Omar Suleiman – The Scholar Who Pretended He Couldn’t Hear

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video he made about a woman who had a loud speech and was embarrassed by a man who had a disability. The speaker shares a story about a scholar who had a disability and was able to to make a point about his experience and how he could immediate something that made the woman feel embarrassed and embarrassed. The speaker also mentions a video he made about a woman who had a loud speech and was embarrassed by a man who had a disability.
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So now money coming out of cats, everyone other than estimated administrative problems, you're missing out.

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I mean, what are you wanting out of luck. I mean, when asked about too much, again, a lot more data

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and a lot more, and he was telling me he was happy to send them to someone cathedra. A couple of quick things in sha Allah Tada. Number one,

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if you saw on the Atkins Facebook page, or Instagram or on Twitter, or on our website, I'd have the love, we just released a free ebook, which has the eyes for protection and anxiety and worry. So I hope that all of you are able to benefit from those applications in sha Allah.

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And if you got a chance to attend the virtual hulda emphasis on the virtual part and on the part that you still have to pray, go, hold on, it's not a replacement, but just a means of keeping us going. We talked about a scholar that I really love and I and we talked about his quote, when he was asked how he builds his trust, and he lost parents out of how he built the structure of his trust. So I actually wanted to if you get a chance to go watch that footage, I wanted to share a story about how he actually got his name. So his name is Hatton awesome. A song actually is the one who can't hear. And, of course, we pray for our brothers and sisters, our Deaf brothers and sisters, and

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honestly, I missed being able to have the sign language interpreter. And please do support organizations like Martin, which care for our brothers and sisters with special needs. But how awesome is unlike the many scholars of our tradition that actually had disabilities that were indicated by their name, okay, so a lot of times you hear about a scholar and airmesh being a great example, someone that actually had a disability, and that was indicated by their name. His story is actually a lot more different. How to Assam was a great scholar, a great sage. And one day, he finished giving the hope. But in the midst of that, as he finished his homework, he accepted the

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most. And there is an old woman that was excited to see him and ask him a question. As you approached him to ask him the question when she saw him, and obviously, you know, he was a great scholar of his time. So her excitement got the best of her and she was elderly. And when she saw him, she broke wind in a very, very loud way. Okay, so she passed gas, and it was very loud. And she was extremely embarrassed when she did that. And how to make some immediately seeing the embarrassment that she had, when she went when she loudly passed gas.

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partly due to the excitement of seeing him, he pretended to not hear. So he said to her, excuse me, can you raise your voice, you know, and he started to do this, to indicate that he was hard of hearing. And he needed her to speak at a very loud voice so that he could hear what she was saying, thereby pretending like he didn't actually hear her with that moment that was so embarrassing to her. And in order to keep it going. So he kept the conversation going. And she spoke at a very loud voice, so that he would be able to hear her, even though he could hear her before in order to not make that woman feel bad. How to man awesome, not just for that moment, held that that image of one

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who is hard of hearing. But everyone in the immediate circle of that woman has been awesome, made sure that they did not break the news to her that he actually had heard or that he didn't have any hearing problems that he would have heard what you know, what happened in that moment, as how you think about that, and that, that beautiful sensitivity that he had. And so he gained the nickname Hatton and awesome, the one who couldn't hear even though he could hear. And you think about the beautiful incident there the nature of that incident, and how these people went above and beyond, to show good character and to demonstrate our son excellence and compassion. And sometimes that means

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being sensitive to the person you're speaking to, and the person that's in front of you, and making sure that you don't embarrass them, you don't humiliate them. And you even try to play off a situation where they're embarrassed or humiliated. And there's an incident that took place, by the way in the time bomb, and we call Pablo de la putana. I know where a large group of companions were together, or time varying as well, companions and people from the second generation. And there was a smell in the room. And almost all the a lot of time, I'm recognizing how embarrassing it would have been for the person to get up and make withdrawal made everyone go and make withdrawal including

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himself. So that man would not be singled out. Okay, so they didn't know what the source of it was. But everybody get up and let's go make withdrawal so that we don't make that person feel humiliated.

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There's so much to take right now.

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In terms of benefit and blessing as we're overexposed to each other's lives, through social media, and it's very easy to offend. It's very easy to stumble upon something that you weren't

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to stumble on, it's very easy to see someone in their embarrassing or humiliating moments and it's easy to pile on, it's easy to share, it's easy to do something to indicate, or to even worse to, to further complicate the situation of someone that's in an embarrassing or humiliating situation. And so what can we take from this great scholar how to learn something that, that he was so concerned with hurting the feelings of that woman or letting that woman be embarrassed that he immediately went above and beyond to make sure that she did not feel like she was even heard in that embarrassing moment of hers? And so how I think about how much it would have crushed her, right, had

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he said something or indicated some some sort of disgust when she did so but instead, you know, he, he showed Exxon, he showed excellence and so he wasn't just an excellent worshiper, but he was excellent in his character and that's something that we can all take inshallah Tada.

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Again, if you didn't listen to the whole debate today about his amazing advice on trust in Allah and vulnerability, please do get it, you know, take the opportunity in Charlottetown to go and click on the link and check it out in Charlottetown. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala grant us that excellence in worship that excellence in character, and that excellence and trust, that has been awesome, Rahim Allah tada demonstrates in these different areas of his life alone, I mean, does that come along with Hayden? I'll see you all tomorrow on Sharla cinema.

Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects on a stories from the past that showed a great deal of compassion and sensitivity. We can learn from these companions by being compassionate and sensitive to each other as we go through these difficult times together.

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