Step Through Your Heels – Vlog 5 – 40 Days To Umrah

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Salam alaykum. Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Peace be upon you, around you and from within you, within your cells within your thoughts within your gut and your moment to moment awareness. May, May we all have Salam within our routines and rituals, Breton sisters, welcome to our continued vlog O'Meara prep day five, we said we'd be doing some wonderful things on day five, and I'm starting, I'm starting to vlog late. So it's after all my morning classes, it's past, it's closer to us or time. So if you've gotten in, you're stretching your recitation, your breathing, and that's wonderful. And if you didn't, then we've got 35 more days to make a routine. Remember, the whole point of building

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habits, or putting in the right triggers, and the right anchors, is to do things that make you feel happy, you can't force yourself, you're not going to enjoy the process. So what do we have so far? Taking a minute or two to breathe? Becoming aware of our posture? Becoming aware of our bones? We talked about our feet a little bit? Yesterday, I tried to catch it at the park. But can you go up and down? Can you make the stretches for ruku and says that during your sunnah, I definitely think you could. So today we are going to start shedding some light on the physical posture. And today, if you've been walking, and you've been doing some barefoot movement, I don't know if I don't want to,

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I don't want to hurt him at all.

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Now, if you have this separate, if we can start talking about the foot today, then I would I really feel comfortable because you've been working on some barefoot walking you've been working on getting more active and breathing more, let's see if we can focus on getting our heel opened up throughout, throughout our step. So step through the heel, then allow your foot to come down.

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You know telling someone to come down through their heel, it's kind of it's easier said than done. When you step I'm telling you right now you put most of the weight here, on your look at your toe your big toe, you've got a lot of tension here. But we don't see that natural break that's over here. So a lot of tension here. And these last two, those toes can when you put your foot down, can you see each one of these digits, I couldn't for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the baby toe had almost no flexibility. It just wasn't there. So when your foot hits the ground, allow it to start on the heel. And then when you let your foot come down, open up your foot, you might feel like

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your toes are trying to run away from each other, but get the same beauty and dexterity that you have in your hands. I want you to think about that. That helps between the joints. I want that through your feet as well that's going to come up because what happens is everyone can walk a lot for a few days, right? Oh man is gonna happen here and be like okay, fine, I can get get through but I don't want you to come back from camera tired, I want you to feel refreshed. So we're going to start to open up the foot. You're focusing in your window to get your toes fingers between the toes while making a clean wiping wudu looks like we might have to talk about whether the more that hits

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the ground and you open up as you walk, taking 40 mindful steps for the day we'll talk about it more if Allah subhanaw wills I'd like you don't mind just put your fingers in between and then just start getting that nice rotation of round this a lot of us have this tension you'll hear some clicking and popping but let's just allow this to open. Again you're doing this for your own healing process that should never hurt. Let's get to the posture but feet air going to make the difference. You're gonna be running and kind of get a foot massage. I wish I had thought about how much walking we're going to do earlier

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could not help but give you a glimpse of the super moon the moon will not be this close for 80 years. Super bright if I can catch it on a camera. You can imagine how powerful it is Subhan Allah He won't be handy he either couldn't be here with the law enough. See he was iannetta Arshi me that that kinematic