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The importance of not being distracted during serads and not being distracted during serads is discussed in Islam's Prophet's song. The use of distraction during serads and the importance of privacy in life is emphasized. The use of certain signs of society to elevate people to a state of le payments and lead to a state of avoiding sinister behavior is also discussed. The importance of avoiding smoking weed and the use of laws to protect individuals from harm is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to maintain certain things in life, such as not going to work during the day or not wearing a scarf, and discusses the differences between wearing scarves and shrouds for women.

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What's Salatu was Salam O Allah say you didn't want saline. So you didn't know when to be you know, Habibi. Now Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa, early he was like he was selling the Sleeman kathira a lot more suddenly wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in filler when he was only selling barbaric. Allah say he didn't want to be in Mohammed in faline a lot more somebody was selling Was it rubberduck Allah Satan, Mohammed him philomela Ilana, aka Morocco, amin Alhamdulillah, we've concluded another successful week Mashallah. And I'm very happy to see him the love the statistics of the type of numbers of people that have been enjoying and hamdulillah online Islamic school

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content, both in the season one content and also in the specialist puberty program, which is the Art of Manliness for the young men and the heart to heart for the young ladies, we ask Allah subhana wa island to put benefit in it meaning we're asking lots of kinds of data, to allow us to practice what we learn from it and to make it something that is a source of guidance, not just for ourselves, but for others. Allahumma I mean, that we can assist along the journey with in reaching their goal of connecting more and more with a loss of hands on with the either I pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to live functional, healthy,

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he man filled loving lives and relationships with others along with me. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the time that we spend together these half this half an hour, to be a time of celebration of him, and a time of worship of him. Subhana Allah wa and upon I wouldn't be as salam, O Allah, you will seldom be the greatest said, peace and blessings be upon him. For those of you who are on my Facebook page, do let us know where you're watching in from, where are you joining us from And may Allah subhana wa into Allah allow us to connect from wherever we are, that our hearts always remain connected. And that a loss of kinda with Allah allows us to meet each other in this life,

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always in his worship. And if we don't meet with each other physically, that we are able to meet in the next life with our interview, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in genital fear. That was a long I mean, I mean, I mean, for those of my in the programs, yeah Abraham calm, whether it's via school or puberty or season one or summer school, all of the different programs that are on offer, we're all watching together at the moment. So if you're following along, do let us know where you're from, Mashallah, we see people from Albania and a few other places that hamdulillah that are coming in. So if you're on my website, do click on the question tab and start sending your questions in, I

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have my messenger service open now, so that I can receive your questions coming in live in sha Allah. And I want just to begin with some of the questions that we didn't get to answer. So when we ended there were still questions coming through. So I want to begin with some of them while you get you know, your questions tingling inside and you start sending them through and chop them up.

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Alright, so this is an interesting question. It's not easy as the question is why why is some music haraam? it? The question, therefore is it's not asking is it? But it's asking why? And that's a really good way of phrasing question. So I do congratulate you for asking in such a way. Most people sadly, we just we just want to know yes or no good or bad, and we don't really want to look deeper into it. So the very studies of fifth of understanding the reasons comes from putting ourselves in that place where we ask why. So the Why is a really important factor and there are different types of answers. So I'll give a religious scriptural answer. First, I want you to know there is no place

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in the hole and where Allah subhanaw taala speaks, particularly about music as in the word music, rather, the word that is used in the whole on, which is a very general generic word is a level left which means distracting past times. So most of them that they refer to it back to how the Sahaba understood it. So I'm the law guy best and then I'm the lion the most rude for example, in sort of luck man, where Allah subhana wa Taala condemns those who are taken up by the distractions. They said in the hell massive

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Will he not? What is meant by this statement as we understood it at the time of the prophets, I seldom is that people sit and watch and enjoy constantly. musical instruments, young girls singing girls, they used to have slaves that would sing, and dancers who would you know, show entertainment.

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The second evidence of this is at the end of Surah Al joumana. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says that, while the prophets I send them with leading the Friday sermon, the people who were there they did not know, they did not know

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that they had to sit and listen to the whole sermon. So a lot revealed sort of in jumaane and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, that those who are obedient to Allah and His Messenger, so I send them that they do not either send me a level when they see or hear the level, it doesn't take them away from the victim of a loss of Hannah Montana, and that they remain silently listening. So the prophets all along it was a limb says inauthentic. Hadeeth Do not be distracted during the time of Dumont don't even touch a pebble that's in front of you used to have rocks in the masjid small little pebbles. And therefore that becomes a very important kind of concept. Why is this verse speaking about Latin?

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Well, in this incident, while the Prophet was giving Friday hope with the Gemara that trade caravan arrived into Medina? And how would caravans let you know how did the traders the shopkeepers let you know they were there, they played music, which is very similar to what you see in the malls today, you'll hear music coming out of the shops. So as soon as people heard the beating of the drums, the singing of the slave girls, everybody rushed out because they want to get a good deal. So they were distracted by a level, they were distracted by the revery and amusement and the distractions

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of that music. So the the evidence for it is in that generic sense. And there is no authentic hadith directly from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that speaks about music for music, it rather speaks about the effect of music, or some of the instruments of music. And some will contend that none of the hadebe that speak about musical instruments are actually authentic.

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All of them are related from the Sahaba of the Prophet Mohamed Salah long ready you will sell them with a tight which is a type of evidence, but it is not decisive evidence. And therefore you will find that there were some earlier Matt, who made a distinction between sinful types of music, and other types of music that they didn't categorize as being sinful. So the sinful type of music is the type of music where its aim is to bring a person to a state of lewdness and a state of distance from the obligations of Allah subhanaw taala, that the intent is to distract. And to lead down a path that takes away from the obedience of a loss of Hannah and to Adam. And if you therefore kind of

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think about some of the things that happen in clubs, where there's intoxication, where there's flirtation, where there's an entrance into sinful sexual immorality,

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when you see those kind of things, you come to understand why music at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Sahaba was seen in that negative light. However, it is also important to note that, that the sound and rhythm is not the issue at hand, if it is not leading people to a consistent destruction. Notice, I want you to know that music as well has a direct physical effect on the body. So for example, techno music, the DJ takes the audience who are you know, dancing and thumping along with them from, you know, a regular heartbeat, and the music seeks to Criss send and elevate with their heartbeat. So actually the rhythm of the you know, the techno

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music, the boom, boom, the thumping of it, and the bass, it actually causes the heart to also increase and the dancing style in the trance music. That's why it's called trends, because it puts you in that state of trends. So there is an emotional, not just a physical but also a psychological rationale as to why we should be very careful with what we ingest

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Now the last thing that I will say is one of the reasons that can make certain types of music haraam is the message that it delivers whether you know, openly, or whether it is subliminally. So there are certain for example, songs where they talk about sinful sexual activity. And, you know, I kissed this person and I, you know, i or i did this or I want to be with you for an hour. You know, it talks about things that you and I, as Muslims find objectionable, that are the decaying signs of society that break the bonds of marriage and happiness in the homes, that they are calling to things that are immoral in Arabic music and Turkish music and English music. It's not just Western music,

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of course. And that is something that is a hallmark with it. There's this statement of Abdullayev numero uno and the great soul hobby of the prophets, I send them the great explainer of the whole on where he says, lavish demo, okay, lemon law, what a llama shape on V jiofi. On Julian wearing the words of Allah, meaning the brown and the words of the shape lon can never be found in combined form in the heart of any one individual, one of them has to take the other out of its place. And that is true, you will not find somebody who is a memorizer of the four

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and a practice or practitioner of it, who holds true to its values that they are regular consumers regular regularly intoxicated with with the effects of music, and therefore music is something that we take and we seek to take out of our lives for that very purpose. So hopefully, that's, you know, a little bit of the why certain types of music on how long as for elevating our voice singing and rhythm as for a drum beat, or as for something like that, during weddings and so on, where it is a positive message. And it's to notify people that there's a joyous occasion that was not seen as sinful neither at the time of the Sahaba or after it's entered into our times today. In fact, it's a

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commonality that yet the young ladies will come together, women will come together and somebody will strike the Duff. And ladies will have fun in a healthy way in a way that gives the bride you know, a blessing send off and having dinner.

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All right. Another similar question, why are all types of intoxicants haraam? What if somebody wants to feel good when they're feeling depressed? What's the difference between smoking weed and taking painkillers? Now? That's a really good question.

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Look, we does not just simply act upon making a person feel better. What it does is it actually alters the brain chemistry in a way that can damage it. In particular, for young people. There's a lot of studies, in particular, some coming out of Sweden, that some of the worst levels of psychosis that people can experience later on in life are directly, you know, related to the consumption of weed and cannabis at a young age. It can be argued that emergency rooms are filled with people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. And then a gateway to it was due to drugs that were referred to as soft drugs. So how does cannabis work? And why does it make a person not feel? You know,

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overwhelmed? Well, cannabis takes your mind when you're thinking about so many things, and it's distracting you. And it allows you to focus on one particular thing. So you're able to isolate certain things in your mind using the cannaboids that are there to isolate certain things. So that you just focus on I just want to focus on things like that. And then you'll see this in like movies and TV shows where you know, someone will just say, oh, chicken and they're just thinking of chicken and they're stoned. Why are they stoned? Because their mind is no longer thinking about other than it just thinking about one thing.

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That that that being a good thing can be a good thing if it is a medicinal ailment that a person needs help with. But what you will find psychologists and psychiatrists that they will say is not to smoke weed and to consume cannaboids when a person is feeling that way because it can cause a person to not recover from those feelings because they don't actually deal with it. So the problem with drugs and the problem with masking

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That pain is that you don't actually deal with the pain and you don't actually get through it. So the the way that people deal with pain is really one of the key reasons for us to push back against drugs because you need to learn how to overcome some of the test some of the trials, and some of the difficulties that all human beings will face in different varying capacities in different points in time. There is a talk that I'm going to be giving soon about cannabis, young people and families, and I hope you'll be able to tune into that in sha Allah. Allah Subhana Allah allow us

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to be careful with that. I warn you, I warn you not to get into the socialized environment of smoking weed, you will rarely find people begin smoking weed on their own. It's always done with other people. So if you have weed heads and hop heads, in your in your in your circle of friends, and you're just saying I'm just going to hang out with them while they're smoking, I guarantee you you're setting yourself down a road that can lead to severe mental illness later on in life to a lot of breakages and reprehensible.

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You know, consequences into the future? May Allah protect you. And may Allah assist you in that regard.

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Martial Law and the questions are starting to come in now and having to do that.

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I'll those of you on Facebook, you're welcome to send in questions as well. My shot log, we have people watching from Canada and from Calgary and other places and hamdulillah.

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Alright, why do boys not have to cover up? Is that sexist in Islam? It's a good question. Mashallah.

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the laws of loss of Hannah what to Allah that are given to us as human beings do not have to be the same for men as they are for women, just like laws in society, they do not have to be the same for young people and older people, for example. So if somebody who's 17 years old commits a crime, and somebody who's 18 years old, commits a crime, they're not held in the same way, they have different consequences. There are certain things that adults have to do that younger people don't have to do. So if you're 17 years old, you don't have to vote. If you're 18 years old, just a few months later down the road, you are required to vote, for example, here in Australia, it's a legal requirement.

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So there are different demands that are asked of different people as well. There are due to positions in your society, things that you must do, and other things that you don't have to do. So if you've reached a certain financial level, you have to pay a certain amount of tax. And if you haven't reached that financial level, you don't have to pay that amount of tax. So I want you to know that in life, not everybody is always treated equally, there's differences in how we are viewed and how we have to maintain particular things. That doesn't mean those human beings are not equal to each other. But it means under the law that there are separations in how they are viewed. In Islam,

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it's very similar. I don't complain, what are my sons shouldn't complain when my wife and my daughter for seven or eight days in the month do not have to pray and do not have to make up the prayer. And I can tell you waking up professors kind of love hedges for am here in Perth at the moment a little bit earlier, maybe 4am here in Perth, if you get one third of the month, where you can sleep in a little bit and you enjoy your sleep. That's actually a really, that's a great bonus. But for a Muslim man, from the moment they attain their age of puberty until they are surprised by death, they don't have that luxury. They don't have that break ever. Not even in travel, right? Not

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even in travel. So I certainly wouldn't say hey, how come that's not fair? Why do I have to do something that my wife doesn't have to do? Why do I have to fast when she can take a break from passing and do it at a later time of the year when the day is shorter? I don't have that luxury. I don't have the luxury to say hey, how come as the man I'm the one that has to spend on my household while my wife whatever income she has, she doesn't have to spend. It's not. It's not written in our laws as a Muslim, that my wife has to contribute to them she can but she's not required to I have to meet the bills and rent and the food at a level that I can afford. But I'm the one who's responsible

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for it in front of a lot that I'm I'm obligated in front of God in front of society to look after my wife and children and my wife

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Give me a cat, she can pay her cat to me. But I can't give her as a cat because it's my responsibility to look after her. So I don't come and say, hey, how come the laws are not fair? Why does a man have so much burden? Why does the man have so much that they have to do? And women, they don't have to do anything, all they have to do is put on a scarf right? Now, that's, of course, being facetious. I know today, that it is a struggle for some some people to look at the scar. But that really is internally. It's a decision you make in your heart to be wanting to please Allah subhanho wa Taala, loving of Allah, and willing to put the rights that Allah is owed of you of

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obedience, of love of, of caring for that, in a way, that is before the rights you give to yourself, your own intentions, yeah, you want to dress in a certain way, or you want people to see you in a certain way. Or you think life will be easier if you didn't have to do this or that. But I can tell you that what a law has ordered and what the prophets I send them as taught and what his wives and his daughters in the believing women of the past were ordered to maintain, will always be better for you in the long term into your future than what you may be feeling at this moment. So I want you to understand, it's not why no boys have to cover up men have to wear hijab as well. It's not called

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hijab, but it's covering our covering a certain element. And between the requirements and what men have to do, and women have to do, there's only two changes. So there's certain requirements, six essential elements that our sisters have to maintain, you have to wear something that's loose fitting, men have to do the same. You have to wear something that's opaque wear your body parts that are meant to be covered don't are not seen through it, men are the same, you have to wear something that is not sure Ah, that is not going to make attention drawn to you unnecessarily. Whether due to cost or shape or style, men have to do the same. You are required to wear something that is covering

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all parts of your body, as as a Muslim woman, all parts of your body except your hands and your face. And men have to cover the parts of their body that are not used for work generally. So everything from their midriff down to their knees has to be covered. But their chest above their navel above their stomach and below, their knees can remain uncovered. Men have to cover up but not as much as women. But in the same token, they still are ordered to cover up by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's the first difference. The second difference is men can wear excessive amounts of perfume that can be spread beyond their own, their own area that silage can expand, while women can

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wear perfume that only they can smell it or if somebody's very close to them, who hugs them, their sister hugs them that that can smell it. So that's the second change at everything else is the same for men and women those are the only two differences. So men have to adopt a certain level of of veiling and covering from others in society as well. And as they stand before a loss of Hannah Montana. So hopefully that kind of clarifies that question.

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Is it how long not to wear a scarf? The the answer to that is the prophets Allah Allahu Allah he was selling a lot orders in the hole and and sort of that Yeah, your hand maybe, or messenger or prophet of God, poorly as magic begin with your wife say to your wives, webinar it then your doctors, when he sat in meaning and to the women of the believers that believing women you'd need on a hidden I mean jalopy behind that they should cloak themselves with digital ban, they should adorn themselves and cloak themselves with their garments that you can that you're often FLL you name this will be a mark for them to be known by for their righteousness and piety, so that no molestation and upset

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will be caused to them that Lika and then I often fly with them, so that they will be known as free, respectable, honorable women. And therefore I want you to know, hijab is not unique to our own man, Christians used to wear the veil, Jews with a veil until now they wear the veil that some of them they will wear a wig once they're married, or they will actually wear a scarf and conservative clothing as well. Notice that when we speak about the veil, we're not speaking about a particular type. It doesn't have to be a particular shape, or color or style. It could be a culture

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Roll in different places. In Pakistan, they they were Chihuahua commies in Arabia, they were I buy, you know that it doesn't matter what shape or color as long as the objectives of the Asia are met and the intent behind it is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is a choice made freely by a free woman to honor a law and be known in society as not being one who is prone to sinfulness,

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vulgarity, and to be taken and acted with in a way that is in a way that is unbecoming of her status as a worshiper and a slave of Allah, that I have an honor for myself for my body for my behavior. You'll also know this in the corporate world, you will find that women for example, who work in the corporate world, they won't come in with their casual clothes, because they want to project a sense of professionalism. So professionalism is something that is projected through clothes people see you through your garment. So for you, my dear Muslim sisters, my dear young Muslim men, dressed nicely dressed in a beautified way your clothing should beautify you, it's one of the aims of your

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clothing, but it should not be something that's meant to bring you away from the path of God and as a sign of submission to him. We are submitters to a lot first, not to social trends, fashion trends, and to the drawings and the dictates of others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect you and I increase you and I in assist you and I and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us success in this life and the next also Lila was selling Was it rubberduck is easy. Now whenever you know Mohamed Salah lahardee you want to add he was like he was sending one cemani more like market