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The speakers discuss the importance of praising Allah's actions and not criticizing his accomplishments, as well as the use of the word "the evil of the self" to describe the person behind them. They also touch on the potential of human beings to create war and create "monsters", and the importance of trusting oneself and not giving up on one's own health issues. The segment also touches on the potential of individuals to become as amazing as they believe, and the potential of individuals to become powerful and powerful. Finally, the speakers encourage people to be an "overachiever" and use their own potential to determine their own success.

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In Alhamdulillah

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indeed, our praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. No matter who and for that purpose we attend Juma to praise Allah or monastery know who but the greatest praise of Allah is not solely praising Allah but it's accepting Allah only you can help me and what is the greatest help Allah can give us on Estelle Pharaoh who Allah forgive me, forgive me before I listened to this Friday Sermon before I listen to these words, a lot of my food was on a stole funeral who I mean ob he Ana de la. Oh Allah, not only are you the only one I can ask help for, but you a lot you can forgive me. And I believe that. And not only do I believe in you, Allah, but I placed the Wakil in you and will

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translate this word to mean you know, when you play statue when you were little, and you would go forward and someone would catch you and you would go backwards and someone would catch you that what cool is not falling forward because I can see you. The world is falling backwards when I can't see you know what God is knowing the person behind me will catch me because they love me. But Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that Allah subhanho wa Taala and mothers Take heed to this. Allah loves us 70 times greater than our mothers love us. When are also Billahi min issue the fusina a lot today I asked protection from the evil of my own self, I need you to highlight these words,

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the evil of the own self, or I mean, say the Nina and the evil that's a byproduct of sin. Sometimes we get it sometimes we do. I'm gonna give a quick example. Next week's could be isn't allowed we'll tackle this effective sin. This week we want to discuss the self. We want to discuss how we innately as human beings, we have characteristics. Before we blame shape on you have to look at ourselves. So we say let's take two quick examples. When we lie what happens automatically it gets affected and recorded in the hereafter. But here in this earth, my heart is less receptive to Hidayat. So for this reason, I say to a Lost Planet, Allah every Friday, Mayor de la bufala Malala who Oh Allah,

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whoever you guide, whoever is on that straight path, the straight and narrow, no one's gonna mess him up. His GPS is set. You could say hey, this stop over here. Let's just stop and let's, let's involve ourselves in the dounia that guy will say No, you know what, I'm happy. I'm happy with my straight path. Whoever Allah guides, no one can misguide. Oh, I'm a little fella ha de Allah. But whoever a lot does not guide. It's a heavy, heavy word to say up here. A lot doesn't guide you think about that. Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent every form of guidance. So I read transformed this phrase, whoever doesn't choose guidance, whoever looks at hedaya at guidance and says no, no, not

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for me. Allah will guide that person, you have to open the window in order for the air to come in. You have to raise the shutters in order for the light to come in. So please, this Friday. Don't wait for Allah to guide you. Go to the source. Go to the book of Allah, go to the reminder and say Allah, I want to be guided. And to bring everyone here in this room onto that exact that zero axis. I don't know how many weeks it has been in between but to bring us all to the zero axis. We say one a shadow Allah ilaha illa long shadow Allah, Allah Illallah I bear witness, I don't sign a contract I signed on the dotted line of my soul, that there is no the creator sustainer there is no other judge. There

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is no other architect of the sack that I slept in for nine months other than Allah, and I know that Allah subhanho wa Taala loved me when I was in the womb and that he loves me now because when I shadowed Mohammed Abu rasuluh because I bear witness and testify. I sanctify his name on my lips. When I say Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger and he was the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who already own Salah masuleh who bill Buddha and Allah who loves me sent Mohammed the most perfect creature on the face of this earth sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with guidance and with a true system of living. Now, let's be real here. Either one type of Muslim

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he gathers guidance, he says I'm going to be spiritual. And then the other type of Muslim says no, no, no

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I'm going to be Dean and I'm going to live a real life, but I'm going to live it according to Islam. But Allah sent to write hedaya, spirituality, religiousness. And he sent the fact that you got to get to work after this. You have to pay taxes almost in a month from now, those both both of those criteria will give you a complete believer will give you a complete picture of Islam. But if you only make Islam spiritual, you're going to get stuck on one side. And if you only make it halaal and held on the right Shetty, you're going to get stuck there to bring spirituality and the rights and wrongs of Islam into your heart and it becomes a complete picture. Leo zero who Allah de Nikolay so

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that this complete system will use Hera who Allah Deen equally this complete system of spirit and body would give a dominance upon all of the world. And I said this last time I'll give you one example Islam has a health care system will not be great for us to think about once a month, your local Masjid would provide you with hematoma Croesus which is a filtering of the blood. This is part of our shed. Yeah. Would it be nice if that happened? Instead of us telling you to donate to Ioh k? It'd be like well, after you donate, we're going to be seen here. Yes, because the complete system lead us here Allahu Allah de nikoli so that that system would become dominant upon all other

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systems, while I will carry heavy machinery Hoon, even if Pfizer and even if the other companies are making money off of your your medication, even if they didn't like it, guess what? It would come to pass La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika level Kumara hamdu lillahi wa you need to know how you live your mood wahala cliche in Kadir we learned this phrase has been Allah, Allah you are sufficient you're enough for me, has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to

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him Allah you are sufficient because you are my sustainer You are everything to me. And I placed my trust in that statement. When I'm sick, you will take care of me when I cry, you will wipe my tears and when I make a mistake, you'll be there to catch me. What what Buddha darling, why Allah Why would you be there to catch me? Because my problems this big. And I stand underneath the throne of Allah, how big could my problem be that under the arch of Allah under that throne, my problem couldn't be taken care of. So right now before Juma explodes, say Allah, my anxiety, my depression, the difficulty I'm having with my spouse, my kids are not listening to me the health issue that I

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Tell Allah, Allah make it go away.

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As much now as the helemaal coup de la, we say Allahumma Fini fee but the ni O Allah give afia to our body, a lot more alfine fee seminary Allah give afia and I'm not going to translate the word for you. It's not make it better off here. Think about this word a lot. Give me the ability to hear with the bones in my ear. But more importantly, Allah make the bones in my ear vibrates. So I can hear hikma when I hear words let me reflect upon them along my alfine Phoebus lady Oh Allah give me eyesight that not only lets me see my beautiful friends, but also says these are the friends that will take me to Jenna. These are the people that will lay a path and those people that I meet that

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might affect my Eman. Allah let me see that give me foresight

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has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah he talks to

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him a law home in me as I do go back. Oh Allah, we asked for your love. If we could take anything from this Friday. Oh Allah we asked for your love, for your compassion for your warmth when times are difficult. held by men you have broken the love of those who love you will have bommali Yukari boonie Isla have begun a lot today make me love actions that are going to bring me closer to your love. Today we start with the first sentence one or two Billahi min surely and fusina Allah save me from the evil of my own self. And I kept reading this and I've read it over and over we say it and clip a Friday in and Friday out. And what I would like to do is open the conversation with surah out

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off surah i a number 11 we're gonna open up the story of the first person who had to and I'm going to use the word person right creature. This fire creature was an amazing specimen. He was he had the potential that human beings do and not many of us think about that. When I say shaytaan what do you do? Obviously loves Billa right? But wait a minute, he believes was unbelievable. He rose above the angels. Why? Because he had one thing that we have freewill. He had a frontal lobe if you will. He had higher senses. So he said look, angels were created to prostrate

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Right, so big deal. I was created out of fire if you didn't know, I was created with the ability to be amongst the gym, who are making a muck in the earth just like us humans. And I didn't tell no Prophet came to me and said, you know what you should pray five times a day. No Prophet came to me, I met Allah, I know what's up. So for the first time, you have to recognize one thing, you have that potential inside you, you have free will to say, you know what, I don't care what people think about the way I look, I will stand and become as amazing maybe you never heard this sentence before. I will become as amazing as he beliefs was at the beginning of this conversation. I am number 11.

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Calm and definitely certainly we created you.

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And Allah didn't leave you like a clot. I want you to look this up. Your entire face connects here fulcrum, your fulcrum. It's this small piece your entire face. 123456 when your as a child, Allah subhanaw taala didn't leave you as a fetus. He allowed all six parts to do what and then he pinched it here and now you have a face a lot didn't leave you a blob, Allah said I created a muscle wanna come after creating just this perfection? so much.

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Julie Adam, we said to all the angels make prostration Now listen to this. Allah says faceva to Illa he said everyone prostrated Illa. He believes, but who was asked to prostrate angels. Allah said and he believes didn't. So you mean to tell me he believes had the opportunity. freewill will to raise above angels and when Allah called on the angels, he talked to at least two we pause the story here we bring in a weaker narration. It's weak.

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According to some narration between human beings rather between the jinn which are fire creature and us clean creatures. There was a narration that tells us a creature named Bin Bin, I like to call it Middle Earth Lord of the Rings people you'll be able to connect for something. So these been creatures ran through the earth. They were making facade, they cause bloodshed. They were orcs, if you will. And at some point, these creatures Allah subhanaw taala said they are causing facade, kind of like what we do around the world, right? And he believes came to Allah and said, Allah, I got this one. I will go to the earth or the Middle Earth, I will eradicate the bin. And Allah, I will do

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it for you. Now this is the key phrase all of us have great intentions in here. So now a lot created Adam, the angels are in prostration the doors fling open, who comes back the general does is no longer he believes he is the general who returned from fighting this war. And he comes to Allah Allah I'm complete. I finished. What does he return to friends. All the angels are in such that Think about it for a moment you just came back from conquering a car you finish the contract you saw you completed open heart surgery, you wined and dined an entire generation of a family a big family event you took care of it you come back and your whole family's doing something else.

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A lot it's me it's a blease and Allah says lemmya akumina saggi Diem for the first time fleet Free Will smacked him in the face and he was like wait me beliefs on the first child I'm should be most beloved these angels freewill Who's this guy? And at this point you have to I want you to side with at least for a moment. Adam is not even alive yet. What is he still clay. So you think Allah I just beat all have been I conquered the entire earth and I bring it back to you. You want me to prostrate to this. A lot of responds back to him and this is the knifes This is the self the person. This is what it takes to control not halal and haram friends. This is what it takes to anchor you down and

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say Allah made me I have the potential to be amazing, but have to be amazing under the throne of Allah. Allah subhana wa tada says Allah Menaka Allah Judah is Amaro took manak to prevent what has prevented you from this welcome back from this journey that you've been on. But what has stopped you and the word is the amount of took when I have commanded? This should light a flame inside of us? When Allah says something? Do you need a rational explanation? That's all I'm asking you. Do? You need God to say well, if you do this, if you go into such that 17 times a day, the blood from your from your heart will get a chance to flow to you. No, you don't need that. You don't need a last

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minute Allah to sell you on why he said something he said is Mr. Tuck

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This is the first place where our knifes kicks in. The only other creature at this point who has free will is he believes not shavon yet. He says, Paula Anna hi Romain, he gives a like a child gives his dad No no, no, I'm better. And then instead of making the mistake and accepting a lot on sorry for what I said, What does he do? He begins to use the first step of our demise. He uses his rationale. He says Bala Anna Hi, Roman. And Can't you see a belief stopping for a second going? Yeah, I am better Kanaka Danny, me nah, just fought an entire army. What is this clay guy going to do? compared to everything that I just did? Human beings are potentially amazing. They lack one soul

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character. Realizing Allah made us the best. Yes, we are the best of creation. But we are best in the sight of Allah when we become his slaves. He says Hanako Danny Minato Hakata whom is clean I made a fire and that thing it's made of clay. homie, don't play that I'm not gonna I'm not gonna make such that to this. Allah subhanho wa Taala is having a conversation. And this is where we close the first footwork. Allah could have told him anything, right? Allah could have said, but I told you to I created you I created clay. Allah doesn't say anything. And this is where I want you to leave with today's first, this first half of the hood. But when we break a code of Allah, it doesn't

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affect Allah. If I didn't pray fudger doesn't touch a lot. If I didn't act like a Muslim doesn't affect Allah. What does he do? What does Allah say to that fire creature with all his metals and his badges of honor, he says bada bing,

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get get down the word habit follow just coming which means get out fast before I translate to you as Get down. Where was he in the Presence of Allah, I translate for you? Let's get off our high horses. When Allah says ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ramen. Allah. That's it. I get off my high horse. I stopped having these innate these discussions on what opinion is is more preferable to I said Allah said it's good for me. And he Allah says Get down Get off your high horse. This is not the place. And teta Kabbalah fi ha This is not a place to be arrogant when someone comes to you and says Why do you wear hijab don't go through the modesty route go through because God said because Allah told me I

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was beautiful. He told me to cover up my beauty then say it's modesty then say it helps me to keep my identity but first a law a lot deserves the picture first it believes could have said Bala and a hydro min Allah you made me better than him. I am better because you made fire better but he didn't bring a light to the picture. Allah says Maharaja iNec, I mean assaulted him, get out, get down and get out. You're no longer in the graces of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When we speak about this biblically, and I have to close on this point. In the Bible, when we look at this, they the Old Testament calls a lot an angry God. We don't say that. We don't feel that Allah subhanaw taala was

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angered. Allah was displeased with such a perfect your star pupil comes up and at the end of the final exam, he fails, it hurts. It's a saddening thing. It's a displeasing thing to Allah. We only say it was something that he did not he was not pleased with. Now shaylen has one opportunity. You all have the same opportunity today. You all we all have transgressed against a lot. Maybe we missed a prayer but more than the physical outwardness it's the awareness of Allah all the time. We have a chance to do that right now. He believes had the chance. He could have said Allah, you know what, give me some time so I can figure this out. He says, bilaterally, me Eli Amitabha soon. Okay, Allah,

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you chose your side. You want the clay creature. I'm going to destroy the creek click clay creature. So I encourage you today, when are also Billahi min, sruti and fusina. Find the self find what makes you tick. I'm not necessarily an angry person. Right? But I have other weaknesses. I'm a young man, young men. We know what our weaknesses are fair enough. We know what things are pretty and shiny and glossy and they make us jump in our heart go boom, boom. That's our weakness. Find your weakness, put it in a box and say Allah, I will take care of this for you. Because I am amazing. And human beings can jump off cliffs and skydive and squirrel flying suits and all sorts of amazing things.

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But guess what we do this because Allah allows us to. So I encourage you to be amazing. Be an overachiever, be willing to say Allah. I'm going to take

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The whole Middle Earth and I'm going to come back and destroy when you say Allah, I'm going to destroy poverty a lot. I'm going to make literacy throughout the world, become an overachiever. But when you hit a roadblock, turn it over to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Between the sittings of the Hooda I asked you to make dua for this oma first, then for your parents, then for your spouse. And then if you have a moment at the end, say Allah make me alive. Make me live. And the only way to truly be alive is not here. But when the heart and the frontal lobe combined, you have hidayah ask for that.

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With the domain

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hamdulillah and hamdulillah Hiro Bella

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was salam wa Sunni. Nabeel Karim Allah He was lucky enough to be in Otto headin, and if you came late, you didn't miss the main event in Ottawa. How am I la

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luna Nabil? Yeah, you Hello Xena man.

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He was suddenly mu Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed tamasa later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim and Nick hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim awada Ebola Ibrahima innaka habla de Majeed

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Robin Allah to Zoo Bana bar data data no habla Milan kurama in the control hub in the second half of the Hooda encourage you to I'm poking at you What's one thing at least didn't have that we have? You know when you hear something from a lot and you're kind of stuck like really a lot have to do that?

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You have to make such that to the clay creature. What do we have that a police didn't do? Ah, we have supplications throughout the day when you see something Oh, I have to pray to her right now. I'm in the middle of a lot more fit or whatever. Aloha. Deena serata Mr. Team, these words these do ours that the prophets have a lot of audios of them made throughout the day. Why did he wake up in the morning samina Cassady, well as the one Why did he say oh like today, don't make me lazy? Don't make me cheap. Don't make me a coward.

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They are the tools to defeat anything that shaytan will use on you. And again, I want to leave him out of the picture. Let's Matt learn to manage our own state. We blame shade line for everything. You yelled at your own children made me yell at my wife. No friend, you yelled at your wife. You did it on your own. Stop blaming him. It is what we call passing the buck. Right? If you're if your sports team wins, you're like yes, we won. But if they do bad man those players they're horrible. What happened do the we take ownership? Let's hate on feel depressed when he sees oh that guy. Man. I'm probably gonna get him to make a mistake and he's gonna make more estate far. I'm gonna get him

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to miss a salon. He's gonna pay 20 no awful, man. Leave this guy alone. Leave this gal alone. Keep shape on his toes. Leave him be he's got plenty to deal with in the hereafter. Why did Why do I share this? We have not just when times are tough, I want you to equip yourself with daily supplications This is going to be the first half next week bees and Allahu taala will crack open what shavon I mean, when he opens wide, his faucet just goes you know, when your kids just start talking. It's it just keeps talking. And he digs deeper and deeper grave. Let's start to cut it right now. We've all made mistakes, turn to Allah say Allah. I don't need my ego. I don't need it.

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When it comes to you. I need your love. I need your compassion. And I need you to make me aware of you. And friends. If you're not aware of the speed limit what happens eventually you get a ticket. Here's your chance. Become aware of a law before you get stopped by the cops become aware of a law before you get sick and say oh law now I really need you. I closed with a small example. There is a huge fighter. His name's Brock Lesnar. It's a very strong man on all accounts and purposes. I thought one of the best better fighters he got an intestinal disease very interesting. And this enormous 265 pound ballerina. He could

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moved like he was as skinny as mean, he got an intestinal disease and in his disease, he went through a lot of trouble had a lot of emotional issues. But he said he had to turn to an to an ultimate peace. He had to stop at one point, no matter how powerful he was, he had to stop and acknowledge, just like you beliefs did, he had to acknowledge, we are all limited. And we are all dependent in the La Jolla movie largely what he said he was he thought he didn't wanna and in fact, he was very well, if you took nothing from today, take the one ayah that we read every Friday. Indeed, a law has enjoined. It's an easier word for enjoined has mandated justice is being aware

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that Allah sees us right now at 138. A law sees us what he does is horrible and has enjoined you spend with your family this weekend, smile, play a board game with your kids, sit with your nieces and nephews. Tell your parents that you love them. There'll be like what happened to you? I don't know. Say something that will connect you with the love of your family. Why and how?

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You will mum curry well, as much as Allah loves justice, he has forbidden fascia.

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fascia is perverseness sexuality without bounds. fascia is what we find at two o'clock in the morning at the end of www. That's fascia. Protect yourself from it from no one. No one is safe from it. What is the line in the sand between halal and haram? Don't walk up to that line and say well how Haram is it? One beldi oppression don't oppress it believes it. He oppressed the rights that Allah had upon him. Don't oppress tell a lot I can't do this today. But I love to do it tomorrow. I can't get myself to pray but I will by a lot not make excuses. I won't say clay is better than fire or fire is better than clay a lot. I will say today I'm weak but tomorrow I'm all yours. People are

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amazing. become that.

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A lot man to Santa Monica Santa Baraka. jurati What do you know? Samia Yaga Yun Ola we pray that our youth is spent in the servitude of Islam, that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness that our cells are safe from cancerous mutations and our joints are free from arthritis. So we may make such that and ruku till we leave this world a lot do not overcome us by financial debt make us amongst those who are content with our finance do not put us into a situation where we have to take large loans. Allah make us amongst those who free that next of those Muslims who are enslaved to debts and credit cards are allowed to make our last actions, our best actions and we pray that our

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janessa is prayed by the Muslims. And our last statement is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, and that our time in the grave is an open apple orchard full of light and that there's a window to our place in general. Oh Allah, we pray Our best hour of existence. The best day of our lives, is the day of judgment, whether they could lie about what law matters now after a massage