Wisam Sharieff – Miracle of Quran Memorization

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is impossible to read and the speaker suggests memorizing the entire book. The use of "has" and "has not" in English and the difficulty of memorizing "has" and "has not" in English are discussed. The importance of practicing the habit of memorizing the title is emphasized, and the segment also touches on a heart doctor and a woman with a heart attack who had to go to the hospital. The segment concludes with a discussion on finding a friend, a heart doctor, and a woman with a heart attack who had to go to the hospital.
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In Alhamdulillah, our praise and thanks are due to Allah Now Madhu and because all hummed is due to Allah we gather here to do his harm. One A Star, you know who and what is a praise of God other than saying, Oh Allah, I need this. So ask Allah for what you need now possibly you want to memorize the whole Quran have a better relationship with the book of Allah possibly you want better house financial opulence now's a great time. One A Star a new ask Allah.

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One Estelle Pharaoh, and then after seeking of this world, Oh Allah, I really need some forgiveness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and paranoia, end up with addiction, end up with spousal abuse ended up with stealing robbery, oh ally could do without those. And if someone in this rule was not going to Johanna, wouldn't it make sense that anxiety, paranoia, hopelessness and paranoia and hopelessness would be away from that? I would agree so I would agree that their life would be joyous, delightful and full of hummed. It all starts with the word, a stole fee rule law. Oh Allah, I asked for your forgiveness. One that they'll walk Curlew early, and I ask Allah for forgiveness,

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and not like a scratch off lottery ticket. I believe in Allah's forgiveness. I don't believe in my capability to sin, more than God's capability to forgive one at the waka Urla. And I bought insurance on my insurance. One hour we'll do bIllahi min, Shruti and fusina. I seek protection from the evil within myself the capability of sin that I have one woman say Dr. Molina, when I sin, it affects me and I do negative things. I want to try to see if you can bring your brain focus into his place. I usually start out with an idea. I want to start with a story. My 19 year old self is speaking at my MSA. So it's the young Wissam but I still memorize the Quran. I walked in gave an

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amazing talk. It was phenomenal screaming Gron all of this good stuff. And then after the talk, whatever it was about a 22 year old student came into the hall. He had a translator and he was deaf and unable to speak. So the translator came Caucasian lady, she said, Sir, this guy wants to talk to you. And I looked at him. And I said yes. And he said, You are religious? Do you think I'm going to *? So there's a interpreter signing? Do you think this guy is going to *, but she's speaking in the first person is very intently. What did I say in the talk? And with no change, like no facial expression to say maybe it's a joke. Or he turned to me and said,

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like, what do you think? And I said, No, I don't think you're going to *. And he said, You're wrong. My mother told me that since I was a child. All deaf people go to *. And it says it in the Quran.

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At this point, I everything in my body. I'm like, I was talking about heaven and God loves you. And I'm speaking it from here. Does anyone know where we're going? What did his mom say? She looked like me. What did his mom say to him his whole life. So monbulk monomial and for whom? Liar Jeroen, deaf, dumb and blind. Never to return to guidance. Didn't it? Say in the ground, bro. Can you imagine being fudged up in your head for 22 years? Every time you see a religious person like that guy thinks I'm going to *.

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One at the local Wallet. So my question to you what is your trust in Allah? subhanaw taala Do you believe it says in the Quran, deaf people are going to *? You're gonna say no, but what do you believe in the Quran? So, friends, just to clarify wisdom 2023. We got to put this out here. And that verse In surah. Baqarah is specifically talking about the state of illegitimate guidance. You're deaf, dumb and blind to guidance. Not blind people go to * do you agree? And you accept that you're like, Dude, that's such a whack. But can't you see the cultural thing that happened to that woman? She gave birth to a deaf baby. Where do you think her mother in law and her family said

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you gave birth to that?

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So did she believe all blind deaf kids are going to *? She's hurt. She's hurt and hurt people hurt people. So if you ever want to see a third left turn in a football

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Now I'm going to take you from here you said the Quran doesn't mean that and it has an actual meaning. So mon Bookman, Amin found iron. So four times in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says one out body itself learn that little color

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and definitely certainly I have made this oran easy to remember for high noon need more Don't kid so who will step up to the challenge? You tell me what this verse me isn't metaphorical is a theoretical or develop promise that he was you make the Quran easy did Allah guarantee so now you're sitting you're either hating that lady from the first story, or you're sitting here going?

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The Quran is easy. Allah will feed it to me. So in the sittings of the chutzpah, my request. You are either the lady who thinks all deaf kids are going to * because that's what she's been feeding her kid. Are you believe ALLAH guaranteed the Quran is easy to remember. Now as I say this, please mentally start thinking this is a David Blaine thing. Start thinking when I say memorize the Quran what's the first I'm too young I don't speak Arabic. I'm I do sins. I never tried. I don't know how to read. So as soon as you hear God sing, I guarantee this will be easy. Just pick it up my love.

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Allah. You know what I did yesterday Allah, I did something wrong. My love. I'm going to make the Quran easy for you. Why are you telling me about yesterday's Fajr so today, choose what you believe in the Quran. Choose what you believe when Allah said definitely certainly I'm going to make the Quran easy for you to remember now.

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Start the diarrhea of the mouth. I can't I'm a convert. I'm a revert. I'm new. I'm old. I'm black. I'm Chinese. I don't have enough time. I'm not religious enough. You can hear it.

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You know, my cousin's Hafez, you will take me to heaven. So my question here friends, I would like you to say what is my relationship with the book of Allah? Not translation, not Tafseer not grammar. How many of us make a decision to memorize the entire book of Allah? Don't tell me.

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You sit here and say oh Allah. I believe deaf, dumb and blind people will go to heaven and I will memorize the hope. I have this capability between the sittings of the husband no dua is rejected. Do you remember what Abraham came Adi Salatu was Salam. He came and told his 80 year old wife.

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Right? We're gonna have some guests and the guests came and told his wife what? You tell your 50 year old wife. We're gonna have a baby. Was he gonna tell you? She goes smacking. You're gonna be violent with you. You got an 80 year old woman who's being told you're going to have a baby?

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Did she say that's impossible? Cannot? She laughed? She thought it was like no way. But did she say it's impossible? No. Mary was asked she delivered a baby covered in antibiotic fluid. What did God say?

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Tap the tree. She could have been like, Are you for real? I just had a baby. What is tapping a hard tree going to do? Did she say it's impossible? Okay, Moses got fit. I went on behind his tail on a Salatu was Salam Musa they so I'm looking at the water. Allah says touch the water with the stick for five seconds. Haven't you thought? Allah I don't need a snake right now. What am I gonna do with the snake? Remember the last time the snake we put the stick down? What happened to it turned into a snake. I'm now standing in front of the water. Pharaoh is about to kill me. Allah says touch the water. How many of you would have said Allah I don't need no snake right now. You would have

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question? What did Mousavi Salam do with the stick? Did he Yeah, but did he know Allah exam? If I touch it, the water will split and then Pharaoh will follow me and that he'll get did he know that?

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But did he ask a question? Okay, Allah, you want me to touch it? Could you imagine if Allah said stick your hand in your armpit proper and proper hair or some legit if God said put your hand in your armpit? Would you be like Allah is not really the time for jokes right now.

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And when his hand came out what happened?

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Can you memorize the entire Quran?

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Did Mohammed Salado some split the moon between the sittings of the goodbye ask you was it harder for Allah to split the water for Musa Ali Salam than it is for him to make you memorize the Quran? One quote one quote, memorize it.

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When it comes to miracles, there is no order of difficulty one last time when when you stand up and your blood reorder needs back to your four chambers of your heart. That's a miracle. And when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam split when the stones jumped up and said a Salam why they call ya rasool Allah,

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same level of difficulty, Allah got no level of difficulty when it comes to miracles. So when you're seeing Okuma rose because try my god. I'll show you what you can memorize. Make the intention today. Oh Allah. I'm not going to memorize the Quran.

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I'm going to watch this movie so many times that I've memorized every single dialogue at every single turn, because I've just watched the movie so many times one of the could Allaha

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you don't belong I mean, will slow down towards Allah more Allah or solely he Naveen, UK II wanna add he he was walking me hanging up leave me in a ball heating. If you take your grandparents names a lot of us don't know their grandparents names. Just say your grandmother grandfather on mom and dad's side, Muslim or non Muslim. Can you pray for your grandparents? Would you pray for a great great grandparent who said Oh Allah, please take care of my kids and my kids, kids and my kids kids. Pray for the progeny that prayed for you that we will meet on the Day of Judgment. Allah mommy

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam o Allah rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in three minutes that are left if the miracle is so perfect, and you could become happy as of the Quran, half the law of the Quran. Then give me five things I can do right now. Number one, say today in a SAJE though of sunnah. Oh Allah. Today I'm memorizing the Quran Ami. Number two, if you're going to memorize the whole Quran, why not? This is number two, open your phone daily to a Quran app, open your phone to any portion and flip through the Quran.

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You know, if I swipe right left, if I swipe left 20 times you know what happened? I looked at it just if I look at a Jewess every month I've looked at 13 grants that I could say I did this for three years I saw the Quran again and again I think I can memorize it. Number one make intention to do it number two, start consuming a juice a day number three, can you remember your grandma everybody's grandmother in whatever culture did this? Maybe ya seen after fajr milk before she left? Maybe a Doohan on on Thursday night sort of gaff on Friday, little bit your your your aunt, your old mom used to read what one surah those little Jews that that had little sewers in them? Why can't you

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pick up and say you know what? Every day for 10 minutes I do this? So the third step is the 100 hour rule. How many folks if I read Quran for 18 minutes for four for three minutes? If I read Quran for 18 minutes a day? How long would I read for the whole year? 100 hours? How would your Granby if odd they'll read the Quran for 100 hours in one year? Your two you'd be like thinking thinking titanium, you would read better. So everyone's saying I don't got time you got four minutes in the morning, four minutes in the evening, four minutes around, make intention. Touch A juice a day

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and read the same Surah again and again. I'm sure some of us youngsters be like Oh, my grandmother reads your scene every day. It's a bit ah,

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your grandmother probably knows your scene a lot better than you do. So all those little kids running around Oh, reading this grano can't do it. Grow up. Number four, start finding one friend to whom you have on WhatsApp. They send you car pictures and all other pictures do you get one friend and WhatsApp and said we're going to read Quran together. And number five, could you say Oh Allah, I'm a sinner. I make mistakes. You know what's on my phone? You know what I do on on the evenings. I want to become a huff. I want to be a retainer of Quran. So my only request is because when Zakir Naik in the 90s showed you scientific miracles y'all lost your mind. Few years ago a grammar man

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came around so don't lie God grammar except what's the greatest miracle of the Quran that we all like to look by? Allah said he was going to preserve it where it was how have all the neurons in the world got burned? Where would they be recopied

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So aren't you are greater than you know in the Quran. It tells you about embryology and a baby. Yeah, that's great, bro. That's nice. Thank you. It's awesome. Brother. You could be the first line of defense to protecting and preserving the whole grant. That's a half. That's a half a chief. I don't have time. You don't have to sit in a mother Assa. You have to sit and say Oh Allah, make me that. Whatever you are, whatever is in your pocket, whatever your car smells like right now. Allah will meet you have it. All I'm asking is that you ask? All so every Sahabi Radi Allahu dadan in a previous life who may have drank alcohol did they become offered

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it? So I'm 70 on 80. I conclude on the last thought one of my full time memorization students is a heart doctor. Dr. Ducky had a heart attack and called me on the way to the hospital and said, I'm having a heart attack. I can't come to grunt Plus, he had a heart

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To attack open heart surgery, God brought back to life six weeks of cardiovascular physical therapy. Eight weeks later he was back. I said didn't you die? He said Wissam, Allah didn't take my life I'm going to memorize the Quran or die trying 50 cents got to get out of the way in Allah yet Moodle beloved Diwali son what you thought you did Kuba well you can harness flash out you will Moon carry will bulk and somebody is saying in their head but why? Why should I memorize the Quran? I got I got an answer. In Allah. How am I

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II can tell who you Swan no Nyla NaVi Yeah, you had Naveen

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Manuel sland while he he was suddenly Mortis three man. And as you say Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, who else was Hafez to Allah Who must love you I love Mohammed even wider Adam. Come on slowly die live Allah He my wife, Allah Ali Ibrahim, a nick Hamidah Majeed, some of you got it. Allah of MOBOTIX I love Mohamed Anwar Ali Mohammed Gump about Okta, Allah Ibrahima, wider, early brah. He might not be the majority. Why should I sweat? Why should I memorize the Quran? Why should I struggle? It's the greatest sunnah that I can fulfill. You know who else was happy with? Muhammad? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? What if he could Allahu Akbar Allahu Yaga Montes and out of

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the masala a long hunk bones

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on hamdulillah he'll be delighted I mean, a minute Rafi. Mani cam me Dean. Yuck and honorable dua iya kind of styrene then I'll slip it on one more Stokey swampland levena inom dolly him la you didn't malubay I lay him down blog oh god clean

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and hamdulillah Hila De Anza Lala over the hill Kitab

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Allah Who rewatch job like you manly years zero Batson Shaadi them Mila doon Who are you but she'll one meaning what are you going to share all more meaning in a lesbian I am alone I'll slowly hottie and Allah Who and mela Gu agro laden Hassan makeing Sina PHE he abanda When you do one lezzy now gone on Delphi's, wala

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Allah Who UK Akbar Al Hamdulillah he'll have been I mean a rock man you law he didn't matter you can call me Dean. You're gonna boo or you're gonna starin it they now slipped on one more selkie slit on London Xena and now I'm Darla him. Why you didn't know lluvia lay him down on Pauline

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Mala Woombie HeMan really mu Maula Ali Baba hidden Cabo rot Kenema

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the hoodoo mean, he hidden in Iago Luna Illa aka the bong fellow I like about your own knapsack Allah

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hidden Adi Da Sadie hidden in Nam you may know be had the Hadith he is

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in Niger nama ugly Xena de la ha Nina burn welcome. Lena. Lulu, whom are you?

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Sir Norma Allah, Allah.

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And of the most important things after we've been working on it, and the football was about defeat in September. We're opening registration in October,

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August 28 hamdullah and not August 28. We are starting a hips, restarting the hips program that our Masjid has always had. Well, after many years, we are restarting the full time Duffy's program. Please I know you want your kid to go first may

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contention to memorize and now our mustard from the 28th of August we'll have our full time memorization, I'll be an advisor Sheikh Yahia inshallah we'll be teaching sake Sajid, one of our employees will also be teaching to soccer. Lastly, brother neither of Islam by touch is here. He's the ambassador for the blind community through his house. He has printed more than 1000 Braille grants. So if you get a chance it's this is something it's not our world. We don't really care right? It doesn't mean anything to them it's they read Quran they touch it and they cry just the way we do when we hear at the lava it blows your mind. So if you can, if he's still here, say your Salam

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and if not just remember Islam by touch in our community, any blind person within 200 miles. They think of our community brother neither of Islam by touch say salam, a Saddam White Eagle rocked Allah subhanaw taala we could all be there is that Yama you'll see phone or salmonella and we're sitting on from the Nairobi Limenas Zach Lowe, Harold Jessa DISA

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