Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surah Ar-Rahman #09 V72-78

Musleh Khan
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shadowfell ambia you will mursaleen Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mehreen or mistana be some Nettie la only Deen ma Baron Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And as you guys can probably tell the final episode of our Tafseer, a series of soldato Roman. So let's get right into this so that we can decide what we do afterwards in sha Allah, Allah. So we are coming now to the conclusion and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us it's in verse number 72 total MCQ. So right now who we've talked about this world word already, but let's really understand what hold is

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hold is when you are mesmerized by a glance. So you know, when you look at somebody dead in the eye, and you're lost in their beauty, that's called rule. So Allah says that the women of Jenna the reason why they're given this title is at first glance, you are mesmerized by eye contact. And then Allah says MCC sudo MK su rot. mk Seurat is when you hold yourself back, you know, there's this, there's a sense of control, you hold yourself back, you know, there's excitement you want to be there, but you kind of you keep yourselves under control field. pmem is of course tense. Why is tense mentioned here. Keep in mind that, you know, the audience of the sutra or the Meccans. so

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tense is a huge part of their culture until this day, you know, every so often you might see like royal families and kings of the Middle East, right? that they'll travel to different countries and guess what they'll take with them. They'll take like air conditioning tents, you know, hundreds and 1000s of dollars, they literally pitch a tent in like the middle of the beach somewhere, you know, a middle by the lake somewhere. So you can take the Bedouin out of the desert, but you can't take the the desert out of the bedwin. Right. So Allah says that, in general, as well, there'll be these beautiful and massive tents for you. So it was something that the sahabas could relate to that once

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they were receiving these eight that there was something that they could relate to, they had something in common with these a so hudl Mk Su, right. You know, one of the interesting things about this word mK soret, as well is that it also applies to our day in our life here in worldly life, especially those of us who are married. You know, one of the things that we should always feel when we go home is that there should be this excitement that you can't wait to see your wife, you can't wait to be home. And obviously, you know, there are certain things that wives do that help that when their husbands come home, you know, they're excited, they're happy, you know, she might make him his

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favorite dinner, you know, she might dress a certain way they put the kid the kids to sleep early, she'll do these little things and really like it makes his entire day all the stress and all the struggles that he he probably coped with outside. He doesn't bring none of that home. And these kinds of a help us to understand that the conversation agenda has to and should be part of the conversation for a healthy marriage in this world. Just because we see all of these wonderful things about relationships in general doesn't mean that we can't use an apply some of its lessons in our own marriages. So this this concept of hudl Matsuura that you can't wait to see her can't wait to

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get home. You know, you don't do

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Lay yourself at the office or at work just because like, Oh my god, I just I don't want to go home. You know, I, if I see her dingy, you know, she might ask me this or say this to me and I don't want to deal with that know that our home should never be this way. And it's one of the first signs that there is problems in the home. When there's no excitement to be home, there's no desire to be home. You know, you don't find any happiness, happiness or contentment, just being home, it should be the place where everybody goes, and they lose all of their stress, not gain all of their stress. It's the place where you go to resolve all of the struggles and the issues and the pressures of the

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outside world. You come home, and you're you're able to put all of that behind, you're able to talk to and counsel through those things. So hudl muscled out and feel him is like the sahabas are being told that don't worry, as a result of all the pain and struggle you go through, you know, these are some of the rewards and they will be in the same homes that you're living in now, only it will be that much better for VA let your of bukhoma to get the ban, you know which are the favors of your master Are you going to be in denial of lemmya mithuna incident cabela Humala, Jan, remember, we saw a similar verse earlier on in the sutra as well, but the point is here and not a single person nor a

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jinn had ever touched them or been content with them in any way shape or form. Meaning This is a reflection of the purity of the heart of gentlemen for being a late you're a big Homer to get the band muteki in or out of froth Didn't we hear a verse like this earlier on in the sort of mood taking a photo shim. So earlier on in the sorta they will be reclining on beautiful comfortable couches. Now off ruff ruff, his soft, fluffy, lush pillows, and then a look continuous hold on it and they will be green luscious pillows. Why? Because he and his son we're going to talk about it in a minute. So here now not only do you see why I call this previous episode, I called it agenda 2.0

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because here we had earlier on we had the couch. So when we looked at jedna 1.0. We talked about the couch, they would be reclining on these luscious, beautiful couches. Now Allah adds pillows to them, and they are rows of green luscious pillows. So alesse says that they will recline on these green luscious pillows. While I'm sorry. You know, I'm Cuddy. I party literally refers to like beautiful art that is unique, no matter how it appears like no matter where you get it from. And you know, from time to time, you might walk into somebody's home and you see like this really ancient art or artifacts that they have lying around the house. They they hang it on their walls, that's called

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Africa. So Africa, it is something that is like nice art that's never been seen before. beautiful art that's unique. You've never seen it. So when you walk into somebody's house and you see one of this, you know these ornaments or something hanging on a wall, you're like, oh, my goodness, where did you get that from? And it's like, yeah, I went to Africa, I visited this desert somewhere. And this, you know, there was this hut and a family was living there. And they gave me this thing. And it was really unique. I loved it. So I hung it up on my wall. That's called ibiquity. He said, it's so pleasing. So good to watch. You just enjoy looking at it. And I'm sure all of us have something

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like that in our homes. You just you have something hanging on the wall, you have something that you treasure and from time to time you just take it out and you just look at it and you just appreciate it. Jenna is covered and surrounded with beautiful art that has never been seen before. And our Prophet alayhi salatu salam also told us that in Jenin There is also colors that have never been seen before, just imagine the colors our eyes have never seen out of all the colors that you see in this worldly life that you're watching on the screen, every color that you've ever known and understood

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all of these colors. There are brand new colors of genda that have never been created and have never been seen before in this worldly life that are found in Genesis annaleigh you know those are the little things that for me it just it kind of makes you shiver all over just to wonder colors even we're not even just talking about how you relax we're not you know, some of my students they say you know brother Messiah I understand these a yet but even if Allah just gave me like a wooden couch somewhere or sat on the ground, I'll be happy as long as I'm in general, you're missing the point. You're missing the point a prophet it slept with Salaam said to us. ask Allah for genital theodosian

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Ariela asked him for the highest level of gender. Didn't he didn't say just ask Allah for gender, even if you're homeless.

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You're homeless but you're in paradise know what this teaches us as well as that you aim high.

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You always aim high for things you don't just drive a car and just have duct tape pasted all over it and doors falling off. No. A believer should all should have nice things. You know if obviously if they can afford it and then they have the ability to do that they should have nice things. So ask Allah not just for agenda, but ask Allah for all the luxury and treasures of gender. So when you look at Okay, you're going to have couches. You're going to have luscious pillows. Don't say well, I don't need all of that. I'm just fine just walking around. I'll probably bunk in and have sleepovers with my friends and I'll No no, ask a love for it because a lot and what he gives, the treasures of

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Allah are endless. They are endless, which leads us to the last a fmba let your ob Kumar to get the event table or cast modem big Ville Jalali will Ekrem.

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This is where we have a true appreciation of the of the Baraka of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Baraka be in the name of your master Dolgellau and Ekrem.

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Now, let's talk a little bit about bottlecap. Buttercup literally means something that's, that supersedes all of your expectations. You know, you have, you have your project, okay, so you work on this project for months, maybe even years. And then when you release this project, or you launch it, the reaction that you get, the admiration that you get all hundreds and 1000s of people travel all over the world to see this project of yours. And you're saying to yourself, men, I never thought people would actually travel to see my work. I just wanted to do something for the community. You know, every one of us have stories of Baraka. For me, particularly my job, you know, being a dairy,

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I get to an hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, I get to experience Baraka, every single day of my life. You know, I could remember when I went when I was in Medina. So I'm in Medina, I'm at the University of Medina for about 10 years of my life, right? And I could remember the hundreds and 1000s of countless conversations you'd have with other students about what would we do when we get back home? You know, when we go back to our countries, what are we going to do? And I used to say to myself, that I'll probably get just a regular job somewhere, or work at Walmart or something, and just kind of survive that way or go back to some of the old jobs that I used to have. And I used to say, you

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know, we used to talk about this a lot. Never for one second did I ever think or say to anybody, maybe I'll try to teach. We knew that that was something we had to do. So what we used to do instead is that every time it comes back into summer for vacation, I would have like four or five students and teach them how to read poor and, you know, I'm studying or solo Dean and theology at a university level with professors and doctors, but then I come back and all I do is just okay repeat after me for the

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Euro be cool man to get them to like children.

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And then all of a sudden, you know, one day I was in a Masjid for Juma. And I'm sitting there and I'm just like any other person just sitting in a congregation waiting for Juma. And the President of the masjid saw me. And I just said said Mr. Lee come to him. He didn't really know me, but he knew my family. And he said, he said, you know, don't you guys have a son that studying with me, you know, in Medina. And he's like, yeah, this is him. He points at me. And he comes in, he shakes my hand and he says to me, he says,

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you know, do you want to give a hook by here. And I remember looking at him, and I'm like, me, give a hookah to like, actual people, like an audience.

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And I said to him, I was like, I've never given a hook before. I've never done one. And this was like, my first year, my second year as a student. I was just learning a little bit of Arabic. But I was getting into my studies. I was getting comfortable with things. And he's like, just give it a try. So I said to him, you know, well, okay, fine. I'll give it a try. He says, okay, you're, you're on next week.

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I kid you not from that Friday. Every single day, I wrote out a whole.

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I wrote out every single word. And I chose the topic of patience, sober. And I said, this is going to be my first topic and I chose this topic because I immediately reminded myself I have to be patient in this process. Yeah, I gotta be patient what the reaction is gonna be I gotta be patient. If people hate me if they don't want to listen to me no more to like who's this kid?

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I wrote down every single word. And I literally for about three days before Juma, I would stand in front of a mirror and do the entire hope but to myself, so literally I'm like, in Alhamdulillah Meadow who went to Stein, and read all the 47 cue cards I'd make, and I go out there, and I do the hookah. And all of a sudden after I did that, my very first one, I think, Hey, remember, in the Sala, I even read like, blue Allahu Ahad, a lot like a short as soon as the easiest ones I could find. And there was a brother there from another message it is okay. You want to come and try? You know our message? Why don't you try our Masjid. And before you know it, that's how the cycle began.

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I started off talking to, you know, maybe about 100 people in the audience. And it just turned and it continued to grow and grow and grow. And almost, you know, 18 years later, here we are. That's Baraka. When I release a video, you know, and I'm talking to maybe 20, or 30 of you, but Subhanallah, there's some of you watching from like different countries across the globe, I'm sitting in my bedroom here, or at least in the guest room. And as people from all across the globe watching this, that's a bottle cap.

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Then when you when I released this video, and I let it be, then the numbers start to rise and rise and rise and you have 1000s of people watching this, that's bottlecap. My point here is very simple. Every single one of us have a story about bottlecap, every one of us. So the essence of bottlecap is that it supersedes and past all of your expectations, everything that you thought would have been the limit. Baraka is when Allah subhanho wa Taala himself just allows that it goes above and beyond anything that you could have imagined. All of us have stories like this, every one of us from this, from the littlest things, it's not even just about like Islamic studies or teaching, you can just

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get married, you have your first child, and you know you gave your child you see your child making will do for the first time at like six years old. You're trying to talk to them about Islam, trying to teach them to pray, you get them to stand beside you. And all of a sudden you see your daughter, one day she goes and she grabs like your handkerchief or something. And she puts it on her head, and she wants to put on a little hijab. And like the polar end tells us, you know, you're moved Pura to Aryan,

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Puerto Rico, when you get tears of joy, when you see that you're like, Oh, my God, so panela Look what she just did all by herself. You know, my son just goes and he makes will do for the first time, you're just you're moved by that. But that was the beginning of perhaps one day, that same child could be a leader of 1000s and hundreds of 1000s of people across the globe. Your son eventually becomes like the Imam of the home or in Medina or somewhere because of a member of a local community. That's bottlecap

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this sorta ends off the way began, didn't it? Start off with one of the names of a lot of Roman Look how it ended up to a bottle customer a big bottle cubby with in the name of your master, it starts it ends off the same way it started

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in January, very calm and it mentions two of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. How noble blessing and glorified he is.

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All of us should never underestimate the effects of bottlecap. The next time that you find yourself, you have one student or you have five minutes to give, you know, one piece of advice to an audience or to a person, somebody comes up to you and be like, man, I really need to talk to somebody and you just sit there and you just listen. You literally say maybe five words, but you just listened. What do they say 95% of counseling is just listening. So you're just there, you're just listening.

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You know, may Allah make it easy for you.

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And they'll give you strength system analyzer, which will make it easy for you shala you'll be okay. And those are the words Those are the words that some handler

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that gives that person the courage, the strength to be like, yeah, inshallah, it'll be okay.

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And so in conclusion, my message to all of us here is that one of the prime lessons of soda total human is that we should all all, take full advantage. Never give up.

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But take full advantage of all the moments that we have to spread hype and to do good, spread, hire and to do good.

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And so Subhanallah the way that the sooner ends, it starts off that we all become and be a reflection of our Rockman the Merciful One, how do we do that I lemon quarter, and that you take the time and you spend your life learning and understanding the quarter end. Why? So that you can journey through and reap all the rewards of quarter end in this world and in the Hereafter, but more so. Just so that's a lot. So a joke can continue to place countless endless amount of Baraka in your life and in mind.

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That's what I want to leave you with with this beautiful surah. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala takes all the things, all the knowledge and all the reminders that we've been sharing with you, since this pandemic began.

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You know, early back in March, I had made like a promise to myself, that I was going to speak to all of you as much as I could, as long as we were in lockdown. And we were in some sort of pandemic that we couldn't open the massage and we couldn't travel and meet each other that at least I would do is I would speak to you as much as I could. That was my promise to myself. I never mentioned this to anyone. I've never said this to you guys. But subpanel.

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I just looked at at this yesterday that we have reached just over 300

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episodes of just different reminders and different subjects just sitting in this room. That's the Pinilla just sitting here. And I'm thinking to myself, it started off with one reminder, you know, I remember I looked at some of the old videos for me, they're like embarrassing, almost because the audio was terrible. I'm sitting like, I'm, you know, tucked in a corner somewhere, you know, the background is crappy. And I'm like, What am I doing is so horrible. But I kept saying to myself, you never know, you never know you could reach somebody, you could reach someone, you could advise somebody, somebody might take a piece of advice from you, and their whole life changes. And that's

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how the process started. And some how to love some of you send me messages about an episode that you watch the piece of advice that I shared. And you're like that really, that really changed me. That's what I wanted to hear. That was the that's the movement that I was waiting for in my heart. When you said it, it moved my heart. When you say things like that these are the yet that should come to mind. That's all from Allah subhanho wa Taala. All that we do is we make nocal like we take what we see here, and we share it with you, that's it and some annaleigh to hear that, you know, it had an effect a positive effect on somebody in some way, shape, or form. That's where the crappy

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backgrounds and the bad audio and this and that. All of that just gets thrown out the window like you stopped caring about it. Now, you just focus and concentrate on what do you want to say to your audience. And, you know, having said that, I want to take a moment and really extend my gratitude, first and foremost, to Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving me the ability, the health, the strength to just stay with this, for my own sake. I mean, I I did this really truly for myself that I could continue to study and be in my books. And secondly, just to share and connect something to all of you.

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Secondly, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala places Baraka in all that we've shared with all of you wherever you are in the world, may Allah azza wa jal, anything that you've heard and said, from me, that was good and positive, and it uplifted you in some way. That may lie. So Joe place bottlecap in it, that it continues to inspire and uplift you in whatever way shape or form. You know, the mistakes when I stumble on words, when I explain something, and it makes absolutely no sense. I'm sure it happens all the time. You might be seeing me really What is he talking about? What do you just say? I can't and you go back into your rewind, and you're like, still don't get it. I still

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don't know what he's saying. You know what, forget this guy. I apologize for moments like that.

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You know, I am also subject to, due to that one thing that we are all are an act as well and that is, I'm human, and these mistakes will continue to happen. So I apologize and I pray that Allah Subhana Allah forgives me for my shortcomings and my weaknesses. You know, I do my best. I can just tell you that that I do my best. And I know that I may not be as eloquent as some of the other speakers out there. I

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Get that. But it's an effort on my part, I just pray, pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala just gives me the strength to continue to do something to reach somebody out there. You know how we say if I could get through to one person, that's enough. And so it kind of feels like that. If you could just get through to someone and solve one problem for somebody else, that's bottlecap. And that's a blessing that I will do my very best to take full advantage of insha. Allah, Allah. And so having said that, guys, moving forward.

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This, there's two things here. Do you guys want to continue with more Tafseer? Or do you want to change it up to a different topic?

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In terms of the different topic, I'll post a couple choices later today.

00:25:49 --> 00:26:22

But with respect to TIFF, SEO, what sources do you guys want? You have 114 to choose from? So what sodas do you guys want? Because the way that I looking at all of this is that we've done a lot of the more popular sodas, and some handle lemon, I'm just looking back like, I have my poor end here with me that I go through. And I'm just looking back at all the sources we went through my goodness, I can't believe we did this.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:37

We did threaten the * morion tore her spirit and nor pass us. Yes. See, alright, man, I just I can't believe we went through all of this.

00:26:38 --> 00:27:11

And just what, what has it been like nine months, eight months, something like that. And we didn't do Tafseer in all of the eight months we did to see it. I think in the last three or four months of that, that's when we started tests you. So in a few months, we did quite a bit of quarter end, we studied some pretty long suit as well. So would you guys like to continue with that? We can choose another sorta type in in the comments. What sorta Would you like to learn? Oh, I've also done sort of use it but not in this platform and other ones as well.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:38

What other suitors would you guys like to study? What are some of your favorite suitors that you've always wanted to study that we could look at. And then I will post a couple of a couple of subjects that we could look at aside from Tafseer. If you want to take a break from tests, and look at some other subjects in sha Allah, I'll tell you what I have in my mind, I have sorted to Lanka boot that I'd like to, to kind of look at. And

00:27:39 --> 00:28:24

also the how I mean sutras. So all the sources that begin with Hamming, I'd like to look at those. Or we can kind of go back to some of the more popular sort of like sort of a soraa we can do tsereteli calf. I've done some infill calf calf privately, but we can take the time and go through that as well. So there are a couple of choices, some of the things that are lurking in my mind, I saw common that's sort of the such De Soto to Molokai See, these are all great choices. So if you can just do me a favor guys, and just type in as many choices of sources that you would like to to study we can even go to like sewage Mohammed suited to call pseudo cough is a pretty profound sorta

00:28:24 --> 00:29:06

as well, we can go up into some of those shorter sort of like soda taxodium and sort of pile up and look at some of the issues pertaining to those suitors as well. So we have quite a lot of choices here. So let me know what you guys think and inshallah I'll post some other subjects as well. That's what I'm going to leave you with. I pray once again, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us this effort, so that yes, seen and sort of thought Rockman for those of you that missed out on other on the other episodes, I will post all of these things, I'll have them posted by the end of today or tomorrow. So you can go on my YouTube channel and all the episodes since the beginning of this

00:29:06 --> 00:29:49

pandemic are all on my YouTube channel so you can check it out, and you can take your time and go through it then in sha Allah hotelera. With that being said, all of you, particularly those students who have been with me every single time I log on, very good. Sr Fatimah suits with pujara I like that one actually. So I'll take a look at a few and I'll see what all of you say and inshallah we'll put it all together. Okay, I plan to start and continue with this tomorrow. Tomorrow, guys, like there's no break. The students who are with me since the beginning, do we ever take breaks? The only breaks is that when I can't logistically like get online, like something comes in the way I'm on the

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road, I'm at work, and I just can't get online when I want to. So other than that we're here every single day as much as possible. So

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Shalom Butera Allah I will take my time and look through all of these comments today and tomorrow and we'll make a decision on whatever what our next topic will be Bismillah hytera Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of you and bless you all. As I log off, please continue bring the comments keep throwing them in so that I can take a look at what our next choice will be. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, such as akmola Hydra will ask you to Darwin and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen take care of everybody please stay safe was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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