship. And the person comes in here's what the scholars have said, even if all of them have on an issue. And he says no, I disagree with you. This is my opinion, how do you have an opinion other than their opinion, and it shows that you do not have respect for the concept of scholarship. And so we'll see how to the scholars is to respect the concept of scholarship and that they are the inheritors of the prophets. And then he says what they are meticulously at him, that

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you have no see how to the masses of the Muslims, that we should have no see how pure sincere genuine love for all of the Muslims, every Muslim no matter where they are, what language they speak, what skin color they are, what land they are from that you have no see how for them. God did not deliver the long run. He says when I took me out of the Prophet when he accepted Islam, when the Prophet I asked him what is Islam What is this may are for? He said he found out that you established Sadat, when he ties the care that you give the car and he says when most meaningful you Muslim, that you give no see how to every Muslim. And so this was made a requirement of Islam. And

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so now see how to the only means loves you for your brother what you love for yourself. No see how to the Muslims means how do you cheat and steal from others? Now see how it means that you want the best for them, caring for their own benefit without ulterior motive without agenda, you actually want the best for every other Muslim that you know. And this concept contradicts the values of individualism that is prominent in our culture in our day and age. That All that matters is you and what you want and what pleases you and you do you and you get what's for you. Everything focused on the individual not focused on the collective. But we have no see how for every Muslim we love for

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them. What we

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Love for ourselves, we sacrifice for each other. We are concerned about other people deeply. We are concerned about the impact of ourselves on others. We worry about the impact of our actions on the people surrounding us. Angelina Jolie Abdullah, the one who took pay out of the Prophet and the Prophet told him to give a new scandal called a Muslim to give. They'll see how to every Muslim. One day this man he sent his his servant to go purchase a horse for him. So he came back purchasing the horse. And he said, Tim, how much did you spend? He said, 400 dinar? And he said, 400 dinar has very little for a horse like this. He said, Do you know who you purchased it from? He said, Yes. He said,

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Let's go find him. So he goes, and he finds the man he purchased the horse from, he said, You gave me this horse for only 400. And the men said, Yes, I just needed the money. So I sold it for 400. He said, I know I'm going to give you an extra 100. And the man said, Why? Because I'm giving you an extra 100. And I'm giving you 100 on that, and 100 upon that, until he gave him 400 extra dinars. And he gave it to him. And he turned around and he left. But before he left, he said, Tim Lee said that he can be genuine. He said, what I have done is not insanity. I didn't lose my mind, and decided to give you 400 dinars extra for no reason. He's at least semi genuine. When kidney dialysis

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it used to be locally Muslim, he said, but rather it was the Prophet, that I will have no secrets every I will have every Muslim, I will be pure and genuine and sincere and love for my brother, what I love for myself. This is true, pure Islam. This is what real Islam actually is. This is why the Prophet says at the Edina naziha. And they'll say that we give each other that we tell each other what will benefit them. It needs to come from love, from sincere true love, not from ego. Sometimes somebody gives no see how to another, but he acts like he's better than him. He wants to prove to him that I'm better than you that I know more than you

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that I'm a better Muslim than you. And that's honestly how coming from an ego. Right? That's not what the prophet sighs lm is talking about. He's talking about genuine pure love that is transparently coming from a place of love. And that we not overstep our boundaries and pry into other people's lives spy on them, under the pretext that we're trying to give them, they'll see how stick our nose and issues that don't belong to us. If it's not our business, we can stay out. But we should use good judgment also. And when something is in our business, or something that is in the public sphere that we try to give goodness to others. And when they'll see how it is given to us.

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When we are receiving they'll see Hi, we need to be humble. We need to have humility. Some people no matter how nice you are, no matter how gentle you are, no matter how soft you are with them. They want to reject everything else that comes to them. They say if I'm sitting in between me and a lot, and I remember how pops in the hierarchy commonly used to be an all in one a hierarchy home and Lisa benassi in

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the home and they say you're a Nazi when he said there is no good in people who are not giving advice, not giving I'll see her and there is no good and people who do not love to receive nausea. And so it is a two way street. The person giving us has to do it without ego with love with genuine concern. And the person receiving it needs to receive it with humility and with love as well and with introspection, and to try to say okay, maybe there's a point to what he's saying, Let me think about it sincerely and genuinely from my hearts. And this shows us this is the active job of the Muslim to be constantly in a state of no see how our religion entirely is no see. And this is why

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Buddha woods, the Imam of Hadith, he said this hadith is so central. If 1000s of hands were gone, but this has remained it would be enough for a Muslim to know how to be a Muslim. Welcome to the west of Medina comes through in order for him.

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similar sorts of cinema and also the Allahu Allah Allah He will be human well our Bishop he saw that he was totally empty handed off to Timothy Sonia Coco Lee Jolla before concluding, you know, other brothers from the Bosnian community asked for us to make a mention of this in today's clips, but that Today is the anniversary of the massacres that occurred in Bosnia in the 90s. And so Brinker and so May Allah subhanaw taala accept all of those who were killed in those terrible massacres as Shahada. I mean, and May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us for not doing more for those who are oppressed around the world today, such as our brothers and sisters in Palestine, in Kashmir, in

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China, and all around the world. In the lahoma, it was via email letting me know so literally, he was sitting with Sima alomost and he was sent him Allah says, you know, whenever you know, have you been on Mohammed, Aloma Sanjana, Mohammed metacoda, Kunal abroad, also lately here of the nematode awareness warfare in Europe and so that was

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And you may need a woman Dean while he was happy for you being here in Walla

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Walla Walla Walla Hassan in a moment, a female caminada vanilla

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vanilla for Russia when adding an elaborate data, while Emory

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law theta will determine how to deal with alcohol I

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mean, as long as Islam and muslimeen were early before they can be met and healthy with Dean along with a man was in Vienna, in Costa Rica so colossian generosity in in a lot ally Emerald Are there any way to

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weigh in hand in fracture you will

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come to the cone with coralife Coco Moscow,

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La Jolla and Emma Stone