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llahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters, welcome. Here we are in our intercession series. I'm blessed to be with you. And today we're focusing on Monday minimalism. If you would take a moment to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala in the now, you can't talk about mindfulness without being aware of where you are, and putting yourself in a present place day number five of Ramadan. And once you identify that you're five days into the 10 days of mercy.

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If you would begin today with a single one one in the chat box to acknowledge you are going to have mercy on yourself.

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And if you can acknowledge that you'll be having mercy on yourself, then Monday, minimalism is going to mean a lot for you. So I want to acknowledge together in the tone of my speech in the speed of my speech.

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That Monday minimalism is about cutting back on the excesses in our life.

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So if you would begin today, while a coma salam, taqwa and family while a coma salam to everyone joining us. I don't want to take your time to intro into the fact that it's Ramadan. We are five days we are completed surah Bekaa completed sobre la Milan and approximately 64 verses into Surah Nisa, what should have the first five days of Ramadan done for us. And before we get lost in guilt and shame, remember today is about the now. So if nothing has happened, then all of that nothingness was a build up to today the fifth day of Ramadan where I would recognize

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the excesses in my life in order to scale down to Monday minimalism, a one one in the chat box. If you're ready to take up this responsibility and check in on yourself once a week. And if I may get a little bit of interaction from you. What do you intend to get back from Monday minimalism. So for everyone here, immediately, I pray that you have identified that you choose your thoughts, and you choose what you let into your life. So whatever is beaming into your phone presently, who is in charge of that, who is in control of that

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you are and so whoever takes responsibility over everything that they are going to bring into their life, especially in the month of Ramadan, where every minute of solitude, every minute of isolation is an act of worship, not going out and me being in a space so that everyone else doesn't have to come out social distancing yourself in the month of Ramadan, could every single minute of that not going out count as your a bother.

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So step zero of our minimalist approach. Look around at the abundance you are already in.

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Cutting down usually involves in our minds letting go and discarding of things. And when we feel like we don't have enough. Think about it with me here for a second. When you are present like oh, but I don't have enough. How can I talk about minimalism? It is a negation of I live in abundance. Let me have a one one. praise your Lord. If you live in abundance, what am I forcing you to do or trying to get you to do via pressing one one in the chat box. I am trying to convince you that you can take control over your moment to moment awareness that you can take control over what's happening, what you think and what you do. And that if that is the case, you live in abundance

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has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa. Who Ali,

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our girl to work on blogging

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taking a moment

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and now friends if you can acknowledge step one, AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to ignore reliefs, intercession, intercession. We are here from the relief aspect for Monday minimalism for you if you're jumping right into the activities to

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This activity involves a talk if you're here for on I will not be giving that to you. We are here on behalf of Aigner, reliefs, intercession session and to me, I want to provide a moment so if everyone here can acknowledge the zero level of Monday minimalism, the first step to Monday minimalism is to look around and acknowledge the abundance you presently live in a lot more. I mean, if you're joining us right now in the now are you in a state of the fifth day of Ramadan, the second month of isolation mandatory being on your own is a form of very bad I think about it for a second guys.

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Mandatory isolation social distancing is being requested of you. So every minute you spend inside is it any bada? Absolutely every minute that I choose to bring a certain thing into my feed? Is it a choice of what I'm allowing into my head? Yes. And the opposite of living in abundance is saying I don't have enough. What are these guys talking about? When it comes to what are these guys talking about when it comes to Monday minimalism? Zero point would you put it in your own chat box? Would you say that in order for me to minimalize downsize is the key phrase for today. In order for me to downsize in my life during a time of quarantine?

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Zero point I need to acknowledge that I live in abundance. Point number one though. What is the opposite of minimalism? Would anyone try this one with me?

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What is the opposite of minimalism?

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excess extravagance not taking responsibility of your own time

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if you just yeah someone let the sheriff talk he's gonna give me spirituality he'll make me feel the opposite is hoarding The opposite is excess.

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So may I take us from point zero that we are yes and all I say is Alhamdulillah there we go friends. There we go. So can we acknowledge the abundance and say Alhamdulillah Exactly. But Hyatt and family and to everyone joining us around the world materialism excellent. Now friends, would we identify the opposite of minimalism is addiction a lot more severe? Now Mohammed I said it. So before I spend four weeks with you talking about how we can downsize and eat a little bit less and talk a little bit less? Can you come? Ah, heedlessness? Absolutely, allayed and family bark low FICO to be heedless, and friend, when heedlessness takes over does it not become addiction.

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And this is a place where many of us don't want to begin. But until we recognize that we live in abundance, oh hamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and then acknowledge that every one of us has an addiction, a thing that we are using to fill the void of Allah subhanho wa Taala whether that be a more illicit addiction, or that be addiction to negative thoughts, addiction to skepticism

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or our soul is fun. Is it the soul though Beloved, is it the soul? When you are addicted to something? Is your soul getting fulfillment? Do you feel spiritual happiness at the end of that?

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You are masking and numbing the feeling and thus we exceed bark loafie common love upon you friends. What is addiction? It's the feeling of that whole I need the something greater. Why do we seek excess luxury cultuur vollure and supreme Why is there such a thing as a hyper beast? Why friends? Why does Why would we consider buying a Louie v carpet if he made a Johnny mas if he made a set Giada and we could buy a Louie v carpet we might Why

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then need for contentment beyond this world is undoubtably inside of us. It's our soul. Our soul is saying there's a hereafter

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There is a hereafter and you guys are complaining about the elevator music we're in an elevator heading on our way through the journey paradise and we're like oh my god it's so hot in this elevator I can't take the sound in here. So would we for the moment theme on joining us the topic presently FEMA on

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Monday minimalism is ahead us of us for four weeks friends four weeks of Monday minimalism. The zero point can you begin to downsize the key word? The key word is can you begin to downsize the best that you have?

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Can you begin to downsize and give away before you recognize you live in abundance? No, you can't. Until I recognize how beautiful the things I have are. I can't say I live in abundance Thank you for letting me touch the sky of luxury God I get it. So if you would come with me today to that first zero point and live live till you have some luxuries of your life stop and if you're holding $1,000 phone stop it like oh god Thank you Allah. Oh, it's four important things. Come on, bro. Five years ago if you were holding something like that in your hand would you be like yo look at what I got bro.

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minimalism cannot happen until you live in abundance accepted.

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Once you reach a state of abundance.

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The luxury we have is the belief I love my Sunday I love Mohammed but let's get beyond the cliche of Iman is good but I hear you but I want them to hear the bells in their heart. I want them to hear the inner voice saying

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but i is more Xueyan and Ignacio chahatein and Mesa you will have money in our panauti min mo kantara tominaga hubby one fifth but he won't play the Muslim one Matthew one unami one house that Luca Mata hierarchy dunia that the Ferrari and jaguars which and fold lanes they are beautiful the Rashard meal in the blink Blau of this dunya are beautiful. The Rm 35 in your Frank Mueller will rock your world in the dunya. Your Birkin bag will make you feel like a million bucks. Okay, not negating red bottom shoes. But then

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once I realize I do live in greater abundance than that luxury, I love my local Buddha what to call well if I was Lena

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and my friends, we take the peer pressure from the friends and we welcome it and we say who are the friends I wish to have in paradise?

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Who are the friends I wish to have in paradise? So yes, I won't be accepted in this circle. But I've chosen a greater circle my friend

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There we go. Your $60 phone does probably look like my phone. So if we are all together

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Mark loafie conference

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but whatever exemple might hit your heart and you might be like oh Ferrari or Fresh Prince of Bel Air, whatever would mesh with your heart or even to be a great religious person. These are all sites that we are setting considering we are not enough Will anyone join me on Milla minimalist Monday for three phrases I am enough I am worthy of Ramadan. Let's get some anegada I am enough I am worthy of Ramadan.

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Let's go get some here Baba. I am enough. I am worthy of Ramadan.

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So today I am asking you to live in abundance recognize that you already live in abundance. And now before you downsize point number three is beginning to downsize the luxury. But what is the Excuse me? What is the number one thing what is the opposite of minimalism addiction? The opposite of our approaching let me downsize is addiction where the need has taken over. And when we think addiction we think illicit drugs or activities but many times and I'm looking for the acceptance right now. I'm addicted to thoughts. I'm addicted to my rationale. I'm addicted to the control I have that I believe I control what's happening.

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I'm addicted to you fill in the blank and now the

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We don't need to add an illicit name at the bottom I'm addicted to you fill in the blank barque lo fi COMM And welcome to everyone joining us. Maybe we have a very fit Ramadan. Everyone who's helping people reach their fitness guidance and their fitness peaks. And let's give them Baraka minimalist Monday mental health who's on board takes one person and I want to share 10 components of this because we cannot share the topic of mental health until we talk about addiction and we say boom there is such a thing I'm addicted to my phone I'm addicted to thinking I'm addicted to keeping the story of my victimhood in my head if you're not going to talk about these things in Ramadan then

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what are you let me get a one one in the chat box it no relief it no relief wants to be there so that we can help each other in these times guys? I want you to feel the mustard as if you're here. Why do I travel to a location so that you all don't have to write here in the masala no green screen that's real

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can you stop for the moment with me right now and accept Yes, I won't leave this Ramadan with what I know plagues me negative thoughts. Okay, let me throw you a quick curveball. Let me know if it's fair to you friends. Please work with me here. If all the shades are clean if shade lawn is tied up, okay. It's a bad depiction. I'm just giving you an imagery. You believe satanist lied tied up. Yes, I do. So what about all those negative thoughts you're having? What about all those demons inside you that you have created fed the the story that you're the victim? The What about the thing that you festered inside you? How about those? How many people want to take responsibility on Monday

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minimalism right now?

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And as our only a relief organization can offer you as ignite opening the door right now, how many people are signing up to say, Nope, no more? No more monster Allahu Akbar Oh Kabira. I am going to identify this thing within me. And I'm going to take over one acre masala Mata Mata Lahore barakatuh. And so I would wish that the generation of my age who is still stuck into moms Against Drunk Driving driving and the 90s campaign have just say no, bro, but drugs are so beyond the way that you think drugs are consumed. And the people who created slot machines who make the work are then later hired by AP, Instagrams and Facebook engineers, asking them how to make Instagram more

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addictive. How to make social media. If I told you what to design, please feel free to look it up designed by the design of the engineers who created slot machines. What keeps you going on the probability? What makes you scroll man, I might hit one novel piece of information that'll blow my mind. I'm gonna watch a cat skateboarding, a guy doing a backflip, someone opening up the curtains to their Gobble, you'll have them and someone shaking some part of their body. And I'm going to do that all in 15 seconds. Do we all need relief?

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Do we all need counsel? Do we all need therapy?

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A lot of work but oh Kabira. Guys, now we can't just say I'm just going to stop the thoughts. It's not going to happen like that. So let's go right now to the number two step number one I'm identifying addictions and I'd like to drop down and talk about that for a moment.

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It is a 20th minute of the hour for a clock and 20 minutes I want to take a pause to feed you 10 topics. Absolutely we need therapy from the dunya what an absolute wonderful way to look at the book of Allah subhana wa tada is anyone in the mood to take down 10 topics that we can explore further on behalf of ignor relief so that we can keep our Monday minimalism. clean and pure and we can work on raising the bar Are you ready for 10?

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Mark loafie conference those are looking for ways to contact is always a DM or invite at masam invite is the best way invite it with some Sharif calm. I can't tell you how to overcome anything before we learn the system. Because identifying the thing you are addicted to whether illicit drug and or watching soap operas in dramas. It's not the external it's what is your void. What is the what are you missing? Social media music on Netflix? Sometimes it doesn't have to be like super haraam, right? We usually

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Think is illicit horrible things, Nabil just spending four hours on a streaming service or row scrolling through YouTube endlessly till you hit the bottom of your recommended list. And you feel like ah, has anyone scrolled to the bottom of their YouTube recommended list or ever got to the bottom of the Instagram stole and went? Oh bro even the internet said

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even the internet said he likes you need to get off this altavilla

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when the thing meant to make you addicted to it says I got nothing more bro. I've done recommended it all. Go with me now. 10 topics number one is the title of today. The choice addiction topic number one the choice I have the choice if it's anger, if it's drugs, if it's wandering of the eyes, if it's music, if it's being obsessed with stories, and that's what sitcoms and dramas are they tell you elaborate Westworld West Nile stories that that take you from one world into the next week break your reality which put morals up against a social norms Breaking Bad, tells you stories of moral decision, like walking dead that you start thinking about, oh, would I cut my mom's off? arm off to

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save my sister? Why do they do these things guys, keeps you going, keeps you going.

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So of course you want to hear music or do remembrance, but you won't be able to until you make a choice. I'm not telling you what the solution is I'm telling you that on the first step towards minimalism towards finding something greater than yourself, you make a choice. I choose that this is something in my life, it is destroying me and I recognize that number to the destruction. If you can choose to recognize that there is an addiction in your life and that you choose to stop it. You stop on the dime right here and you fess up. You take a piece of paper and you write it down. What are the things that this thing has already destroyed? What has 16 seasons of Pretty Little Liars done to

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me? What has 15 years of the NFL? The NBA? What has it done for me? What time what could I have done with 1600 hours or 160 hours worth of Lord of the Rings and fantasy movies? What could I have done with all Fast and Furious 97 volumes? What could I have done? Don't regret document. document number three, the potential level of success? What could have happened? Go ahead, find out that average Bollywood movie runs for this long calculate stop for a bit and be like

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that's 100 hours.

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High be positive with regrets by taking them and turning them into what could have been and say Yala. I see it. Thank you so much. Yeah, a lot. I needed to spend 100 hours in my youth so that I could learn this single lesson that I now have control over every single hour.

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Okay, you're you're meeting it with negativity fails so that you can get up and change the plan, the choice, the destruction.

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The show can take you to turn around your life, say well, I decided to on this day. So I probably spent 1000 hours of my childhood to learn this lesson. Can I get 1000 Can I get a one k right now? Can I get a praise of a lot? 1000 Can you say 1000 in the chat box one cake that you already tell us I gave it to you 1000 hours to make this choice. It takes 980 to memorize the whole Quran Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi tilba a lot of Muslim you were selling marlana videowall one k let's do this guy's number three is the potential so now acknowledge calculate every NBA series when you watch the the the last dance the NBA, Michael Jordan documentary go back. Oh my God, we did spend 36

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hours watching playoffs and finals and yes, this is all true. I would love to get to your 980 hours and explain to you what that means. But that's a real number friend. So on our top you off at 1000. And if you give me 1000 hours, I can show you how any human being consistently can memorize the Quran and I'll actually break down every hour.

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Remember, that's 1000 hours worth of work Absolutely. The potential success

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Last number four let's do it guys.

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Not yet played not yet you don't need the system. to memorize the Quran you need the decision and the choice to destroy every distraction that will stop you from memorizing the Quran number for Monday minimalism meditation, I would like to give a description of what meditation is because it gets too complicated. Only one word and we will leave it learn to tap into your sub

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conscious nervous system. That's what we're going to call it your subconscious nervous system.

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autonomic nervous system.

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The practice of learning to turn on your autonomic nervous system at tapping into fifth right gets to spiritual so meditation gets lost learning to physically turn on the autonomic nervous system through a series of breathing fair. Can we take that as step number four? No thicker and whatever. That's great. We'll get to that level. Can you shroud off the concept that meditation is intangible and spiritual, and go to the pituitary gland and say Oh Allah, I'm going to learn to turn it on. I love my Amin. I love it. Number five God is the answer. God is my anchor. Yeah, a few 10 times everyone. Yeah. hafeez Yeah, happy. Yeah, happy. Yeah, happy. Yeah, happy. Yeah, happy. Absolutely.

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he do in the cave for 10 years? Watch the rise and fall of his breath. Everyone in the room is stuck on the hook of did my Nabhi What did he do in the cave for 10 years lean against the wall and listen to the Bian wake up guys. God number a God is my anchor. God is my anchor. Yeah, have you Yeah, have faith. Oh Allah ground me. Oh Allah secure me what you all think of as Vicar of God we're on Salawat Were there any of those things in the cave? They didn't even exist was their Salah didn't even exist. So let's get off our high horses and making our Prophet intangible make him tangible to yourself. Then see the way that he dealt with God the anchor

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number six, rewire the habit loop rewire the habit loop you cannot stop an addiction. You can only you cannot stop a habit you can only replace it

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I love my Sunday Anam alomost idea now Muhammad the goosebumps are allowing the AI out of a lot to take place over you God even says in the Quran. that some of them here reminders of a law and their facade of home imana it's your eemaan saying where's this guy been my whole life?

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Number Six rewire the habit loop number seven Johanna Hell is real hell is a consequence. If I continue it even giving talks but I stick with my addictions I will go to hell. I will enter jahannam and my addictions will be the reason why I was destroyed. That consistent. Returning to sin and giving up on Allah subhana wa tada until when the last breath

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the last breath friends.

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The last breath I will fight this and never give up on Allah subhanho wa Taala but in the meantime, Hell is real. Hara Hell is where I will be surrounded with oka slaby mina Samar II boo moto wa do Warburg, but I will be surrounded by my sins. God is my anchor, rewire my habit loop to end at the hard brick wall of the car accident spinning out of control.

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Hell is real.

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And there's no sorry in hell. There's just next.

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Number eight consequences. We're at the 30th minute of the hour. This is what these type of sessions are meant to do cleanse. How can I start cutting back on the minimal on the excess of my life if I can't get unhooked from the excess

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has to be Allahu la de la goulette all the body parts relax.

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Number eight consequence

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setup consequences in your life.

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Tell someone make an audio, make a video. Put it on a timer. If I if I

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fall into my sin again.

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If I fall into my sin again, I will tell someone if I fall into my sin again I will tell my local Imam if I fall into my sin again I will tell a relative put up some consequences they work put up some consequences get some professional help

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get a counselor and a therapist so that you have a sense of

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number nine when it hits supercharging a douar when it hits What are you going to so what you made a decision and you find out the destruction that it's caused you added up all the hours and you made the potential

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you made the great potential and the success levels of success last then you found out what you could do with your time then you learn to turn on your autonomic nervous system. Then you found God as the anchor then you rewired your habit loop and replaced the habit. Then you said Hell is real. Get your act together because Hell is a real

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setting up real consequences getting a counselor getting a therapist getting help as Michael Phelps the commercial always tells you you can find an online counselor Aigner relief also has these services and if you think this is great then support it no relief. They do counseling they of course they who pick the topic guys, why am I talking about the other 99 names they picked the topic so that ignor relief could provide you help put a one one in the chat box if you're if you know that you are killing it right now that you are in a very amazing safe place where you should be in the month of Ramadan

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number nine consequences are setup but guess what after all of this it's gonna hit you're gonna say I wish I could just go I just finished eating you know it's it's I just do it after I eat

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it just helps me fall asleep if you could understand just just for the moment if you could just I only do it right before I go to

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just so the same excuses that someone who is addicted to an anger mix just all the excuses that someone makes about anxiety and being flustered all the time and being into an addicted to negative thoughts

00:32:30--> 00:32:43

when it hits supercharger dua have a mantra and affirmation let me show you one of them now on a countdown gum.

00:32:44--> 00:32:45


00:32:48--> 00:32:49

what you in a

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sleeve? Oh light trust in your life trust in you all a lot. I believe you wrote this story and you will make this story come to fruition you will make all of this come to pass and it will all make sense. You need to have that affirmation has to be a law has to be a law has to be a law. A law is sufficient a law is sufficient a law is sufficient Allahumma inni Luca hubback squeeze the sponge of love. keep squeezing the sponge of love and it will keep pouring upon you find a remembrance find a vicar find a phrase and then supercharge it. Go back to the feeling and even if you can find your therapist may help you find rewiring activities but friends I dare you. Can you think of the

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addiction right now? Can you imagine what it feels like? Can you go back to the satisfaction before the guilt before the shame I got it. I'll hold it back.

00:33:53--> 00:34:04

Go there. Go to that feeling. Go to the trance that it lets you fall into go into the space that it creates go into the numbness that it gives you

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has to be a law has to be a law can you not create it on your own give me a one on one. If you can make it on your own. If you can create it on your own that feeling of whatever keeps your mind occupied

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I can make it on my own I can make that happiness that ecstasy and then I can connect it to a DA and supercharge and charge and charge and Pikachu my way as soon as it hits and my attention goes towards that thing of oh my god I wonder if my friends liked it Did anyone like my Ramadan pose and do I look religious enough and I don't know I'm

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Pikachu. A phrase something that throws you off is walakum wa Salaam we are here on Monday minimalism.

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Up to this point we have made a choice that we are

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Have an addiction. What has that addiction cost us already? Number two, the destruction. Number three, what is the potential that has been lost? What is the potential that has been lost 50 hours of the NBA equaled a aim a Master's at Columbia. Now that everything's online 100 hours of Bollywood movie

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I could have spoken to my mom, we I'm saying that 1000 hours you can memorize the whole grind. So instead of regretting, go ahead and do the math be like Yo, all the time I spent on Mega Man I could have I could have create the what is possible. And in number four.

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The potential loss is number three, number four, in your autonomic nervous system meditation, in meditations definition is taking a deep breath, and controlling and turning on the subconscious nervous system.

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Then going deep there and saying, Okay, these 1000 hours have occurred in my high school, college and youth. They're done. I spent 1000 hours to learn the one lesson. I have control that our family has control over every minute, every day, every word that comes out of their mouth.

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I take control of my time, took 1000 hours to learn it but still worth it.

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Number five, God is the anchor Allah Allah Allah will make it all better in when it is time to ground yourself. But God I saved so much I turned away from you for so long.

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God is my anchor number six, rewiring the habit loop finding out that oh man after I eat a full meal of spicy food. I like to reach for a fizzy drink. And that fizzy drink makes me a dick. fiend for more sugar so I have a dessert. Oh, this type of food makes me want to crave smoking. This type of food makes me do this. Oh, did I notice every time I get high I end up watching pornography. Oh would you look at that. And you see how one of these things capturing the dragon and pulling him down to God is my anchor. God is my anchor.

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Allah Allah is greater than my addiction to a thing and I will never be able to live in to live in abundance till I make that connection. God is my anchor number six, rewire the habit loop cut one of the snake's heads so the rest of them have to die.

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According the mythology that wouldn't work the head would just go back so you probably have to get it from the stomach but get off your Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Number seven Hell is real. It is where I will end up If I don't take charge of my time. Whether it is a single addiction that is controlling my whole life or the little just unawareness of my time.

00:38:02--> 00:38:22

It will end up being the reason I go to hell number eight make a consequence tell someone get a counselor number nine when it hits have a doula have a movement have 10 push ups have hanging from the pull up bar have a cold shower have something to ground you when it hits?

00:38:24--> 00:38:41

How do you practically if I if you don't mind it would be unfair to try to quickly do this triggers wonderful book white cover the habit loop if you want to. We'll go through them Fatima. I have summaries on both books friends, but it would be a disservice. But number one,

00:38:43--> 00:39:16

find out what the trigger is that makes you that triggers the loop. Find out the trigger. Figure out what the routine is so it might be routine that makes the trigger happen. Oh my wife irritates me whenever Wait a minute. You just told me whenever catch the catch the so are you about to start an activity go ask your wife is there anything you want to talk to me about I need to do concentrate on this for honor something. So break the habit loop by finding the routine.

00:39:20--> 00:39:54

Then finally, re replace the reward. Acknowledge beloved that Facebook seen someone else gives you a some type fulfill some type of itch. Scrolling through a Facebook helps you stop people from the past helps you maintain who you are. Number 10 and I want to conclude here bark low FICO winning, winning, winning, winning. I want you to write it down. Step number 10 to beating the addiction is winning, winning, winning

00:39:55--> 00:39:57

tiny habits by

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

BJ Fogg

00:40:01--> 00:40:34

PhD is a great book. It's written by an experimental scientist and founder of Stanford's behavioral lab. It's all very groundbreaking Nia going on someone's 2020 book list bark loafie gum. triggers and the habit loop are just a beginning and I can't wait to get through tiny habits if I may. Yes, winning winning server. What does winning and beating your addiction look like? What will it look like when you have succeeded projected?

00:40:36--> 00:40:39

Small changes jalak.

00:40:40--> 00:40:41

stuff for long. All the

00:40:42--> 00:40:53

small changes, big, big changes. Do I Do you know exactly what I'm talking about? It's the last book that you gave me which I did read. I was relying on urging.

00:40:59--> 00:41:41

And I'll get to in a minute. What does winning look like to you? If you have identified the 10 steps, it's not going to come overnight. If you have gone through the whole process, there we go. Small move. big change. Thank you Jawad. You're scratching your scratch the niche at the back of my brain. Small bark low FICO, mala xidan Amina like give you increasing your fast small move big change comes in that triggers the habit loop and I would put small move big change these three are amazing to turn on. Even just watching summaries and getting into reading slowly. These are wonderful books and now Nia you have placed tiny habits by BJ Fogg PhD.

00:41:42--> 00:42:28

Friends winning if you have identified there is something that stopping you and that a friends with some without his energy let's go let's do it with Sam starts taking drugs gets addicted to fighting anger. Do you see the like I'm a scared No, no, I'm winning right now guys. I am winning life Baraka lo fi Kamala xidan Amen. And I want you to win life too. So yes, with Sam is at the minimalist stage of his life where I'm cutting down and cleaning and and giving clothes away and starting to cut back because this guy lives in abundance. Yo, I love my life Alhamdulillah

00:42:29--> 00:42:35

but would I have been able to unless I identified the addictions in my life.

00:42:36--> 00:43:01

You think I look like this just because Allah Allah yo you got this is from Allah Allah. calmness on the I spend my whole life washing my face with nazima palmolive about all sorts of scrubs and sprays and our dark psycho circle creams I did it all from the age of very young Crohn's disease gave me big deep acne. Where did the healing need to come from minimalist friends

00:43:03--> 00:43:04

thank you.

00:43:06--> 00:43:09

Thank you do one small change big moves

00:43:10--> 00:43:22

heal yourself from the inside and you will never till you identify a single thing that is taking over or the negativity or just the addicted to asking questions and not following through on plans.

00:43:25--> 00:43:32

Bada bing bada boom friends as we land this plane Are you ready on Monday minimalism

00:43:35--> 00:43:38

what has excess cost us so far?

00:43:40--> 00:43:46

Excuse me trying to keep the job aligned. What has excess caused you so far?

00:43:49--> 00:44:30

A lower per Thank you so much. And now going forward. I would like to be able to create can we share some YouTube clips can we share things that will take us now from this Monday to the next please look out for it no relief intercession off hours. I want you to look out for small Instagram post Facebook post where I'll be recommending clips where please you put up a recommended clip share the clip hashtag ignore relief, hashtag intercession. Please if you could do that share your ideas on addiction share you're helping

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

share you're helping and your book review summaries hashtag Aigner relief, hashtag intervention intervention. Hashtag minimalist Mondays along with that awesome article art bark lo fi comm May I conclude here? So Todd, did we bring a new well did a new feeling I want

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

To bring a different flavor and I think we succeeded friends bark lo fi comm for the 10 components that are just the sub point the 0.2 minimalist Monday

00:45:10--> 00:45:55

what has excess cost you so far? Does ecological playdough just a sense of love and Salaam upon you and around you I really enjoyed this guy's the roads ahead, look out for the perfect date addiction edition that will highlight these 10 topics. But I feel like we just laid out the ignore relief after hours program and that'll be coming to you in little segments I'll see you all bark lofi comm thank you so much friends, I pray that Mashallah you get the burqa. Thank you, Fatima thank you for being able to look the line in the face of anxiety and fear grabbing by the face of like either you eat me Pussycat, or are then going to eat you today. Mama is going to be wearing a fur lion if you

00:45:55--> 00:46:14

don't sort yourself out anxiety. You sling that over your head, You're in no animal cruelty here. This is a metaphysical moment non interferes. Allah bless you. Thank you so much friends, keep you as beautiful as you are today. I hope con art that there is a different feel and a different vibe.

00:46:16--> 00:46:48

Nia inspiration my friend can only happen in spirit, you are only feeling my inspiration because one spirit is in aligned and you are aligned with your spirit. So absolutely. I take your accusation of being inspirational. you accuse me and I accept it because that just means you are in spirit to be inspired. Oh Allah, I love them. I love him now understand what I mean? Sure. udia and fusina

00:46:49--> 00:47:15

Oh Allah inspire us to be in spirit to the original time you called upon us Am I your Lord? I shadow in a long, long ring a Ding Ling ding ding ding in the cathedrals of your heart in the monasteries of your mind. Baraka low FICO masala. Mwah aleikum wa rahmatullah. Keep it simple. Keep it easy.

00:47:17--> 00:47:34

Keep it one breath at a time was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. Keep it one breath at a time was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we will be inspired was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

00:47:35--> 00:47:41

See you all in a See you all in a little while as we start our continued programming

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15 minutes.

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Bark love from friends, I really enjoyed this. Mia, Donna, Donna, and family everyone here that was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed it. I pray that we can share more time together friends, I will see you please listen to a word from our sponsor, but don't see it as donation.

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