Yahya Ibrahim – Tafsir Surat al-Mulk #3

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the historical context of the Koran and the loss of life that comes with it. They emphasize the importance of finding purpose and value in one's life, finding a way to describe things and differentiate types, and finding a way to be humbled by successes and accomplishments. The speakers also touch on the historical context of the seven Cosmos and the loss of life that comes with it, as well as the historical context of the use of words to describe oneself and its potential use. The segment concludes with a statement from the speaker, encouraging listeners to forgive themselves and make them aware of the importance of others.
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Last Sunday Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed came so late Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warband

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It's a pleasure once again to resume our journey with the study of the Koran Alhamdulillah we have for the last couple of weekends on Sunday evenings here in Perth Sunday afternoons in the United Kingdom, Sunday mornings in New York being studying salted Monique and Alhamdulillah we wish to resume our discussion and re citation of it. We arrived at

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verse number four. So Pamela last time, and we'll just revise where we ended up out with a villa humanist shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem de Bella keleti via de Monaco who Allah Khalifa in body. Allah de holla Hello Colleen Mota. Well, Talia, do you come at San Juan Allah wa hawala xizhou Allah The Hala savasana were to develop all metal off he hulka rock man he mean the fair would tell Jerry basara Hello, Tara.

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Photo Mero j l basara. Carol ruthenian Callie la calle de Soto ha see

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who has the well Acqua di

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dunia de ma slobby. How would you?

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What do you

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do manly Shailene. What are

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other bas me?

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Today inshallah, we're going to focus our attention to verse number four, verse number five. And just to recap, we spoken about this soldier that Allah subhana wa Taala has not identified himself by speaking about himself in the first name, he hasn't said tabouleh cola. He has said tabouleh can levy and it's an illusion, alluding to his bless itself. Suppan went to Allah, because there was no one who possesses the power of the Buddha rather the omnipotence that he does supply them with Allah and He therefore he makes himself several self evident through the Dominion in the kingdom of his creation. subhana wa Tada. We came to understand that the word bottlecap is derived that blessing is

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only derived from Allah subhana wa imat and resides in that which he has ordered, and that everything he has dominance and power over it. jela gelato and that we said that Allah subhanho wa Taala from the era jazz that he makes upon mankind, he orders us he says,

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look out into the heavens and we spoke about the seven Cosmos the seven heavens for lack of better words that are stacked and connected to one another metal off your Calico rock man him into firewood, you will see that there is no disconnect one does not eclipse the other one does not tarnish the other, all of them are in harmony with each other. Tada Gerald Bella, return your site. Look again, search for faults. And this is a really eye statement coming from the one who is without fear without fear that there will be a discovery that will change people from seeing the reality. So Allah says look and look and look as many times as you see. And verse number four, which is where we

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begin film knowledge and vessel and then after saying look and look, he says Subhana Allah then once again return your vision, cattle watain twice fold and the word catalogue doesn't literally mean two times what it does mean is it means with contemplation with double the effort with double that insight with double the search. So it's not just look and then look again but it's look and if the first time you didn't see something or if the first time you notice something, delve deeper into it, search more and more into it. And you will see that a loss of Hana to Allah and His creation, that there are no inconsistency is nothing is out of harmony and everything has a purpose, place and time

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that which you know of and that which you do not know of catarratto young colleague la Cal Belson, your site will eventually return to you in a state of humiliation where who has seen having been tired

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Doubt having been exhausted by the search, and a loss of hadn't went to eila. In speaking in these ways, he speaks about the weakness of mankind, and the need of mankind to find purpose. And therefore when you kind of think of, of what Allah subhanho wa Taala is instilling in us is he's instilling in us that our very, very nature as human beings is that of seeking discovery, and what separates us from a lot of the other animals that roam the earth, a lot of the creation that roamed the earth is a loss of Hannah Montana put us upon this earth, and gave us the ability to name things and to classify things well, I lemme add them in, as Matt Aquila, a lot of time, Adam, the name of

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all things, meaning the ability to describe things, to differentiate between one thing and another, between age and type, and * and shape. And, you know, all of the different things that we use as classifications, and if you think about it, that is what makes us human beings, is that we have for each other, you know, we have titles that we name each other with, we have ways of describing things that make other people understand what it is that we're speaking about. And even when we fail to do that, we still attempt to make a discriminant thing, that thing, you know, and we indicate, and we assume people will understand. And the way you and I as human beings are, is that we are ever in

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search for finding new things. And this is something that a lot puts as a test to assume knowledge and doesn't return your gaze again and again into the creation of a law young college illegal, but eventually, you will come back and you will look back within yourself a young colleague, he like your vision will return to you. And it's almost as if your vision will center back at you that even in myself seated in front of you, I'm a universe, I'm up a thing that houses space for millions of cells, billions of cells, there are things that are living on me, within me, there are things that are nourished by my very existence, and whether it's, you know, a speck of my hair or you know, a

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part of my skin. Everything within me is something that is miraculous in its nature. You and I are signs of the creation of a lot young quite a bit I get your site will return to you, your attention will come back towards yourself. Ha see and humbled Subhanallah now of course there are those who are not humbled. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is Bo's who the reminder is pitch to who have a sense of all pull her madonsela la calle hora de Tasha inlet of Carrollton my yaksha I haven't sent this Quran to you or mankind or Mohammed I sell them to deliver to inclined to bring new grievance and hardship it is merely a reminder to whom to the one who has a heart that is predisposed to humility

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before Allah haha that is the one who will benefit they can kita Abu Dhabi Buffy when Li Mata Ki clean it's gonna be a guidance who's it for to those who approach it with a heart that is highest of sincerity and righteousness in their behavior conduct an outlook in life young colleague he let you look back at yourself and if you have been you oneness in your ideals and in your place with between yourself and God, you will become humbled hottie and wha hoo ha ha See, and you will know that this is something if you continue to search you will outdo your life searching without any fruit to what it is you seek to find fault in the creation of a law while the yen summer a law continues revert

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number five and I have beautified the head. Notice a law says SMS and e a lot doesn't just leave it as same as the identifies with summer when Pudsey Yana a summer a dounia. And we and I want you to focus on that word we say Yana it's in a plural and you're gonna say Who is this we have lots of Hannah Oliver us as Muslims is where Hayden He is the one who is the only one knew his oneness. He is full of hula hoop ahead. He is a law the one not one as in there can be more than him of the same type. But he's the one who is unique in the tape of who he is and the kind of who he is. that nothing is comparable to him soprano what I lay is heavy cliched. She will who was semi bossy, He is

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Allah subhana wa tada the indisputable. So what is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to z

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Net the plural we and the word we hear is a word that denotes the Royal we which is inclusive of those who are under the command of a lot, the one who is unique in his power. And therefore I want you to learn this principle and chart law from the principles of understanding our to heed that when Allah subhanaw taala speaks of his that, that he earlier that he see he, his essence in who he is, in, in himself, he speaks only in the singular Hola, la li la ilaha illa he is Allahu there is none that like him in who he is. He is the one because in a lot of describing himself, there was no comparison nothing comparable, nothing that is a part of him in nature or in substance, or in

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description. Number two, the second type of discussion is where a lot speaks about his life and his actions, his proclamations, his orders that he is,

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you know, fated to happen predestined to happen. A Levin joins those who he has instructed to execute his order. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I've caught your soulmate or analytic we have made the order an easy to be remembered. Meaning I have sent you breathe revise it with you which will recite it to you

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in Nunez in a big I have brought down this revelation. But it's we have brought down the troubleshooter meaning I ordered you believe, to take from a local my food the verses that are appropriate at particular times I'm particular circumstances, to deliver it upon hard to recite to you, oh Mohammed, and therefore in gibreel, executing the order the divine order of Allah, He is honored by a law to be a part of the delivery of it. And therefore Allah says, in now, we have brought down this reminder and we will be its guardians meaning you, those who memorize hold on those who taught before on the Prophet of Allah who has fulfilled its message, all of them are part

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of the instruction of Allah to fulfill the aim of the Quran. And therefore the Royal pronouncement of we is not an illusion that there is more than one with a lot, but rather at the order of a lot is executed by them. And this is to honor the mission they are performing. When I've got the yen, we have beautified meaning Allah has ordered the angels and an order this creates you to come and manifest itself in a particular instruction B MOS labia, I've ordered them in the nearest cosmos, the nearest hidden sem at a dunia. Now I want you to look at these two words because they are juxtaposed to each other. So Matt, we said last week, it means something that hovers above or

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something that is a shelter above or a canopy or a shade or something above another. And he said do not the word dunia comes from the word denier meaning something that is lowly. So you have this summer that's upward and the dunia souffle which is downward, lowly. And in between it of course is the creation of a law and they are at odds with should they see to be in the heavens, or are they going to reside animals upon the earth. Your Spirit wants to soar with the angels with heavens to be with the magnet and Allah in the highest of levels. But your body wants that which is you know confined to this earth out collecting the outlet up and out of take holding of this earth. You want

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it to resort as you want you know it land and you can't see past it. So Allah says I made the greatest beautification if you understood in the cosmos in the heavens, part of it you can see part of it is appearing to you be masabi there are these lit gaseous stars Miss by is a land that's lit from oil. The law says a law who knows somehow it will out better you know he chemists get in fee Han is

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one example of light of a law that illuminates the heavens and the earth is like a spa and lit lamp inside a camera and something that holds that together. So must all be be must be must be that there is a plenty of the stars that have adorned the lower Cosmos of your world with Jana Ha. I have destined these must be ujU militia team that they are made from them is that which the devils will be

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thrown out, or that which will be thrown at the devil. Now, as a member of Nigeria, and many of the others, they say that there's no other interpretation except that the stars are things that will be used to pummel the the shape of the devil. And of course, Elena will have to be opens a little bit later.

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He says yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the SAR itself is what is used. But it's something of its energy or it's something of its substance that can be used. And therefore we don't believe that a meteor shower is the shape on being pelleted. Even though there were people in the past, who did make these allusions, it is not something that we hold, as having to be the Orthodox opinion, or the only opinion that we have of this rejuven lisha team, and Rajamouli Shelton means something that is caught added to keep it away. Now there is a number of Hadith of the Prophet iclm, where he speaks about your when his message was being received, and the angels would traverse between the

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heaven and the earth, some of the devils some of the reading that they would try, yes, you need to know, sir, they will try to steal some of the information of what's happening and what is to come. And they they will be pushed away, and they wouldn't be able to go past a certain barrier. And part of that which was used with that which would emerge from the source Subhanallah it's an incredible thing for us to know now in science, for example, our sign, of course, is a type of star. And it's the star that's near it's the star that our solar system exists around, but it tends to fall, you know, our sun exhales and blows out certain things. And that radiation even affects us

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telecommunications and something we worry about radiation striking the earth at greater and greater magnitude especially the ozone is damaged. And it kind of shows you that yes, the stars can expel certain things, and they can have effect in a tangible realm and tangible sense, will hota Allah Allah wa Jalla how who Juma Michel tiene Bursa la uses a plural for Sheltie in that there is a plentiful amount of what I did in that home I've ever said to you, and I have prepared and allow uses the rule we again, and we have prepared for them the punishment of the blazing fire, meaning that even if this isn't the extent of their punishment, their actual punishment is in jahannam, we

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have a loss of data to save us from its punishment along mean, now a couple of important kind of thoughts.

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With this, with the surah

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is Colorado de la

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mental laddie, one of the students best one of the students of the Sahaba, he would say, stars have three essential purposes. And they are an adornment, you know, when something was ina. And they are used, or their nature that that which will emerge from them will be a punishment for the shale teen and why they're not and they are songs for navigation. What he means by this and I want people to understand its context is that these are three purposes, that human beings at his time, were able to use it for. Now, of course, there are other purposes that will be discovered or have been discovered. There's other natural laws and sciences that have been established that relate to the

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cosmos, and astrology. And therefore when you hear this concept of hustle, where they have their own amount of the past, they say it is only for this, it means it's only for business, in my knowledge in my time in according to more what I have come to learn, because there are people who try to take these kind of words and make it as a blanket statement and the level of extremism that isn't tolerated by the discussion of the Quran, or the learned in their discussions of the

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the word that Allah Subhana Allah uses that year and comes from Salah, which means something increasing or blazing up. So the word aim means it gets harder and harder and harder and harder incrementally and constantly. It's not one that will end in its fire. So usually when you think of fire, it's something you Kindle and then as it consumed itself, it puts it own self out. eventually it'll put itself out because it'll consume everything in Hellfire that handed them the blazing fire is of a different nature. Rather than coming to an end it increases perpetually into the future. And this is from the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us

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from this Ameen.

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Another important statement is

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That Allah Subhana Allah has angels, who are the upholders of the outer edge and of their dry his wealthy him adabas sayur in order to offer is that there is Oh Allah protect the people who make is still far Who asked you for forgiveness from punishment of this vigorous and ending continuingly increasing heat of Hellfire male law protect us mean other than know Allah, him and me.

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We're going to take one more I in sha Allah, verse number six out of the lamina shape on watching, when they let the NACA obiora be him either

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wabi sulmasy and those who disbelieve in their Lord, there is the punishment of jaaneman. And worse, indeed, is this destination. So Panama the word Kapha Kapha Lila, Deena Cabo, and those who disbelieve, not disbelieve, it's it, it is displayed, but it's a very simple translation. So the word or kapha, it comes from the act of hiding or covering up something that you know, and covering up the truth with false one is the essential element of disbelief that I came to know Allah, I came to know God, I came to know the obligation that are set for me. And I'm going to bury it deep down in my heart, this realization that I was a truth, God buried under my desires, I'm going to bury it

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under my wants, and my aims and my host, that are going to bury away what I know, that I shouldn't be doing because I want to be enjoying this worldly life is dunia, which is an IA and therefore could see how the verses are cascading and tied into one another, that the alts that are punished in the dunya you might escape the punishment and there's nothing that's gonna there's no meters meteor strike that's going to strike you on this earth, but no to those who disbelieve in their Lord, those who knew truth and chose the path other than it, those who recognize what was right and buried down, under what their vanity called for what their pride called for, be him who they know is their Lord.

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Notice Allah says Dre beat him to the bill obey Him, they made buffalo of their Lord, meaning they recognize who it is. It's not capital law, only they they disbelieved in God. And he's not attributable to know Allah said Do not be him. The one who they know is their Lord. I've Abu Jana. And the word that is a word to mean that is intentional. It's not accidental. So the punishment doesn't just happen and you felt pain and you're like, oh, why did this happen? To me? No, I that is something that is deserved, and is inflicted, it's something that is caused related. It's something that is recompense for something that had been done, we sell ma Sr. And what an evil indeed

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destination is that mahseer is the place you end up that other people try to avoid. So it's a place that people know where it is, but they they've chosen a different destination. But those who are driven to there are those who knew why they are there, they end up they're not by surprise. They don't end up there and think to myself, what did I do to deserve this and that's why it's called mercy and I'll see you the, to be in that mahseer it means that you have led yourself to a path that eventually ended up in that destination, the profits are low or you are settling in in particular he speaks about those

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who are from the Ouma, who's act, part of our own man whose act that departs and from faith begin to take them slowly and solely away from the path of God are those who missed their prayers in particular federal and Muslim prayer, and the loss of Hannah to Allah inspired our prophets, I tell them especially in the two prayers, so after salted after salt on method, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say, allow Manero to be coming out or lost see me, protect me from hellfire. And this was something that was done in particular, by the prophets of Allah who it was, because its alterations were the stars being too dim or the stars begin to come out into being. We

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us, to lie to us and to make us for those who are successful, and to assist us along Miami. And please forgive me for coming a little bit late on today, rather than sharp at one o'clock, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to assist us in all of our affairs and make it easy for all of us.

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And to protect us from any harm, especially in these difficult days may almost kinda want to either

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use us for good and lead others to righteousness, happiness and piety. May Allah subhana wa tada forgive us our trespasses, increase for us our prosperity and make us for those who are reference points of gardens will suddenly have mower salimos diabetic aalnc you know, Mojave banana, you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam just Lima and Kathy Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Akasha in India and Africa too late whatsoever, Polycom warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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