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The host of BruceS they've been working together for a long time, trying to create a safe place for people to take postures and work on their bodies. They want to be able to provide a safe place for people to work in a safe environment, while also finding areas of the body that hurt. They plan to use the La ilaha[ website to create a new space for people to work in a safe environment.

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Peace be upon your rounds human made peace emanate in all things that you do a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to Fidra RX. For the longest time, I've wanted to be able to communicate in a space and through a language of balance, stability, of strength, of healing, of identifying our body parts and healing them, rehabbing the joints, rehabbing and strengthening the muscles and giving the ligaments the chance to best reach mobility, rep best reach flexibility. And together, I want to work on our stability and our core strength. So together, let's consider Fidra RX, our safe place for us to do everything from yoga, spending some time on the map together, introducing and

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combining our mindful remembrance is here on the mat, taking ourselves from the perfect push up to amazing stability and core training on our balance beam. And for those of you who want that ability to feel connected to their joints, not always talking about well, I'm getting older, my back hurts, let's decompress together on our pull up bar. And for those of you who want to go deeper into the hip, knee and foot connection, I believe fifth ra RX is going to be that place where we not only take our postures of prayer, not only take our postures of request, and not only combined those elements with our breathing Tai Chi and yoga, but I believe we're going to take them to a whole

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nother level by introducing La ilaha illa Allahu wa Lashley Gala, LA who will Moodle Kuwana will hum Wahoo ala kulli shade in body, one mindful remembrance into certain postures. So let's talk about it today. Fidra RX wants to be able to provide you Fidra RX in our yoga and stretching components. The main focus here for our yoga components are to improve the prayer, I see a lot of us have issue with balance with core stability. And we're going to take that to our fifth bra RX. And if your prescription your soul is in need of balance work, then we're going to work on the balance beam. And we're also going to work on finding some areas of the body that might hurt. For some of you, the

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rehab component is going to be the biggest discussion where you can't get into certain exercises like running or praying for a long period of time because a knee hurts or your ankle just for 15 years for your entire life, your shoulder has been frozen, and you can get full extension. So we're going to work on that together. And we're going to bring that all together posture by posture, but we're not going to be focusing on one specific exercise, I want you to have a variety of activities. And when we're done, we're going to foam roll out those parts that hurt. And when something starts to flare up, and our body is communicating with us, I'd like to use that final component, fifth raw

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RX rehab, using our intuition to recognize Well, this part of my body, what is it telling me? What is my right hip saying, in conjunction how much is my left shoulder overcompensating for a lower back pain. So it's about being able to connect with the body and be in a good state of communication. For all of you who've stuck with me so far, I want a brand new place for us to communicate, grow. So let's start out by seeing a variety of activities. One will be a solid yoga flow. And then we'll have a few one off exercises burpees from Fidra RX, I want to move on to some push ups hanging from the bar becoming aware of our joints, working with some balance beam and you

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don't need to buy a lot of equipment. And I know all of you are really going to benefit from the DUA when we start with our resistance bands. So let's work together to create that body of Jannah. And I think you know where we're all headed, to the idea that we met Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator and He asked us and I still be on on become, Am I not your Lord?

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We responded in fatica li ba o Bana, Shara he then that's it for us in our intro to Fidra RX. I'll see you all soon. What's your souls prescription?